Happy Small Business Saturday + VS Arm Printable

Hey POPsters!

Hope your weekend is going well! Wanna start off by saying I went to the mall and couldn’t find the Nikes I wanted :( I saw the highlighter frees but they were in size 8 and 8.5 so I sadly walked out of the factory store empty handed! I will try my luck online later today!

Happy Small Business Saturday! If you got the newsletter today I talked about why I believe we should all go out and support our community today. I was on the Stair Master yesterday listening to the news and the reporters were doing a story on how mom and pop shops are suffering because they have to compete with the big box retailers who can cut their price tickets by a ton to attract more customers to their stores. Some of the business owners said that if they can’t make it through this holiday season, they may have to close shop. I was really sad because I could see it in their eyes that their business wasn’t just a business, it was something they loved doing (some had owned their shop for over 35 years!), and the relationship between them, their products and the customer wasn’t just a transaction, it was about FRIENDSHIP.

With taxes going up next year, it’s gonna be hard for a lot of small biz owners to keep their head above water so I encourage you to go out and support your local designer, coffee shop barista, or bookshop owner. If you don’t have a little downtown area in your neighborhood, you can also support small biz owners online too! Etsy is a great place to support independent artists (they make tons of unique things) or you can also check out the awesome goodies your fave hard-working YouTuber makes ::hint hint::


Here’s your new Arm-slimming printable! Grab your weights and shape up those biceps, triceps, shoulders, and upper back! Just cuz it’s sweater season doesn’t mean you can stop toning up. Spring will be here before you know and you wanna shed that cacoon and turn into a pretty butterfly like POWWWW!!!

That was pretty cheesy. Umm, I think I’ll stop now.

Love you!

<3 Cassey