Easiest Healthiest Cookie Recipe in the World!

Hey POPsters!

I have a new recipe for you that will blow your mind! When you’re craving the sweets and just don’t know how what to reach for…this is it. Seriously, this is it! This cookie recipe is just as easy as the 2 ingredient banana pancakes recipe.

INGREDIENTS: 1 banana. 1 cup dry oats. That’s it! 2 ingredients. You can add berries if you want but it is totally not necessary at all. I am using fresh cranberries which are very tart, but if you would like something sweeter, add raisins or craisins.

Mush everything in a bowl with your hands then scoop onto a cookie sheet! Or foil like I used here.

Bake at 350F for 15-20 min or until slightly golden.

BAM. It’s a cookie. What.

TASTE? AMAZING!!!! It tastes soooo good and it is the easiest darn cookie I have ever made in my life. No added sugars. All natural ingredients. I mean, wow. Bananas are magic. This recipe was inspired by my YouTube friend Davey Wavey who made an oatmeal raisin cookie video a few weeks ago. I may have to do a video too!

Enjoy and please share with all of your friends! Maybe even make a batch for your family this Thanksgiving! I’m thinking the craisin version would be very delicious.

Tweet or instagram me your pics! Hashtag it #easycookie if you do so I can find your creations! My usernames on both is @blogilates.

Love you guys! Have a fab Monday! 2 more weeks of #NutsinNovember. Let’s go HARD!!!!!

<3 Cassey