Easiest Healthiest Cookie Recipe in the World!

Hey POPsters!

I have a new recipe for you that will blow your mind! When you’re craving the sweets and just don’t know how what to reach for…this is it. Seriously, this is it! This cookie recipe is just as easy as the 2 ingredient banana pancakes recipe.

INGREDIENTS: 1 banana. 1 cup dry oats. That’s it! 2 ingredients. You can add berries if you want but it is totally not necessary at all. I am using fresh cranberries which are very tart, but if you would like something sweeter, add raisins or craisins.

Mush everything in a bowl with your hands then scoop onto a cookie sheet! Or foil like I used here.

Bake at 350F for 15-20 min or until slightly golden.

BAM. It’s a cookie. What.

TASTE? AMAZING!!!! It tastes soooo good and it is the easiest darn cookie I have ever made in my life. No added sugars. All natural ingredients. I mean, wow. Bananas are magic. This recipe was inspired by my YouTube friend Davey Wavey who made an oatmeal raisin cookie video a few weeks ago. I may have to do a video too!

Enjoy and please share with all of your friends! Maybe even make a batch for your family this Thanksgiving! I’m thinking the craisin version would be very delicious.

Tweet or instagram me your pics! Hashtag it #easycookie if you do so I can find your creations! My usernames on both is @blogilates.

Love you guys! Have a fab Monday! 2 more weeks of #NutsinNovember. Let’s go HARD!!!!!

<3 Cassey


  1. Yay CLEAN FOOD! says:

    These are about 70 calories per cookie if you make a batch of 8 cookies. That means that about 3 cookies is 210 calories. These are actually a great idea for on the go breakfast balls!!!

  2. I did half dark choc chip and half cranberries, and they turned out pretty okay :) I think I need more banana next time and to mash the banana before putting with oats as it ended with with a tiny bit of banana spread between everything to hold things together and some big chunks! haha but that’s probably my cooking.
    I’m keen to make these again especially since I can some dark choc chips and not feel too bad about eating it!

  3. Gays add some cinnamon to this recipe it makes it a 1000 times better !

  4. I just made them and i added semisweet chocolate chips..but are they still guilt free ?

  5. I made the cookies and there so good, but how many calories have???

    • No clue about the individual cookie, but assuming that you’re using quick oats, which are 150 cals per half cup, and a medium banana, which is 100 cals, I’d say the entire batch would be 400 calories.

  6. Just made these and added vanilla extract and goji berries too, literally so yummy! Yey to guilt free cookies :) Thanks so much for the fab recipe!!

    • Well I know this reply is kinda late, but you would have to figure out how many calories were in the oatmeal you used. Which was probably 150 calories. Plus 1 banana. Which is 105. So in all, probably 255 cal. Which isn’t THAT bad.

  7. Just made those cookies this morning and I have to say they are reeeeaaally good and so simple to prepare. I added some dried berries. I’ll make them again for sure! :) Thank you for this great recipe!!

  8. lystra says:

    Can I replace the banana? I am allergic to them is there another fruit that would give me the same result?

    • Hey, I just made then with pear and they worked great! The mixture was a lot wetter than the banana ones but when cooked they were softer and sweeter and I actually preferred them! I used about 60g of oats to 1 pear… So maybe 3/4 cup? (I’m not too sure sorry) but just add them till the consistency looks the same as in the pictures on this recipe :) hope this helps! (they also worked out at less calories so win win!)

  9. Patti Dalzell says:

    Just made these and they are AWESOME! I used a large cookie scoop and then flattened them out. It made nine cookies. Perfect for me! My husband had one and said it needed some spices, but I think they are great just the way they are. Thanks so much!

  10. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

    I wonder, when you make them for breakfast, how many servings does this recipe yields?

    Cheers to you all!

    • Hi, I made these today and I scooped them out using a heaped tablespoon which made 7 cookies.
      Hope this helped :)

  11. i have made these easy cookies in the microwave before and they taste good ( however i feel like its more steamed ) . But they taste even better in a sand which press if your to lazy to use your oven and it make less dishes dirty !

  12. I’m making some with regular rolled oats, and some with instant oatmeal, with no added sugar. I also added some some cinnamon to both. We’ll see how they turn out!

    • Well, they were okay. They tasted better with a bit of butter. ;)

      • I actually experimented with this cookie recipe and the peanut butter cookie recipe so many times over the summer. My favorite combo was peanut butter and ground instant oatmeal (the kind that has the flavoring in it). I added some steel cut oats for texture purposes. It was really yummy and so crazy easy. I just popped them in the oven when I had a nice batter and it worked!!

  13. I haven’t tried this before, but it sounds like a great, guilt – free cookie! :D

  14. I baked these cookies and they didn’t taste of much at all :( was slightly disappointed :(

    • I always add cinnamon and nutmeg to mine; it adds some flavor without adding sugar, and I definitely would rather have dried fruit than fresh because it adds sweetness also. Hope that helps!

  15. They´re the best :D. I made them and it was sooo quick, tasty and I felt so good after because I knew that it´s healthy ! :D

  16. These are SERIOUSLY GOOD with chocolate chips. You can also add chopped dried fruit for even more amazing-ness. :D

  17. These taste so amazing and decadent if you add some semi-sweet or dark choc chips! Best eaten hot out of the oven. They will blow your mind!!

  18. Found THE perfect way to make this! Mix ingrediants together, microwave for 30 seconds, and flip the cookie over, then microwave for anouther 10-15 seconds. Serve with vanilla or greek yogurt! HEAVENLY!!

  19. Hey I’m doing weight watchers and wandering what the nutritional info for this recipe would be. Like how many points would it be per cookie?


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