#jaNEWary Workout Calendar – this is crazy! Plus #POPsterPresents galore! Sign up for the newsletter to get the pw!

Hey POPsters!!

The new #JaNEWary calendar is here!!! WHOOOO!!!! It’s crazier than ever before and will DEF help you reach your fitness goals!

And guess what!? I have a present for you.


31 presents.

I am doing 1 giveaway for EVERY single day of January! It’s my bday month so I thought, let’s all get gifts! Plus it’s the new year, so let’s all celebrate together!!!!

Be sure to print out BOTH your #JaNEWary calendar and your #POPsterPresents calendar! Follow the directions carefully on the presents calendar to get your entry submitted! Good luck everyone and happy new year! Let’s kill it!!!!

Oh and one more thing!

I would love it if you could share this calendar with at least 1 friend of yours. Even just send the link! Statistics (and experience) show that the more love and support you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed at your goal! I want you friends and fam in on this too. So before you print out the calendar, my first task for you is to send this link to one person you care about.

OK that’s all! Love you!

<3 Cassey

PS – tweet me when you print the calendars out!!!!

jan calendar small


  1. Hey casey

    I can’t bring the calendars up they are not working its just coming up as blank ??

  2. Cassey, you are the most wonderful and most inspiring human on earth. You have helped me so much, and every time I want to quit, I just do some of your workouts or make some of your healthy snacks (that by the way taste amazing) I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I don’t think that you are going to read this, but you should know that you have helped so many people and that you are making a BIG difference! Keep up the good work.

  3. I am a little sad that it took me this long to find you! Already I want to thank you for all that you do.

    Tomorrow, I will start with the jaNEWary workout calendar. I know, I know! It just looks so fun and it would honestly bug me if I didn’t start from the beginning =) Why not? I already missed the first few days of Feb!

    Wish me luck! I hope this kicks my booty!


  4. My sweet Casey (like from the Secret Circle =P), can we get our February dose of awesome insanity/ insane awesomeness please?

  5. casey thanks for all what you are doing here<3<3<3i love the videos,i also subscribed on you tube following on twitter and now i signed up here,thanks again

  6. Cassey —- obsessed with your workouts… after just two weeks of following the calendar as best I can, I can already see changes in muscle definition and I LOVE it… one suggestion: would it be possible to link the videos up to the calendar so it’s easier to find the right ones each day?! Thanks so much! You’re the best!

  7. Lei Kadowaki says:

    Hi I was wanting to start up on this 90day challenge but realized its the 31 of January r u making a February calendar?

  8. Brittany E. says:

    So I started the jaNEWary calendar workout and couldn’t even get past the first day….or the second….or third. I was sore for two then started again the next week. If I was to know that I would lose 23lbs. in three to four weeks, I would have found this workout website after my daughter and still be doing it today. I love how you encourage and motivate through a screen. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and for that I thank you. Keep motivating.


  9. Arianne Zurita says:

    Hi cassey! Thanks for the workout of JaNewary! I started on 28 until now. I did all the workouts indicated in your calendar and evry morning when I wake up, my whole body hurts but I don’t skip a workout everyday. My inspirational quote is “train like a beast and look like a beauty” . I’m so much motivated now and responsible on my diet. My graduation will be on April 24 and I want to lose weight until that day. I am 21 yrs. old, 5’2 in height and 156lbs. My goal weight is 130. Can you suggest any more ways to lose that much weight until April 24? And where is the February 2013 Calendar? Thank you very much Cassey. Love lots! Take care! :)

  10. Hey Cassey,

    OKay, are we really supposed to do all of these videos in one day? in one sitting? cuz I really can’t do that many lunges back to back! That’s crazy! And I just get sick of doing lunges and want to do something else…..

    Your new fan,

    • it was hard for me at first. but once you do them a little a day you will catch on and it wont hurt as bad. and they actually become fun. and yea your supposed to do them all in one day. sometimes you repeat also.

  11. Could not find Cardio Carnage for the Jan 27th workout! :(

  12. Hi,
    if i’m starting now doing the workout calendar, should i start with the first january or with today?
    thanks, marie

  13. Whats cardio crazies

  14. What are “teasers”? Ex: January 26th do 5 teasers

  15. OMG!! I just found you and found out that we have the same birthday!! I just turned 17 on the 16th and I’m trying to get fit, I think it’s fate that I found you!! Great job by the way, I’m totally addicted to this site!!

  16. Hi i was about to do my workout but i can’t seem to find the “one more night” video.. :(

  17. I feel so fit and I can’t wait to be beach ready!

  18. I just found out about blogilates today and I already love Cassey Ho. Seriously though, I’ve always wanted to exercise and drop the weight but there’s no one here to encourage me to do so. I watched a few of the videos today on youtube, and i have never been so excited to want to exercise. She is so engaging and energetic that its hard not to want to work out with her. My birthday is also in January as well, it was on the 11th actually and i think part of the reason why i want to start exercising is that i’ve been wanting to do so for a while and now that im getting older, i really have to get serious and do something about it. So thank you so much Cassey Ho for these free videos and the calendar and all the free recipes and stuff. Its not even about winning prizes because winning prizes are nice but if i hadn’t discover this video today, i probably won’t ever find the motive to start losing weight.

  19. Hey!
    I’m new hereee hahaha
    I thinks starting at the middle of the month isn’t the best idea, but i know if I don’t start now I won’t start next month hahaha, so doing this right now

  20. I love her. Omg. But I have no idea how to find her videos for the calendar. Where are the workout videos for each day?

  21. How do you PRINT the calendar?

  22. Hi everyone! I just found Cassey’s blog/youtube channel, and I am excited to add this to my workout routine! Cassey, your lives workouts are fantastic, and your energy just makes it 1000x’s better!
    I’m starting at the 1.21 plan- does anybody have any tips on what is the best way to go about the different videos so my workout flow goes smoothly? And…does she really REALLY want us to do it twice through? Just about passed out watching her in the 5 vids :D

    • Just open all the videos in different tabs before you start working out, start the first video and when you are done take a sip of water and just switch to the tab with the second workout and so on :) follow the order of the videos. This works best for me, so I don’t have to start searching for the other routines in the middle of my flow. Hope this helps!

  23. Hey!

    I heard about Blogilates a few weeks ago and have been doing random videos periodically but I’ve decided to start doing the workout calendar!!

    What is the best way to find the videos on the calendar? Do you guys just search for them on YouTube? Also, where can I get descriptions (or examples) of the first exercises on each day?

    Thanks, can’t wait to get started!

  24. I was really looking looking forward to the elliptical workout, is it going to be uploaded soon? My gym doesn’t have a stairmaster :( PS Cassey you’re awesome!

  25. I do not print it i bought a calendar food journal thingy and i write down the work outs :)

  26. How do I do the pelvic thrusts? There are a few options when I search and I’m not sure which one to do. Does it matter?

  27. I wish I had a penpal I could do this with. No one I know wants to do this with me so I am all alone. It would be great to have someone to email with and talk about this :(

  28. Stephanie Ann says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to start! Thanks Cassey ♥ You’re such an inspiration!

  29. this is really awesome! seriously, im sick and im excercising to One Direction and Justin Bieber!

  30. eemnadeem says:

    You should make an app! Just a thought! :D

  31. This thing is soooo cool. I think I am going to do this every day no matter what.

    i need to start working out soon :(

  33. Heyy everyone! Can some one please tell me if we do every video listed once? Because some of her cardio videos will tell us to do it like four.more times. So do we just do every video once or do the amount the video says? Just wondering! Please and thanks! (:

  34. Today is Cassey’ s birthday, isn’ it? Have a wonderful day. You are a very strong and amazing girl!

  35. I’m new to cardio&this month is totally killing me… I love it! Is it okay that I’m just doing one round of the cardio videos though? I usually can’t breathe long enough to repeat them all…

  36. Pustekuchenfee says:

    Today it reads “Repeat one of the Cardio Crazies”. Should i repeat only one video, e.g. a) Lolo Legs ( January 11) or the whole Cadio Crazy day? THank you.

  37. I really hope you can fix the calendar, it’s so blurry and i really want to see what we have to do this month, you may upload a downloading file :) XOXO

  38. I just started this plan, but what are the alternating lunge to front kicks and how do I do them? I can’t find anything about it on the site.

  39. Christie LeBouef says:

    Tried printing the calendar a few times from different computers/printers. SOOO BLURRY and hard to read!! HELP!!!

    • Have you tried messing with the printer settings at all? Depending on the printer, you can change them so that background colors are diminished, words are crisper, etc. Also, never ever ever use a photo printer to print a regular piece of paper with this much color on it. Dunno if you did, but for future reference. The colors will bleed, run together, and take forever to dry, resulting in wrinkly paper. Hope this helped!

  40. Im a little new to this blogilates thing. I can’t seem to locate the “butt blaster stairmaster workout” notes on the 12th. Can someone help me find it??! THANKS!!(:

  41. how do i print this? how on earth do i print this. it comes out all grainy if i just save it as a picture and i can’t read it…

  42. Hiya I just saw this calendar and I want to try it but wuld it matter when you start the workout calendar?


  44. I just found the workout calendar and this incredible website today! I am too late to do it if im starting from day 10??

    • i started 4days ago so i think it’s no problem just do it and if you’ll be to late that’s no big deal :))) i’m on the day 4 today

  45. i dont know if its just me put when i printed this calendar out it was extremely blurry. I can’t read anything and even if i full size or zoom its all a big mosh…i dont know what to do????

  46. Heidi Lingow says:

    Been doing the workouts on the calendar for 5 days so far (everyday Cassey gets tyo kick my ass!) but I got into a doubt… does anyone knows if in the ‘Cardio Crazy’ days when it says ‘repeat a-d’ does it means you only reapeat a) AND d) or every workout video a), b), c), and d) ?

    P.S: sorry for my poor english <3


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