Voting time! POP Pilates DVD Cover Finalists!

Hey POPsters!

Thank you to all of our talented artists and designers for submitting your DVD cover entries this past month! I’ve been watching the submissions daily and soooo appreciate the hard work, effort, and time you put in to making our first DVD together. It really means so much to me!

It was soooooo hard to narrow down the top entries because there were so many awesome covers, but here are the five that resonated with me most and gave off the best Blogilates vibes! Take a look:

A: Orange Bokeh by Tina Alessi

B: Night Sparkle by Shayna Kellie

C: As Seen On YouTube by Victoria Breton

D: Side Plank by Diandra Mezta

E: Warm Citrus by Suzanne Lee Sunwoo

Now…I need your help POPsters! We need to pick the final cover together! Take a moment to look over the entries again and make your vote. Which do you like best?

The voting begins now and will end Sunday Nov 4th, 2012 at 11:59pm PST. Total scoring and final cover winner will be based on 50% community votes and 50% judging by me and my closest friends and family on a 1-10 scale (1 being not representative of Blogilates to 10 – my cup runneth over with Blogilates!)

Thanks for helping me make this decision. I love that we are doing this together! Everything…everything, we always do it as a team and as a community! We’re stronger and smarter that way. I value your opinion and thoughts so much. Also, comment and let me know if you have other ideas or suggestions. <3 Cassey

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  • N

    Definitely c–you have a tone of great info on YouTube, and you should plug that. Plus this cover is fun, which is why I keep coming back to your channels. Would you be able to use any names of the other media that have showcased you, e.g., magazines? Or some how flag your incredible stats from YouTube on the cover?

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  • Gessica


  • Nicole

    D, Side Plank!

  • Jami Lyn

    C- As seen on youtube =] <3

  • Lindsay

    I wish there was some way to combine C and D…

    i keep bouncing between the two. lol but leaning towards C.

  • Maricella

    I like D because it different, all the workout DVDs I see they’re almost all doing the same pose. yours needs to stand out. I do however like how C says as seen on YouTube but D is a winner for me.

  • Ana Keilhauer

    Definitely C!!! I love it! The design is stunning!
    I like E too :)
    Please Cassey make it available internationally!
    (ehem, in Guatemala, ehem)

  • Nicole J T Stanislas

    D – Side Plank

  • Kristen Enns


  • ashley miller

    I am loving the side plank one

  • Kris

    I like C, but think you should be facing the cover or doing a pilates , not looking away. I like this one because a lot of your fans FOUND you on youtube. This will help them make the connection:o) Also, POP Pilates should be bigger, again, this is how many know you :o)
    Good luck choosing! I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  • D. Side plank!

  • Amanda

    D-Side Plank
    I like that this one shows one of the moves that will be used in the workout! Not a lot of people know that POP Pilates is Pilates set to pop music (many think it’s something different) so showing them that classic Pilates moves will be used clears up some confusion. So excited to buy my own! <3 <3 <3

  • Bridget

    C – As Seen on YouTube.

    I like this one because some of the other covers make it look a little too pleasant and relaxing, instead of the energetic and exciting sweatfest that it is!

  • Brenee

    Well, while I don’t think the coloring is the most attractive, and some of the fonts should be tweeked to grab the attention and set the phrase apart…. The “As Seen On YouTube” says what it should say! The pic is cute, and shows the personality that awaits the viewer, but I’m not sure what you’re pointing it. If you were pointing at a POP bubble with a stand out phrase it would be even better. But the maker of the cover did a good job including YouTube!!

  • Elina