VS Angel Arms Workout!

Hey guys!!

Been trying to keep up with new vids and posts while traveling and it’s really hard :( but thank goodness your Thursday routine is up in time! Woot woot!!!!

It’s the VS Angel Arm workout and I am so sure you will LOVE THIS to pieces. All you need are your dumbbells and it will burn burn baby burn.

Also…guess what!!????

Tomorrow I am meeting the woman who inspired me to start Pilates.

Mari Windsor.




I first bought her DVD off an infomercial when I was 16, training for a pageant. She was the one who first taught me about the powerhouse and sucking MY belly button in. (If you’re tracking my story, Ana Caban also was very influential in the beginning stages. Ana was my 2nd DVD ever and Mari was my first.)

It all feels so surreal…but in just several hours I will be doing a live segment on the BeFit YouTube channel, Nov 15th at 3PM PST/6PM EST on how to stay fit at any age! I’ll be repping the 20’s, Rainbeau Mars 30’s, Ashley Borden 40’s, and Mari Windsor 50’s.

Will you please watch?!!??? AHHH!!! I’m nervous and do not know what to tell Mari…she really really was the first person EVER to introduce me to Pilates. And like, Pilates is my life now. It is who I am!!! Oh geez, what do I tell her?! Excited. Happy. Can’t stop smiling :) I just want to be able to chat with her is all and I hope we get along.

Okay…well I better get to bed.

Talk to you later guys and will update you on the deets tomorrow! Much love,

<3 Cassey

  • Kay

    I have never smiled so much during a work out… I have never been so positive about exercise.
    Thank you!!

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  • Maria

    I usually love your videos but the morning after I did this one I woke up with really bad pain in my elbows and I can’t bend or extend them. :( Were my dumbbells too heavy? I used 8-pounders.

  • katie

    my arms are for sure the weakest part of my body, and quite frankly I try to avoid working on them all together cause i hate it. but I tried this video and OMG. i promise i will repeat this over and over until i have skinny sexy strong arms. not even joking. Probably the best arm workout youve made by far ! love it.

  • ash

    I LOVE YOU! The video was awesome – every time I wanted to give up you were right there going “NUH UHHH don’t stop now!!!”

  • teilzeitDAU

    i love this new dumbbell routine!

    i started to feel that my body was getting used to the moves in bikini 4 and 7 so i’m really glad you filmed a new routine w/ dumbbells! :)
    your no-equipment vids are great, too (never ever & payphone challenge, wowww! my tris really are my weak spot). But sometimes you just want to use them weights, right?
    so now we have a new routine to take to the gym! #keepingourmusclesconfused #melikey

  • Ju

    Just finished the BeFit Live video. You looked a bit awestruck to be in her presence. Thanks for posting this video. I’m going to try it out this weekend.

    • teilzeitDAU

      i watched it too, stayed up late (no US timezone over here, lol) and now i’m super tired but whatevs:)

      you did great, Cassey :) i enjoyed watching the stream a lot!

      it was a shame though that they alotted so little time for it, don’t you think? it was a really interesting (and fun) discussion, but it seemed to me that you guys were always in a bit of a hurry, probably in order to fit in as many questions as possible – which is perfectly understandable.

      i don’t mean to criticize you, it just shows that i could’ve listened to your discussion for much much longer than this :)

      • yea it was rushed! but it was fun. thanks for staying up to watch girl!! <3

  • Monika

    OMG THAT’S SO EXCITING!! So happy for you Cassey! <33 and holy poop my arms felt like they were going to just fall off after that.. It.Was.Great. I lovelovelove you AND your workouts, you make it so much more fun and I look forward to it everyday! <3 Cant wait for the next vid!

  • Aki

    I just did this VS Angel Arms Workout!!! I loved it :D Gotta do it again soon!!! How about a workout for inner thighs???

    I hope you have a great time with Mari :)

    I always enjoy watching your vids and posts on FB and Twitter, Cassey!!!

  • carla

    thanks, babe. love that burn. :) keep it up.

    um…. next time…. angel butt?

  • Lauren

    I vote hamstrings for the next workout!

  • Hi Cassey, that is so exciting you get to meet Mari Winsor, we love her Pilates DVD’s. You have really made it! Keep doing what you do best, and you are now my inspiration!

  • That is amazing you are meeting Mari Winsor we love her Gaiam DVD’s. Way to go Cassey you have really made it. Keep doing what you do, you are now an inspiration to me! :)

  • Brittany

    Hi Cassey! Love your videos and can’t wait till your DVD comes out. I have a question that I wasn’t sure where else to post. Can you make a video that is a complete workout? I know you say that you build our muscles but cardio is what will burn the fat. So should we do a cardio workout then pilates or vice versa? If you could make a complete workout vid that would be awesome!

  • Pam

    Loved this workout! My arms are on fire. Glad I did it after my swim today, otherwise I may have drowned in the pool! ;)

  • Anna

    Awwwww! So happy for you!!!! Mari Windsor’s pilates was my introduction to pilates as well! I was curious, so I searched for pilates on google video and some of her stuff came up. After a while, I wanted to try some new videos and a different instructor and that is how I found you!

  • Sam

    wow, that is SO exciting! congrats cassey! I remember doing windsor pilates when i was like…10! I saw my mom doing it and wanted to copy her :) I remember extending my back vertabrae by vertabrae and her saying it would make me stand taller! Maybe that’s why at age 21 I’m 5’10”! Anyways I just think that is so cool :) have fun with it!

  • teilzeitDAU

    oh btw: talking about burn burn baby burn:

    today “the roof is on fire” was on the radio and i though, hm, this could actually quite nicely be turned into a song challenge!

    my butt, my butt, my butt is on fiyah!!

    wondering if there’s a clean version of the song though.. :)

  • teilzeitDAU

    3pm PST is midnight where i live. i will have to get up at like 5am tomorrow morning but whatevs, i’m so gonna stay up late tonight and tune in to your live stream! :)

  • Caroline Frawley

    Yay!! Good for you Cassey. I’m so excited for you and you deserve every success and happiness xxx

  • dee

    Best 4am workout. ever. So glad this is up because I was hoping to get a good arm workout in today!

  • That’s 11pm GMT! Will try and watch but may be on bed :) did your total body toning Pilates video on YouTube (livestrongwoman) last night and loved it! Will definitely be trying the rest :) xx

  • Miss M

    ” I’m nervous and do not know what to tell Mari…she really really was the first person EVER to introduce me to Pilates.”

    That! Tell her THAT! I bet she’d be delighted. She was my first intro to Pilates too. Very inspirational lady.