butt builder stairmaster routine

Butt Builder Stairmaster Workout

butt builder stairmaster routineHello POPsters!!!

Here is your stairmaster routine! Yes a day late, but ahh alas it is here! Give it a try. It is hard. It will trick you and torture you. It will KICK. YOUR. BUTT. (But you will love it!)

Kay, so I am changing up the #POPsterPresents Calendar to accomodate for  my absence this past week. If you commented on the last post I did because you weren’t sure what to do for the Jan 11th entry (since I didn’t blog that day), that counts still but I will also let you comment on this post (which was supposed to go up that day) and make it count as an extra entry. Confused? What I am trying to say is…

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It’s been a hectic week and I had a crazy breakdown from that feeling of “never catching up”. With the move, meetings, getting to know new people, a switched up training schedule, being invited to this and that – I found myself scrambling for time for myself and my work. Never have I wanted to just be alone so BAD!!! You know what I mean?

Not that I am an introverted person that likes to just hangout with myself, but like, sometimes it is just TOO MUCH.

Your time is valuable and you must choose to allocate it accordingly. I am learning this now. You cannot say yes to everything. Really evaluate what you want to spend your time doing and see if it makes you happy or makes you a better person. If not, skip it. Too many times I get myself into situations where I find that I become involved in something out of obligation or because I “feel bad”.

If you ever feel like this, snap SNAP out of it!!! If you don’t wanna be there, chances are you’re probably not too fun to be around anyway, so skip it and do yourself and everyone else a favor.

Whoa that just sounded really pessimistic! Oopsies. Basically, choose what you want to do with your time wisely and you will be happier.

I realized this week that the 2 things that truly calm me down when all else is haywire are:

1. Cooking

2. Working out

I feel like these are the only 2 times I feel like I can just zone out and be truly, passionately encompassed by the activity in front of me. So yesterday I completely KILLED it at the gym!!! It was fabulous. This is a pic of me after I did pushups til failure…post failure. It’s my hate face.

Bout to go hurt someone.

I’ve also been meal prepping which is something I’ve been wanting to do for a loooooong time! This really helps me stay on track, eat clean, and saves me time. That is the most important reason why I meal prep – because I have food handy that’s healthy, it’s too convenient to pass up when hungry! I mean seriously…how many times have you had a fridge full of clean ingredients but you end up just snacking on junk in your kitchen counter or cupboard because it’s easy and quick? Yeah. No excuses when it’s just as easy to reach for veggies and lean protein as it is to reach for a bag of chips. Plus you shouldn’t have bad foods lying around the house anyway! Why make life harder for yourself!? Remove temptations. It is unnecessary energy wasted on fighting something that you wouldn’t have to fight if it wasn’t there.

The second HIITilates video is being uploaded to YouTube right now, so hang tight! I know you will love/hate this one even more than the first!

Remember to like and comment on the new vid for a chance to win the POP Pilates DVD.

I will announce winners from Jan 8-12 in one of the coming posts!

<3 Cassey


  • Kristina

    If you don’t have a stair master machine at the gym what else can you use?

  • Jocelyn Duran

    OMG!!! im soo getting my gym membership back once my check comes! my gyms pals miss me! lols im soo doing this workout as soon as i can… i know the 90 day meal challenge is over but i am trying to start it today….time to buy all my foods and get organized!
    THANKS a BUNCHES for getting me motivated again(:
    Just imagine me throwing you so much love right now Cassey!

    • Kay

      Good luck! I hope everything goes as planned!