So many updates! Where to begin…

Hey POPsters!

Wowzaaaa I have so much to tell you I don’t even know where to start! (This is a life post btw.) Well I’m gonna first begin by saying that I am blogging from a hotel room in LA at 1:23 am and I just painted my nails a pretty nude and sparkle color! Feeling like a snowflake today. There’s no good lighting in the room so I will instagram my nails tomorrow! Are you following me there yet? It’s so much fun! Find me @Blogilates!


So 12.16.12 finally came and with it, the debut of the very first POP Pilates DVD!!!!!!

pop pilates dvd smaller

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OMG the day has finally come. Can you believe it!!?? The first time you guys asked me for this was like over 2 years ago when I was just starting out on YouTube. I finally got myself together and filmed a wonderful routine for you in a gorgeous house on top of a hill in the East Bay. If you read the orig. post on this, you’d know that my parents filmed it! Hahaha. It’s def been a long journey and there have been a TON of bumps in the road like you wouldn’t even imagine, but the DVD is here thanks to you guys! Seriously, you helped shape and sculpt the final product. You chose the cover, you told me what moves you loved most, and voiced what you liked and didn’t like about POP Pilates through comments, tweets, and emails. I have slaved endlessly over this alongside family, POPsters, friends, and colleagues…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! If you knew me in school, they used to call me “Miss Perfect” because I would stay up super duper late putting finishing touches on a project even if it didn’t raise my grade any higher. I just wanted it to be perfect and beautiful! So…when you guys get this…I hope you think so too!

What’s included in the POP Pilates: Total Body Workout DVD?

  • Full 1 hr POP Pilates routine (just like if you were in a real live class with me!)
  • Double sided glossy printable to take with you anywhere
  • Music on/off option
  • Fan albums and bonus videos (really cool!)
  • Plays worldwide (so yes that means YOUR DVD PLAYER will accept it!)

I sent out a newsletter yesterday with a secret coupon code that will give you a nice discount for supporting the Blogilates Community and getting my first ever DVD! Sign up for the newsletter if you want it. Also, I want to note that this is a private presale for POPsters only from today until Dec 31st when it will be shipped. It goes pubs in the new year! So special pricing for you guys only…reserve your copy now and get it first!

Beginning Jan 1, 2013 the DVD will go back to normal price at $19.95!

Yay! So again, thank you guys for all of your support! I guess releasing a DVD for a fitness instructor or trainer is like a music artist releasing a new album! Kinda crazy huh? Speaking of crazy…I met Sam Tsui and Chester See a couple weeks ago!!! I asked Chester if I could use some of his music in our vids and he said yes! I’m hoping Sam will say the same but just waiting to hear back from him! They both were really cool, do you guys follow them? If not, you should! Great singers and musicians! I have been following Sam Tsui for a very long time so seeing him in person was so nuts! I was nervous but whatever, I got over it and introduced myself! I also hope to meet Ryan Higa one day and the whole YTF crew! He’s so funny and just wholesome good funny. Nothing crude or extremely political that it just goes over my head.

Who do you follow? Did I just go YouTube fangirl crazy on you right now? Sorry but those are great people I want to introduce you to!

Okay…I said this was gonna be a looooooong lifey type post so allow me to continue…

Well…you know I’ve been going to LA A LOTTTTT right? Like almost 2-3 times a month. For work. It’s been literally KILLING my diets and workouts and I really really REALLY hate traveling. I like being in new places but I HATE the act of traveling. Airplanes. Packing. Car rentals. Ugh. Ugh it all!

I wanted to move to LA when I first moved from Boston 1.5  years ago, but ended up in the SF Bay Area which was beautiful, (cold), but near mi familia. I went to middle school and high school in the bay so it was nice to be back on familiar grounds.

But POPsters! The time has come…

I just found an apartment in LA yesterday…and will be moving down to SoCal!


I’m really super happy and excited because I’ll be back where I grew up as a kid and went for college. I love LA and all that it offers (cept the traffic) and cannot wait to start anew down here. My main requirements when people asked me where I wanted to live were as follows:

  1. needs to be by a trader joes
  2. needs to be by a whole foods
  3. needs to be close to my gym
  4. nice neighborhood to run around

That’s it. Then I’d be happy.

And after daysssss of searching, I found the perfect place!

Hmmmm…I am not sure if I should be posting this because I didn’t tell my students at the gym yet…but umm…guys, if you are reading this…I’m telling you when I get back next week! That’s the one thing I hate about moving though…leaving my students. You create such a unique bond with your gym friends that takes a good amt. of time to build and flourish. To leave it…is just sad. Ugh.

But I guess that’s the whole reason why Blogilates is even here today! It started with me wanting to leave some videos for my LA students to work out to after I left for the East Coast.

Full circle huh?

And now we’re back in LA!

But you know what’s fun about moving? DECORATING!!!!!! I am a big Anthropologie FREAK and was browsing the store yesterday for bedding and fell in love…I cannot choose which one I should get. What do you guys think?

georgina bedding anthropologie

This is Georgina! I love the flowers.

rivulets bedding anthropologieAnd this is Rivulets. OMG ruffles galore.

Which do you like better? I can’t choose…help! I am also trying to decide what look I wanna go for in my new apt. I am thinking “beach cottage”. Do you think that’ll suit me? If you have any pinterest boards or looks you think I may like, please link me in the comments! Would love your design advice!

Okie dokie. I better get to bed. It’s been over an hour now. There is more exciting news to share later on. But I don’t wanna jinx anything by telling you too early! One thing at a time k? Just know I’m working hard for YOU!!!!

Happy Holidays and seriously guys…thanks so much for all of your love and enthusiasm for our community and for supporting me along this Youtube Pilates journey. You’re the best :)

<3 you,


PS – btw for those of you who noticed (bc I know you’re gonna comment on this) yes the cover had to undergo a last min change!

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    • Rahmi

      Hey CASSEY! Congrats (I guess it gonna capitalize your name since that’s how I have your folder- lol) Anyhow, congrats on the vid & the move! I’ve done the lights like that before, feels like your al fresco in Italy, love it…. and I personally like Rivulets if your going beach chic, … I’m going to figure out my Pinterest address and post it to you; I am just wrapping up a beach chic Reno of my own in my new house, I have a ton of great pins… Thanks for the workouts, the inspiration, and just sharing your life with us Popsters! May 2013 be all our best yet!
      Xoxo Rahmi

  • Camille

    I definitely love the flower one the most for a “beach cottage” and congrats on the DVD and the move! Your tan is going to be off the hook all year long ;D
    Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • Jamie

    I’m definitely going to your classes when you get set up here! I can’t wait!

  • Tiff

    Hi!! Will you be teaching in LA and, if so, where? I live in Irvine and would love to come to a class!

  • Nicki

    So happy for you. You deserve every success for all your hard work. I’m deffo getting your DVD, can’t wait!

  • Congrats on the DVD release & the move!! I actually just moved up to the Bay Area from LA so we just missed each other. ;) I’m totally digging your decor style. I WANT those comforters! Gorgeous!

  • Emerie

    Hey Cassey! I really want to be a very succesful interior designer one day, I’m currently 15 yrs old. Mine if I give you a little suggestion on the whole new apartment decorating situation? (:
    Okay so from watching all of your videos, you are always so neat, natural and just beautiful. I would suggest a ‘bohemian’ kind of theme, ya know what I mean? So you know, very plain yet capturing. Some examples are, neutral, pastel, organic colours for your walls and go a little adventurous with your decorations. Im not sure if you can paint your walls? If you cant, I hope you have a white or something plain coloured walls. Switch them, so adventurous yet natural decorations. Im so sorry I dont make sense, I know. If you want to really find really good and unique pieces, I recommend going to Thrift stores and I can ALMOST guarantee you, you’ll find something amazing. I always watch people from LA going thrift shopping and they always fine many awesome stuff!!! I live in Australia and we call it Op Shopping here.
    Okay I kinda went out of path there a bit, haha. So yeah, organic, natural bohemian theme I think would suit you best! I really hoped I helped even a little because I really love you so much. I wish I could help you. How fun would that be??! But then you might find me so weird and just walk away ): but i know you wouldnt :)
    Oh and also, Aztec print center rug under your future coffe table! Yayyyy for that!!
    Also, last thing I swear haha, have a look at some of the stuff on Tumblr that might inspire you and give you ideas about decorating.
    I love you so much Cassey! You are like my internet sister and I really just want to give you a hug right now for all the stuff you have done for us POPsters!
    Love always,
    Emerie <3

  • Rose

    Congratulations Cassey!! That is amazing that you’re moving to LA. I’m sure you’re gonna have a great time there. I would very much like to move there myself (not sure how I’m gonna do that from Europe but I’ll make it happen) so who knows, I might see you there :D You’re such a great person, you really deserve all these good things happening for you. Thanks for being a huge inspiration!

  • Sayaka

    Yay Cassey!!! I am very happy for you!

    Oh, and I love Ryan Higa! I follow his channel. His videos make me laugh. They are so hilarious. Very talented as well.

    I also follow this girl who talks about Bulimia Recovery. <===Because, well, I am trying to recover from it…

    Most of my channels that I follow on Youtube are health and fitness relates; such as LiveStrongWomen, Fitness Blender, Befit, etc. etc.

    I should probably follow someone other than fitness/ health.

    I do like Michelle Phan's videos. Wow she is talented.

    Anyways, back to answering your question, I like the Georgina covers more than the other one.

    I currently reside in Tokyo, Japan, so we do NOT have a Trader Joes or a Whole Foods… <== I know, what?! I really miss shopping there. Definitely my favorite grocery store.

    And the gym prices here are too expensive…and there are just no GREEN anywhere and too many buildings so the air seems polluted and eewww, not a great environment to walk or go on a jog outside… which is devastating…

    But on the bright side, Japan's traditional foods (not the americanized stuff) are healthy, and so yeah…I already forgot what I was going to say…but anyways…

    You are amazing Cassey and hope your move to LA goes smoothly!