Butt Builder Stairmaster Workout

butt builder stairmaster routineHello POPsters!!!

Here is your stairmaster routine! Yes a day late, but ahh alas it is here! Give it a try. It is hard. It will trick you and torture you. It will KICK. YOUR. BUTT. (But you will love it!)

Kay, so I am changing up the #POPsterPresents Calendar to accomodate for  my absence this past week. If you commented on the last post I did because you weren’t sure what to do for the Jan 11th entry (since I didn’t blog that day), that counts still but I will also let you comment on this post (which was supposed to go up that day) and make it count as an extra entry. Confused? What I am trying to say is…

Comment on this blog post and you will automatically be entered to win a bow necklace!


It’s been a hectic week and I had a crazy breakdown from that feeling of “never catching up”. With the move, meetings, getting to know new people, a switched up training schedule, being invited to this and that – I found myself scrambling for time for myself and my work. Never have I wanted to just be alone so BAD!!! You know what I mean?

Not that I am an introverted person that likes to just hangout with myself, but like, sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.

Your time is valuable and you must choose to allocate it accordingly. I am learning this now. You cannot say yes to everything. Really evaluate what you want to spend your time doing and see if it makes you happy or makes you a better person. If not, skip it. Too many times I get myself into situations where I find that I become involved in something out of obligation or because I “feel bad”.

If you ever feel like this, snap SNAP out of it!!! If you don’t wanna be there, chances are you’re probably not too fun to be around anyway, so skip it and do yourself and everyone else a favor.

Whoa that just sounded really pessimistic! Oopsies. Basically, choose what you want to do with your time wisely and you will be happier.

I realized this week that the 2 things that truly calm me down when all else is haywire are:

1. Cooking

2. Working out

I feel like these are the only 2 times I feel like I can just zone out and be truly, passionately encompassed by the activity in front of me. So yesterday I completely KILLED it at the gym!!! It was fabulous. This is a pic of me after I did pushups til failure…post failure. It’s my hate face.

Bout to go hurt someone.

I’ve also been meal prepping which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a loooooong time! This really helps me stay on track, eat clean, and saves me time. That is the most important reason why I meal prep – because I have food handy that’s healthy, it’s too convenient to pass up when hungry! I mean seriously…how many times have you had a fridge full of clean ingredients but you end up just snacking on junk in your kitchen counter or cupboard because it’s easy and quick? Yeah. No excuses when it’s just as easy to reach for veggies and lean protein as it is to reach for a bag of chips. Plus you shouldn’t have bad foods lying around the house anyway! Why make life harder for yourself!? Remove temptations. It is unnecessary energy wasted on fighting something that you wouldn’t have to fight if it wasn’t there.

The second HIITilates video is being uploaded to YouTube right now, so hang tight! I know you will love/hate this one even more than the first!

Remember to like and comment on the new vid for a chance to win the POP Pilates DVD.

I will announce winners from Jan 8-12 in one of the coming posts!

<3 Cassey



  1. Jocelyn Duran says:

    OMG!!! im soo getting my gym membership back once my check comes! my gyms pals miss me! lols im soo doing this workout as soon as i can… i know the 90 day meal challenge is over but i am trying to start it today….time to buy all my foods and get organized!
    THANKS a BUNCHES for getting me motivated again(:
    Just imagine me throwing you so much love right now Cassey!

  2. Hi Cassey, I just discovered your site and be sure I’ll start working out following your calendar from today! anyways…
    I don’t get what do you mean by “level”?? O.o

  3. butt builder workout was KILLER! Drenchedddd in sweat! Loved it! Thanks Cassey!

  4. About halfway through the workout I tripped and fell down the stairs!! It was so painful but I picked myself up and kept going!! I’ve only just started doing these workouts but I enjoy them because I find running quite dull and boring, and the workouts on here are so much more fun because there is such a range in what I can do to exercise each day! Thank you!! :)

  5. hi cassey,

    im new in fitness world so how does this workout with the schedule work? i dont get it :$

    xoxo phili

  6. You can eat more broccoli than that =P

  7. Caroline G says:

    I generally don’t keep anything “ready to eat” if it’s bad for me, like chips or whatever. That way, if I’m really having a craving for something salty, I make popcorn with olive oil and sea salt and it takes a while. Knowing that it will take time to do something kind of demotivates me from snacking. However, home made popcorn is totally cleaner and a whole lot cheaper!

  8. Can’t wait to try out the workout!

  9. I’ve started making my meals ahead of time so i don’t have to worry about what to eat for lunch or dinner, you inspired me!

  10. Hi Cassey. Thank you so much for the stairmaster routine! I can’t wait to try it.

  11. I love the idea of prepping a week’s worth of meals! Or even a half week, I find it helps me keep on track and keep my eating clean, it also takes out all of the frustration that might go with last minute planning. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Liliana G says:

    Cassey, thank you so much for all your hard work! It motivates me so much :) I’m hoping that soon enough I will radiate as much confidence as you do ♥

  13. Annya Boyd says:

    Thanks so much for the stairmaster routine, I was getting bored with doing the usual. My pop pilates DVD has arrived today and even though I have already worked out this morning I can’t resist it so will do this as soon as the kids are off their wii :) . I love your post because I realised that you can’t please everyone and so you must please yourself! Only do the things you want to do and stuff the rest as I was saying yes to everything and even then it wasn’t good enough for some people. So I put myself and family first!

  14. I love this community! I love your blogs! I love everything you do for us!!!! Anywho, I food prep too and the time I save is totes ah–mazing!!!

  15. I can’t wait to try out this routine!

  16. I love you Cassey! You changed my live ♥

  17. Dude, your awesome, seriously. I could never imagine having that hectic of a life, I hope you feel better! Your videos have helped me lose a couple of pounds so far, and your meal plans are amazing! Thanks!

  18. Cassey,thank you for blogging. your food recipes are amazing :)

  19. I totally agree about going to the gym to clear your mind!! I find that even when I’m super stressed and busy if I make the time to workout I always feel so much better!! It is worth the sacrifice in time, and I always get my other work done!

  20. Thank you for the blogpost! I was wondering where you had disappered in the last few days, but I know everyone – I mean EVERYONE needs a break and some time off. Last week was hectic for me too, and by the end of the week I got sick. I still am, but at least now I have some time to think and do some soul searching and set my priorities. Can’t wait to do blogiates again though – I had a great workout last week, so I’m looking forward to do it again. But on the other hand, I also learned that I must listen to my body – as a beginner maybe I just did too much. I hope you are back on track now and really – I absolutely adore your commitment to do the workouts and motivate people to train, but if you feel it’s too much, step back for a second. We don’t mind, we’re still here, and we still love you! :)

  21. Seriously… pre-planned and packed meals run my life! My life can be very busy and all over the place but knowing that my yummy and healthy food is easily accessible makes it all worth it.

    Thank you for writing posts that I can relate to.

  22. Hey there, thank you for the calendar. I’m happy to report I have lost a couple pounds in 2 weeks. Love the videos and how challenging they are. Thanks again.

  23. Hey..!
    I have been trying like crazy to at least complete one whole day of workout and I am not able to. I get to like 4 workouts and loose all my energy..! Help..! Lol. But, I will keep on trying and one day you will be so proud..! :D thanks :)

  24. Natalie Leanage says:

    Making food myself for school is something i really want to work on. Hopefully i can stay as motivated as you!

  25. I started making my dinner ahead of time last week so that I can just come home and eat right away. Already it is making such a HUGE difference in my eating habits! It’s so easy to reach for something easy but not nutritious after coming home from a long day of school and work, but if something healthy is already in my crock pot or fridge I’m not even tempted! Thanks so much for everything you do, you’re site is awesome!! And please take care of yourself girl, you are such an amazing person!

  26. Love those necklaces! I agree that working out really does calm you down. It’s a definite stress reliever!

  27. Caitlin Adler says:

    Hi Cassey,
    I live in Australia and JUST got out of surgery. Despite getting a “not so great” diagnosis (ulcerative colitis), I was so excited to see you finally posted a HIIT video! I have only told one person my New Years Resolution and now I am telling you – it was to stick to the January work out calendar and eat clean from start to finish. Not a huge goal, but it was a baby step for me :) I’ve been sticking to it and truly loving it (and was sooo annoyed when I had to stop in preparation for surgery). Your posts, videos, enthusiasm and work outs are something that really keep me going. I don’t care if I win the necklace – i just want to say A HUGE THANK YOU for the positive inspiration you’ve had on my life :)

  28. I really need to do more meal prepping. It would make coking easier.

  29. Can’t wait to do this workout tomorrow….hmm… never thought I would say that hahah Aw the necklaces are super adorable! I am obsessed with them! Bows before bros ;)

  30. Stephanie says:

    Have you ever thought about charging for your calendar? It’s an awful lot of work to do for free. I know some people would be upset but really, you don’t owe anyone anything – especially not that much of your time and hard work! I’m sure even charging $1 for it, or do a special of 12 months for $10 or something like that (although you could totally charge more!) might help to motivate you/make it worth your time!

    If you ever feel like this, snap SNAP out of it!!! If you don’t wanna be there, chances are you’re probably not too fun to be around anyway, so skip it and do yourself and everyone else a favor.

    This is not pessimistic at all, there are some people (like me!!!) who really need to hear that. I’ve always been a huge keener and involved in everything. At 27… it’s time to step back a little. But sometimes I need to hear that it’s okay from other people to do so. I’m going to finish my commitments this year and then in 2014 I’m going to take it a little bit easier! Honestly hearing it from you that you shouldn’t do things to be nice (my biggest downfall.. and it’s not always appreciated or even needed) or because I feel like I can’t say know helps me to assess the situation and start to be able to say no!

    You are amazing. Thanks so much for all you do. <3

    • the calendar is more work than one could imagine but i suppose it is because i make it so artfully like it takes 8x longer than it would if i just did it in like microsoft word. thank u for the tip!

  31. Oh my God Cassey! I just finished the Butt Builder Stairmaster Routine, and I can barely stand up! I keep telling myself its all for the best though. Thank you so much Cassey for all that you do! Just make sure you make some time for yourself. (:

  32. The food in this post looks amazing. I bet it taste just as amazing too. Pictures like that makes me want to eat a lot healthier. If it looks that good, it is going to taste good, and be good for me! If only I wasn’t so picky with broccoli. I like it tender all the way through, and no one ever gets it done all the way. :(

    Fingers crossed on the cute little bow necklace! I love bows! :D

  33. Sometimes I try using the Stairmaster because I hear it burns TONs of calories, but I never go past 10 minutes. This workout will definitely motivate to train hard even longer! Thanks, Cassey!

    P.S. I’m prepping my meals this week too! I ended up making the veggie omelets in the muffin tins for the week. Can’t wait to try them!

  34. Ashley Shelton-Edwards says:

    Your killin it girl! Keep on keeping it on!

  35. This looks amazing! I wish we had a stairmaster at my little apartment complex’s gym – I’m getting back on the horse tomorrow – I was down the past few days, thanks to a butt-kicking sinus/respiratory infection, but I’m determined to get moving again tomorrow morning, bright and early!
    <3 you, Cassey!!!

  36. Your workout calender is simply amazing! I love how I stick to it! Keep up the good work Cassey :)

  37. Your blogs alvvays seem to hit home for me. I vvas just feeling kind of guilty becauseIi have a fridge full of veggies but definatly just popped some pizza rolls in the microvvave :/ food prepping has been on my to do list for a vvhil, but vvhen you do it all day at vvork coming home and doing it kinda sucks lol but no more excuses! this post just confirms that. Thanks for being so real about things in your blog posts.

  38. Allison Zheng says:

    I love your routine workouts! They give me a goal to work to :)

  39. Ooooh this looooks ahhhmazing!!! Love your workouts Cassey and CAN NOT wait to do this one! Bring on the killer booty!!!!

  40. I love Bligilates!!!! :)

  41. Love blogilates!!

  42. Cassey!!! I really hope that you make YOU time b/c I wondered how you do it: all your Blogilates social networks on top of Livestrong Woman & now Weighttraining.com + your move down to So-Cal. You take care of us, but please keep doing YOU too ;-) Thanks for the *NEW* HIITilates vid, your meal prep suggestions, & your “hate face” pic to motivate it ~ classic <3 #POPsterPresents

  43. Cassey, you are truly an inspiration! I just tried on a pair of jeans that haven’t fit me in months and now they are a perfect fit! Your JaNEWary calendar is whipping me into shape, thank you for everything you do for us!! We all love you so much because you’ve truly changed our lives and become one of our best friends! I love you so much!

  44. missy meaux says:

    The butt builder workout looks so intense and I can’t wait to try it! Cassey you are an inspiration to me and everyone who follows you! we all have a common goal and just want to feel great in our own skin everyday! You help me accomplish this goal daily! Please don’t ever stop blogging and creating calendars! I would be lost without you! I can so totally relate to your blog today as you speak about your world-wind of a week. Keep giving back and we will be there to support you to when you need us! Thanks Cassey for being my Motivator!!!

  45. Hi Cassey! I absolutely love Blogilates and all of your POP Pilates videos!! You’re helping me get my body ready for a Spring Break cruise, while also having fun! :) Those necklaces are super adorbs! And I am obsessed with meal prepping, it saves so much time AND calories! Thanks so much for your daily inspiration and motivation to live a healthier lifestyle- it gives me so much hope! Love you! <3 #POPsterPresents

  46. Thanks so much for your calander! It’s kicking my butt! You do such a wonderful job at helping people stay healthy, and I’m super excited for the new video!!


  48. HI! The butt builder workout looks awesome! I love the routines on the treadmills and ellipticals and stuff because I never know how long I should use them and on what level I should use. I used to just do ten minutes on the treadmill and call it good. I have been in a serious workout slump lately and have been feeling overwhelmed with everything I have to do so I totally understand! Thanks for being so amazing, your posts always brighten my day!

  49. The meal prep idea is such a good one! Whenever I’m hungry I always just go for what’s convenient and if I make clean meals and keep them in the fridge I’m sure I’ll eat even healthier. I just started eating cleaner for the past week and a bit and I’m already starting to realize how much better I feel when I eat clean compared to when I eat junk!

  50. Allison Vogel says:

    I have been fighting the flu for the past 4 days. I watch your videos constantly to help me get pumped for when I do get better, I can “HIIT it hard” (like what I did there? lol *lame*). I am usually one of those types that doesn’t get sick often, but when I do, BOW!! I get hit hard! I would love the bow tie neckless or any blogilates garb. I got for Christmas your Train Insane hoodie and knit head band… and btw, LOVE ‘EM! Love and peace!


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