Stiletto Leg Workout Printable!

Hey POPsters!

Here is your sexy stiletto printable! This workout is soooo much fun – I loved seeing the heels you tweeted me! Print this, pin this, share it, and do it! It’ll really help sculpt your legs into irresistibly toned works of art! Hehe.

You can do the full video here with me.

Today I am taking some pics with some awesommmeeee new stuff for the Blogilates store! Gonna be introducing jewelry, scarves, weight lifting gloves, and lots of pretty things for winter! I know you will love love love. I’m collaborating with other women designers to bring you the cutest of the cutest in healthy fit gear. I love it when people can help each other. I’m talking about you do what you do best, I do what I do best, and we both end up synergistically working together to make wonderful things happen!

This LA trip is coming to an end but I have soooo much more to tell you. I’ll show you a vlog on BlogilatesTV later about the YouTube Space LA place and my taping at BeFit with Mari. It was all exciting but tiring and I cannot wait to go home and get back to the usual sched. Traveling is such a pain. Me no likey. Do you guys like traveling? I don’t like the act of it…I like being in a new place. But it’s all about routine. Once I’m off my routine, I feel like blaaaahhhhhh.

Ok well off to take pics! Love you guys!

<3 Cassey

  • Audrey

    My calves are quite bulky… Can I still do this exercise?
    If Cassie cannot reply to it, maybe Popsters could :)!
    Have a nice day everyone!

    • Audrey

      I think that’s okay because the workout has some “streches”. :)

  • Hui

    Lol, I don’t know why but I was half expecting a “Bendddd and snap!” move in the middle there :P Great workout!

    • Mishy

      Oh my gosh! I was thinking the exact same thing!!!

  • Elisabeth

    I love love love this workout!!
    You should do one to “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé!!!!!!

    Thank you! :) <3

  • Oh my gosh! THANK YOU!
    I literally just bought a pair of stiletto’s and I quickly went looking all over online to find a workout that involved wearing them and could never find any, or there were some other reasons as to why it just didn’t work out for me.

    These are great exercise moves!
    Great post Cassey! :)