Up Close & Personal Interview…plus a YOLO Meal Beach Photoshoot!?

Hey POPsters!

I have a special treat for you!!!

Back in December (OMG wait isn’t that a Taylor Swift song or something?) – I did a photoshoot and interview with New Media Rockstars which is a new online magazine that basically is like the PEOPLE Mag of the YouTube online world. I started following them when the whole Ray William Johnson vs. Maker situation was getting out of control! Was anyone else following that? It was like a reality TV show cept you could follow it all over twitter, YouTube, Instagram – oh man was it drama drama!

Anyway, I was fortunate enough to do a sit down interview with NMR and talk about how I got started on YouTube, talk about you guys a lot (love you! OMG!), and just have a chance to say what I can’t say when I am killing you through burpees or eagle crunches!

I’d love it if you watch this because I think it’s important that you get to know your trainer/instructor better as a human being. It’s essential that you know where my philosophy and passion for POP Pilates and healthy living come from so that when you follow the 90 Day Challenge or the #JaNEWary calendar, it’s more than just text on a screen…it’s more like becoming real workout buddies with a friend you can trust.

Ya feel me!?

Also, head over to NMR now and you can see a fun beachy foodie photoshoot I did with the NMR team! I’ve never done a YOLO meal and photoshoot at the same time. Interesting concept but the photag insisted that it’d be cool for you guys to see me out of my element just enjoying life and eating like “a normal person.”

cassey ice cream

Eating strawberry cheesecake and strawberry double scoop in a waffle cone. Oh yes.

cassey beach run

Yea I was cold. But I’m a trooper. “Shoot like a beast, look like a beauty” right!?


Click to see more pics!


Haha! I surely have my YOLO meals because I know it is healthy to not restrict yourself too deeply or else you WILL rebound…and rebound hard. I recommend one YOLO meal a week to satisfy your cravings and you soul and then bam back to clean eating! Clean eating tastes great BTW…it’s not deprivation at all. You get to eat a lot and it tastes amazing. Especially when you can begin to cook for yourself, it is so ridiculously SATISFYING!

Sometimes your mouth wants a cookie or some cheesecake, and it’s ok! Feed it! Just not every day!

Here’s a tip: Watch the vid if you don’t like reading the interview! But def head over to NMR to see the pics! Lemme know what you think!!!

Can’t wait to start the Cheap Clean Eats series to show you that clean eating IS NOT EXPENSIVE at all. I’m so serious. Follow my instagram @Blogilates to see what I am eating daily to get fit and lean!

Love u guys!

<3 Cassey

PS – yes…still editing the HIITilates video! Remember I gave an extension for the entry today…you can comment on this new video today up until tomorrow 11:59PM PST for the chance to win a TRAIN LIKE A BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY tank. Read here for more deets.


  • Eli

    I love your honesty. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration. I am just starting out with my fitness blog and youtube videos, and seeing successful people can sometimes be a bit intimidating, because i’m not ‘there’ yet. So thanks for letting us know how you started, and helping me to believe that i can do it too :) Wishing you all the best for your future endeavours. :) x

  • Amanda

    i want that ice cream!!!

  • You can do ten burpees after that ice cream. LOL
    You are soooo inspiring. It was a great interview, btw.


  • Isabel

    Cassey! Thank you soo much for everything you do! You have made me sweat alot, but its made me better.

  • Cassey you are so inspirational and an amazing role model:) You encourage me to make my health and fitnes videos and write my blog! I love hearing about happy success stories like yours! it makes it all worth it:) love you xoxo

  • Mallory

    hey cassey! i know you don’t have much time, so i’ll make this quick. you are so inspirational! you’ve really sparked my interest to become healthy. you look gorgeous in your photoshoot, and i really hope you know how much we all appreciate you! :) thank you for everything!

  • Rosaruth

    Cassey! I loved this interview! I share your LIFE whenever I am talking to someone about working out. You really are an inspiration! Thank you for all that you do!

  • Hello Cassey,
    Watching your interview video was emotional to be honest with you. BUT, it was emotional in a good way. I was thinking if she can do what she dreamed she’d never do but was a HUGE,MASSIVE success, then why cant i? I agree with you, follow your heart. Like i said your a huge success, you’ve got a good career, on the other hand acting like a mother for those who have a eating disorder, giving beauty tips and advise. You pushed everyone to they limits; including me working my butt off swearing whilst i am doing workout because it feels like your torturing me! In the end, there good, impressive results which makes me even more determined to work harder and harder to get my dream body which i dream i’d never ever have in a million years. Although i am young, my mum tells me to leave all the beauty things, stop doing workout and concentrate more on my education. I’m stuck in the middle, dont know what to do because:
    I love doing your workout
    i dont want to betray my mum because she buys me all the things i see and need, if she can do that then is she askin to much from me??
    What do i do??
    P.S: Thank you
    Lots of love
    from Alisha

  • yazmin garcia

    I enjoyed the interview and I have to say that you are trully an inspiration to so many out there. I have only been following your videos and calanders for like 3 months but i have to say they are very challenging and i absolutely love them. Keep it up and thanks for everything!!!

  • Beautiful pics, Cassey! Enjoyed the interview.

  • Annamari

    Cassey you truly are not only an inspiration and motivation for me when it comes to working out and being healthy, but also in just the kind of person you are. You have already done so much being so young and i really really look up to you for that. Thank you for the videos and the blog and everything, and keep doing what you’re doing, ’cause you are a pop star!

    Lots of <3 from Finland!

  • Cindy

    you are SO pretty :) the pics turned out amazing!

  • Johanna

    Great photoshoot, you look lovely <3

  • Anni

    I just want to say: you are so beautiful, and you motivated me so much, now i really want to stay healthy and fit. thank you ;**
    (i hope my english is not too bad :D, I am from germany ;))

  • What a great interview! Love the questions you answered and just how dedicated you are to your audience. You’re so genuine and passionate, and it’s commendable. Thank you, Cassey!

  • Voula

    (I actually wrote this first on the wrong post, so I coppied it here, hope it’s ok!)
    Hey, Cassey! You make it sound so easy and natural, following your heart. Personally, I would think twice if my parents didn’t approve of a decision of mine… But, I guess, you just have to do it, right? You are such an inspiration, not just on being fit, but on being positive and succeeding through life!
    On the interview, when you say at some point “my popsters”, it sounded like you’re the queen and we’re the faithfull followers! Loved it! lol!
    Thanks for everything!

  • Emily

    I love your work Cassey, it feels like I’m finally getting on track with my life! Your workouts are so good! And I can do them anytime, even when I get the heebie jeebies to workout at 11 o’clock at night!

    Lots of love and thanks from Australia!

    Emily <3 xxx

  • Mirela

    I think you are a great person.I mean I know many people who say everything is about the fans, but they don’t really mean it.But you do!I mean you inspire us,you push us to go to the end,to train insane and to eat right.And I mean who else does that?You really are like a friend-always there when you need.Keep up the good work!
    <3 Mirela from Romania

  • Trish

    Haha I did something similar over the weekend; was vacationing in Miami so i bought a peanut butter and white chocolate froyo with sprinkles. It tasted so good, and I didn’t feel fat at all! Cassy your website has changed my way of thinking about healthy eating. Now i know its okay to YOLO every now and then, in fact, its good for you! Afterwards I hit the gym for an hour and felt amazing. Thank you!