The Not So Glamorous Life…

Hey POPsters!

Just posted a new video on my pullup progress! So far so good. I am down to 25 lb assistance from 55 then 40. It’s going to be really hard to take more and more weight off the next 2 months. But I’ve got this! It’s just 5 unassisted pullups by the end of Feb. Just…LOL.

As you know I have been traveling a ton and it has KILLED my diet and workouts. Really. I feel like I am in such a rut. It’s even thrown my whole video schedule off, so I apologize for that. I just wanna be in one place for more than 2 weeks please!!!!

Now onto the title of this post.

I feel like every time I get in the groove of things (meaning I am meal prepping, grocery shopping, cooking, planning my workouts, sleeping better) I have to pack and go. That’s why I hope this move to LA will help me find my balance again. Traveling is NOT GLAMOROUS. For me at least. It’s really been tough on my mind and body these past few months. I felt like I’ve been taking care of myself less and less. It’s really not a good thing.

Some of you may be wondering why I stress so much about working out and eating clean and why I worry when I have a few too many YOLO meals. Let’s be real here. To a certain degree, I as well as many other fitness trainers, need to “look good” for what we do. Some people have an easier time than others. I’m not the “naturally skinny” type. I know my body. I was a chubby kid. You can read the story here that still haunts me sometimes. I cannot eat a hamburger with fries a few times a week and get away with “skinny-fat”. My type of body is the one I have to work daily for. (But it’s ok, because I like the strength that builds.) So, when I stray away from a clean diet I can instantly see a difference and feel a degradation in my energy levels.

I whole-heartedly believe that good nutrition is the core of your health and well-being. And because I haven’t been making the best food choices (and I do this consciously…saying I need to eat for my soul LOL) my well being is not as bright as usual. See, even fitness gurus struggle. Most won’t tell you that though. But don’t feel alone. I don’t think very many will tell you they have a hard time keeping their appearance but seriously, looking and eating a certain way takes a lot of energy and thought. That’s why I always emphasize that if you are trying to transform your body, it will take a LIFESTYLE change – something you can stick to – that will lead you towards your goal.

Now some people…take it too far. I recently saw a tweet from ABC News that led me to this video called “A Not So Glamorous Model Life”:

Watch it. There are a list of things that scare me in this video. Notice their extremely restricted diet. How much cardio they do. And how if the girls’ waists doesn’t fall under a certain number, they are told to go home and lose some more weight. It is such an image driven industry in which people WILL DO ANYTHING to lose weight in order to make it to the runway. I mean, this to me is a perfect storm that cultivates unhealthy thinking and ultimately major eating disorders.

It’s sad to see that the way these girls eat and workout isn’t for heath or fitness at all, but rather for external beauty, or what fashion magazines exemplify as external beauty. As gorgeous as these girls are, I feel very uneasy when I see people exercise for physical results only. It is just not everlasting and absolutely toxic to one’s health and one’s mind. Once you have your head thinking the wrong way, it is very difficult to dig yourself out of the hole to see the light again. EDs are much more mental disorders than anything.

Anyway, just wanted to share that video with you and show you that fitness trainers struggle, models struggle, and you struggle too. We all need to find our own balance and our own way of eating and training to be happy with ourselves. That is the ultimate goal. We need to glow from the inside! And that happens with a clean and healthy diet that you can stick to and workouts that you enjoy. The physical results that follow are just that…RESULTS THAT COME WITH the whole healthy lifestyle package.

Remember. Don’t suffer for beauty. Work hard for your physical, mental, and spiritual happiness – and everything else will fall into place.

Where do you think you are right now? Are you struggling? And do you relate to any of the things I listed above?

Have a wonderful holiday and Merry Xmas to those of you celebrating it!!!

<3 Cassey

  • Teela

    hey cassey i love all your post videos and more~ But what i really want to know is if you have school and hard to workout how do you?! Also show us what shampoos and stuff you use for your hair love it!!

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