Winners of Day 5, 6, 7 of #POPsterPresents & Day 1 of WeightTraining App!

Hey POPsters!!!

Thought I’d hold the suspense and tell you who won for the past few days all in one post. Muahaha. I know. I’m the best right?

Let’s cut right to the chase…

DAY 5: The winner of the Train Like a Beast Look like a Beauty Nautical Pull over is…

@MazNapoli, congrats!!! Woohoo! Just tweeted you!



The winner of the DAY 6 Call Me Lady Wallet giveaway is…

Ivori Murray! I also noticed your enthusiasm on all of my social networks! Thanks for being such an involved and passionate POPster!

Screen Shot 2013-01-08 at 3.01.36 PMThe DAY 7 winner of the POP Pilates DVD is…

Congrats Teresa!!! I love seeing your tweets! Great fridge pic. I love looking at fridge pics because it’s really like a reflection of your stomach!


And that’s not all guys!!!! Remember the massive giveaway I surprised you with yesterday because you downloaded the WeightTraining app and did my Perfect Pilates Body routine? Well to see if you’re 1 of the Day 1 winners, CLICK HERE. The iPad Mini winner will be announced on Wed! Woot woot! So download the app if you haven’t already – there’s still chances to win!

Love you all!


PS – ready for HIITilates #2? What should it be focused on?



  1. Wow, I won! I haven’t had the chance to do more with the app since I am recovering from a case of the flu and sinusitis (boo!), but I really like the exercises. Thanks, Cassey!

  2. Yey! Convinced 2 friends to try the January calendar! :D

  3. Jessica, I would recommend stretching after your workout, when your muscles are warm. I have heard you can tear your muscles by cold stretching. If you like to stretch near the beginning, try Cassey’s Warm up workout first. Hope this helps!!

  4. Pustekuchenfee says:

    Today it reads “Repeat one of the Cardio Crazies”. Should i repeat only one video, e.g. a) Lolo Legs ( January 11) or the whole Cadio Crazy day? THank you.

  5. Cassey!
    First of all, thank you SO much for keeping me motivated throughout January! I’m feeling so amazing and energetic, it’s awesome! Even those days where I just can’t bring myself to work out, I’ll watch a video, smile cause you’re smiling, and then push my way through to the end with a huge grin! (Of pain…)
    Also, I’ve been wondering – and if any of you POPsters could help that’d be great! When on earth are you supposed to stretch in a workout? I do your stretching video before a workout, but I’ve heard that it’s actually a bad idea to stretch before you work out from various sources – what do you recommend?

    Love you! <3

    • It’s best to do dynamic stretching before you workout, like the video on crazy cardio days. Then do static stretching after the workout when your muscles are still warm.

  6. Thank you so much for all of your great workouts, especially the HIIT workouts. It’s helped improve my stamina, especially when I thought I was in shape last year. Each day I do your workouts, it gets a little bit easier to complete them. I agree with everyone else. A HIITilates with lots of cardio and abs :) I’ve been doing really well on the JaNEWary calendar, and now I’m really trying to get flat abs.

  7. Hey Cassey! Enjoying your workouts as always, let a few friends know about you and the awesome things you do for our bodies! I’m super glad to be able to do a blogilates workout instead of going outside in the -20C Canadian blizzard we’ve been having. I can’t wait to see more inner thigh workouts, maybe an idea for Hiitlates 2?
    Christina :)

  8. Sabrina Bilsborough says:

    I love your videos.. but i still haven’t gotten to your HIIT video yet but i can’t wait to try it and am looking forward to sweating with it. your such an inspiration to me i can’t wait to see what video will be up next week.

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