Sweat Sexy Treadmill Workout

sweatsexytreadmillroutineHey POPsters! Here’s your Sweat Sexy Treadmill Routine for Saturday’s workout! Print it out to take with you to the gym and also share this on Pinterest and Tumblr so we can have everyone sweating to rainbow sparklies :)

Just in case you are confused about the minor changes I made to the #POPsterPresents calendar due to the delayed HIITilates video, this is what you need to do today to win the Train like a Beast Look like a Beauty tank AND the POPster necklace!

1. Comment and like the new HIITilates vid on YouTube.com/Blogilates – coming soon – to win the tank!

2. Comment on THIS BLOG POST to win the necklace!

I will pick 2 winners tonight!

Love you! Happy Friday!

<3 Cassey


  1. I am so satisfied with this workout. Time flew so fast, I got really really sweaty. Love it!!

  2. alisson says:

    I want to loose some legs volume. What do you think about doing this treadmill routine 5days a week and then strength and tone two days??

  3. Hi Rachel, did you end up finishing the workout and getting a rough estimate of the calories?

  4. Jog in place & high knees, or do some blogilates cardio videos :) Anything that gets your heart rate up!

  5. How can i do this workout except actually running? I dont have a tredmill :( and i dont go to the gym..

  6. sooo last week i absolutely KILLED IT on the shredmill treadmill after doing really poor on this one the week before. going to tackle this one tomorrow (i have to do gym stuff on thursdays due to my classes). i noticed a couple of comments on how many calories this workout burns. the treadmills we have tell you how many calories you’ve burned in a workout, so i’ll try try try try try to finish this one and use the POPsters as a motivation <3 next week when i do shredmill treadmill i'll leave a comment on it with how many calories my treadmill said it burned. it's just an estimation by the treadmill but i figure it'd be nice to know.

  7. cilibunny says:

    this treadmill workout is the MOST intense running workout i have ever had, i thought running 10k in an hour is hard, but this is WAY harder!!!!!

  8. This treadmill shredmill workout is intense, but I feel like I melted off 5 lbs while doing it! :) Thanks Cassey! I love you! and I hope I win either the shirt or necklace!! :)

  9. IM DOING MY BEST CASSEY! I hope your proud of me! i just wish to win prizes from you! :( but thanks for all your help GIRL! love ya!

  10. Stephanie says:

    what?? 8 1/2 hours?

  11. Can i substitute this workout with some other kind of cardio? If so what can i do? I don’t go to the gym… Thanks xx

  12. The workout is 45 minutes I believe, the times on the far left mean “From minute 1-4 go to incline 5 at speed 3.5 mph”, then minutes 4-9 etc, etc.

    I had to think about it too when I was looking at it. Haha! =)

  13. I don’t have a treadmill at home yet I don’t go to gym. So i decided to substitute with bike. :D I’m gonna sweat it off and get lean by the end of 2014. I love you Cassey !

  14. So wait… let me get this right.. This workout in total is about 8 1/2 hours long.. I really want to do it but I get home at like 4 everyday from school and I have to wake up early so I can’t be on the treadmill that long. With the 30 -40 minute sprints and the 30 – 35 minute breaks in between them it’s not feasible for me :(( , anyway to cut this down and still get a killer sexy sweat treadmill workout?


  15. I started training 1 January with your workout for first time in my unhealthy 24 years.
    I do the beginners calendar and the January calendar together. I love it.
    I’ m addicted. Thank u Cassey. U are such an inspiration

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  25. Allibeast says:

    If you look closely you can see that its actually 3.5 mph which would come out to be 5.6 km. So ya you can run at 5.6 km :) Hope this helped.

  26. Hi Cassie,

    Ive got a very dumb question here. Does 35 mph mean 35 miles per hour , i.e 56 km per hr?

    We use km in Australia so am a bit lost here. Can you please help


  27. such an adorable necklace, thanks for the videos Cassey <3

  28. Gotta say… we don’t have access to a gym but we got a treadmill on craigslist :). I love it! I just saw this…but a few days ago I made my own treadmill interval workout :) I’m excited to try this one!

  29. you can do this just got to give it your all any no that you can I started out in a chair back operation left me in so much pain I couldn’t stand it but I started with elastic bands then I found Casey and started her workouts on the floor just doing what I could till I worked my way up to a full work out not theses days I run 2-4 miles and can do most her work out but it was really hard at first I had no muscle tone at all and no strength I have carpel tunnel in both hands and a back celiac so I have had a long hard road but I just kept going now I feel so much better like I can do any thing so stick in there you can do it hugs bunny

  30. Cassie – I LOVE your workouts! I try to watch other videos, but I get so bored. You keep me motivated. :)

  31. I thought that to but I looked closer and say it was 3.5 mph

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  33. 35 mph for four min?!???!?!?!?!?

  34. For the “step offs” I plant my feet on both sides of the treadmill and then lower the speed to 3.0, hop back on and walk for 1 minute. For some reason I don’t like the idea of just stopping for a full minute and then jumping right back in at 10 mph. But it’s all preference! Whatever works best for you :)

  35. Here’s a good article on another treadmill workout technique: http://www.treadmill-world.com/high-intensity-interval-training-with-a-treadmill/

  36. Oh.My.God. This is crazy; I made it through the warmup…

  37. NO i cant see it :(

  38. My treadmill doesn’t have an incline – can I still do this workout but without the incline? Will it still help me to lose weight? Also at the end it says for the warm down go from 3.5 speed to finish off on 6.5 speed – is that right? wouldn’t you end on the 3.5? sorry for all the questions, Thanks :) x

  39. I felt tired out after the first 10 minutes because it was so steep (I had no idea treadmills could even go up that high ahaha)!!! Oh well. 27 minutes today, maybe 35 minutes tomorrow, and then I’ll be able to do the full workout! With breaks of course. Will need a lot of motivation and practice to try the whole thing without stepping off once in a while :) GREAT!!!

  40. Goodness gracious! I did 38 minutes of Cassie’s workouts yesterday, and I am SORE! it feels AMAZING to be SORE! I haven’t touched the treadmill in about three days and I miss it, so I will go back on today! I will totally try so hard to not take any breaks, but with only working out daily since early december, I don’t know if I am ready! I will try though! if you want to see if I made it through the workout without taking a breather, check out my blog: http://www.glitterartfit.blogspot.com :)
    Ariella Lola


  42. Allison Zheng says:


  43. Shimmycat says:

    First, thanks for clarifying the “step offs’. I thought that is what they were but good to know for sure.

    I am anxious to start this however, for me, it is very hard to run thanks to bad knees and doctor’s orders for another reason. Bunny is certainly inspirational!! :) I am working my way up to doing so by modifying. With that being said, when I am on the treadmill, I crank that incline up. I am taking baby steps towards getting my speed up and doing that ssssoooo I am really looking forward to trying this workout.

    Note to self….do NOT do two POPster Ab workouts 2 days in a row…OUCH!! LOL

  44. Barbara Marley says:


  45. teilzeitDAU says:

    hi rachel
    the cals burned will depend on your height,weight,age,gender,level of fitness…so if you want something reasonably accurate, you must get a HRM!! :)
    i got one about 2 weeks ago and i LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! i got the polar ft4, which is quite a basic HRM, but it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want anything too fancy (and it’s very inexpensive, too!). :)

  46. teilzeitDAU says:

    no no :) you don’t hop off completely, you just jump your feet out onto the sides of the treadmill so that the belt then moves underneath you. cf 2:46 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v64cW4mZokc :)

    be careful w/ the transitions though: hold on to the handbars to the sides of the treadmill when jumping off (to protect your joints from stopping abruptly) and esp. when jumping back on it (to give your legs some time to adjust to the speed). cf 3:02 in the vid above :)

  47. teilzeitDAU says:

    oh you can easily adjust this to the elliptical or a bike: just think resistance instead of incline and instead of the hopping off, you just do slower strides :)
    of course the numbers of the incline and the resistance probably won’t be exactly the same, i.e. an incline of 7 might correspond to a resistance of 10 or so, idk, but i wouldn’t worry too much about that, just work hard and you’re good! :)

    i did such adjusting w/ the shuffle-a-truffle workout as well as w/ the shredmill workout already and both of them worked very well! i used them on the stationary bike but i’m sure they’d work on an elliptical, too.
    even my HRM said i burned about the same amount of cals so it wasn’t just my feeling :)

  48. awesome!! will have too try this out! :)

  49. Can you create a similar workout using an elliptical instead? That would be uber helpful!

  50. i love this i run alot i have lost a lot in the last few months with ur workouts and running started out at 168 now im 145 i feel alot better love the food but i cant have glutin i have a allergy to it .i have had operation on 8 disc in my back the more waight i loose the less pain im feeling alot better i share ur workout wih every one i have told strangers about u lol ur doing a graet job making people feel they can do better with there health ty .your a blessing

  51. Always wanted this! Thanks a Bunch Cassey! cute Necklace ^__^

  52. How does one “step off” the treadmill? And are you to stay “down” for a full minute? I’m a little confused, thanks in advance for the help! And thank YOU Cassey for the motivation and printouts!

  53. Round about how many calories would be burnt doing the treadmill routine? :) thank you soo much

  54. Narcissa, don’t literally jump off the treadmill. Just put your feet on the edges of the treadmill. Then when the minute is over just step back onto the treadmill. Don’t ever touch the speed. Just let it keep running. And then you’ll keep running ;) I like this one because its hard for me to run for long periods of time. Stopping every minute is still challenging but at least I won’t look stupid slowing down the treadmill every couple minutes lol. Thanks Cassey!

  55. I did this workout today and almost died!! I ended up changing the speeds a little but kept the inclines. I will keep working on it! Followed it up with some legs and some more cardio (bike, step climber and elliptical). Have you ever considered making this workout into a podcast? I would love to hear your encouragement while I’m dying!!

  56. anniebells says:

    i’ve never went to the gym ..so i don’t ever use treadmills.. but still i appreciate the time you take out of your day to go the extra mile for your fans. hah, i even appreciate the extra “mile” you make us push on your videos ! : ) #POPsterPresents

  57. Thank you Cassey!!! :D Just subscribed to your mailing list and am gonna go check out the JANEWARY calendar :) Awesomeeeee!

  58. Your excercises are body and mind transformation!! Love them…!! :D:D

  59. Try putting the workouts in terms of BPM similar to http://thealumnirow.blogspot.com/2012/12/true-life-i-hate-running.html

  60. So I’ve only ever done HIIT on my elliptical/outside, but isn’t it sorta scary to just jump off of the treadmill when it’s going at 10mph?

    How do you guys do it when the band is moving that fast? Any tips? Or is it really not as bad as it seems? Couldn’t you get hurt doing that? As it is, I’ve fallen off my treadmill a few times when I go on it really fast. :-P

  61. I can’t wait to try this later! i love the sweat sexy workouts and i have the kinect for xbox so ill do this for a warm up, then ill do the kinect warm ups, then I’ll do my actual routine! I’ve been doing the thigh gap pilates…has anyone else noticed a difference? i feel amazing! <3

  62. teilzeitDAU says:

    you’ve got to try this workout, it’s crazy ridic!! (or totes amaze? lol)

    I did it today but subbed hill jogs/”sprints” for the flat-surface sprints (i wanted to go easy on my knees), so I lowered the speed to 7-8.5km/h but set the inc at 15 instead of 1.
    wowwwwww that heart rate was at around 90% of my max heart rate all the time.

    i was wearing the today-i-will-kill-it top, which really kinda held me accountable when I thought I couldn’t go on anymore (can’t give up when you’re sporting such a mantra, right?), but i must say i think i was a draw: i definitely killed it, but the workout most definitely killed ME, too!!! hahhaha :)

    bottom line: <3 <3 <3 !

  63. Amber Aloi says:

    Can’t wait to try this! Thanks or all your videos :)

  64. Today i’m unfortunately too sick to go to the gym.. i’m very sad.. i’ll do this workout as soon as i get better!!

  65. I’m so sad, I’ve broken bones in my middle hand and it’s the very first time i don’t follow your callendar Cassey. Please, cheer me up with the necklace! Love, Patrycja!

  66. I am soooo doing this workout tonight!! THANKS CASSEY!

  67. Oh thank you so much for posting this treadmill workout! Treadmill doesn’t have to be boring for me anymore!
    Love you Cassie! xxx

  68. Omg! Just finished Day 4 of the #JaNEWary calendar! I’m tired but lovin it ! :) woooo

  69. So excited to go back to school so that I can try this workout. I am going to be taking a Pilates mat course and am so excited, and then I’ll also be able to enroll in the gym there because I don’t have that type of workout machine at home. Love your workouts Cassey, and how (most) of them don’t require much except maybe a mat and some weights :D

  70. I’m going to try this sometime this weekend!

  71. Rebecca D. says:

    Thank you for helping me work out every day! :)

  72. Rebecca D. says:

    I’m really excited for your meal videos Cassey!

  73. Rebecca D. says:

    Love your workouts Cassey!

  74. I recently found you and am ACTUALLY doing the workouts. Can’t believe it! Thank you for the inspiration! I will get fit in 2013!

  75. you work so hard for us cassey!!! why??? if i had a perfect body, id keep all the secrets to myself! i wish i was like you love you cassey! youre one of my idols<333

  76. I reallyy love this necklace! :)

  77. I love your videos Cassey you are simply amazing! I have began eating healthy and exercising I have been following this months calendar and I am doing great so far I am pushing myself!

  78. christina says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m new to Pilates but love your videos!

  79. Cher Lynn says:

    You’re my inspiration!! I LOVE your videos!

  80. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for making workouts we can print and bring to the gym! I have a membership but don’t usually go because as dumb as it sounds… I don’t know what to do! Now I can print these out and take them to the gym (and avoid another cardio crazy! I’ll be skipping on the treadmill remembering that’!) and my goal is by March to prefer the cardio crazy to the gym, and give up my gym membership for good. Who needs a gym membership when you have Cassey as a personal trainer?!? :D

  81. This looks amazing! But I dont have a tredmill and a car to go to the gym:(

  82. The necklace is so pretty~
    I can’t wait until I can try this! :3

  83. I don’t have a treadmill right now but I would want to try this!

  84. Hey Cassey! I just finished the cardio crazy for today and i am DRENCHED in sweat. Thank you for constantly motivating me with your positive attitude and bubbly personality. You really kick my butt and you deserve a crown for making me sore each day. Love ya xoxo

  85. I love the necklace, I now I wish that I had a treadmill to do the workout.

  86. Love Loove this workout can’t wait to use this at the gym :)

  87. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a treadmill!

  88. Hey! I loveee your videos! And hope I win the bracelet

  89. I’m so pumped to do this workout! I was never much of a runner before, but I’ve been looking for new ways to incorporate running into my daily workout! Thank you, Cassey! <3

  90. Looooooove it! I hope I win something this month. :)
    Ps. Like your Victoria Secret workout, which I totally adored btw! you should try and make a mean girls workout or something. Those girls have amazing bodies!

  91. uglybobswife says:

    #POPsterPresents love your video workouts they always inspire me to get my butt in gear

  92. Oh I wish I could do this at home but I am lacking in the treadmill department!!! Can’t wait to go back to school next week and hit the gym!! This will be my 1st workout! I’m so stoked!!!

  93. I can’t wait to werk my legs off with this workout! I’m still sore from yesterday’s workout but I gotta train like a beast to look like a beauty :)

  94. ugh i wish i had a treadmill or a gym membership! :( this mama does alll her workouts at home n im fine with that! :D thats what i LOVE about ur workouts! like 95% of them i can do at home with NO equipment! how awesome is that! :D lol love ur workouts!
    p.s hope i win that HOTT necklace!!! :D EEEK so CUTE! <3

  95. I love walking on the treadmill, and this is just the push I need to reach my goal! I can’t wait to try this out and work my butt off. (Literally!) I’ll definitely be choosing this on Saturday, and using it whenever I go to the gym! :)

  96. I want to try this now! Doing this workout tomorrow morning~

  97. I love the necklace and I’m super excited to try this workout tomorrow morning. I know it’s going to be killer like all your workouts

  98. That looks awesome Cassey! Question: are any cardio machines (treadmill, elliptical, whatever) better to do than others?

  99. Hey Cassey! I just love your blogilates workouts. I hope to win this competition. I really wanna get something this month cause I am dedicating everyday to completing the workout calender. Thanks! :) – See more at: http://www.blogilates.com/printables-2/sweat-sexy-treadmill-workout/comment-page-11#comment-96665

  100. Hey Cassey! I just love your blogilates workouts. I hope to win this competition. I really wanna get something this month cause I am dedicating everyday to completing the workout calender. Thanks! :)

  101. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk myself into doing this…

  102. Cupcake Queen says:

    Casey, I’m excited. I can’t wait to try this work out on the treadmill. I hope I’ll make it through the high speed part because I’m not a very good runner. Anyway, I’ll have to add “more sleep” into my New Year resolution list because I’m a nurse working graveyard shifts at the hospital and can’t never get a full 8 hours sleep.

  103. I’m so glad to have you as my online trainer I guess you could say. You put so much time and effort into people’s lives to change them and you are doing it all for free! I seriously cannot wait to do this, I love running.

  104. I’ve actually never thought of having a treadmill routine to follow. Thanks for sharing Cassey! :D can’t wait to get back to school and try this in the gym

  105. Ahhh I love this necklace! I hope you end up selling them because if I don’t win I want one for sure:)

  106. Can’t wait to try this one out! Thanks for brightening my day everyday Cassey, I love you!

  107. Sipping on Pink Lemonade says:

    That necklace looks fabulous! If only I could get my abs to look fabulous, haha. #POPsterPresents

    Cassey, I know you’re going to be looking for a winner for your necklace, but if you see my comment I have just one request:
    I have a really bad back, so I haven’t tried some of your ab workouts: I am afraid I might do something wrong and hurt my back. I watched the “Abs All Night” Challenge, VS Model Ab Workout, and “Good Time” ab workout, but I’m always hesitant to do them. I don’t have a mat, so would I hurt my back if I tried these workouts without a mat? Also, could you please upload another back workout?

  108. Can’t wait to do this! Thanks Cassey! :)

  109. OH NO im so sorry, didnt mean to post on your comment! I’ll figure it out lol

  110. oops didnt know it got posted O.o

  111. I love your vids Cassey! you’re such an inspiration! I love all your giveaways too!! :)

  112. I love your vids Cassey! You’re such an inspiration to me! :)

  113. Hi Cassey! this has been more than difficult for me to figure out how to post on your blog, but I think I got it now, hopefullyy. This is pretty new to me, but I’m super excited to get started on todays treadmill workout tonight! If you haven’t seen my other posts on your video, let me tell you, you are a great inspiration and I’m soo happy I found your workouts, bc for one- THEY’RE FREE! &being in a financial tough zone, this was a godsend, TWO- THEY’RE FUN, I can’t do all the moves to the fullest just yet, but you keep me with you because you’re always talking about something different, and telling me to keep going! Thank you soo much for this, can’t wait till I get the chance to buy your dvd and cook your cheap clean eats!!! THANK YOUUU.

  114. Imani McKenzie says:

    My goodness Cassey if there’s anything I love it’s the treadmill! So I have to wait to do this until the 8th because I am not apart of a gym because I’m in high school (freshman) and there’s none really nearby and I can’t drive around BUT I use my school weight room/gym sooo before Winter Track I’m going to do this… Aaah!! Can’t wait!! Lool why do I have the strange feeling my legs are going to be DEAD Tuesday Night/ Wednesday Morning- no wait the whole week! I wish I could use emojis right now lmao. Anyways love you Cassey! You’re such an inspiration and you make working out so much fun. Thanks for everything!! Much Love!

  115. the sweat sexy treadmill routine looks killer! Thank you so much cassey for these awesome giveaways.

  116. Nikki Thai says:

    Gah, I’m going to die doing this, but It’s def worth it :]

  117. So pumped for the rest of #jaNEWary! Love you Cassey ♥

  118. I love that! Just remember we don’t sweat, we sparkle! :D

  119. Love the necklace! The new video was crazy, in a good way! :) Keep em coming, Cassey!

  120. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all, and giving me the tools I need to workout from home without worrying about what to do with my little ones! Cassey you are amazing!

  121. I love being a popster! i just did you HIITilates and just died! i love it!

  122. Christine says:

    Cassey, I did this workout today and was sweating so much but I loved it!! I’ve been getting super into running these days and am so glad you made this treadmill routine. So great!!

  123. Megan Elizabeth Lewis says:

    Ohh Boy that treadmill Routine looks scary. Hahah I probably wont be able to complete that for a while But who knows I might be able to get through it sooner than I think :)

  124. Maricella says:

    Yay, can’t wait to try this! I’m loving this months calander more and more each day. so glad that you finally got a PO box too, planning on writing you soon!

  125. So excited to try out printable tomorrow! This month is going to kick my booty in to shape! #POPsterPRESENTS

  126. Haven’t been exercising regularly since November….oooops! Going to get back at it starting now : )

  127. I can’t wait to try this for my jaNEWary Saturday! Also I am looooving the necklace!

  128. I like the Treadmill workout idea. It shakes things up and makes it a little more interesting than just running for 30-40 min straight. :D

  129. Cassey, just one quick question about the workout. I am not familiarized with treadmills, when you say step off, do you mean like jumping out and standing on the ground for a minute and then jumping in again?? Thank you!

  130. Hi Cassey! So tomorrow after work I am going to head on over to the gym and do this workout!! Printing it out right now after I type this to get ready for tomorrow’s challenge! Thank you so much for these awesome workouts and I am so glad I found you so I can get into better shape and love life! I am just so much happier even only after these first four days!!

  131. Rachel Maas says:

    Wooo! Just tried this at the gym! Sparkling with sweat!! Thanks Cassey for the workouts PLUS the ultimate giveaway! Happy Birthday month! #POPsterPresents

  132. Need to get to a treadmill! I want to do this. Hope I win something this month!

  133. Audrianna says:

    I can’t wait to sweat and look sexy doing it! POPsters forever :D

  134. love the necklace! #POPSTERPRESENTS

  135. Ooooo Im SO gonna try this asap!! Love ya Cassey!!! <3 ;)

  136. I’m so glad I found you, pilates is my favorite way to exercise now! aside from soccer of course :)

  137. Aimee Grove says:

    Just now starting to fully follow along here and on the workout calendar. I was doing a few videos every now and then when I couldnt make it to Pole dancing or Aerial silks class but now I decided why not do both of them? I realize now that pole and silks have given me a lot of arm and leg strength and my core strength is also much better but my cardio sucks. You are killing me but I love it. Looking forward to more workouts and videos :)

    It would of course also be amazing to win a prize this month:)

  138. Wow new workouts AND necklaces, two of my favorite things (; LETS KILL IT.

  139. Love all your workouts!! Also your clothing and bags are adorable don’t have any yet but I hope to soon! :)

  140. Constance Ruff says:

    I would sure love to win something this month, haha. Our birthday is the same day, also. (: I will be 22. You are amazing. (:

  141. I can’t wait to try this when I get back home! :)

  142. I love being a POPster!!!!!

  143. This workout looks so intense and awesome, total sweatfest!! I’m imagining wearing a “train like a beast, look like a beauty” tank while killing this workout!!

  144. Omg. I’m loving this necklace! I also cannot wait to do the sweat sexy workout, I’m gonna wear my sweat and be proud of it! =D

  145. Absolutely adoring the jaNEWary calendar so far this month. I’ve made some minor changes as my fitness level isn’t quite up to the intensity that the calendar demands, but I still feel like I’m really challenging my body, working hard and already improving my stamina. Cassey, you are amazing for doing all this for us, much much love coming your way! xo

  146. Awesome! Can’t wait to try it out :D xx

  147. Oh cassey the necklace looks awesome! And I just saw the new hiitilates video it looks like so much fun to do although now I’m just super confused with the calendar and the timing because I live in malaysia and here it is 5th of january so I tend to do the wrong thing for the #popsterpresents. Gosh.

  148. Cassey thank you for changing my lifestyle! i love all your workouts and i do them almost religiously everyday (except for rest days of course!)!
    i have loved noting down the difference in measurements and getting compliments for my new toned body.. all thanks to you and your fabulous personality that makes pushing through the workouts so much better (and more fun!!)
    love from laura xxx

  149. Almost done with day 4 of JaNEWary! :) Thanks Cassey for pushing us to the max! Cute necklace. :3

  150. I think I almost died, but i did my full routine today @ first to be honest I didn’t think I could do it, but then a girl posted a video on you tube doing your workouts and it hit me if she can do so can I and work my way up you know? Oh I know I must get myself some wedge sneakers they are way too cute. Okay no that I build some self esteem and confidence that I can do the workout , I have no excuse, I think I’m rambling must be the post workout endorphins yay ok :)

  151. Love the look of this treadmill workout – wish I had a treadmill!! Maybe I can figure out some kind of correlate for my elliptical. So excited for the rest of January – it will be my first full month of POP Pilates – and I love the JaNEWary calendar !!! It’s so awesome! Thanks Cassey for all you do!

  152. Thankyou so much Cassey for everything you do for us popsters. And I LOVE my new gym bag!! ♡

  153. Hey cassie, thanks for the awesome new HIIT workout! to be so honest, i wake up every morning to see whaat fun torture you have for me in those fabulous calenders! I have been doing your videos for three years now and even as a medical school student with a crazy busy schedule, I can never abandon your crazy fun videos! It helps me stay motivated to exercise and I love the variety (because I get bored so easily!). You are doing great! Keep it up and I love the necklace.

    <3 devoted popster!

  154. I can’t wait to try this! Also, do you have any suggestions for teens? Love your videos!

  155. I do the treadmill shreadmill 5 times a week! I can’t wait to add the sweat sexy treadmill workout into my rotation! Train insane or remain the same =) <3

  156. Thanks, for the all the tips.

  157. Super excited for this workout Saturday! I love you treedmill printable workouts. I’m always dripping with sweat afterwards, which you know is AWESOME! You got to train like a beast to be a beauty after all!! : )

  158. I just worked out to a few of your videos this morning, and I’m planning to do so for 4 to 5 days a week in order to make it a good habit! That’s my New Year’s commitment.

    Anyway, I love love your workouts! They can be tiring, but you know, it’s defs worth it in the end.

    Thank you, Cassey!

    Jessica. :)

  159. Today’s cardio crazy workout was intense! I have a serious love hate relationship with burpees!

  160. |
    V It is an all kill isn’t it? I woke up to do the jumping jacks and I think I made SOOO much noise because I stepped on my laptop charger and fell *ouuuch* >< But I'm fine haha :)

  161. LOVE these workouts! Can’t wait for my Train INSANE hoodie to come in the mail today and I’ve been telling all my customers and coworkers about this site and they love it too! My Temple Coffee lovers and I are getting in shape this year and we’re doing it on Blogilates! Cassie you make these workouts fun and far from boring <3

  162. These workouts are crazy insane! I love it though, and I’m really sore. I walk up the stairs at my school so slowly because it hurts! It’s worth it though!

  163. Exciting! I thought you were only supposed to do 30 minutes of cardio and then your body grabs onto muscle instead though? I suppose it is 30-45 minutes then?

  164. Medallion says:

    You saw results within a month??? You have NO IDEA how motivating that is! :) *happy*

  165. Can I just say that the #jaNEWarycalender is TOTES KILLAH! But super amazing at the same time I really love it! Also I’m so thankful I discovered you on youtube, I remember the day and everything :’) Working out with you has gotten me more toned than ever before! Thank you for all the effort you put in for all of us POPsters!

  166. Love your printables. So usefull when there is no connection !
    I’ve a treadmill and hope that one day, smart and nice popsters translate them in other languages !
    And i’m waiting hard for the app too !
    Thanks for working so hard for us, you changed my life, I owe you :)

    #POPsterPresents !

  167. Thanks so much for the blog and making the videos! Makes me want to work out now.

  168. Bethany Henderson says:

    I have a feeling that when i get done with this treadmill workout I am going to feel so freakin’ accomplished.

  169. I died during today’s workout! Yay! THANK YOU CASSEY FOR BEING EPIC

  170. Well, I don’t go to the gym so I won’t do this one. I will run on the hill nearby instead of it! I’m sure I will sparkle too :P

  171. Marie-Pier says:

    Don’t have a treadmill but sure makes me want to buy one, this looks like an amazing routine.

  172. Lindsey Green says:

    Thank you so much for this! I have been looking for a way to mix up being on a treadmill and you come along with all the right answers! You are simply the best! :)

  173. I’m so going to start using this! This is my favorite place for workouts because they’re straight forward and they BURN BABY BURN! xoxo

  174. Awesome sauce! Totally looking forward to doing this next time I am at the gym! :-)

  175. Your videos are awesome! I feel amazing afterward even though I’m also exhausted!
    Thank you for your motivation!!

  176. yay can’t wait to try all your new workouts!

  177. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!! I’ve recently just started to go to the gym, and I’ve been looking for a workout on the treadmill…this is HIIT right? Yes, I am so excited! Thank you x 10000 for this! ^-^

  178. Thanks for this, I just did your Shredmill workout I found on Pinterest and it was an amazing workout, I will be adding that to my weekly routine!! :)

  179. I have a home trainer instead of a treadmill. How can use this schedule on my bike?

  180. Kimberlysun says:

    I Love this so much! I need to try it someday. Also thanks for the opportunity to win all this things. Love all you so for us cassey. I wish I could meet you some day. Your designing skills are good. I love that necklace, I love the wallet and I love all the shirts and the hoodies. :)

  181. Ahhhmazing! I did this workout at the gym about 2 hours ago with a friend, he and I had a great workout :) he does p90x and even he sweated like a pig. Thank you Cassey!! making people fit one person at a time, but in my case, two. I hope I win the necklace! or something, I would love to represent you! in the gym and everywhere I go!

  182. niesha fox says:

    These workouts have helped me so much! Thank you!!

  183. Excited for the new workout. Variety is the spice of life!

  184. How do you step on and off treadmill safely?

  185. I am normally a work out at home kind of person- but this looks too good not to try. Off to the gym!

  186. This is amazing! I was just wondering how I could get the most out a run instead of just half heartedly running for 30 minutes. :)

  187. Michelle Montalban says:

    Gorgeous necklace Cassey! <3 Something to remind POPsters who they are and what they're capable of:)

  188. It looks intimidating but I am going to try it tonight! love the necklace so cute :)

  189. Ooooh! The printable is so pretty!! (I’m easily distracted over these sorts of things……) Going to hit the college gym and try this one tomorrow!


  191. Hey Cassey! :) I wasn’t able to get to your workouts yesterday (computer problems) but I didn’t let that stop me! You’ve motivated me to get fit and healthy, so I pretty much killed myself on the treadmill (in a good way). I had to force myself to do it (I tend to get lazy…. a lot), and I’m so happy I did. I felt it in my legs today and, oddly enough, I loved it! Thank you for motivating me :) Without your videos and seemingly endless energy, I don’t think I’b be able to find long lasting inspiration like I do with your videos. They make me feel like I’m working towards something worth while, and not just a great body (although I don’t mind that AT ALL ;) ). I feel happy when I do your workouts because, even though I end up exhausting myself, it feels amazing.

    I can’t wait for this summer. I’m determined to get the body and energy I feel I diverse (and being able to wear a bikini wouldn’t be too bad either). Thank you Cassey! You’ve given me something to work towards without making it feel like it’s completely out of my grasp.

  192. *Cassey

  193. Had such a good experience with the HIITlates workout! It was so well done and really worked me hard! New year=harder Pol Pilates and Pop Cardio and a new more hard core Casey! LOVE it!!!! I’m doing the Popster presents everyday this month and working out everyday! (except for the rest days needed lol) Whoo hoo for being a true POPster:)

  194. Sweat* Sexy

  195. As always, I love the eye candy ~ the treadmill printable & the POPster necklace ~ Cassey <3 Thanks so much for the 31 days of giveaways & for pumping us up! Can't wait to try your new HIITilates vid today & the Sweet Sexy routine mañana (: Btw, just in case I'm outa the loop: what's the word on the Blogilates app???

  196. I don’t have have a treadmill but this will be great for my friend! Thanks Cassey!

  197. I love the necklace!! I feel really encouraged this month to keep up with the workout calender. :)

  198. I’ve done both of them, do I have a chance on both then? heheh.. well, I loved the tank, so I would love to win it :-D

  199. Such a cute necklace! Cant wait to try out the new workouts!

  200. My legs are literally shaking after today’s workout, I actually had to climb up the stairs. Not walk, dramatically rock climb them. Either way, I’ll try this tommorow. Well half of it, the rest is going to be HIITilates.

  201. I love this necklace, it is so cute!

  202. Slovenia:)! Lepo:)

  203. Hey Cassey, thank you so much for the treadmill workout. I will take it to the gym and see how it will works. Also the necklase is a good way how we can show that we belong to the community. Thanks for your time and energy! :-) Bye, Anet

  204. Hey Cassey! I’ve been working out and following your calenders since November and have been loving it! It is definetly hard but I like the challenge and hope to lose some weight by the summer, specifically to get some abs and a flat stomach like you! You are a great inspiration and I love your videos and this prinout for the treadmill workout looks great. I might use it. Your videos make it fun to work out!

  205. Okay I have never really used a treadmill before, and I have only done the elliptical once. I am excited to try this out! Gonna get my sexy on!

  206. Oooh. This one looks a little advanced for me… gonna have to work up to it :) Thanks for the printable though – it’s super cute!

  207. I think you are so amazing Cassey!!!! your workouts are great and work fast and are more fun than going to the gym for sure!! you are such an inspiration!! <3

  208. Cassey, I love the necklace! Can it please be mine? :)

  209. Hey Cassey!
    Thank you for making working out such an easy and fun thing to do! I love the way you motivate all the POPsters in the videos and on your websites! It keeps me motivated to reach my goals, which are at the moment focused on getting stronger. I am now quite skinny, which is nice, but I am not really toned. I have been following the DashingDecember calender and have now started with the first few days of JaNEWary. Enjoying it a lot and I already see results!
    Please keep up the amazing work you do.
    Much love from Holland!

  210. Tayla Bradley says:

    About to start day 4 of the JaNEWary calendar! Love this necklace, so cute! Thanks Cassey!!

  211. been looking for a treadmill now so i can do this stuff with you

  212. I recently started doing these workouts and haven’t tried your Treadmill workout, I’m excited now. :D Thanks!

  213. Lauren Flores says:

    Yay for treadmill workouts! Who doesn’t love the treadmill!? Interval training is definitely a fav of mine! Thank you so much, Cassey!

  214. Saragrace Friday says:

    Totally going to try this next time I’m on the treadmill!

  215. Thank you for the treadmill workout! :D I’m gonna try this when I go to the gym tonight. I have a feeling I won’t be able to walk the next day haha.

  216. I LOVE this! Being on a treadmill can get really boring, but consistently changing speeds and inclines makes it seem so much faster… while also making me sweat like a crazy person! haha

  217. I have never once been on a treadmill longer than 10 mins, I will have to try this.
    Thanks Casey!

  218. Nicole Murphy says:

    Yes, a treadmill workout! I’m always looking for these. I cant wait to try this out tonight!

  219. Hi Cassey, just wanted to tell you that I started with your Dashing December calendar plan and as the JaNEWary calendar begins, I feel so much different already! The things a month’s hard work can do! I feel like I can last longer, go harder and still have energy to do it again! Everyone, stay motivated because these results are worth it and so are you, as Cassey always says (: Love you, Cassey!

  220. Hey Cassey!

    Thank you so much for making all of these workouts for us, they are so helpful! Although I am only 14, I wish to be as fit as you! You are such an inspiration and role model in my life and you have no idea as to how much I appreciate your youtube videos! It is my dream to meet you someday, even though I live all the way in Canada! I am definitely going to write you a letter at some point, boy oh boy do I have tons to say! In short, I just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration and I really appreciate all that you do for your popsters!

    – Lindsay <3

  221. love your treadmill workouts! b4 you post them up there was no chance I was able to stay on treadmill for 1h and now not only I do but I enjoy it too :). Thank u xo

  222. i’d like to do this…. to bad i do not have a treadmill:<

  223. I love your workouts! Thank you! :)

  224. Hey Cassey, thank you for being so inspiring :) I am in just for a while but you completly get me ;) I really love your worouts(new calendar is killer- but I adore it) … unfortunately I don´t have a treadmill but still love your vids ;) Thank you for changing my life ( I feal better and I actually look better)!

  225. I don’t have a treadmill… But I’ll probably do this workout at the track down the road! (: I need to start doing some sprint workouts anyways since track season is just around the corner(:

  226. Great workout ! (: The necklace is adorable <3

  227. Meghan Moore says:

    Thanks SO much for these treadmill workouts!! You are such an inspiration. It would be really cool if you could record an audio of your voice that is timed to the treadmill workout. You could make a downloadable mp3 that we could add to our iPods and then take to the gym. All we would have to do is put in our headphones on the treadmill and then listen to you walk us through the workout! Just an idea (:

  228. Suuuuch a creative and thoughtful workout for those who are on treadmills often. You think of everything, Cassey! I’m pretty sure my boyfriend thinks I’m crazy – he called me when I was in the middle of doing the new HIITlates workout and I was so out of breath. I just might be your biggest fan. PRESH necklace by the way! XO

  229. I’m looking forward to checking out the new HIIT video when I get home… won’t lie, I’m a little scared, too. Cardio is rough on me, but I rock it on all the pop pilates videos! I’ve never been so inspired. I’ve never worked so hard before. I don’t know how you motivate me so much… but thank you!

  230. Thank you soo much Cassey Finding your videos has completely changed my life! Because of you I have a whole new outlook of myself, which means A LOT! So thank you! and im looking forward to really pushing myself on this workout and become stronger! thank you! i

  231. Thank you so much for this workout. My friends love going to the gym, but I have always been the, work out at home kind of person. Now, I can go to the gym with them and we can all workout together!

  232. Ooh this looks tough! Can’t wait to try it [=

  233. WOW, you have no idea how much this killed me! I NEED to incorporate this into my schedule :) i’m printing out 5 more for tommorrow because my friends saw me running and asked for one :D YOU NOW HAVE 5 MORE POPSTERS!! yay! Also i love this workout because it makes going on the treadmill a lot more fun, less boring and definitely more effective. Thanks Cassey ! <3

  234. jennifer aguirre says:

    the necklace is adorable! i don’t have a treadmill but i’ll try this while i go for a run at the park :)

  235. Hey Cassey! This treadmill workout looks insane! Can’t wait to try out tomorrow for my cardio :) Thanks for everything you do!

  236. Looking forward to trying this workout!! I’ve been doing the Treadmill Shredmill Workout and I love it! I even shared it with some of my friends and they love it too! Thanks again, Cassey!

  237. Amy (Elle) says:

    HEY CASSEY!! Gosh i LURVE your workouts!! You and all the other popsters are SO supportive, i feel like i have a trainer/friend all rolled up into one! The new HIIT workout is SOOOO hard but i remember: TRAIN LIKE A BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY<3

    Amy (Elle)

  238. mai hills says:

    this is just fab !!!
    my bottay are going to be perky and i’m going to be soooo sweaty !! i’m so going all out :)
    thanks Cassey :D<3

  239. Ooh this looks tough!!! Have to try it later, can’t wait!!! (:

  240. Kaitlyn OToole says:

    I just love how fun and energetic you are. It keeps me so motivated and inspired! I used to get so down because I just couldn’t find a routine that fit and made me truly enjoy working out. I’m hoping to train insane and make some new diet changes this new year! Thanks for just being you!

    PS I got a gym bag for my birthday in November. And I saw a hand written note from you! A very nice touch and I got super excited!! lol

  241. The necklace is sooo cute!!! :) Congrats on your DVD!!

  242. Emily Vann says:

    I love everything you do! Cassey, you inspire me to be the best version of myself and I love the necklace so much!!! I would wear it everyday to remind me of my goals and dreams :) :)

  243. Sharlenne S. says:

    I love the printable treadmill workouts and it would be great to have some for the elliptical as well!!! JaNEWary is going great thus far and I’m really excited for the rest of the month! Thanks Cassie!!!

  244. I can’t wait to try this! love it! ready to train like a beast (:

  245. hey cassey! im not a huge fan of tredmills but! i do love the park, so ill do this there thx! :)

  246. I love that we get these printables to take with us♥♥

  247. Elizabeth E. says:

    MY new years resolution is to follow your workout calendar! I started yesterday and I am super sore, but I love it!! For the the first time in a while I’m excited to workout!!! Thanks for making your workouts available they are really helping me! Can’t wait to try the spinning workout, once I get to campus!

  248. Sabrina Bilsborough says:

    Just finished todays workout from the calendar and it was killer..can’t wait to try the sweat sexy tomorrow.

  249. Hey Cassie! I just started watching and following your videos a few weeks ago and they are AMAZING! I love your energetic self, it pushes me even further during the exercises and makes working out super fun! Thank you so much for your posts. KEEP THEM UP :)

  250. Annya Boyd says:

    Thanks for this one, I have a treadmill but it doesn’t go flat and its not motorized so I have to really work to move it! This will really get my butt moving!

  251. I sure wish I had a gym membership so I could do the treadmill workout. It looks like a great workout! All of your workouts are amazing! You are amazing.

  252. Zoë dodson says:

    I’m so excited to try out this printable! Thank you so much Cassey, I’ve been working so hard this JaNEWary to get the healthy body I want. And this necklace is adorable, I’d love to win it! I love you. :)

  253. I only started doing your workouts a few months ago, but I’m so addicted now! Total POPster. Thank you so much!

  254. Michelle Montalban says:

    This is the cutest necklace ever! A reminder of who us POPsters are and to believe in ourselves:) Thankyou.

  255. This is great Cassey! Thank you so much, your printables make the treadmill go from dreadful to FUN! :)

  256. I don’t have a treadmill either:( but I’ll try this outside..yay for guessing! lol Also, the necklace IS beautiful! Great idea!

  257. I’m pretty much determined to beast every single one of these workout routines. Determination & a new beginning for 2013! I’m ready!

  258. Excited/nervous to try this one, I’m really REALLY terrible at running and find it so intimidating, but I’m going to try – if you don’t challenge yourself, you never change yourself right?! Going to go HARD in 2013!!! <3

  259. Hey! I love your stuff! Ts seems like an awesome workout out, I’m about to do day 4 of #jaNEWary !! Wish me luck!

  260. Christina says:

    i looove doing the shredmill workout! i’ve done it 2 times, once with my heater on LOL!
    definitely giving this sweat sexy a go this week!

  261. Treadmill workouts are so fun! I’m definitely gonna try it later this afternoon :). I liked the idea that somebody posted of doing a printable for bike workout as well. Blogilates has been my favorite thing to do this vacations. Thank you Cassey for teaching us to have a healthy life style and for enjoy doing it!

  262. Emily Werner says:

    I am determined to win at least one of your contests! I never do but I enter each one! I do your workouts everyday and have had workout dates with friends and my boyfriend to do your workouts. Thanks for everything you do!!

  263. I don’t have a treamill…:( but who cares?I can still workout following your videos!<3

  264. Cassey, I love how you combine words just to create even more fantastic words that are fun to say! :D Your skills in Illustrator also look amazing. ^.^ It’s all sparkly!!! Sparkly Sweat~ I never thought of it that way. xD The necklace is adorable! Love you~ <3 Get some sleep soon! It's not healthy like in that interview! I don't want you to overwork. T___T

  265. Elizabeth Holtzclaw says:

    Thanks Cassie! Looks fun!

  266. This looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!

  267. Hey Cassey!

    I just love your whole page, the workouts, the recipes, inspirational stories etc. :)
    I want to thank you that you inspirited me the to live the lifestyle I am living right now.

    <3 <3

  268. April Liu says:

    Can’t wait to check out the new video! Wish I had a treadmill to do the Sweat Sexy Routine. I’m sure it’s as hard as the rest… Love you Cassey! Thanks for all the things you do!

  269. I don’t have a treadmill :( Thats okay. I can still work out other ways :)

  270. Cassey I love you! i’ve been watching your videos the past two years, but now i’m starting to follow your calendar finally and i’m so excited! the popster community is absolutely amazing:)

  271. So sad I don’t have a treadmill to use, I wanna do this killer workout so bad :( #popsterpresents

  272. Ooh, this is perfect timing! I have a one-week trial gym membership right now (thinking about joining), so I can definitely do this workout!

  273. I don’t have access to a treadmill but omg I wish I did cos this workout looks awesome! Forever a fan of yours, love you Cassey!

  274. Angellica says:

    The treadmill is like my least favorite workout ever, so I’m glad now Cassey gave a pllan instead of just me running for 40 minutes :)

  275. Thank you so much for everything you do and for helping us reach our goals! I don’t have access to a treadmill, but your videos are always so great to be able to do at home!

  276. Angellica says:

    Hey Cassey, you should make a workout printable like this but for the bike. Biking is one of my favorite hobbies, so it would be cool to have a Blogilates “stamp of approval” for a biking workout! Thanks for reading!

  277. I totally like the Sweat Sexy Treadmill Routine!!! I normally do HIIT style (30second on 8-10speed and 1 min on 3-4 speed) but I like this even better!!! Thanks for creating it, Cassey!!!

  278. Thanks for the printable! If I don’t have a treadmill can a normal warm up followed by sprints suffice? And are hill repeats or sprints better for toning? Thanks!

  279. Jess Powell says:

    Hi Cassey this printable is fab! I’m taking it to the gym with me tomorrow. I’m training for a half marathon so will be great to add to my routine :) xx

  280. This is such a great idea! I think it will really help (at least me :D).

  281. Cassey I love you! I can’t wait to try out this printable when I get my gym membership weeeeeeeeee, thankyou for being motivational and an inspiration to all us POPsters (: you’re workouts have been a major help in my fitness journey, Thankyou! xxxxxxxx

  282. Rhea Choudhury says:

    This workout looks awesome!! Can’t wait to try it :) I’m usually bored pretty quickly on a treadmill but I’ll give this one a go- the constant speed changes might liven things up a little!! The sprint repeats look killer!

  283. The gym at my university is right across the street from my dorm room=no excuses! Treadmill workout here I come! Maybe I’ll even be rewarded for my hard work with this super cute POPster necklace! :)

  284. Would it be possible to make a similar printable for running outside? I don’t have a gym membership or a treadmill at home and get very bored of just running outside for a cardio workout.

  285. Your workouts are the reason I have motivation! You keep things fun and interesting. Normally when I get on the treadmill I get bored but these workouts help keep me focused! Thanks so much :)

  286. Heyyy Cassey :) Just wanted to thank you for what you do. You may not realize it, but your work HAS changed lives and touched the hearts of many around the world!
    Best memory of POP Pilates: first video i ever did was the inner thighs and runners calves video back in 2011 :) I died a little that day, but i kept coming back for more!
    keep on rocking <3 god bless.

  287. These Workouts make me so sad that I don’t have access to a gym :D I’m so sad I’m actually gonna train the tears away with an old-fashioned poppilates WO :D

  288. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow. I usually fail at staying on the treadmill for long because I’m so out of shape but it’s one of my monthly goals. I’m so glad you made this and a cardio filled calendar!

  289. Hi cassey love the necklace – sadly i don’t have a treadmill so i can’t do the workout :( x

  290. This is going to be a huge help in the gym !!!!

  291. im soso SWEATY!!!! #POPSTERPRESENTS

  292. michelle montalban says:

    Cassey! Oh my the Popster necklace is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! Very creative.

  293. I’m excited to try this tomorrow, usually I think the treadmill is boring but I’m willing to give this a try so I can be a Sweaty Sexy Beast lol :P

  294. Anushka W. says:

    Cassey, I can’t even begin to tell you how much of an inspiration and motivation you have been. Thank you so, so much! (: Winning that necklace would be a wonderful showcase of my determination and persistence.

  295. Wow! This workout makes me wish I had a treadmill to try it out on!

  296. Haley Phillips says:

    Blogilates have totally changed the way I live!!! I want to clean, live clean and stay active! Thank you Cassey Ho! #PopsterPresents

  297. Haley Dionne says:

    I am TOTALLY in love with blogilates!! They help me become a better dancer! Thank you! #PopsterPresents

  298. So excited to sweat my butt off at the gym tomorrow with this workout! Also, that necklace is adorable! #POPsterPresents

  299. I have been doing your videos for a while, but I didn’t realize how big of a difference following you on twitter was going to be. Now you’re a constant presence in my life challenging me to do better.

  300. ………………. Oh my god i felt like fainting. This workout is so intense! But i pushed myself. NEVER GIVE UP! YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. :D. Even though this is out of my level.. I guess a little bit everyday would do. ANNND PLUS ALLL THOSEE OTHER 10 WORKOUT VIDEOS FROM CASSEY (:

  301. I loved this workout!! :) I am one sweaty beast!

  302. Kelly Styles says:

    Amazing way to start off the new year! I’m 14 years old and started doing pilates in October via the OMGOctober calendar. Since then, I have lost 15 pounds! Don’t know how! But I did! Been eating healthier, eating less, and working out everyday.

    Realized I was getting chunky when I went from a size 1 to a size 7 in jeans in a month. Like… Wtf. So yea. I am now down to a size 5, and even that is a bit too big!

    I went from 125 lbs to 110.

    Anyway, just wanted to thank you for everything and I am so pumped for the new year! I also got one of my friends hooked on you as well.

    BTW, love the new layout of the blog!

  303. I JUST tried this in the gym. It was very hard, and I got so exhausted, that I kind of relaxed myself on the place you hold your hands, when I had ran for 20 minutes. That ended up with the machine shutting down (I must have accidentally touched a stop button or something) and I was quite embarrassed. After the incident I just jogged with a speed of 4 mph and I’m getting ready to finish it another day :)

  304. Christina says:

    Excited about this treadmill workout! This will be a challenge for me but I am determined to meet my goals this year. I need this Cassie! Thank you for your amazing workouts and keeping my body challenged and my mind engaged, you’re never boring!!!

  305. i wish i had a tredmill or could go to the gym! i use the one in my school

  306. Woot Woot, can’t wait to do this new workout! Thanks for giving us these machine workouts as well as amazing pilates. I’m a cardio junkie so this makes me really excited…there’s nothing like runner’s high!

  307. Crazy about your workouts!!!! Thank You!!!!

  308. Thank you cassey for all your videos and workouts!

  309. I NEVER would have thought I would ever try an intense treadmill workout like that… but I’m going to!!! #jaNEWary has really motivated me!!! THANKS CASSEY!! :)

  310. I love your Homepage, your workouts and i will soon fall in love with your DVD, which i already ordered :D

    Thank you for being here ^^

  311. You always get me so motivated to work out again. I love your workouts and how they make me feel!

  312. The necklace is soooo cute! I love it. If it weren’t for your videos, I would hardly ever work out at all. :)

  313. My body is sore but I am not going to give up!!! Today cardio crazy and tomorrow Sweat Sexy Treadmill workout….OH YEAH FEEL THE BURN!!! I love the necklace and I hope to win one. Thank You Cassey =]

  314. Hi Cassey!! Love you! I’m thinking about starting my own fitness tumblr to keep me motivated; what do you think? Oh, and I LOVE the necklace!

  315. That treadmill workout looks INSANE! Can’t wait to try it and sweat like crazy! :D

  316. thank god i dont own a treadmill or a gym membership, so i will feel obligated to do this crazy treadmill workout and pass out in the middle of it and face plant on the belt. ;)

  317. Christina says:

    Yay! I so look forward to your new posts.. I still have quite a bit of weight to lose and I think I speak for many when I say how grateful I was to find you in 2012. You do such amazing things for other people :) thank you!

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    Lots of love, from a girl stuck in winter cold Sweden , to you Cassey!

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    xoxo Natalie

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    Btw…The necklace is super cute. Unique and just for POPsters! Well done.

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    Love you so much, and love my new body since I found your videos !
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    Anyways I love your workouts and recipes and I am dying with the new workout calendar for January but it’s ok cuz I need to stay commited(is that the word? idk :)) I love you soo much Cassie, you are my personal trainer :D

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  350. Cassey, you are truly amazing! Just hearing your voice makes me feel happy! Keep on rocking and thank you for all your workouts and amazing tips about healthy lifestyle. Greetings from Slovenia! Tina

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    this is totally awesome! my friend Alexa showed me your Popilates and i love them! your routines will help me with my new years resolution to get that awesome in shape body i have always wanted :)

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  360. Hi Cassey. Will you please disregard my previous comment, because I put my email address in the name field by mistake, and I don’t want my email address published. I’m sorry I screwed this up. That said…feel free to approve this one.

    Pretty colors on the printable, and cute necklace. :)

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    LOVE IT! :)

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    (I'm sorry for the bad english, i'm not that good)

  385. Angellica says:

    This work out looks super hard!!! Guess we gotta get these legs in shape for short-shorts season!!

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  388. Nice, Cassey! You’re such an Inspiration to me! I love working out with you on your videoes. The most fun way to work out, and I get even more motivated when you talk in the videoes! Keep having a nice day! I love you! <3

    (Sorry for bad english, i'm not that good)

  389. Angellica says:

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    This is such a beautiful necklace, I’d love to win it !

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  397. Cassey, my whole life I was an athlete. I’ve played soccer since i was three (three teams a season, all year long), dances since I was two (many many times a week), sailed in the summer, wrestled in the winter, and played softball in the summer. Now I came to college and am working toward getting my PhD in psychology and it is a totally different story. I no longer play sports and it kind of upsets me. I am involved in our theatre group so I do get that form of dance activity but it’s just not the same as doing sprints and suicides for fun. Thank you for giving that part of my life back to me. This treadmill workout is incredible. Thank you.

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    I am so excited to try this! I love the other treadmill workouts you have done, they’re insane but so amazing! I am so glad my apartment has a gym :)

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  402. Hey Cassey! I love your videos! Every single one of them :)
    but i don’t have access to a treadmill…what would you suggest to adjust this routine to an exercise bike? :)
    Love the shirt and necklace, thanks for doing these giveaways :)
    Love from Germany,
    Teresa :)

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    OMG I WISH I COULD WIN THE GIVEAWAY EVERY SINGLE DAY THEN I’D HAVE A CLOSET OF BLOGILATES APPAREL! *SQUEALS* I love love love your videos and I’m determined to work with commitment this month/year. Thanks for everything Cassey!

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    Love you Cassey

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    And that necklace is super cute, I want it!

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  410. Hi Cassey! I have recently discovered your blog & it’s awesome! I plan on starting the JaNEWary plan soon but I need a jump start. I am a student and making time in my schedule is very hard but I have to do it somehow! Thanks for all the workouts and tips you give, they help a bunch(:

  411. I’m starting school on Monday and can’t wait to try this out at the gym!!

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    This is such a cute necklace! Every POPster should have one :-)
    Unfortunately, I cannot do the printable because I don’t go to a gym, so no access to a treadmill. But one commitment (not “resolution” ;-) ) for 2013 is to go for a run once a week. So that will do too!

  416. Love your suggestions. This is a good one, never quite sure how to hit the treadmill right! I’m doing the Janewary challenge but I don’t quite understand what are the 20/20 workouts? where can I find them? had a problem finding the bikini body videos too. maybe i’m searching under the wrong thing?

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  426. Ca

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  429. Treadmills scare me! I fell off one once. And what is with all the people at the gym who hog them?? That’s why I love your site, cuz I can always sub your cardio for treadmill. Or I just go for a run outside!

  430. Hey Cassey! I’m loving yor workouts and am doin the calendar workouts starting this month! I found some of your videos in December while trying to find a good program for strengthening my core. I work as a full time farrier and use my body all day long! I need to keep it strong; plus, I love how you make me feel like a beauty when I’m working out. I’ve been recommending you to a lot of friends too! I’d love to win the necklace! Go popsters!

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    So excited about the treadmill workout! I’ve wanted one for a long time and a friend recently given me their gently used Pro-Form!! I’m thrilled to have it since it makes going on a walk or run easy with small kids ;D

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    oh yes! i’m from malaysia, so it’s already friday here! i missed out on yesterday’s new video because it came out earlier today. it looks like i will have to make some modifications on my own. thanks for everything! i’m going to lie in my sweat now

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  443. Yay I’m finally getting on track with working out; this is the first time I’ve actually stuck with strictly following the calender, actually DOING it, & I can’t believe how amazing all of it can make you feel. Starts to change your mindset! If it weren’t’ for the calenders you make and you motivating all of us, I doubt I’d be hitting it hard everyday, I would’ve given up by now! Thanks for everything Cassey. #Popsterpresents #JaNEWary

  444. Terri Harvey says:

    I would love to do this work out but my knees are awful. So I do the elliptical for 40 minutes at level 10. Going to work on raising the levels one week at a time.

  445. Ohhh! Excited to adjust this routine for an outdoor workout!! Thanks Cassey!

  446. I’m super excited to be back at university and at the gym to try this! :)
    Thank you for taking the time to create all these workouts, you are amazing! #POPsterPresents

  447. I lost 5kg with your workouts, they’re the best!! Love u so much Cassey!! XoXo

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    I’m super-duper excited for the new workout ! I think that after all the YOLO foods we enjoyed during the holidays we certainly needed more cardio, HIIT workouts, pilates or any other activities to BURN more calories !

  450. Aww I love the necklase! :) It’s too slippery outside to go running, and I don’t have a treadmill, so I really miss my longs runs, but your cardio videos are really fun to do, and I’m very sore after doing them!

  451. Yup, definitely going to try this Treadmill workout. Looks like a challenge but I’ll push through. It looks like it’ll be a hard to step back on the machine at a speed of 10 already….but I’ll find some way to do this. Actually I think instead of stepping off completely and resting(that’s circuit training) I’ll make it harder for myself by slowing down the speed for 1 minute and then speeding up(interval training) . That way I won’t need to get off and get back on and it’ll burn more calories.

    I’m going to print this sheet–thank you Cassey!!

  452. The treadmill can be such a boring way to do cardio, I love how you make it interesting with these treadmill workouts!! Thanks for all of your hard work, we all appreciate it!

  453. Thank you! I needed something to motivate me to use the treadmill, otherwise I just go on until I get bored (which is very quickly!)

  454. I’m slowly starting to get into regular exercise and can’t handle doing the 6-day a week thang~ but I’m aiming for at least 2 days a week and I’m already sooooo sore! Thank you so much, Cassey! :)

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  456. Sarah Murphy says:

    The older ladies at the gym this morning couldn’t get over how hard I was training this morning doing this! Thanks for the inspiration to be the very best me I can be! Your workout routines really help me stay motivated!

  457. Can’t wait to try this on Saturday! Love that you’ve added more HIIT workouts. They are both intense and rewarding. Thank you!

  458. Lauren Collens says:

    I have always struggled to find the best way to use my time on the treadmill and this printable should completely fix that! So excited to print it out (in color!) and get back on a better workout routine! :)

  459. Love you, Cassey and I can’t wait to start the new year with you! I just printed my jaNEWary calendar!! I’d love to win the necklace and I cannot wait to try the treadmill workout :D

  460. Cassey I’m so excited that you are putting this new treadmill workout here for all of us! I love running on a treadmill, so I’m totally stoked!!! :)

  461. Christina says:

    I have to admit I don’t stick to your running workouts but just go running for like 8 km (too lazy to convert that in miles know) which takes me about 50 min (average 9 km/h)… I am soo lazy and sometimes I just enjoy a “boring steady” run :D

  462. great! thanks for the instruction Cassey!! And the necklace is soo cute!! xx


  464. Kristyn C says:

    I usually dread the treadmill (I even call it the dreadmill) because it is so boring compared to running outside but I think this workout will actually kick my butt and dread the treadmill for other reasons rather than boredom! Thanks Cassey!

  465. Somaya Mahmud says:

    Hey Cassey. PLEASE could I win the necklace? It’s so pretty!

  466. Hi Cassey! I have been doing workouts from the videos you have uploaded and I’m starting to see results. They are extremely effective and burns my fats and tones my muscles so well. I am now so much more motivated to eat clean while giving myself a less healthy treat every Sunday. You are an inspiration to me! :) I think it’s fantastic how encouraging you are throughout your videos to keep your viewers going and not give up! <3

  467. Yeah!!! I love these HIIT treadmill workouts!!

  468. awww that treadmill workout graphic is soooo adorable!!!

  469. I love the idea of daily giveaways cuz we get to hear from you everyday ;).
    January is my birthday month too!! birthdate was jan 3rd :D!! Hurray to Jan babies!!

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  471. Love the title of the workout! I’ve never done a treadmill workout with inclines, so this can be my first!

  472. Wow, Cassey. I can’t believe how much you transformed me. I’m not blessed of living in La La Land like you to enter in one of your classes, but I’m lucky enough to have Internet connection to work out with you online. Good luck to you, browsing through 100+ comments on this blog post to find the lucky one!

  473. Great workout! By great, I mean I won’t be able to walk tomorrow ;) Thanks, Cassey!

  474. Cassey I’m in love with the JaNEWary calendar! So excited for this month now! :)

  475. This month is so exciting. It is my birth month as well and so far I’ve lost around seven pounds from your workout calendar. Its tough but I know I’ll pull through and result in the body I’ve always wanted! Thank you, you deserve the world!

  476. I LOVE. your treadmill workouts! I havebbeen doing the shredmill one at least once a week and it’s doing wonders for my deriere, so thank you!

  477. Lots of snow on the ground so it’s the perfect day to hit up the treadmill in the mommy workout room at the gym!

  478. Hey Cassey! Thanks for this routine, how many times a week should I do this? Could I do this in between POP Pilates? <3

  479. I love all your workouts, and all the great and different ideas you have!! Thank you for inspiring me each day of my life!! I loveeeee the necklace!!
    Have a great day Cassey!

  480. hey cassey, boy did i hit the jackpot when i found you :D you’re such an inspiration and because of your abs i try to be the healthiest i can be and train insane to get them :) xoxo

  481. That Treadmill routine looks really usefull but here is one problem, I havent got a treadmill:-( so maybe next time:-) but instead of it I have my Bicycle trainer which I am in love!!!:-))) Anyway the necklace is so cute! I need one:-D #POPsterPresents

  482. Alexandra says:

    Cutest necklace! Sweet and sexy :)

  483. Gayatri Sabne says:

    Hey Cassey :) thanks so much for the treadmill workout!
    PS: the first pop pilates workout i ever did was in 2010 and it was the “Slimmer Inner Thighs and Runners Calves”…. You had me hooked! and look where we are now!

  484. The necklace is super adorable. Sadly I don’t have a gym membership, but it’s so much fun to do your videos at home! :)

  485. Love the necklace and everything you do!!! Thanks

  486. I’m so excited to try this!! :)

  487. I would love to win this necklace!! I think it’s awesome that you are paying it forward this month when you already do so much for the pop pilates community. Your workouts are awesome, I already had a strict fitness routine & didn’t think I could do much better. Then I found you on youtube and your workout calendars have pushed my mind & body farther than I ever thought they could go! Thanks for all you do!

  488. I can’t wait to try this workout. :D CARDIO, IM COMING FOR YOU!

  489. Such a cute necklace :) Whoever wins it would be so lucky! Its like the perfect thing to remind you to workout and keep healthy :D

  490. That really is a cool necklace.

  491. I looooove all your workouts and you!
    You are the most positive person I know!!
    I would love to wim this necklace!!

  492. Chienyen Yang says:

    I can’t even run speed 6 on the treadmill, this gonna be hard for me… BUT: FIGHTING. =/

    On the upside, <3 the necklace

  493. The video was amazing! And your treadmill workout has actually inspired me to try the treadmill when I next go to the gym, I’m so bad at it I normally just stick to the cross-trainer and the weights. So thanks for that! :)

  494. Definitly gonna do this workout soon!

  495. I can’t wait for tomorrow to come for doing the new treadmill program :) Lovely necklace! You are the best Cassy! Kisses from Sardinia! <3

  496. Thanks for the workout! I never know what to do on treadmills except run as fast as I can until I get tired! :P This should help a lot!

  497. Ariane Lavoie says:

    omg yay, what a cute necklace and i love the tank so much, thanks Cassey for being such a fitness inspiration!!

  498. thanks for all the giveaways cassey!

  499. Emilie Hedehus says:

    Cassey, your Cardio Crazy days are so hard! But I really really love it! ;)
    You have helped me SOOO much, I cant belive it! <3
    You are actually my hero!

  500. What a cute necklace! I love it! You are so creative, I love that your giving away your creations everyday, I think it makes participating so much more fun and exciting!!

  501. I Love this new calendar. Can’t wait for more cardio on Saturday !

  502. omg! I’m so excited! :) btw. i love you:)

  503. Mackenzie says:

    Love the tredmill workouts <3

  504. Christina says:

    I cant wait to use this when I workout at my universities gym! time will be well spent at the gym when Im doing this :D

  505. Naomi Chavez says:

    Yeah!!! So excited!

  506. This workout looks great! Can’t wait to try it!

  507. I’m excited to try the new treadmill workout, thanks Cassey!

  508. Gorgeous necklace :D have sent a link to my friend and she’s about to buy one. I am so recommending you to my friends, you’re such an inspiration to me that i think more people should know about you. Thank you for kicking my butt this new year!

    P.s. love the new HIITILATES!

  509. Hey Cassey, me and my sister love your workouts, we are from Chile and we are training with bikini blaster videos because here summer is coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for all of you energy every day!!
    Sol & Pati

  510. so excited.

  511. Cassey, I may be overweight, but this BIG girl kills it when it comes to your videos. I know I’m going to reach my goals because of it. Thank you!

  512. Love you Cassey, you’re amazing!

  513. aimee lecointre says:

    Necklace is adorbs! Can’t wait to try this treadmill routine, I was looking to spice up my treadmill sesh and this is perfect! Thanks for all you do in putting together all your websites (blog, youtube, etc) and workouts together!#POPsterPresents

  514. Hey cassey! This necklace is so cute! I really want to win it! (: It would be the perfect birthday gift for me because my bday is on JAN, 11(:

  515. Damn..it is winter in Lithuania.:/ i will try to do it anyway! Train insane or remain the same. Right Cassey?

    THE POSTS AND VIDS FOR US! Love the necklace! You are so talented Cassey! Can’t wait to try the HIITILATES and the treadmill workout!

  517. I never know what kind of settings my treadmill should be on when I use it. This is awesome! Thanks Cassie!

  518. Can’t wait to try this on Saturday!!!

  519. AlterKATEtion says:

    Hey Cassey,
    I found your website yesterday and decided to join the jaNEWary challenge! I play roller derby which is a great workout in itself, but was looking for something to do some cross-training. Your workouts are perfect! Thanks so much!

  520. Yay for new cardio!! Thanks Cassey for being the best!!!

  521. Yay!!! I did yesterday’s work out and man my body is so sore. My goal is to stick with your awesome work out plans! Time to lose that baby weight :) my child makes it even more challeneging by climing all over me. <3 it

  522. hi cassey!! you are such a great role model <3 really look up to you :) love all the way frm Malaysia! xx

  523. Ohh Treadmill Workout, will try that today :) The necklace looks gorgeous!

  524. Sabrina Bilsborough says:

    Can’t wait to do this at the gym and sweat like crazy. the necklace is so pretty and your such an inspiration to me.

  525. Lovesss itttt!!!

  526. That necklace is so cute!! Thanks for the #JaNEWary calendar – loving it so far! #POPsterPresents

  527. I love the JaNEWary workout calendar! Thank you so much Cassey! #POPsterPresents

  528. Julia Douglas says:

    Yes!! I was wanting a new treadmill workout!! I’m going to do it today! Thank you!

  529. Hello! I’m fourteen and I want to start ballet and your workouts totally helped to prepare for the ballet classes! You’re a big inspiration to me and such a good role-model! I wish you the best of luck xxx :)

  530. Cassey, you are such an inspiration to me; I am planning on writing you a letter soon, I promise! Hopefully it’ll get to you in time for your birthday :) Thanks for posting this!! Hopefully I’ll be getting back into running after I graduate soon; it’s hard enough doing Pilates and Yoga everyday with school!

  531. I am working a 12 hour shift today and when I get off I am totally doing this tredmill workout! When I am stuck going to the gym to do a run I get bored of the tredmill, so I love doing these exercises to make the miles fly by! Can’t wait until I get off! <3 you popsters!

  532. It’s only been a few days, but I’m already so happy to be a POPster and I feel so much happier and better about my body. I <3 Pilates!

  533. It’s only been a few days, but I’m already so happy to be a POPster and I feel so much happier and better about my body. I <3 Pilates!

  534. I wish I had a treadmill at home… I’ll take this with me the next time I head to the gym though :)

  535. That necklace is so cute! I want to save up for a treadmill this year, I love running but I’m apprehensive about running outside :( must persevere though, I’m running race for life again in July! Thanks Cassey! Emma

  536. Awesome so excited to try this tomarrow! :DDD thank you cassey for being sooo motivating and keeping it fun!

  537. Sarah Dawn says:

    OMGoodness! After last night’s workout, I literally crawled into bed (like, from our rec room to the bedroom…my husband wouldn’t stop laughing, and the dog kept shoving his toys in my face). I can’t wait to try this one! This series is just what I needed to switch things up/get re-motivated!

  538. I am so going to try this workout, except our treadmill doesn’t incline that high so I’m gonna have to work with what i got but yea, i love all your workouts and i do them in the morning so they really get my day started right and then i feel good for the rest of the day (well sometimes sore but that just means that i worked lol) just gonna keep getting stronger!!! you are awesome!!!

  539. Totes loving all these amazing workouts. I can taste fitness in 2013 and it’s delish!

  540. This necklace is so cute! Plus it’s great carrying a reminder of your goals with you. Great to keep you on track and it’s beautiful…bonus :-)

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  543. Thanks for keeping me inspired to be fit! Have any workout plans for the euliptical? (sp?)

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  545. Super cute necklace

  546. I wish I had access to a treadmill :( I intend on doing a little more cardio (hint hint the new hiit video) to make up for it.

  547. Oh, I love that necklace! It’s beautiful, and you can show it off :) Proof that you’re a true POPster! <3 Love!

  548. Cassey you’re amazing!! I love that necklace!

  549. Hey Casey!
    I just love your workouts! Every time I feel like giving up you say, “oh no! You don’t drop that Butt! You’re almost there! Keep going!” And then I somehow manage to do the rest of the video. Thank you for making workouts much more fun!
    Lots of love from Emma

  550. Karissa M says:

    I can’t wait to do this workout! Intervals are always killer, and they make me go harder since I know I have that little break to recover. Thanks for all the work you put into creating these workouts for us! I know it makes it so much easier for the POPster community to commit to fit. :)

  551. I will definitely pin this on my fit and fab board. I don’t have a treadmill and don’t go to the gym. I’m a busy mom and work full time so I manage to “train insane” at home. My goal someday is to buy a treadmill and have my own workout space. This is why I love your videos, workout in the comfort of your own home. Thank you again for your hard work you dedicate to this community. Looking forward to receiving my POP Pilates DVD in the mail.

    P.S. just wondering if there is other mommies in this community?

  552. Can’t wait to try this out this Sunday!! getting all pumped up!!

  553. Woohoo I’m so excited to do this! I always love the weird looks I get when walking/running on the treadmill with a piece of colourful paper in front of me :D Thank you for sharing all this awesome workouts with us! :)

  554. Karoliina says:

    Just started today with the #jaNEWary calendar and actually did pilates second time in my life. It’s much harder than it looks.
    I was capable to do only 3 videos. I’m really waiting for the results and as I have a back condition, I hope the pilates will help me to reduce the pain.

    Thank you Cassey for those videos. Got back my motivation to exercise again.

  555. OMG….love love love the necklace!!! And that treadmill workout looks killer!!!!! LOVE IT

  556. I love everything that you do! I’m sure that creating all these calendars and give-aways are a lot of work and you do it for us, which is a thing that I respect so much. Because of you, I exercise way more often, I eat healthier and my life is simply better. I feel more alive, because of you. Thank you <3

  557. HEY POPSTER QUEEN!! I REALLLYLYLYLL LIKE THE NECKLACE!!! haha, it’s soooooo nice of you to be doing this gift month thang! I want to do it too, it’s a gr8 idea since your birthday is normally all about one person, and it takes an awesome person to give back such as yourself!!!!! U RAWK

  558. Love the necklace, would love to have a little bit of the popster community with me at all times for motivation :)

  559. I want to join the gym just for these treadmill workouts… It’s just so expensive here :( Someday I will and luckily you have amazing HIIT and cardio workouts to do at home too :) Thank you Cassey!

  560. I cannot wait to try this workout!! I just love the treadmill, especially when I feel like running and it’s cold or rainy outside. Thanks Cassey…you’re amazing!

  561. Your blog is great and the workouts are amazing, I love doing them! I’m definiterly going to do the new treadmill routine the next time I go to the gym and I’d be super excited if I would win a tank so I can look good workking out too :)

  562. Your so sweet to giveaway present on your birthday month Cassey, Love u! Xx

  563. I have never loved running. I also have normally preferred the gym to outside (weird, right?). I enjoy intervals more than endless jogging (run and walk), but I cannot consistently keep up a running/jogging routine. I get bored and give up. So the backbone of my workouts are HIIT (and I do a different one every day to keep things spicy!), pilates, and yoga which is why I’m SO excited for your HIIT pilates fushion. And also why I will shelve the jogging until I can enjoy it at least a little which is to say spring or summer when it’s not 30 degrees outside. Thanks for all your work! Love the site, and I look forward to seeing more. Your pilates videos are killer!

  564. Loving the necklace! Loving the pounds I’m already shedding this week even more :) About to do the cardio workout for the day. Thanks so much! #POPsterPresents

  565. Alyssa Fracalossi says:

    Cute necklace! Thanjs for being so inspiring :) had your banana pancakes for breakfast, topped thwm with a mixture of greek yogurt, cinnamon, and vanilla whey protein powder. Amaze!

  566. I really like this workout, you are amazing and really nice. You always keep me motivated to go on forward and you have really helped me get fit. Thank you so much :))

  567. Wow Cassey you’re so dedicated, always managing to blog twice a day and still have time to film and edit and post your video!

  568. Hey Casey!
    Today’s workout was hard!! As a bonus I had to fight a big spider which wanted to join in my Pilates kickboxing awesome workout!!
    Tonight I will do the new video! Although I am not sure if I can move by then!!!

    #POPsterPresents whohoo! Thanks for the opportunities!

  569. Your blog is great and your workouts are amazing, I love doing them! I’m gonna try the new treadmill routine the next time I go to the gym and I would be so excited if I would win a tank so I can look good working out :)

  570. The incline on my treadmill is broken. Pretty sure the whole thing is about ready to die :( Good thing my brother’s is only 2 blocks away!

  571. Can’t wait to try this one! Thank you so much Cassey for keeping our workouts interesting :) Also your clothes, mats, & jewelry are totes fab ;) #POPsterpresents.

  572. KylieGrace says:

    Love the necklace and the new workout! definitely doing this sometime!!!!!!!! Thanks for your crazy time and effort keeping us in shape :) I think we all know how much time you put into blogilates workouts. I am so grateful for everything you do!!! THANKS CASSEY. LUV YOU!!

  573. Megan Conner says:

    Your workouts are always a killer, but so effective! I love the necklace too! So simple and dainty. :)

  574. Emily Vokey says:

    Excellent treadmill workout. I can’t wait to get over to my moms place later to use her treadmill. Ahh, I need a gym pass so I can go whenever I want to work out. Thank you for all your excellent ideas and suggestions for what we should do to get fit!!! :)

  575. Thanks for having such a huge giveaway! You are awesome! ❤ Can’t wait to beat my ED and start with PopPilates again! I have missed it so much!! Pilates was the only training I did without thinking about how many cals I burned! ❤

  576. I love the necklace! It is so pretty:-) I’d love to win.

  577. the workout looks awesome, too bad i can’t do it u.u

  578. Excellent treadmill workout sequence and BEAUTIFUL necklace!

  579. Awesome Treadmill workout!! I wish I had a treadmill!!! Nevertheless, I will print it for my husband. He has the chance to hit the fitness center everyday after work!!! I can’t cause I stay home and take care of my 2 year old daughter but I do and workout 5-6 days a week thanks to Blogilates!!! you are awesome Cassie. I enjoyed the December calendar and now I just started the JaNEWary one!!!! I am so excited!!! Love it!!! Thank you so much Cassie for what you do. You are the joy of so many Popsters out here!!! xxx

  580. That necklace is so cute! Plus it’s always good carrying a reminder of your goals with you. Helps to keep you on track.

  581. OMG Cassey, you’ve got super idea, i’ve just finished my JaNEWary friday’s workouts and you KILL me, but i love that <3 This afternoon i'm going to do your pancakes and your cookies for a snack with friends, so excited !!! ^_^
    Manon xxx

  582. ShanghaiJules says:


    As I’m going to LA to see my boyfriend next month (I’m a Belgian girl living in Shanghai and he’s a Chinese guy living in LA, world upside down:)), I need to be super tight to show my sexy body on the beach!! Haha. Your routines and food suggestions are such a big help for me, they are fun, very motivating and different every time. It keeps me going and helps me to KILL it everyday!

    Thank you so much.

    Love, Julie from Shanghai.

  583. Cassey, I’m so excited about this giveaway calendar, I wish so badly that I’d win, especially when the things on the calendar are so awesome! I mean, who wouldn’t wan’t a POPster necklace?! :)

  584. Hi Cassey! Just wanted to send you lots of love from Argentina, yeah! you have followers here! ;)
    Thanks for all the dedication you put on make everyone healthier and happier, you are a fantastic person!
    A huuuuuge huuug!!! :*

  585. This look pretty hard…but I’ll try. ^^
    Thank you Cassey!

  586. Thanks for everything! (: Can you please make an amazing interval running thing? I don’t have a treadmill booo hahaha. love ya! x

  587. Kelly Zdrowak says:

    Honestly Cassey, your workouts are what keeps me going and upbeat every day. I am going through a really tough breakup, and sometimes it’s easy to feel down about yourself and not want to make each day worth it. Being able to follow the JaNEWary calendar, and see your bubbly personality has made this whole journey soooo much easier to deal with. Thank you so much!! :) never stop rocking the world

  588. This looks so much fun! Unfortunately i don’t have a treadmill, so I am so eager for your ellyptical workout coming soon, I saw it on the calendar and got so excited! I LOVE GETTING SWEATY!

  589. #popsterpresents omg there have been so many new videos YAY!

  590. It’s also my birthday in January! The 29th and I’ll be turning 15! I’ve been sweating out your workouts in the Australian summer heat lately, can wait ’til it gets cooler here.

  591. I loved the hiitilates video. Such a crazy workout! I love how your videos always seem to incorporate every target area I have. It helps me get the most out of a workout! I have never done the sweat sexy treadmill workout before because I don’t have a treadmill, but I’m going to get a gym membership soon, so I’ll try it then. I’m not sure how I’m gonna incorporate going to the gym and doing the #janewary calendar though.
    Yay #POPsterPresents!

  592. This looks insane! Can’t wait to try it tomorrow :)

  593. I never know what to do to utilize my time on the treadmill (I mean, besides just keep walking and don’t fall off). This is awesome!! Never thought I would look forward to a workout. You rock!

  594. Heading to the gym now to do this workout!! Thank you for motivating me!

  595. Ivori Rose says:

    #POPsterPresents I love the many carido options for Saturday on the #JaNEWary calendar ! I also really enjoy the quickie morning workouts ; wall sit, jumping jacks, ETC.

  596. Oh my goodness Cassie! This si going to be absolutely killer! I’m so glad I started your routines, my friend told me about you and voila; much more energy throughout the day and even my family has noticed a change in attitude. I’m hoping I can continue to stick with it! Thank you for doing this, thank you so much. It’s going to be a long journey to being fit, but I know with you on my screen I’ll get there! Keep doing what you do Cassie!

  597. Oh god I’ve been to the gym twice in the new year and the treadmill has been so hard! Luckily I had my boyfriend’s support and it’s good to see that intervals kill him as well haha! Going to try this tonight…scared!

  598. Stephanie says:

    Yay! Between your new workouts and having just watched the doc “Hungry for Change” I am so excited for clean eating and exercise this year!

  599. Thankyou so much for being such a dedicated and fun instructor! I love watching your videos :)

  600. What a cute necklace!!

    Very excited for the Sweat Sexy workout. Love being able to switch it up on the treadmill!

  601. aimee connolly says:

    Going to do this after the hiitilates video!! i’m a little scared!

  602. love the necklace! very cute :3

    however, for the treadmill workout, I have a question. I do have a treadmill but… it doesn’t have an incline option. (it’s old.) Is there something I could do instead? thanks :)

  603. OMG! That looks like a killer! I was just thinking today on my run that I need to get a watch so I can do intervals outside…looks like I will have to for tomorrow! I’m nervous, but hey, train insane or remain the same right?! xoxo

  604. #POPsterPresents I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of running… But I’m getting better, all thanks to you, Cassey :D
    The necklace give-away is really cute, I’m really going to love this month with all the amazing presents that you are giving away!
    And the workout calender is great, all this cardio will be good after the holidays. Besides, it’s winter, and it’s getting really cold and gloomy where I am, and that has an effect on what I eat (comfort food anyone?), so I can definitely use the extra fat burning workouts.

    I hope you don’t read this for a little while yet, and are actually asleep right now :) Relax a little, don’t stress too much, you do soooo much for us and I hope you know how much we appreciate it all. I can honestly say I don’t know what I would do without you, you motivate me so much, and thanks to you, working out is fun and relaxing, and not the chore it used to be.

  605. Cutest necklace ever :-D

  606. Charmonet says:

    Dear Cassey

    Thanks for all the printables.. Don’t really have access to the gym and neither Internet access.. Except on my phone.. All your workouts really get me motivated, at first I wanted to get super skinny, but I soon realized it’s about fitness and health, not getting skinnier.. Your blog keeps me motivated and feeling great about myself.. Keep up the good work


  607. It would be nice if I had a treadmill, because there is frozen cold outside. But I won’t let it stop me, thanks to you Cassey. You are so inspirational and your workout calendars really help me keep on moving. You are good example for all of us :)

  608. So my boyfriend broke his arm and in an attempt to keep in shape I convinced him to try Pop Pilates with me. He now admits that it is a lot harder than he thought (as he lies half dead on the floor)! Thanks for the Sweat Sexy Treadmill workout, can’t wait to try it out at the gym tomorrow. Train insane or remain the same.

  609. Casey! I am sooo sore from all the tricep videos! But i love it! Following the calendar is a great way to get fit in the new year! I am seriously going to be sooo toned!

  610. I guess i will have to go outside XD

  611. This is great, I have been trying to incorporate the treadmill in my work out. I do have one question, please. What is the top speed and inline on the treadmill this was designed on? I ask because my home treadmill has a max incline of 10% and speed of 10, so I was hoping to adjust it accordingly. Many thanks.

  612. yasmin abdou says:

    i love how your workouts are very challenging and i can never finish them but its just a motive to do them again and again and see myself getting stronger every time! :)

  613. Treadmil workout plan – yay!!!! Will try it once I get access to treadmill :) Or maybe I should do it on outdoor track ;)? Great plan anyway :)!

  614. Wow, this is actually perfect! I’ve been meaning to get on the treadmill in our basement and do some running but I didn’t have a plan. Definitely doing this tomorrow! Thank you!

  615. wish I had a treadmill so i wouldnt have to go outside!

  616. Omg the necklace is sooo cute :)

  617. Definitely doing this next time I hit the gym!

  618. Margaret Hoar says:

    Wish I had access to a treadmill. :(

  619. Jacki Sanders says:

    Thanks so much for the printables! This makes sticking with a routine a whole lot easier! Your videos really do work! Last year, with your help, I lost a little over 20lbs! This year I’m hoping to lose a little more and it’s all because of you! I never thought I’d be able to do but you are a huge motivator and all your workouts are just plain FUN!

    Thanks Cassey!

  620. Cassey this calendar and giveaway combo is a great idea! Very smart. I’m so excited!

  621. CrazyPopster says:

    That necklace is so cute! :) + the workout looks cray cray!!! Can’t wait to get started haha !

  622. YAY I LOE TREADMILL WORKOUTS!! #PopsterPrizes

  623. I love this! Treadmill routines are the best! You are such an inspiration Cassey! (:

  624. Gabrielle says:

    Maybe I should finally make my way to the gym to tackle this! Hee hee

  625. Maria Godoy says:

    Cassey your videos are incredible. Thank you so much for keeping me motivated :’) Enserio sos la mejor, that means “Seriously you are the best” in spanish haha adios.

  626. This looks awesome Cassey! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow. :)

  627. Cassey,
    Thanks for putting so much effort into your blog posts and videos! It helps me stay motivated everyday to train harder and get healthier. You’re truly an inspiration, love you!!!

  628. Just about to do today’s workout! Bring it <3

  629. this looks intense! deff trying it tomorrow!

  630. I am so glad you posted this! I have been trying to switch up my treadmill routine lately, since it’s SO easy to get board!!! Definitely doing this today! :)

    Thanks Cassey! <3

  631. Cher Lynn says:

    Hey, I just started trying out your videos, since I’m too busy for a regular gym membership and I LOVE them!! You’re my inspiration!! <3

  632. Looks intense! I can’t wait to try it!

  633. No treadmill, no excuse, I’ll go for a interval run ! :)

  634. LittleKiwi says:

    Hi Cassey!
    Love your work hun <3 You're so motivating and inspiring! I love that you are a genuinely wonderful person who wants to help us out. I appreciate all the work out routines and videos. I really enjoy watching you're vlogs as well because you're always so excited!
    Loads of love all the way from New Zealand!


  635. hey Cassie!! Just wanna quickly say that you have helped and inspired me so much in life. not just physically but mentally as well. You always appear to have a positive attitude and always put us popsters before your own personal needs. I’ve only recently discovered your channel and blog a couple months ago but it has been the best couple months of my life. Hearing how you got started is so motivating and makes me want to chase after my own goals. Thank you for always have the interaction with us and pushing us through those burpees and other intense workouts :). You have also helped me with personal things and given me a different outlook. So once again thank you so much! You’re amazing! never stop doing what you do best! ever!

  636. Can’t wait for more of your workouts! I wish I had you as a pilates teacher

  637. This is the FIRST thing I’m gonna do when my shin splints heal!! I LOVED your TREADMILL SHREDMILL workout! I never though I could do it! but I did! by the 5th set I was dying, but I pushed through and finished it! I’ve never been so proud of myself! Shin splints heal already! Never thought I’d get excited over a workout before! ERMERGERD! Someone hold me down!

  638. I so <3 your videos!! And the recipes the banana cookies are my favorite!

  639. Wasn’t sure if I should go to the gym today, but now I’ll def go and do this on the treadmill!! :)

  640. The gym I go to doesn’t have a treadmill :( but I am so doing the new wall workout later! Seems like so much fun!!!!
    And this necklace is so cute!
    Thank you doing so much for us! You motivate me so much!

  641. I wish my treadmill wasn’t so ancient, so I would be able to do this! :(

  642. Jordan TinHan says:

    As much as I dislike running I actually am going to try this as apart of my New Years commitment. Thanks for all the hard work you put into all of this!

  643. Your workouts tire me out so much but they’re so worth it.
    You are an inspiration.

  644. I just saw on twitter that I should comment on your post. Good thing because you just reminded me I need to work out today -___- I love you but gosh you kick my butt.

  645. That necklace is so cute! Can’t wait for the HIITilates video!

  646. I’d love to have that necklace!

  647. Can’t wait to bust this out on the treadmill today! Beats running in 9 degree weather outside #getafterit #sweat

  648. MsSpringbunny says:

    It’s so awesome that you do all these programmes, printables and everything! it’s just so awesome. Thanks a lot for all your hard work! :D

  649. pavica valter says:

    This workouts rocks!! I love you Cassey you are perfect to me & such an inspiration! And that necklace is adorable awww it’s a dream come true winning it! :DD Love you!

  650. Margaret Hoar says:

    Wish I had access to a treadmill. :((

  651. Yes! Once again another great way to switch up my workout :] Love all the variety you post in order to keep up improving instead of hitting a plateau. Thank you!!

  652. Omg that necklace is so cute :)

  653. Oh that necklace is adorable…and the workout crazy, haha.

  654. All the workouts are great. The treadmill workout looks like I can adapt it to a bike workout. Started on the first and I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  655. Nagore GE says:

    About to kill it with today’s routine!Thanks for making me feel motivated! (you’re the first person that has ever been ablo to keep me motivated haha)

  656. I am so sore from yesterday, but I’m ready to start on today’s workouts! Most painful 20 jumping jacks ever this morning, by the way. ;)

  657. teilzeitDAU says:

    ooh long time since i last did a sprint interval workout (i preferred hill workouts lately). so that’s a nice challenge!

    i love how you cut up the 45-min time span into several shorter sections. that way i never feel overwhelmed by the duration of the whole workout. i just keep focusing on the section that i’m in w/o looking at what’s coming next :)

    also, i love that these workouts keep me busy w/ changing up the inc/speeds! this makes the 45mins fly by.

    AND last but not least: i love love love that you write down every single minute of the workouts instead of cutting them short.
    e.g. in section 3 above, you wrote down every interval instead of just writing “repeat 5 times”. i love that. i really hate it when workouts just tell me to repeat things bc first of all i always lose count :) and second of all the repeat thingy doesn’t really allow me to see where i’m at right now and how much work i’ve still got to do, whereas in your workouts i can check at any given minute where i’m at, u know what i mean?

  658. I wish I had a treadmill but I love how you have another workout choice for people like me on Saturday. <3
    And omg the necklace is so georgous, I really hope I can win! <3

  659. Tara Pigott says:

    Hey Cassey, sounds like an amazing workout, which I’d love since I’m a runner, but unfortunately i don’t have a treadmill…. :|

  660. Stephanie Deal says:

    I love running on treadmills so much more than running outside! For some reason, it doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to die like running outside does. Unfortunately, I don’t own a treadmill. But, I’ll get my boyfriend to let me borrow his soon so I can try this out!
    Cassey, you are such an amazing, energetic person and such an inspiration to me. I wish I had the willpower to be as toned and strong as you, but I’m also fine with how my own body is now. :) (However, I am working on your How to Do the Splits Routine). I hope I can meet you one day.

  661. #POPsterPresents Hey Cassey! I love your blog and your workouts, you’re such an inspiration to me :D.
    I plan to go running for like one and a half hour every Saturday of this month with my boyfriend. Would it be enough or would I need to do the workouts of these days from the calendar?

  662. Perfect.. I so will try this.. :)

  663. Chrystal Adams says:

    Hi Cassey! Happy Friday! Looking forward to the cardio workout after work, I don’t have a treadmill at home. This morning I am waking up to sun salutations! Thanks for your dedication & hard work & late hours!!!!!

  664. I printed out the last treadmill routine and I burnt 500 calories in the 50min. It was awesome!! Thanks for this one.

  665. I just finished today’s cardio workout and it was intense!!! Loving the burn:) I can’t wait to see what you have prepared for us with the HIITilates video, Cassey, but I know it will be good as always. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration and keeping me motivated to complete the workouts each month!

  666. I love those treadmill routines! And you make them look so fun!

  667. Wish I could do this. Unfortunately, I don’t have a treadmill here. ^^

  668. Thanks Cassey for sharing this workout! I always find myself to this website whenever i feel unmotivated, and reading your blog never fails to inspire. Keep up the great work! :D

  669. Hey Cassey! I wrote on your Facebook wall a few days ago saying my stamina is lacking and I would love some sort of exercise to help build fitness. Well, I love the look of this treadmill routine! It looks doable.. usually I would go full-ticker on the treadmill and feel like death after maybe 8 minutes lol I’m an idiot! Keep up all your good work, Cassey! Lots of love, Natalie! xxx

  670. Pity I won’t be able to do a treadmill on Saturday… Will do some other cardio, but can’t wait! :)

  671. I am currently trying to loose that few extra pounds that slid in over Christmas, so this is perfect.
    I am definitely going to try this workout today, although people might be staring at me at the gym because I will get like super red and sweaty but – hey it’s totally worth it! :)
    Love you for everything you do for all of us!! You are amazing and don’t stress yourself too much, we all understand if something comes up a little later than planned!

  672. Wow, I don’t know if I can run an 8-10, but it would be worth a try!


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