The 1000 Workout – animated!











Oh jeez I love animated GIFS! Hahahaha they make me laugh bc it looks so ridic! I want you to try the 1000 Workout and let me know how long it takes you to complete it! Grab a friend and race! Now go burn dem calories! You can also get the printable here and take it with you to the gym!

Just watched the whole DVD today and cannot wait for you to see it! I’m so dying!!! I also wanted to let you guys know that you will have a special discount code to apply to the DVD on 12/16/12 when it releases EXCLUSIVELY to POPsters only on On 12/18/12 it will be available to the rest of the public, so y’alls get first dibs! I will announce the code on YouTube sometime this week. So make sure you’re subscribed to Blogilates and watch out for the special video!

Today I am doing a mini merchant fair thingy at my gym and my parents will be showcasing the oGorgeous bags plus Blogilates clothes alongside some other local businesses at ClubSport Fremont. If any of you wanna stop by and say hey girl hey, I’ll be there from 5:30-8:30pm!

2012 is nearly ending but we’re gonna end with a HUGE BANG! I have a surprise for ya. If everything goes as planned, each and every one of us POPsters will get a nice gift this holiday. I can’t tell you much more. But just pay attention to the weird questions I ask you on twitter and FB.

Much love and let me know your 1000 Workout time!!!

<3 Cassey


  1. Elle .S says:

    This took me 18 minutes, it was really hard and I was sweating like crazy but i’m very proud that i finished it. ^^

  2. This took me 23 minutes the first time. The burn was so good. Can’t wait to not get out of bed tomorrow!

  3. My first time doing this routine and it took me 25 minutes. My arms are jelly after the tricep dips and then holding my form for the hover Jacks!! gonna burn so good tomorrow!

  4. kristýna says:

    it takes mi 28 min

  5. Christine says:

    Doing 100 cobra push ups is not advisable for most people.. or anyone!!


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