#NutsInNovember Calendar! Get password when u sign up 4 the newsletter!

Hey POPsters!

Just finished up creating your November Calendar! This month I am challenging you to more of a total body slammin’ type of workout instead of splitting it by body part. This way if you skip a workout, you’ll be okay because you’re working every muscle nearly every day!

Also, there’s an element of improvement and progression with this calendar. On Mondays and Thursdays, not only do you get a new video from Livestrongwoman and from me, respectively, but you are also asked to do the 1000 workout and the 20/20 workout…TIMED. Yes. You must time yourself and I want you to try to beat your time every week. You should see yourself getting stronger and faster and fitter! I’d love to see you tweet me your times!

Additionally, there’s a “Food of the week” that I want you to try in at least one of your meals that week. If you already have it in your diet, make it a creative way you’ve never ate it before. If you’ve never had it…just eat it! You may fall in love with a new healthy food friend :)

This month, it is Thanksgiving in the US and as a thanks to you guys for being the best POPsters in the world…I am extending a 10% discount off all products in the oGorgeous.com or ShopBlogilates.com store. If you’re waiting for more neon hoodies, the answer is yes, they will be back soon! Just use the code “thanks10″ at checkout and you’re good.

Finally, like I did last month, I made a beautiful supplemental food/feelings/fitness journal to coordinate with this month’s calendar! I was definitely feeling the maroons and violets this autumn, so I made sure the background for your calendar and journal made you feel the loveliness of Fall. November’s supplemental journal comes with:

  • 5 weeks of food journaling
  • the #nutsinnovember calendar
  • the treadmill shredmill workout printable (you’ll need this on friday)
  • the shuffle-a-truffle workout printable (you’ll need this on friday)

You can get it here on ShopBlogilates.com. Once you buy it, you’ll be emailed a download link immediately! Super duper easy and will help you stay on track for sure! Hope you guys like it :)

Congrats for finishing off #OMGOctober strong like beasts while looking like beauties! Let’s kill #NutsinNovember! Can’t wait to read all your tweets!

What do you think of the new calendar? Do you like that I kept the check boxes for the vids?



  1. Thank you, I have recently been searching for info about this subject for a while and yours is the greatest
    I have discovered till now. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you certain about the source?

  2. love this calander!! like everything about it. :)

  3. I’m absolutely loving this calendar! I was just wondering re: cardio day, as I don’t have access to a treadmill and it’s difficult for me to go for runs (due to problems with my knees), would it be as effective to do say, 4x of your cardio/HIIT videos instead? Or any other alternatives?

    Thank you so much! And thank you for everything you do for us Casey :) Your work outs are literally the only ones I have ever stuck to. So so motivating, and so so fun.

  4. hey im new here so i just wonder about some video they said do it 3 – 4 times but in calender didnt tell how many time so im a bit confuse but just finish day 13 XD

    thank you :))

  5. Do you actually workout every single day or is it ok to do it every other day ( basically 3 times a week)?

  6. Omg just did my first workout (Thurs, Nov. 12th) It kicked my butt! I could barely get through the cobra pushups and tricep dips in the 1000 workout.

    Thank you!

  7. Hey! So it’s my first time on this website and my first time using the workout calander. On Mondays, it says to do the new video on Livestrongwoman. Which video is this?

    Also, on Thursdays, when it says to do a new video on blogilates.com, is this any new video?


  8. Finally found the Novembers Calender! I’m ready to turn my life around, get fit, healthy & active for my daughter :D ready for the challenges!

  9. haha the calf raises in the 20 20 routine are so easy for me! two words for toned calves: BAND CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  10. Cassey thanks so much! OMGOctober and eating clean helped me lose 5 pounds! I feel great and my energy levels have soared!

  11. hellll to the yesss!

  12. oh man that’s so unfair. Food of the week is spaghetti squash. I made it a few months ago for my parents and we all loved it. But since then i couldn’t find it in any store around here anymore (i’m living in germany). That is so not cool, because i really loved the taste and anything.

  13. I finally signed up for the newsletters so I can get this calender and get to working out!! <3

  14. The 1000 workout

    Hopefully that works!

  15. teilzeitDAU says:

    hi everyone
    if anyone hasn’t found the 1000 workout yet: here’s the direct link to the printable (hope it works..)


  16. teilzeitDAU says:

    it’s in the printable section (on the 6th or 7th page or so if you click on “older posts” on the bottom of the page)

    or it’s also in vivian’s comment above :)

  17. teilzeitDAU says:

    hi vivian
    – half cobra pushups: cf. pilates bootcamp for livestrong woman arm workout from around 7:30 onwards
    – bridge pulses = pelvic thrusts/pulses, cf. the “bootyful challenge” – this vid is basically all about bridge pulses and thrusts ;)
    – hover jacks: you start out in plank, then hop your feet out and in, cf. “summer sweatfast” at around 7:30


  18. I found the 1000 workout for anyone that’s wondering!
    The 1000 workout:
    1) 100 skipping rope
    2) 100 squats
    3) 100 mountain climbers
    4) 100 crunches
    5) 100 high knees
    6) 100 half cobra pushups
    7) 100 bridge pulses
    8) 100 walking lunges
    9) 100 tricep dips
    10) 100 hover jacks.

    .. although i’m unsure what 6,7 and 10 are.. so if anyone could help that’s be useful. :) xx

  19. Where is the 1000 workout?? can’t find it anywhere :( please respond. xx

  20. I’m so confused as to where the 1000 workout is located can anyone help out?

  21. Misgana Amare says:

    Can anyone tell me where I could find the 1000 workout?

  22. Same ! I can find the 100 workout but not the 1000. Can anyone pretty pleeease tell us where to find it !?

  23. Please , i need HELP!!!

    where can i find the 1000 workout or what is it, i searched it on youtube 1000 workout blogilates, found nothing, the same on this webside, searched 1000 workout agian nothing :(

    any advise?

    Thanks alot , Josie

  24. teilzeitDAU says:

    anyone else relieved that the 1000 workout doesn’t include burpees?
    hahaha :)

  25. teilzeitDAU says:

    you can find them in the workout section here on the blog.
    or even easier: search for them on youtube.
    just type in “blogilates” plus a keyword (e.g. “Saddlebag” for the saddlebag shaver workout) and you’ll find the workouts in no time :)

  26. Thank you for the workout!! I just did today’s workout, since I didn’t end up making it to yoga as I’d planned.

    I haven’t done many blogilates workouts for a while (doing more yoga at a studio to get out of the house, sahm with two kids) and I forgot how much I love love love them.

    You are the best!

  27. Just type in the workouttitle at Youtube and you’re good to go ;) The workoutvideo’s will not appear everyday on this blog, so you have to search them by yourself. But really, it only takes a second. Just type in the workouttitle, hit ‘search’ and there it is! The only exception are the new workoutvideos (every monday and thursday there will be a new video), they will appear on this blog on those days :)

  28. Thank you Cassey for being so good to us. You put a lot of work into the calendar and I appreciate it so much. You are the best!

  29. you’re welcome!

  30. Victoria Williams says:

    hey is it okay if i do the workouts separate throughout the day? that would make it easier for me but i’m not sure if it will affect the outcome

  31. Hey

    Thank you so much for everything you do for us/me :D .

    But I have a question: I learned that you shouldn’t work out every day because the
    muscles growing in the breaks (even when you are a beginner).
    But you say we should work out everyday (except Sundays). Could you pleas tell me
    which is better.

    Thanks again/ Vielen Dank für alles
    (and sorry for my english I’m German)

  32. Thank you Cassey for making these calendars! They are truly motivating and help me become healthier! I just want to thank you for your time, devotion, and dedication! You really are an inspiration to me!

  33. Yay and plus I just want to be toned and awesome looking I’m or easy skinny cause I’m Asian just like cassey! Cool right train insane or remain the same!!!!

  34. hi cassie im 13 and i love all your videos so i gave the calendar a go last month and LOVED it i was just wondering i dont have a treadmill and there is no gym near me so what can i do instead…..(i dont have any exersise machines like an elpitical either the only thing i have is an exersise bike……. :P)

  35. omg im 13 too i have got loads of my friends and auntys addicted to blogilates!!! its a really good workout cassie but you make it seem fun to workout with you!!

  36. Ahhh thank you for this month work out calender Cassey!

  37. yay thanks so much! i know some ppl don’t want to pay for the journal but I don’t mind and i totally did it. It was only 1.79 with the coupon code anyways :) It’s really helpful and worth it in my opinion not to have to write it all out yourself, plus it looks pretty! Every month I’m hole punching everything and putting it in a binder so I can see my progress. I think I might do a sort of “stats” page in between each weeks journal to see how I’m doing. Anyways I just wanted to say thanks! So excited to kill november :)

  38. oh my gosh I’m 13 aswell :D and all my friends think im crazy for doing workout videos so young :) *high five* nice to know there’s someone out there like me :)

    LOVE U CASSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 <3 <3 <3

  39. THANKS A LOT for your calendar !!!
    I love it !!!
    Since I discover blogilates, I enjoy doing sport on my own, at home, with your video !!!
    And also it helps me with my english lol.
    I’m french and it’s a pleasure to meet you by your website.
    Thanks for everything !!!

  40. Hey Cassey,

    I’ve been doing a few things from your website for a while, but I’ve never done the calendar work outs. I’m so confused! When are the videos supposed to be up? I can’t find anything for yesterday’s workout. I was going to add the things for the calendar into my other workouts I’m doing. But I didn’t get to do it yesterday because I can’t find anything from the calendar.

    Where can I find everything? I see some people have been doing them, but I don’t see them anywhere!


  41. teilzeitDAU says:

    i think you could also pick 50 minutes’ worth of pop cardio/pop hiits, they’ll get you just as sweaty :)

  42. Same here! I do my workouts at home, mostly at night after work. It is then too late to go outside for a run and I don’t exactly have a treadmill at home ;)

  43. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!! Thank you thank you thank you! I LOVE OMGOctober and I am so psyched for NutsInNovember! I started OMGOctober 2 weeks late (so I’m currently up to Friday the 19th) and I am so tempted to skip straight to November because of the total body approach. Hmmm.. also, I LOVE cardio and running and have been supplementing your October workouts w/40-50mns of cardio 3-4x a week so I’m super psyched that Friday is a cardio-fest! THANK YOU SO SO MUCH CASSEY! Yayyy POPsters!! Let’s get this!

  44. They should both work equally well.
    I think whichever one you’ll be more likely to stick to is the one that will work the best :)

  45. [email protected] says:

    Cassey I’m 13 doin this with a friend want to have abs and look amazing basically and can I do treadmill workout on a eliptacal? Please reply oh and I love you so much you r gonna be on my inspirational board:) plus it’s sorta hard to be healthy as a 13 yr old and I really want to be fitt some people think I’m crazy but I want to this for me and only me so yeah please help me
    Love you cassey

  46. OMG I love this!! Although I changed it a little bit to fit in with my travelling i’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks. But I will stay on track. Thank you Cassey for keeping me inspired and working so hard!! I can see and feel the change! Thank you so much!

  47. is there a 20/20 workout printable? that would be sooooooooooo helpful.

  48. LOVE THIS! But I really want to lose weight AND tone.. I can’t decide if doing Cassey’s first bikini competition workout and diet is better for that or if I should pair a vegan meal plan and this calendar together! Anyone have any ideas?
    and thanks again Cassey!

  49. haha…body party — well I guess that’s what I’ll be having!

  50. I haven’t been following the calenders because I found they were too focused on one body party per day (for me, this leads to injury) and I wanted to get more cardio in.

    sooooo, I LOVE this calender :) I think I’ll finally give it a try. Love the idea of timing the 1000 and 20/20 workouts as well.

    Thanks !

  51. Hey cassey!
    Looking forward to this months november calander
    Just a quick question what videos do you have that include flexibility

  52. Can we instead of running/jogging ride on a stationery bike? Or is it less effective? :(

  53. people just linked on facebook! or u can use the search function here.

  54. I actually prefer the total body workout approach because during the Oct. calendar I found it challenging to finish the daily videos because the one targeted body part would be too tired to keep going. I also felt as if I didnt have a full workout. The total body approach makes me feel like I’m getting a complete workout in. Good job on the remodel of the calendar and yay for the check boxes :)

  55. yay! good job!!!

  56. ahh i know! it is a mistake ;(

  57. Thank you so much Cassey!! So grateful for you and all that you’ve done to help us improve our health and fitness <3

  58. Nope. It’ll keep out on the counter for about a month.

  59. We always either grow it ourselves or buy it from the Amish, but I never noticed whether or not it’s in grocery stores…. lol :)

  60. So I ran the LA 1/2 marathon on sunday and saw this guy running who had a shirt that said “train insane or remain the same” and I got all SUPER excited!! And Yes, he was super fast and I couldn’t keep up!! :) Hooray for POPsters!

    Yes, please keep the checkboxes because it’s nice to be able to see what I have accomplished.

  61. So excited to start the November workouts! I love the total body approach! I found the 20/20 video, but where is the 1000 workout?

  62. Hello Cassey,
    the workout calendar this month is great! I really liked the last ones, too – and they’re helping me so much to stay fit because it’s always better if you have something to follow if you don’t feel as certain as a fitness specialist. Thanks a lot for this!
    But I also have a question: I don’t like running and I always do my workouts at home, but on friday we have to run on the treadmill or go for a run – can I replace this with another workout? I don’t want to worsen my success resp. achieve less success, is there something to avoid having to run?

    Love, Nina

  63. Wow, thanks, you put so much effort into these calendars, it is appreciated!
    I want to know if I can lose weight by doing these workouts? Or is the main purpose just toning the body not losing weight? :/

  64. Does spaghetti squash have to be refrigerated because I got hit by sandy and still won’t have power next week Thanks!

  65. teilzeitDAU says:

    i like that too! i’ve never seen spaghetti squash over here, though (you’d probably get it from farmers’ markets but not in grocery stores)
    i’ll just do what i always do and use zucchini & carrots and cut them with my julienne knife :)

    i also love the total-body “approach” and the fact that the calendar incorporates more cardio than last month:)

  66. Could somebody please explain me what is the 1000 workout? :D

  67. I love the food of the week thing! Especially since spaghetti squash is on it ♥
    I’ve always wanted to try quinoa but I’ve never had to get it, so I never asked my mom to put it on the shopping list XD
    And I really like how you had each video already planned out for us to do last month and this month. It keeps us more accountable :)

    I have a question………. what’s a turkey trot??

  68. I really love all your workout ! :) But I don’t find the 1000 workout, what is it and where is it ?

    Sorry if the question is stupid i’m a little new :)
    (And sorry if my english isn’t perfect I’m French )

  69. How do I get the 1000 workout?

  70. YES!! So excited! Thank you so much Cassey, the calendar looks awesome! Also, I love the new food of the week thing, 3/4 happen to be my favorite foods already :) Kale 4 lyfe :p

  71. Where can I find the 1000 and 20/20 workouts??

  72. Yayy Cassey I have been waiting for this the whole week! When I came home just a few minutes ago I ran to my computer and checked if you had posted it yet, and you had! Thank you <3

  73. Cassey!!

    I just want to thank you!! Thank you so much for OMGOctober Calendar!
    I tried very hard and did not skip any workout, despite I´m not strong enough to do some of them, but I´m getting stronger. I feel so good!!
    I can hardly wait to start November Calendar this afternoon!!

    Thanks again!!

  74. YESSS! I love how you make checkboxes for vids ^^ hardly worked out in October :( will try in November! But so many examss!:(

    I haven’t worked out in ages but thanks to this calendar I will be on track and have a hot bod woo!
    P.S In your newsletter you said the code is valid until 10/22, now I’m not American but shouldn’t it be 11/22? Sorry if that’s wrong!


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