Working out after Thanksgiving!

Hey POPsters!

OMG how badly did you do last night at Thanksgiving? I feasted and it was lovely! Yummy yummy yummy! Now it’s time to hit the gym then shop. Or…shop then hit the gym. Actually I have not decided yet. I kinda wanna go to the Nike Factory store and see if they have any good deals on the Nike Frees. I want some new colors!!! I secretly want light powder blue and highlighter! Let’s see if I go though…I generally don’t like crowded malls but there’s just something about Black Friday that brings the whole world together!! Or well, at least it seems that way!

Here’s just a snapshot of the deals going down in the shop today:

Click here to see more!

Now let’s talk fitness! These are the two videos you MUST MUST MUST do! I challenge you to somehow fit both of these in your schedule today:

Oh this one’s a killah!

Just ate some turkey leftovers with a spinach salad and brown rice. You know, Thanksgiving isn’t really that bad food-wise it’s just that we tend to overeat! It’s okay though – once a year – and it’s good for your soul!

How was your Thanksgiving and did you get a good workout in yet?

Love you! Will let you know if I get any new Nikes…

<3 Cassey

  • Anna

    Hey Cassey! LOVE this workout! I would also appreciate if you could do a video with some intense stretching routine :)
    And i would just love a new whole body workout video!
    Thank you so much Cassey for keeping us motivated and fit!
    <3 Anna

  • Tracey

    Hi , Cassey
    Love your workouts, but I have a request do you have any suggestions for a office workout.
    Thanks Tracey

  • Boo, I want so yoga pants but you’re all out of my size! Haha, I guess I was unfortunately too slow for the sale(s). I would absolutely love to see some slim/skinny cut yoga in the future if possible!! <3

  • Andrea

    In my country, the Netherlands, we don’t celebrate thanksgiving. Too bad ;(

  • Hey cassey <3
    Love your blog and all the videos:)
    Lovely designs too :)

    jade :)