Trader Joes Food Haul!

Hey POPsters!

Here is my new Trader Joes food haul video! I had so much fun grocery shopping. It’s like literally one of my most favorite things to do. What’s even better than shopping at TJ’s or Whole Foods though is Farmer’s Market shopping in the summer! OMG. Best ever. Buying fresh food locally under the sun? Yes please!

Just some brussel sprouts action!

Wow, so the DVD cover contest is over! Side Plank by Diandra won the popular votes contest (thanks to everyone who voted) but now, I must consult with the friends, other fitness professionals, and my family to see what they think and tally it all up. It’s 50% your votes and 50% judges’ scores. Once we make that decision (soon) I will let you know who the winner is and who gets a new graphic design gig, new oGorgeous gym bag, and the chance to have their work published on the first ever POP Pilates DVD to be distributed world wide! Oh man. Fun times ahead!

Also…was wondering if we have some entrepreneurs out there making cool things that are also POPsters? If you have a store (or maybe your friend or sister) link to your/their online shop place it in the comments below and tell me what it is you make. I’ll tell you more later if this vision comes to fruition ;)

Okay time to sleep! Talk to you more when I post the new Livestrongwoman Pilates Bootcamp video!

<3 Cassey

Oh! BTW – what else should I buy for my next food haul? Anything weird or crazy?


  • Hi Cassey! I love your blog!! ps- I have gotten addicted to tea recently too. I quit coffee and feel SO much better.

    I’m on my way to being an entrepreneur..I think?! I have a t-shirt shop online at But have some big plans to work on over my winter break…my mom is a tailor, so we plan on making some cool gym bags and totes. I also plan on designing some cute planners. I hope my dreams end up happening where that is concerned!

    I am also a health and fitness blogger…feel free to check out my blog! =)

  • Marleah Edwards

    Hey Cassie!! Im also a fan of tomato soup!! Im especially a big fan of Sophia Dahl’s version, roasted tomato and thyme soup! check it out, i think you’d like it:

  • Kody

    When you go buy food at supermarkets like trader joes and stuff do you look for non-GMO products or not care about the fact?

  • Kelsey C.

    Another option to the black bean dip I tried is Trader Joe’s Red Pepper spread. It has a sweet hint to it and is mildly spicy. Soo goood, it goes good with everything, even pasta

  • Cassie, I can’t wait to hear what you’re cooking up. I am actually quite a DIY-er, but I haven’t actually opened shop yet. Check out some of my fitness-related DIYs here:

    Mantra workout towels:
    Mantra bleach painting:

  • Mahima

    you look BEAUTIFUL with a mid part in your hair. You look AMAZING with
    any type of hairstyle, but this one really makes you features stand out!
    Great haul, btw!


    • thanks for letting me kno! im so scared of middle parts usually but i said what the heck

  • I love your food haul this week! I came home yesterday to my old roommate making our new roommate creamy tomato soup and grilled cheese. It totally united them, it was adorable.

    I’m an entrepreneur trying to get to the place you are where I can live my passion full time. My work can be found at — perfect for showing off everyone’s new blogilates body!

  • Mary

    I just recently moved to an area with a Trader Joes. It’s been fun picking up healthier foods there. I’m pondering buying all my groceries there and trying to eat mostly organic foods.

    I’m a portrait artist and I accept commissions via my blog. :)

  • Tamara

    Haha the way you said “rooibos” was sooo funny. The first time you said it, it was the right way to pronounce it btw (I’m Dutch, so I know ;)) We drink it a lot in Holland, it’s so good and healthy!

  • Katie

    What is your opinion on cactus pears? I bought some at the store the other day, curious about them. I didn’t like it, but wasn’t sure if I was eating when it was ripe or if I should cook with it (I just ate it raw).

  • Looove the color of your pants! Purple is awesome :) Where are they from??

  • Noa

    You should try carob spread! It’s EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!!!!!

  • Hi Cassey!! TJ’s is so the best :)

    I don’t own the company, but I work for, and we do athletic apparel (a lot of shirts & headgear) with a focus on moisture wicking material…great stuff :)

  • Hey Cassey!

    I make typography prints & digital paintings:

  • Awesome food haul video! I just made my shopping list for next Sunday. Hope to find some of these goodies at my Trader Joe’s. Been a little rough out here on the east coast because of Sandy but hoping things will get better soon.

  • Yellow tomatoes are the best! I really like the wasabi flavoured seaweed snacks because it helps me to slow down when I eat them.
    I complain a lot about not having access to the same things in Canada as they have in America, but now I feel lucky that I can have all these interesting foods that you find so surprising on a regular basis.
    Last night I made pumpkin chips! Thinly slice pumpkin, spray with Pam, sprinkle with seasoning, bake in the oven at 375F for about 12 minutes, flipping halfway. Yum!

  • Sharon Lim

    Hi Cassey and POPsters!

    I recently discovered an app called PEPPERPLATE, and it’s great for those who LOVE to cook and Grocery shop! ;) Pepperplate hels you organize your recipes and shopping lists! Download it, it’s super easy to use, and it’s so so convenient! (it also works on the laptop too!)

  • Catriona

    Hi Cassey!
    Looks like you got some good stuff at TJ’s! I wish we had one where I live!

    I just started an Etsy shop “Harmonious Headware”
    I’m selling knitted headbands and am planning on adding some stretchy fabric headbands for working out and some hats soon!

    Anyway, thanks for everything that you do, you are so fantastic!!!


  • Caitlin

    Cassey!! I can’t get the November Calendar!
    I have been signed up for the newsletter for months now but I have typed it in a bunch of times and copied & pasted it but the page just refreshes itself! No calendar, no image, no download NNNOOOO I am already 5 days behind! HELP ME!

    • Asha

      The ! in the last newsletter is supposed to be a 1…… idk which one you’re using, but the password in the first newsletter worked for me…

  • Rena

    So every time I watch your videos it makes me smile because you’re so happy all the time and smiling :))

  • Cory

    Hi Cassie! I love you so much and your blog is my favorite! I am on it all the time :) you and chocolate covered Katie lol! But yes I do have my own business! I am 16 years old and my 13 year old friend and I have started a baking business. We are called Cutie Pies Bakery Products. My passion is fitness and healthy living but my sweet tooth is inevitable! I know when I want a sweet treat I want it to be homemade and decadent! That is what my friend and I try to accomplish. We specialize in custom cakes and cupcakes all made from scratch! No box mixes or anything pre made. Also, we have never taken a class. We are self taught and invent our own flavors and cake designs!

    Search “cutie pies bakery” in Facebook
    Our email is [email protected]
    Our instagram is – cutiepiesbakery

    Please check us out! :) xoxo

  • Sarah


    I love Trader Joe’s and seeing what other people buy there.

    I have an Etsy store where I sell handmade children’s clothing and hair accessories!
    Here is the link!

  • HI

    I love Trader Joe’s! I always find it fascinating what other people buy there!

    Here is a link to my Etsy Store. I make children’s clothing and hair accessories!

  • Puffinclaire

    My favourite way to eat brussels sprouts is with chestnuts. Steam the chestnuts until they’re almost cooked then half or quarter them if they’re large ones and saute them in a little olive oil with lots of sliced pre-cooked chestnuts. It’s delicious!

  • Jane

    do a VS workout series pplease, cassey!
    bodyparts: – Candice Swanepoel’s waist (IMPOSSIBLY INHUMANE/GODDESSLIKE)

    adriana & doutzen do a super intense boxing workout by this guy:

    There is some workout on youtube where he trains the angels, go see think u’ll find it interesting…

  • Sayaka

    I live in Japan, so we do not have a trader joes or Whole foods. Which makes me sad..When I was living in the states I would always go to Trader Joes and Whole foods.

    I love tea. It definitely does calm me down.
    We have a lot of NORI (seaweed) in Japan :)

  • ali

    Rooibos, pronounced ‘roo-boss’ is a South African tea; lots of health benefits and caffeine free :) Thanks for the very entertaining vid Cassey, as always!!