VS Model Ab Workout, Gym Buddies & new stuff!

Hey POPsters!

How goes it!?

Did you get a chance to try the new Victoria’s Secret Model Ab Workout yet? This one is really really fun because it’s chuck full of good moves and good music! I’ve been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately, so naturally, she made it into this workout!

I used: “I Knew You Were Trouble” by Taylor from her album RED, then “Die Young” by Ke$ha, and “Let Me Love You” by Ne-Yo.

Having good music REALLY makes working out so much more fun!!!

And you know what else is fun? The end of the video. This is what I do after I film your workouts :) Cept…I kept the camera rolling this time when my playlist looped.


And I did something interesting yesterday. One of my friends was telling me how awesome it is to have a workout buddy to keep you accountable at the gym and to push you harder. I hear about this all the time but personally, I do not have one. If my sister were here, she’d be my workout buddy! Our levels are about the same and I like to so weight training whereas she likes to do cardio so we can push each other in our weaker areas. Well anyway, my friend told me – have you ever thought of just asking someone? I was like uhhh no that’s weird! What!? Who!!!

Well, I started noticing this girl who lifted the same time that I do everyday. She’s always by herself and we interacted a few times before so I took a deep breath and said what the heck. She seemed nice. I guess this is how guys feel when they have to ask girls out on dates!?

So I went up to her and basically asked if she wanted to be my workout buddy.


Yea legit.

That’s exactly what I did.

And you know what? It was totally fine! We exchanged numbers and emails and who knows, our chemistry may match, or not, but at least I can give it a try! Maybe this will make my workout routines more diverse.

Ah! And just came out with some new stuff on the store! Look!

You just gotta keep reminding yourself of that! PUSH PUSH PUSH!!! Sore today Strong tomorrow tank.

BEAST MODE. Is it on!?? It better be!! Beastin tank.

A classic. But now with new fonts and on a slim fitting shirt! Train Insane or Remain the Same tank.

Don’t forget to use your 10% off code “THANKS10” this month which lasts until end of day 11/22. I know I put 10/22 on the calendar and a bunch of other places but I wasn’t thinking! (I made it at 4am)  Obvi it’s 11/22 expiration date and you have all month and you can use the code as much as you want! Great way to stock up for the holidays!

Speaking of holidays I went on a Trader Joes shopping spree yesterday and spent about $43 (usually my bill is $25) and am about to film a food haul! I haven’t bought this much in a while! I ended up buying cool new things to try.

Also, there’s a mini announcement I’ve been meaning to make. It’s kind of big news and I need to tell you – hope you won’t be upset!

I have decided to delay my bikini comp for a bit. I don’t think I can hit January hard the way I wanted it to. There are a few things going on in my personal and professional life that need attention and I was starting to get super crazy stressed out with the contest date shouting at me.

The competition should be something fun to train for. I was finding myself literally LOOKING to find time to sleep and my trainer was telling me that sleep was just as important as the dieting and the exercising. It was a hard decision to make because I’ve wanted to do this Jan comp since last year but it looks like I need to pick a date a couple months after that or something. Yea, I’m pretty sad but what’s the point of competing if I can’t reach my peak level, do better than last time, and not have fun while training <– it’s about the journey. And I wanna enjoy the journey and if I can’t at the least do that, I need to step back and analyze the situation.

It’s kinda hard for me to tell you guys because I feel like I am letting you down. But I hope not because I want you to know that in life, decisions have to be made, and priorities have to be set. Originally I said the comp was a bday present to myself. It’s ok, I can have my bday present in Feb or March. No biggie.

Either way, still eating as clean as possible but not sticking 100% to my bikini diet plan that I wrote out. Right now I will focus on mass building so that when I begin to lean out you’ll see more defined musculature.

So yeah – there it is! I’ve been sitting on this decision for a few weeks now.

I feel relieved actually…which is a good sign that I delayed the comp.

Well! Fun things ahead for the Blogilates Community, more great vids, and lots of other stuff I can’t really tell you about right now! But I’m working hard like a crazy person and I’m loving every second of it. Seeing your nice comments, your smiling pics (or your sweaty pics), your cute tweets, and awesome Instagram tags makes it all worth it.

Love you guys! Have a fab weekend! Off to film now!

<3 Cassey


Clothing in VS Model Ab Workout: Paraty tank and Blast capri from

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    No lies when I say you’re the best Cassey <3