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Hey POPsters!!

The new #JaNEWary calendar is here!!! WHOOOO!!!! It’s crazier than ever before and will DEF help you reach your fitness goals!

And guess what!? I have a present for you.


31 presents.

I am doing 1 giveaway for EVERY single day of January! It’s my bday month so I thought, let’s all get gifts! Plus it’s the new year, so let’s all celebrate together!!!!

Be sure to print out BOTH your #JaNEWary calendar and your #POPsterPresents calendar! Follow the directions carefully on the presents calendar to get your entry submitted! Good luck everyone and happy new year! Let’s kill it!!!!

Oh and one more thing!

I would love it if you could share this calendar with at least 1 friend of yours. Even just send the link! Statistics (and experience) show that the more love and support you have around you, the more likely you are to succeed at your goal! I want you friends and fam in on this too. So before you print out the calendar, my first task for you is to send this link to one person you care about.

OK that’s all! Love you!

<3 Cassey

PS – tweet me when you print the calendars out!!!!

jan calendar small


  1. Hey casey

    I can’t bring the calendars up they are not working its just coming up as blank ??

  2. Cassey, you are the most wonderful and most inspiring human on earth. You have helped me so much, and every time I want to quit, I just do some of your workouts or make some of your healthy snacks (that by the way taste amazing) I just wanted to thank you so much for everything. I don’t think that you are going to read this, but you should know that you have helped so many people and that you are making a BIG difference! Keep up the good work.

  3. I am a little sad that it took me this long to find you! Already I want to thank you for all that you do.

    Tomorrow, I will start with the jaNEWary workout calendar. I know, I know! It just looks so fun and it would honestly bug me if I didn’t start from the beginning =) Why not? I already missed the first few days of Feb!

    Wish me luck! I hope this kicks my booty!


  4. My sweet Casey (like from the Secret Circle =P), can we get our February dose of awesome insanity/ insane awesomeness please?

  5. casey thanks for all what you are doing here<3<3<3i love the videos,i also subscribed on you tube following on twitter and now i signed up here,thanks again

  6. Try following her clean diet. It will help you eat healthier and shed off pounds when added to excersize.

  7. Cassey —- obsessed with your workouts… after just two weeks of following the calendar as best I can, I can already see changes in muscle definition and I LOVE it… one suggestion: would it be possible to link the videos up to the calendar so it’s easier to find the right ones each day?! Thanks so much! You’re the best!

  8. She means repeat a whole Cardio Crazy routine! (So, every video from a previous Cardio Crazy day)

  9. Lei Kadowaki says:

    Hi I was wanting to start up on this 90day challenge but realized its the 31 of January r u making a February calendar?

  10. Brittany E. says:

    So I started the jaNEWary calendar workout and couldn’t even get past the first day….or the second….or third. I was sore for two then started again the next week. If I was to know that I would lose 23lbs. in three to four weeks, I would have found this workout website after my daughter and still be doing it today. I love how you encourage and motivate through a screen. This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and for that I thank you. Keep motivating.


  11. Arianne Zurita says:

    Hi cassey! Thanks for the workout of JaNewary! I started on 28 until now. I did all the workouts indicated in your calendar and evry morning when I wake up, my whole body hurts but I don’t skip a workout everyday. My inspirational quote is “train like a beast and look like a beauty” . I’m so much motivated now and responsible on my diet. My graduation will be on April 24 and I want to lose weight until that day. I am 21 yrs. old, 5’2 in height and 156lbs. My goal weight is 130. Can you suggest any more ways to lose that much weight until April 24? And where is the February 2013 Calendar? Thank you very much Cassey. Love lots! Take care! :)

  12. it was hard for me at first. but once you do them a little a day you will catch on and it wont hurt as bad. and they actually become fun. and yea your supposed to do them all in one day. sometimes you repeat also.

  13. Hey Cassey,

    OKay, are we really supposed to do all of these videos in one day? in one sitting? cuz I really can’t do that many lunges back to back! That’s crazy! And I just get sick of doing lunges and want to do something else…..

    Your new fan,

  14. Could not find Cardio Carnage for the Jan 27th workout! :(

  15. Hi,
    if i’m starting now doing the workout calendar, should i start with the first january or with today?
    thanks, marie

  16. Whats cardio crazies

  17. What are “teasers”? Ex: January 26th do 5 teasers

  18. OMG!! I just found you and found out that we have the same birthday!! I just turned 17 on the 16th and I’m trying to get fit, I think it’s fate that I found you!! Great job by the way, I’m totally addicted to this site!!

  19. Hi i was about to do my workout but i can’t seem to find the “one more night” video.. :(

  20. Wow, that is exactly my case! I also need to lose 5 kilos, but I think this workout calendar is great :)

  21. I feel so fit and I can’t wait to be beach ready!

  22. I just found out about blogilates today and I already love Cassey Ho. Seriously though, I’ve always wanted to exercise and drop the weight but there’s no one here to encourage me to do so. I watched a few of the videos today on youtube, and i have never been so excited to want to exercise. She is so engaging and energetic that its hard not to want to work out with her. My birthday is also in January as well, it was on the 11th actually and i think part of the reason why i want to start exercising is that i’ve been wanting to do so for a while and now that im getting older, i really have to get serious and do something about it. So thank you so much Cassey Ho for these free videos and the calendar and all the free recipes and stuff. Its not even about winning prizes because winning prizes are nice but if i hadn’t discover this video today, i probably won’t ever find the motive to start losing weight.

  23. me too… ( :

  24. Hey!
    I’m new hereee hahaha
    I thinks starting at the middle of the month isn’t the best idea, but i know if I don’t start now I won’t start next month hahaha, so doing this right now

  25. youtube! xx

  26. I love her. Omg. But I have no idea how to find her videos for the calendar. Where are the workout videos for each day?

  27. Just open all the videos in different tabs before you start working out, start the first video and when you are done take a sip of water and just switch to the tab with the second workout and so on :) follow the order of the videos. This works best for me, so I don’t have to start searching for the other routines in the middle of my flow. Hope this helps!

  28. How do you PRINT the calendar?

  29. Hi everyone! I just found Cassey’s blog/youtube channel, and I am excited to add this to my workout routine! Cassey, your lives workouts are fantastic, and your energy just makes it 1000x’s better!
    I’m starting at the 1.21 plan- does anybody have any tips on what is the best way to go about the different videos so my workout flow goes smoothly? And…does she really REALLY want us to do it twice through? Just about passed out watching her in the 5 vids :D

  30. Catherine says:

    i think you dont do it 4 times like in the video because if you do one of each and then repeat them all once it adds up to about 1 or 2 hours.

  31. Catherine says:

    i was wondering the same thing! hopefully cassey sees this! :)

  32. Hey!

    I heard about Blogilates a few weeks ago and have been doing random videos periodically but I’ve decided to start doing the workout calendar!!

    What is the best way to find the videos on the calendar? Do you guys just search for them on YouTube? Also, where can I get descriptions (or examples) of the first exercises on each day?

    Thanks, can’t wait to get started!

  33. I was really looking looking forward to the elliptical workout, is it going to be uploaded soon? My gym doesn’t have a stairmaster :( PS Cassey you’re awesome!

  34. I do not print it i bought a calendar food journal thingy and i write down the work outs :)

  35. How do I do the pelvic thrusts? There are a few options when I search and I’m not sure which one to do. Does it matter?

  36. Heey!
    Same here :( maybe we could be penpals :) ? We could talk and email each other, it would be so much more fun than doing it alone :(…

  37. hey hayley i just found this website and is starting tommorrow :) we should talk and help each other :)

  38. I wish I had a penpal I could do this with. No one I know wants to do this with me so I am all alone. It would be great to have someone to email with and talk about this :(

  39. Stephanie Ann says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to start! Thanks Cassey ♥ You’re such an inspiration!

  40. this is really awesome! seriously, im sick and im excercising to One Direction and Justin Bieber!

  41. eemnadeem says:

    You should make an app! Just a thought! :D

  42. This thing is soooo cool. I think I am going to do this every day no matter what.

    i need to start working out soon :(

  44. Heyy everyone! Can some one please tell me if we do every video listed once? Because some of her cardio videos will tell us to do it like four.more times. So do we just do every video once or do the amount the video says? Just wondering! Please and thanks! (:

  45. I am also looking for the answer to this question….

  46. Today is Cassey’ s birthday, isn’ it? Have a wonderful day. You are a very strong and amazing girl!

  47. I’m new to cardio&this month is totally killing me… I love it! Is it okay that I’m just doing one round of the cardio videos though? I usually can’t breathe long enough to repeat them all…

  48. No …. you can start a workout routine whenever you want! Better to start now than wait the rest of the month to start the February workout!


  49. Did you click on the calendar? It is big and clear if you do..

  50. Pustekuchenfee says:

    Today it reads “Repeat one of the Cardio Crazies”. Should i repeat only one video, e.g. a) Lolo Legs ( January 11) or the whole Cadio Crazy day? THank you.

  51. I really hope you can fix the calendar, it’s so blurry and i really want to see what we have to do this month, you may upload a downloading file :) XOXO

  52. I just started this plan, but what are the alternating lunge to front kicks and how do I do them? I can’t find anything about it on the site.

  53. Have you tried messing with the printer settings at all? Depending on the printer, you can change them so that background colors are diminished, words are crisper, etc. Also, never ever ever use a photo printer to print a regular piece of paper with this much color on it. Dunno if you did, but for future reference. The colors will bleed, run together, and take forever to dry, resulting in wrinkly paper. Hope this helped!

  54. I’ll be uploading it tonight!

  55. Christie LeBouef says:

    Tried printing the calendar a few times from different computers/printers. SOOO BLURRY and hard to read!! HELP!!!

  56. Im a little new to this blogilates thing. I can’t seem to locate the “butt blaster stairmaster workout” notes on the 12th. Can someone help me find it??! THANKS!!(:

  57. yes ofcourse

  58. how do i print this? how on earth do i print this. it comes out all grainy if i just save it as a picture and i can’t read it…

  59. Hiya I just saw this calendar and I want to try it but wuld it matter when you start the workout calendar?


  61. i started 4days ago so i think it’s no problem just do it and if you’ll be to late that’s no big deal :))) i’m on the day 4 today

  62. I just found the workout calendar and this incredible website today! I am too late to do it if im starting from day 10??

  63. i dont know if its just me put when i printed this calendar out it was extremely blurry. I can’t read anything and even if i full size or zoom its all a big mosh…i dont know what to do????

  64. She means repeat ALL 4 :) Cassey knows how to push us! Go get it!

  65. Heidi Lingow says:

    Been doing the workouts on the calendar for 5 days so far (everyday Cassey gets tyo kick my ass!) but I got into a doubt… does anyone knows if in the ‘Cardio Crazy’ days when it says ‘repeat a-d’ does it means you only reapeat a) AND d) or every workout video a), b), c), and d) ?

    P.S: sorry for my poor english <3

  66. What does she mean when it says repeat a-d. Does she want us to repeat the WHOLE day? Like today, cardio crazy the 9th?

  67. So I just started this yesterday and I basically died. I am so out of shape, like 5 minutes into it I was huffing and puffing and I couldn’t even complete each video properly. It was quite pathetic. But I’m looking forward to the rest of the week and month and hopefully I’ll actually stick with it this time, no matter how sore my legs are right now. :)

  68. Im going to start this! :D LSKJLÑASKLAS

  69. Cardio Crazies are just the days that are labeled like that- for example, Wednesday the 2nd was a “Cardio Crazy!”. You just choose one that you really like and repeat that day’s workout.
    Hope this helped!

  70. Katie Leigh says:

    Hey!! Day 7 and I can feel the results! I feel more toned and feel like my body is way sexier and I still have all month! Thanks Cassie I appreciate all your support and videos! :)))

  71. it’s my birthday month to Casey! how you day is/ was wonderful! I know I quite enjoyed mine

  72. MsSpringbunny says:

    It’s not a work-out video. after you wake up you’re just supposed to do what it says, like do 20 sit-ups :)

    Everything is in the directions too.

  73. MsSpringbunny says:

    You should read the directions! :)
    *Wake up 20 sit up, = the wakeups are just commandments. You wake up in the morning and do 20 sit-ups.

    Everything else is videos she’s done. Just go to youtube and type in what it says in the search-bar. The first video will be hers.

  74. She has videos on YouTube! Each of those titles is a video that you can watching where she guides you and you do the workout with her.

  75. Last month I tried to do the workouts on the calendar, but I couldn’t find the time. I dance five times a week and it’s hard to find time to do the videos, so is it okay to skip some days? Thanks!

    And PS the workouts that I’ve done so far have totally kicked my ass, I love them!

  76. Robin Rivas says:

    Hi Cassey!!
    LOVE your workouts! The calendars are so easy to follow. My only complaint is this months calendar is blurry when printed and harder to read than last months calendar. :)

    You’re awesome!

  77. they are her videos!
    She has a video called fat burning cardio warm up and 20/20 workout

  78. What are “Cardio Crazies” or where can I find it? #newPOPster

  79. Laëtitia says:


    In Janewary workout calendar, when cassey write “wake up and …” :
    is that “wake up” is a workout? or not?
    Thank you in advance!!

  80. You look on her youtube channel Blogilates

  81. How do you know what the workouts are?
    Like, on the calander it says
    *Wake up 20 sit up,
    -Fat Burning Cardio Warm Up
    -20/20 Work Out
    etc etc .
    how do you know how to do those work outs?

  82. Hi…today was my firs day trying these workouts. I have been watching them for about a month but came down with pneumonia and never got started. I did the Jan 4 workouts today and they were so intense for this out of shape girl. I can tell they are going to work and i felt great after i was done :)

  83. Hi, i just finished friday cardio crazy workout and im exausting,it took me almost 1 and half to do it ,i dont think i can do it after being at work for 12 hours,can i this workout maybe 3-4 times a week that would be more possible to do it , i cant believe its 11:50 pm and i finished a workout.Its crazy !! :)

  84. MsSpringbunny says:

    About 1 hour. :)

  85. 20/20 is on her second youtube: http://youtu.be/7bR4kAhgW1A

  86. teilzeitDAU says:

    youtube! :)

  87. I have began this months work out and it had so far kicked my but!! But I love this, I don’t feel the need to take naps and have began to cut out the bad stuff from my diet and drink more water than the last day.

    However.. One problem–I’m more hungry every day I can’t seem to figure out what to eat that will fulfill my empty tummy?! What do you recommend?

  88. On her last calender it said that instead of doing the vids you could do at least 45mins running. So I assume it would still be all good to do this month too =]

  89. Perhaps I’m being a bit dense, but where do you find the workouts? I used Blogilates search bar for 20/20 workout and it didn’t show up in the results? Neither did “Fat Burning Cardio Warm Up”. Any suggestions for easily finding these workouts on the website?



  90. yes!

  91. Are we suppose to do all the workouts on each day?

  92. Hi Cassey,
    First, I wish you a very good 2013, may your smile keep shining this year again ;)
    I think you should re-generate the picture right above (http://www.blogilates.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/Screen-Shot-2012-12-31-at-8.08.04-PM.png). It looks like it has been done with Adobe Indesign, there are little red crosses that indicate that there are too much text there and these texts aren’t appearing (sorry for my poor english…) I think the same image is used in the newsletter, because this picture has the same issue.
    Bye !

  93. Does anyone know where I can find the eliptical & treadmill workouts seen in the january calendar?

  94. Just got it! I didn’t print it out I did something that will work better for me….I’ll tweet it manana! :)

  95. Tanaerian says:

    So I’m coming into this late, but better late than never! How long do you reckon each day’s workout takes?

  96. It’d be best to switch up the workouts at least every few days, if you can. If you repeatedly only work the exact same muscle group, you run the risk of over-working them and possibly injuring yourself, especially if you’re doing the same exercises every day and not allowing those muscles to rest and recover. Maybe try starting off with two or three routines/workouts you switch up until you feel you’ve got them down?

  97. Danielle Lynch says:

    Looking forward to these workouts. Does anyone know where I can find the Sweat Sexy Treadmill Workout?

  98. For 3 months in a row, I saw your calender, and didn’t do anything with it. This time I will actually print it and try it out! I’m going to own the living room, I already told my boyfriend ^^ The cardio days are really going to be a challenge, that’s never really been my thing. I hope I can say otherwise at the end of this month! Good luck to all you popsters, and thank you Cassey for your inspiration <3

  99. Vivianne,
    We are supposed to just go through each of the workouts once, but if you feel that you can do more by the end of it, go for it! In the video it says 4 times, because if you weren’t following the calendar, doing that one video 4 times would be counted as the full workout.

    Good luck with the workouts! :)

  100. Woo! Can’t wait to get started :)

  101. I’ve just started with the January calendar today. I don’t think I’m going to be able to do a different workout every day. I think it will take me at least three attempts to actually get it. It’s not just the moves – it’s trying to work out how I can see the screen at the same time and how I’m going to do certain things in my room which is small. Is it okay to do the same one repeatedly until I get it right and then move on to the next one? Obviously, I’ll only get through a few that way in a month – I just don’t think changing every day is going to help me if I’m going to be this sloppy! Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  102. This calendar is my favorite so far!! Love all the cardio and prizes :) Thanks Cassey!

  103. completely pigged out over christmas and feel really fat now, so i’m going to stick to this and get fit again!!!

  104. Is there any way I can enter the contests if I don’t have a twitter or facebook and can’t get one?I can comment on posts and stuff but I can’t tweet :( The calender looks amazing btw… looks like the hardest one yet!

  105. 2013 will be my year I just know. 2012 was a good year but 2013 will be even better. January looks like super fun my goal is to push myself I have a tendency to give up mid workout, I’m really going to push this month. Can’t wait to start, Printing my calendar now.

  106. Fantastic calendar! I love all the cardio on this one — and the chance to win prizes! Thanks!

  107. Ah! Thank you for this tip! I was having a problem with it too. :D

  108. I’m SO sad when Christmas time is over + finals at university next week :( When I saw my email and a mail from Cassey… you made me smile!!! And trust me, I really need it today. Thank you SO much.

  109. I’m gonna start this from tommorow:) so excited!

  110. Did you click on the calendar and make it full size then print? That will help if you didn’t(:

  111. Hey Cassey,
    I’m so excited to start out the new year with some structured workouts to help me get into the best shape possible. Just a quick question about today’s workout: Are we supposed to do Bikini Blaster 1 four times like you say in the video?

  112. Yesterday I made resolutions that I was going to kick off the new year working out, but here I was in front of the computer doing nothing UNTIL NOW! going to start the calendar and for that motivation I thank you so much Cassey :D I want to get to my bday (jan 24th) feeling beautiful and healthy for the first time in my life, and I know I’ll make it because you’re there to help me and make me love the burn…. byeeee and Happy New Year

  113. Annabelle says:

    Happy New Year!
    Am super excited about the new calendar (month 2 in blogilates/better life/health regime for me), but looking forward to what the month has in store, I couldn’t find the Sweat Sexy Treadmill workout or the Butt Builder Stairmaster workout. I tried searching on the website, google, youtube to no avail…Please help!

    Thanks so much – already feeling much happier and healthier after 1 month of training with you so looking forward to seeing more!

  114. Yeaaah! I’m so happy to begin this new year with this amazing calendar! Let’s kill it in 2013 <3

  115. Happy New year to everyone!!!
    Yeah…time to do some changes in our lives! :) I printed it
    so excited… thx Casey!!!!

  116. I can’t WAIT to kick 2013 with this new calendar! Perfect timing too, I have gotten really off-track over the past couple of weeks due to travelling and visiting friends, but will be able to start working out again in a week or so and can’t wait to get back to living clean and working hard at POP Pilates. Thank you so much for giving us all such an amazing inspirational and life-changing year Cassey! <3<3

  117. Happy new year! I’ve slipped the last couple of months, but now I ‘m back on track… And your calendar is very helpfull! Thanks Cassey! I hope 2013 will be ten times better than 2012!

  118. Happy New Year to everybody, I’m new here but will be joining the Janewary Workout starting tomorrow. SO EXCITED and looking forward to it :))))

  119. Time to make playlists on youtube. Thanks for releasing the calendar. =D

  120. WOOOOOO!!!! Bring on the exercise, but could i run instead of the cardio days? And if i do how long/far should i run to even it out? HAPPY NEW YEAR CASS!! LOVE YOU<33 AND YOUR VIDEOS :]]]

  121. i just printed!!

  122. i just printed! love it

  123. Who is able to enter the competition? I’m all the way in New Zealand! Do you post out here?
    I’ve put on soo much weight at uni and I’m now really keen to get back in shape. Going to go hard this month!!

    From your supporter from Downunder
    Kennie =]

  124. Imogen Coyle says:

    omg! Cassey is amazing and i love the calendar sooooo much!!!! forwarding it to a friend now, oh and Happy New Year guys!

  125. Woo Hoo!! Thanks Cassey!! Bring on 2013 :)

  126. Yay! I got the email at 11:40 pm! Happy new year! This month I am pairing your workouts with Jillian michaels’s 30 day shred. My friend wanted me to do it with with her so I said okay, but only if you do Blogilates with me! Lol so I guess my share with a friend box can be checked already!

  127. Reham Neaimi says:

    First, Happy New Year!
    One of my resolutions is to actually use your calanders! I’ve always just printed them out and hung them on my wall.. It’s time for some changes!
    Thank you so much Cassey, you’re an inspiration <3

  128. SOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!

  129. im so extremely excited for this! the only sucky thing is i can barely read it.. :/

  130. already grateful for the happiness and determination you’ve given me, i’ll stick to the jaNEWary Calender, let the newbies go for the gifts XD

  131. Ivori Rose says:

    Happy New Year !
    I am SUPER excited for this WO Calendar and, the amazing presents I have a chance at winning !


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