New Ab Workout + Food Jewelry!

Hey POPsters!

Here was your Monday video for the #NutsinNovember Calendar! ABTACULAR is the name of the vid and it is for sure…SPECTACULAR.

Yeah? Yeah? You like my play on words :)?

Slurping on some butternut squash soup today and really wanna make those easy oatmeal cookies again but I ate my last standing banana last night. Sigh, must make a market trip soon!

Speaking of bananas…make this banana pancake!

And then show your love for bananas (the most versatile fruit in baking ever) by wearing a banannerzzz necklace!

How cute are these lil guys!? OMG. I’m wearing the grapefruit in the video above and have yet to don each of these with a different outfit in my upcoming FOOD Bites videos! I’ve teamed up with my friend and fellow female artisan Sarah of KawaiiCulture to bring you an exclusive line of healthy food jewelry for POPsters only! These are meticulously hand crafted like mini works of art and look so realistic. The kiwi even has fake fuzz! Just makes me smile :)

Wearing one reminds me of how nature has given us the candy and the jewels to make life so much sweeter! These necklaces would really make great presents for the holidays and they are especially unique! I’ve never seen anything like it!

You can get em now on! To celebrate the new healthy food jewelry line, I am doing a giveaway on FB. Click here to enter – it’s so easy, you just have to tell me which one you want to win – and I am picking a winner on Black Friday!

Oh speaking of Black Friday there’s gonna be a RIDIC sale on so watch out for a newsletter! You better be all signed up!!!! It’s gonna get cray cray!!!!

<3 you so much! Lemme know in the comments below which fruit necklace steals your heart!



  1. Great workout! Perfectly fit to those who want to have an abs. The banana pancakes also look delicious and healthy. And oh by the way, I like your necklace as well. :)

  2. All of my favorite recipes I have found on There are a lot of amazing pre and post workout meals. Everything is very healthy and low calorie :)

  3. Love your videos! but I have to make a request, could you do a video for abs that go easy with the neck? I suffer of neck pains and do a chruch it’s almost imposible for me and it’s hard to find rutines without it.
    P.S. I love the blueberry necklace

  4. Hey Cassey
    Loving the necklace!
    Do you know if I can follow your blog through the wordpress platform?
    I love you blog and I also have one and I don’t know if I can follow yours.

  5. OMG Cassey, I love you. The triple ups KILLED me… not to mention the sevens. Great workout!

  6. I love anything abtastic :) Thanks for the amazing videos!! Keep them coming!

  7. Cassey could you do a workout to get smaller boobs??i can’t find any,and suddendly after i started being very active my boobs got bigger:( and i hate it!help! <333

  8. I want the banana one and the blueberry one! They are sooo cute (the blueberry one looks so real!) , and bananas are my favorite fruit :)

  9. love how you post exercises and healthy food choices and snacks.

  10. Hey Cassey,

    I LOVE THESE! such an adorable idea!! I’m partial to the coconut one! who doesn’t love tropical fruit?! Thanks so much for all your healthy recipes!

    Kristie (

  11. LOVE the avocado necklace! I am an avo addict and could happily eat a whole avocado every day :)

    On a totally unrelated note, I’m currently loving “Closer” by Tegan and Sara, and would love to see a work out to that song if it’s fast enough :)

  12. Oh my gosh! These are so cute. The artist did a great job!
    I want them all. The blueberry, Kiwi and Coconut are the best! :)


  13. Hi Cassey-

    I love all of those necklaces! My fav would probably be the strawberry. I was wondering, could you do more giveaways that don’t include social media because I don’t have a facebook or twitter but I would really like to win a necklace. Thanks!

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