POP Pilates DVD Trailer + 2012 Amazingness!

Hey POPsters!

Hope you had a very super merry Xmas! Check out the POP Pilates DVD trailer!!!

I’m headed to LA tomorrow morning for the BIG MOVE! Hoping to get to some after xmas sales too…I wanna buy some lights to decorate my balcony and interior with! I will for sure be asking for your design advice as I decorate. Really excited to head down. I hope it won’t be raining tomorrow…today has been yucky up here. Flooding everywhere!

Here’s what I was thinking in terms of the uses for the lights:


I want to hang the lights over my roof of my balcony like this! So that at night I can turn them on and go sit outside and sip on some warm cinnamon apple tea. Relax.

I’m not so keen on buying a headboard. They look nice but seem heavy and pointless. I might try making something like this. How majestic and inviting does that look!!??? I might even be encouraged to actually make my bed everyday! Oops. I don’t think I was supposed to tell you that…

Yes, so I hope to find some good deals on the lights! I’m done packing. Just heading down in my lil car with my mom. We discussed the Anthropologie bedding and she said I should just close my eyes and hand out my credit card and just go for it. It’s a deep investment. I’m very hesitant! But then again, it is MY BED and my new apt…so…deep breath…will def be amortized is all I can say!!!! So far the sis, mom, and you guys all like the Georgina duvet. I was kinda heading towards Rivulets but let’s see what I actually end up doing. I am easily swayed.

I also just filmed your 2012 POP Mashup workout!!!! You are gonna love love love. It is LITERALLY OFF THE WALL. You will see what I mean. If I am settled into my place in the next day or 2, I will be able to get the workout up on Thurs late or Fri. To warm you up for it, listen to my most favoritest mashup of the year!!! POP DANTHOLOGY 2012 by Daniel Kim!

I am a little bummed that there’s no T-swift in there. Actually. I am really bummed. So if you are too, watch DJ Earworm’s version!!!
Which one do you like better?

At the close of every year, I like to wrap up by listening to my fave pop songs over the past 12 months and reminisce over the people that I met, the events that happened, and the experiences I learned from in a dramatic, cathartic, and personal way. Do you ever get a surge of feelings when you hear a certain song on the radio? I totally do. It brings me back to a certain point in my life and I remember everything so clearly. It’s like de ja vu! Haha well maybe for you it may be hearing Call me Maybe at the club and busting out your squats in your heels! Or was it when you heard Drive By at a concert and you had the urge to lay on your back and do sideways scissors with your friends for 4 min?

We as a community have grown TREMENDOUSLY over the past 12 months and I want to THANK YOU so much for being an awesome workout buddy and for training hard with me. I have a crazy ridic 2013 planned for you so you better be on board. Do I have your commitment? If you want to finally have the life you’ve always dreamed of, have a body you’re proud of, find a diet your can stick to, and embrace a whole new lifestyle with your whole heart and soul, well POPsters, we’re gonna breathe some new life into you…we’re gonna KILL 2013 like you don’t even know. The Jan Calendar will BLOW YOU AWAY.

Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter and that you are subscribed to my YouTube Channel. That is step #1.


The hard stuff comes later.

Invite all of your friends and fam to commit with you. Let’s share with everyone the beauty of working out in a fun and free way! I encourage you to send one tweet, one email, or one write one facebook post inviting your friends to subscribe to my channel so that we can really empower people to make healthy changes!! GO!!!

And also, I wanted to thank you for all of your support in making the Blogilates Community grow! It’s been super fun for me to see all of your tweets, comments, and pics! And even more fun when I see pics of you in the Blogilates gear! I’ve been shipping out like crazy!!! Here’s a pic of me at the post office on Xmas Eve sending out last min parcels right before heading to the gym.

Oh and speaking of Blogilates gear! I decided that we should celebrate the close of 2012 with some awesome After Christmas sales! What do you say?

I think you said yes.

Ok well here are the super duper deals that will last all the way til 12/31 midnight PST!



Neon Crops, $10! (Reg $20)


Neon Pants, $12! (Reg. $22)


Train like a Beast Look Like  Beauty Hoodie, $19.99! (Reg. $36) LOWEST PRICE EVER!!!!


Selena Satchel in Vanilla Creme, $50! (Reg. $100)


Pleated Pocket Gym Bag in Ballet Pink Sparkle, $135! (Reg. $154) + FREE SHIPPING in US

Beverly Bowtie Gym Bag in Caramel, $125! (Reg. $149) + FREE SHIPPING in US


Off the shoulder cheetah sweater, $15! (Reg. $29)


Also use code “OMGFINALLY” to get the POP PILATES DVD for only $16.95 FREE SHIPPING in US (Reg. $19.95). Only $5 shipping internationally!

Oh and for those of you who asked for larger sizes, I’ve been listening! I am now have XL’s for this hoodie:

Have a fabulous time shopping today guys! I will be on the road driving down the boring ole 5 passing by farms, windmills, and lots of nothingness. If there’s something interesting I’ll tweet or insta you pics from my car. Should be…fun.




<3 Cassey

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  • kerith

    I’m interested in getting the DVD but is it just pilates? or are there other dvds that are like the other youtube videos. Hope this made sense. Thanks!

  • I’m 100% with you on not buying a headboard. We thought we had found a good one last time… until it completely detached from the bed one night while we were sleeping. Sorry I missed out on the super duper deals. That pink hoodie looks fantastic!

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  • EJ

    OH NO!!! The online store says the “OMGFINALLY” coupon is expired. And its not midnight yet! HELP! Your DVD is a must have in this house!

  • #1 Energiser Bunny

    Hey popsters,

    I’m so ridic excited, just ordered a copy of the DVD and I can’t wait!!! Congrats Casey on the big move yahhh! =) Happy New Year everyone.

  • Courtney

    Hi Cassey,
    I adore the neon crops, but they’re all out of stock. Is there a possibility that more will be available before the sale ends?

    So excited to buy the DVD! I’m a fairly new follower, but I love your workouts and your positive, upbeat attitude.

  • Lexi

    Hey Cassey,
    Good luck with your move! I hope you’ll be happy in your new home. :)
    But here’s a bit of a problem. Whenever I want to do one of your Pop Song Challenges, YouTube tells me that the video is not available in my country (Germany) because of copyright issues. Is there any way to fix that? It’s only started a short while ago and I used to really love those videos. :(
    And Popsters from other countries: Do you have the same problem? Or is it just GEMA making trouble?
    Anyway, thanks for the great workouts and interaction, Cassey!

  • Amanda

    So I stumbled upon some of your videos on YouTube and I was super impressed. I just love the positive energy and message that you convey. I have never done Pilates before, but your videos are inspiring and make me want to try! :)

  • Tash

    It’s really funny, I feel like I should be doing squats everytime I hear call me maybe. I don’t really like pop music, and I didn’t know a single Taylor swift song until I started pop Pilates, but I know the lyrics to so many pop songs now because of Cassey. My friends find it bizarre!

  • Se Hee

    cassey i have to admit I haven’t been watching what I eat or exercised that much this month…
    I really need to get back on track and I’m going to work out with you!!! yeahhhhhh :)
    I really wish I can use your DVD but I have a macbook air and it doesn’t have a dvd player…I am so sad…haaaa

  • Christina

    Do you know how to balance going to the gym and doing the monthly calendar?? Like is it safe to go to the gym to do cardio, lift, then come home and do the daily workout?

  • Love the porch lights idea! Good luck on the BIG MOVE! Can’t wait to see what you do with your new apartment because I am in need of some ideas. ;)

  • Tralana

    Do you know if that blue hoodie will come back? There is no option for it and thats the only one I wanted :(

  • Rene

    By the way, Cassey, will you be bringing back the lace workout cami to your ogorgeous shop?

  • Rene

    Thank you so much for your (cruel!!!) workout videos. I love you! :) <3

  • Lena

    We love you Cassey!!!! Thank you for everything:)

  • Alyssa

    This is a DIY how to make the Georgina bedding! Seems kinda hard, but I also have no idea how to sew, oops. But if you can find someone who likes (?) to sew it would be pretty cool! Just thought it was kinda cool! :) http://besserina.blogspot.com/2011/09/tutorial-anthropologie-georgina-bedding.html

  • Renee

    I am sooooo looking forward to 2013 workouts! Especially since I just started your workouts. I can’t wait to get toned in the coming year!

  • Allie

    Cassey, that is a lot of exciting stuff! I like your plans with the lights. Hope the move goes well! Now I’m off to go order my Blogilates DVD…

  • Nicki

    Great new look :o)
    Enjoy your new place, Cassey. You’re going for a run on the beach today – so envious! Pouring with rain in England ATM.

  • Sophia Nicole

    I’m so excited for 2013 and totally kill it with work outs and just make myself into a healthier version! I’m going to need some help though so PLEASE keep doing what your doing because I LOVE POP PILATES!!

  • GK

    This new website is fantastic I love it and I think the mashup i like is 2012 panthology one cause it has more songs and the other one has a lot of songs I don’t like no offence to those who liked all the songs but i like the 8-minute mashup better. Even so I do gotta say i like both the mashups.

  • Elina

    Good luck with your move, Cassey! And I just wanted to say that your blog looks GORGEOUS right now, so feminine and girly and all that good stuff! Love you <3

  • Elli

    Congrats on your DVD!! I wonder why are you moving? I hope it goes well. :)

  • Becca

    I hope you have a fun and safe time during your move, Cassey. I can’t to see what you have in store for us this new year! *hugs*

  • Joy

    Cassey would you consider selling a workout poster/diagram with the exercises without the dvd.

  • Mish

    Hey Cassey! I’m loving the new layout of the site! It’s fresh, new and totally you! I’m honestly so grateful for you in my life! Thank you for everything you have done these past few months that I have gotten to know you from the click of my mouse. You’re honestly amazing and have helped me and motivated me through this vigorous, hard, yet amazing journey. I thank you for everything you have done and for everything you are doing right now. I love how much this community has grown since the first time I’ve been on here. It was so small and now it’s grown into such a large, beautiful community! I think you should make a “community” place of the website where we can have usernames and profiles and be able to interact with one another. I think that would really help us POPstars interact and communicate with one another. I know that’s what Facebook is for, but I think it would be cool if you incorporated it on your site! Anyway, love all your posts and love you Cassey! :)

  • Good Luck with your move. I know moving can be a pain in the ass!

    I love the shirts and pants in the store, but sadly they won’t fit me comfortably. Any chance you’ll be adding bigger sizes in the New Year!
    Hope all is well! :-)

  • Good Luck with your move. I know moving can be a pain in the ass.

    I like a lot of the items in the store, but according the sizing charts, I won’t be able to fit it comfortably.
    Looking forward to the DVD and your workouts in the new year.

  • Megan

    My kids and I had a fun dance party to these mash-ups! We especially loved that FUN was included in them.

  • Stay safe on I-5, Cassey! Although I no longer live in the Bay Area either, I left my <3 in SF & am sure many peeps out there will miss you too. Enjoy living it up in So-Cal again (: Best wishes on settling into LA again, getting ready & set for your next bikini comp + Happy New '13 & Early Bday <3 Thanks for always inspiring us ~ E =D

  • Victoria

    The drive through Big Sur is AMAZING, you will be so glad you did it.

  • Alyssa

    Cassey I really love the new site! The best part is the category select! On the other side, when you search for something, it comes up one post at a time, so it’s really annoying to hit the next button 10,000 times. Also, do you know what gym you’ll be working at in LA?

  • Jennifer

    I’m so excited that you’re moving to LA! My husband & I are moving to K-Town this Sunday. If you ever do any classes please let me know. We love your workouts! Good luck on your move. :)

  • So excited for the new year to come! I’ve been eating really clean/working out consistently this whole year ( with the exception of the past month… with sicknesses/holiday stuff) thanks to your reminders and our community. : ) Getting ready to take on 2013! I just ordered the DVD, it should help tremendously!

    I actually really like the Rivulets better as well. Looove scalloped anything, really. But you should choose the one that you lean towards most. Oh! And I found this comforter set that reminded me of you. http://www.ideeli.com/products/1984286?color_id=2878794&from_favorites=1 Lots of ivory, bows and ruching.

    Oh, and I like the new blog design! And the 1000 animation at the top. Cute. Though, I sort of agree with Tuğçe that I like the old interface better (how there were a few blog posts on the main page, all showing a good portion of each post).

    It’s great that you listen to you everyone; I’m glad that you are getting larger sizes. My sister loves blogilates gear, but is always hesitant because she’s a little larger. Thanks!

  • Like the new blog look! And looking forward to 2013 workouts! Yay! :D

  • I’m so excited for you !! Good luck with everything, darling xx ♥

    Are there any clothes in plus size in your line yet?? I need a 1x/2x and would REALLY REALLY like some things, if possible .. just checking because I haven’t seen any yet :)

    Best wishes to you and I can’t wait to rock out 2013 with all of the POPSTERS !!

  • Hey! Just spotted the Georgina Duvet in Anthro’s sale section online, and they’re offering another 30% off all sale stuff with the code WOW30. http://us.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/shopsale-allsale/C093707.jsp’ defer

    I have a duvet cover from Anthro a few years ago that I adooooore, but I would never have paid retail for it! haha

  • Tuğçe

    Cassey please change the interface, old one is really good.

    • Erin Harmon

      Merry Christmas! Thank you for all you have done for me! I have never felt better in my whole life! And I’m finally having fun working out!!! Sadly, however, I have to agree with Tugce, I miss the old look of your blog. I get the need for change and sprucing up, but it was pretty much perfect compared to what you’ve got going on now. Maybe you’re not done yet, I don’t know, but would you consider keeping it the way it was?
      Much love and a peaceful new year! Good luck with the move!

  • Claudia

    first! xD

    good luck with your move! I just discovered you in 2012 so I’m definitely up for workout shenanigans in the new year ;) you definitely made me fall back in love with Pilates, so thank you for that!

  • Helena

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG CASSEY I CANT WAITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooo many exciting things happening!!! :) Now I wont be able to sleep for the whole night haha :P I hope ur trip isnt that boring though, I know what its like <3 :-D LUV U!!! <3 :-*