Cassey’s Bikini Meal Plan

Here is my Bikini Meal Plan for the next few weeks. Remember that this may not suit your lifestyle and personal dietary needs, as it is designed to help me lean out for a fitness Bikini competition and is therefore pretty restrictive and to many of you, bland! If you are not going to engaging in a similar activity, simply use the meal plan to inspire overall healthy eating.

Bikini Meal Plan
CLICK HERE to view the full screen plan and print.

<3 Cassey


  1. There’s definately a lot to find out about this topic. I really like all the points you’ve made.

  2. Hi Cassie,
    I bought he 8 week bikini meal plan but it never uploaded. How do I upload it now?

  3. Juliëtte says:

    I don’t think I need this haha. I eat healthy every day. No cookies, no sweets, no cake or anything. My breakfast is usually wheat oats, my lunch is two slices of bread with cheese and my mom cooks dinner with veggies hehe. As for snacks I usually eat some fruit, like apples or bananas, or dried fruits like raisins. I also like to slice up an apple, spread on some peanut butter, dip in oats and top with raisins :) it’s my fave snack at the moment. And I do a quick workout 3 days a week, and a long, harder workout 3 other days a week. I’ve felt so great since I’m doing this and I love it!

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  6. You are beautiful! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Jesus loves you! <3
    Start to see yourself the way that God does, keep your mind determined and focused. Little by little, don't over do it. Love and embrace the new you to come and DECLARE GOODNESS OVER YOURSELF! Praise Jesus where ever you go.

  7. There is actually a vegan meal plan if you check all the meal plan options she has :)

  8. I’m gonna try this out, beginning on monday :)
    But I have to change like..a lot. I’m vegan, so many things there I can’t eat. But it’s a good inspiration :)
    Does anyone has advices for me how to change this plan into a vegan one?

  9. I absolutely love this plan! Summer 2015 is mine!!! Thank you sweetheart :*!

  10. dont ask for pedi

  11. I want to lose weigh, I do go to the gym 4 times a week with a trainer . I am a retired female firefighter, cancer survival many times. I have low self esteem, I don’t want to compete, not pretty enough. I am 5ft6 , weigh 162lbs. Please someone help me get a bikini body for once in my life. I want to show my comeback after fighting cancer. I would like to weigh 125 lbs. I ended a daily diet to follow, what to drink. I want to surprise my fellow, then finally go on a cruise . I am 53 years old, thanks

  12. hi there,

    i will be taking my pre wedding photo at the end of the month…and i need to slim down my waist a little bit( currently 34 inches and i need to be at least 30 inches at the end of the month)…would this diet works for me…please help…thanks

  13. Can you drink black coffee while doing this diet?!

  14. Hi D.P.!

    I am a registered dietitian, and without knowing anything but what you just posted…you could reduce the calories by a few hundred. But if you are working out, its not too bad. Cassey’s food here is clean! So thats a big plus! Have you compared your personal daily intake to hers? Set yourself up with a goal date in mind, some of Cassey’s amazing workouts and you are on your fit way!!

  15. Hi, for someone who works at a desk for 8 hours a day, would that be to much to consume daily? I’m 5’3 and weigh 130lb. Need to lose about 20lb to get back to the shape I use to be.

  16. I dunno bout you guys, but i’m a 20 year old fitness model, if i only ate that for a whole day i would be so lethargic and starving!

  17. Great resource Cassey! We’ve included a link in our curated guide at

  18. Jacquelyn says:

    You should be ashamed of yourself Kel… Everyone is on this site for the same reason, and that is to better ourselves.

  19. Hello. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the data that is discussed below.

  20. By all means, WAY out of line. WOW.

  21. Exceptional post however , I was wanting to know if you could write
    a litte more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if
    you could elaborate a little bit more. Kudos!

  22. 1.5 liters is definitely not enough in one day.

  23. Hi, I was wondering what I could substitute sweet potatoes and mushrooms for?

  24. I use a Paleo protein powder. It’s a mixture of beef and egg protein isolates. Maybe it could work for you!

  25. Hi Melcia,
    I use a vegan hemp protein powder from trader joe’s.
    : )
    Mary Anne

  26. can anyone suggest what can I replace whey protein powder with?

  27. Also, that could be 132lbs of muscle; would you tell her to “lose a few” then?? Ignorant. . .

  28. Hello, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse
    every one is sharing data, that’s truly good, keep up writing.

  29. Hopefully your doctor referred you to a nutritionist/registered dietitian. If not check out to find a registered/licensed dietitian in your area. 80% of your body is made on the kitchen the rest is sweat out at the gym (in your living room, on the pavement, where ever you love to sweat)

    (I am a senior in an accredited Nutrition/Dietetics B.S. program and an accredited Kinesiology program )

  30. Coffee doesn’t have calories either unless you add milk and sugar ;)

  31. Careful going below 1500 calories, most women need at least 1200 to 1500 calories just for their body to complete necessary functions like being awake, alert, breathing and digesting. If your calories stay low your body may think it is starving and will try to hold on to every ounce of food you take in especially if you lead an active lifestyle. This isn’t always the case, but it often is.

    I am a senior in college studying Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Management as well as Kinesiology (study of physical activity)

  32. Hi Cassey and POPsters,

    I plan on trying out this meal plan (PSYCHED!) but is there any substitutes for the whey protein powder?


  33. Priscilla Landham says:

    Lyna, don’t listen to Kel, she’s being negative (which is something a true POPster wouldn’t be and try and demoralize someone else). The fact that you are wanting and willing to do blogilates (or any type of workout) shows that you have already taken the first and biggest step :D I would recommend starting out with the beginner’s diet plan and workouts, or also partaking in the current monthly diet and exercise :D Remember you CAN DO IT!! And you will always have the positive support and energy from all the true POPsters here :D <3 I wish you the best of luck!!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

  34. Rebekah Johnson says:

    Hey, try to be a little more positive..

  35. Kel, no need to be rude.
    Lyna you could try Cassie’s beginners calendar here
    You say you want to loose belly fat, but unfortunatley you can’t spot reduce (that is, targeting specifically one area. You have to drop your overall body fat first and this plan can help you begin!)
    Now you don’t have to eat strictly healthy if you don’t want to, just make healthy alternative choices and add them in slowly, at your own pace.
    You can do this girl!

  36. i just wanted to say my name is mimi too.

  37. 4’9 and 132 isn’t borderline overweight… it IS overweight. borderline obese.

    lose a few.

  38. hi cassey! U’m I’m trying to lose weight but I don’t really know which weight plan would be best for me. I want to burn the fat really fast, as some others do, but I’ve kind of noticed it’s really hard for me to lose weight…. I’ve always been chunky. But I would like to get rid of my lower tummy fat and my arm fat. =/
    Please help =/ I love all your videos! btw.

    im 4’9 and I’m about 132 lbs last timed I weighed myself. Apprently my doctor said I’m border line overweight…. ):

  39. Great meal plan.
    Does this help a person lean up, like gain more pounds. I would like to be super tone and fit, but not skinny looking. I want a filled out with muscle look, not bones and muscle look.

  40. mikaela says:

    actually mushrooms are high in water and protein so i guess u can replace them with another form of protein and..more water :)

  41. I really don’t like mushrooms, can I replace them with something else?

  42. Karishma says:

    Have you tried Haloumi to replace Chicken?? Its a bit lit feta meets hard tofu – great for cooking!

  43. I love the meal plan. Though I can’t really seem to lose weight on 1700 calories. I try to do between 1350 and 1500 calories.

  44. right under the picture it says “Click here and view full sreen plan and print” and walaaaah :)

  45. I’m not a nutritionist or a personal trainer, but judging by the looks of this meal plan, I would say your best bet for long term results would probably be the 8 week bikini meal plan. This diet is hard, and doesn’t include many fruits or vegetables, but it will burn fat really really fast. It’s just way harder to follow and stick to unless you have very strong will power. Plus this is generally something like the name suggests, i diet that someone follows right before a competition, so it’s not supposed to be a long term diet anyways. I hope this helps :)

  46. Sabrina says:

    I’m not sure whether I should participate in this meal plan or the 8 Week Bikini Meal Plan Challenge. Which would be better for long term results? Which one is faster?

  47. Kirstine says:

    Hej Cassey :)

    U the best and u are really inspiring.

    Can u help me out? i can’t print this plan out :/ and i really want it :)

    love Kirstine from Denmark :D

  48. Actually, you should never drop below 1,200 calories no matter who you are because it completely throws your metabolism out of wack and even though you’ll lose weight it will come right back because you’ve screwed up your metabolism. To determine how many calories you should intake for weight loss I recommend the website they have a food and fitness planner created by doctors and nutritionists that can determine the proper amount for you plus it is free and simple to use

  49. Use Tofu!!

  50. Hi!
    She kinda talks about that in this video
    Hope it helps! :)

  51. Cassey! May I know when is the perfect time to workout? Which time of the day is the best?

  52. Georgia says:

    I aim for 2 glasses with every meal and carry a bottle of water around with me everywhere (:

  53. Larissa says:

    do you still need it?

  54. Bailey says:

    How do I get the other phases?

  55. I do not think that you are getting enough to eat in my opinion. I do know that you should not dip anywhere under 1200 calories a day. With the deficit you create working out that is just not enough fuel for your body. I am guessing the main thing they are trying to do is get you to drop body fat. It just sounds like it’s not being done in the healthiest manner.

  56. hey Cassey, i was wondering, which meal plan can i use with the monthly work out ?

  57. that i would believe because a person trying to stay at their normal weight and size at your height would eat 2000 calories a day.

  58. you can try drinking your coffee black with no sugar or milk…

  59. Hi Cassey,
    I am competiting in my first bikini competition in June 2013. I am 5’5 and weigh 130 lbs. My trainer has given me a meal plan that consists of 1118 calories /day. Looking at your meal plan makes me think that I am not eating enough food to giveme the energy to workout – I do 30 mins of cardio in the morning and 1hr of weights with my trainer at night. Needless to say, I am very hungry. Do you think he has me on such a low calorie meal because I have weight to lose?

  60. sofiayang says:

    no, don’t. Cassy’s a professional fitness trainer and instructor. she needs more calories or else she wouldn’t even have the energy to workout. how much you need is based on your age, your height, and your weight at the moment. normally it’s 1200. but if you are chubbier, then obviously more. but if you are short like me, 5 ft 2. then around 1100 is about it for a good weight loss. don’t forget to work out work out work out!

  61. Knowing Cassey & her obsession with water she probably does mean Gallons :)

  62. Zoe Kennedy says:

    Hi Cassey,

    If I was to do this, but sub Chicken with Tofu, and the Whey protein for Raw/Vegan (I use Sun Warrior) Protein would that still be safe?

  63. i think you can drink tea because it has zero calories (just don’t add any sugar), but don’t have any coffee; it’s packed with sugar :( x

  64. I think it’s both! x

  65. Christina says:

    Hi Cassey!!! First of all I want to say that you are great !!!keep doing what you do because you are such an inspiration for many of us!!!!!!!!!!!My name is Christina Ros and I’m Pilates instructor because of you !! Lol yeeee that’s right you inspired me to worked hard and do what I really love like sport and healthy lifestyle!!!!!!! I live in The Netherlands but in April im coming to LA and I was thinking that maby we could meet??and possible do the video together?? It would be amazing if I could meet you……! Looking forward to your reply! Greetings Christina Ros

  66. You’re going to be drinking 1.5 GALLONS of water Cassey?? ;) I think you meant 1.5 litres<3 Otherwise you're going to have to pee…. a lot…

  67. how much do you workout for this? btw i love you so much, you are probably the best thing that ever happened to me and you r just beautiful!x

  68. Hi Cassey (or anyone else with good advice…Danielle???) I am trying to print this out. As it appears above of course is way too small. But when I click on the link under the food plan for: CLICK HERE to view the full screen plan and print. It shows up as 3 pages long and off to the side of the printer preview. So even if I printed all 3 pages it seems to be cut in half. I tried to program my printer at 75% and 50% and it still appears off screen. Any advice how you all printed this would be appreciated!

    Thanks Cassey, you are a-MAY-zing! :-D

  69. Hey so when it says one broccoli stalk is that the stem or the florets or both? Is that a silly question ?

  70. Is there anything you can subsitute for sweet potatoes? Everything else sounds amazing.

  71. thanks for sharing!

  72. Hey, I’m a vegetarian what is the best thing to substitute for the chicken?

  73. Oh, I have a post on food prep. I just don’t know how Cassie feels about me posting my info here…

    Hope she’s okay with this! Hope it helps!

  74. Nope, she was never vegan. She did a vegan challenge before though. She talks about eating white fish all the time lol.

  75. for example some sweert it means that you cheat :)

  76. hmm probly cos i’m at work tho… firewall might be stopping it from working.. bit of a bugger that as i don’t have a printer at home :(

  77. 1700 calories is hardly a lot of food. You should be eating, at the bare minimum, 1200 calories a day, and that’s for if you’re not doing anything but sitting on the couch all day. If you go to the gym for an hour and burn 500 calories on the treadmill you’re already at 1700. The deficit is already in the 1200. The easy was to see this is if you go on the website They set you up at 1200 calories, but if you work out you eat back what you work out.

  78. i can’t get it to work either, comes up as blank or a broken webpage :(

  79. Stephanie L says:

    Should we be eating as often as you considering we are not training as crazy as you and burning as many calories?

  80. Stephanie says:

    Can we drink coffee or tea while following this meal plan?

  81. YOLO = You Only Live Once

  82. what is a YOLO meal?

  83. Heather D. says:

    Cassey! It would be super duper awesome of you if you could include your grocery list as well! :D

  84. Thanks for sharing. I think the only thing that turns me off is the broccoli for breakfast!
    All the best with it. I am sure you’re body will see the changes very soon xx

  85. you mean meal 3 right? yeah i’m pretty sure this is a shake :)
    I think Cassey once mentioned she uses water to make the shake.

    I usually use skimmed milk and then just take a little less powder than suggested to make up for the extra cals :) this way the shake’s probably got a little less protein but i don’t mind as a) i’m not competing and b) i’m eating lots of other high-protein foods.

  86. I love the plan! I will modify it according to my needs, but i’ll certainly stick to those nori rolls. you got me SO addicted to them! they are super yum and super clean!

    I can’t believe i never used nori sheets for anything else than sushi, duh! :)

  87. i don’t think 1700 cals/day is that much considering that she’s working out like a crazy person (in a good way) and lifting heavy :)

  88. I love the the simplicity of the menu!!! I am not a big fan of cooking at all (and I noticed while Cassey is great at making culinary style-cooking and making them pretty, like that video she did while back on fruits appetizers, main course, etc, she also been doing some simple and under 10-minutes cooking)…LOVE IT!!! THANKS Cassey for making my life less complicated!!! And I have also been uploading Oct daily workouts as listed on calendar so if anyone wanna see it….feel free to give me a shout :)

  89. I know it sounds crazy, but have you tried ordering them on ebay or amazon?? Now days people order things online including food and I have no doubts they would carry them

  90. Yes, it should be ok as long as it contains no or less salt. I think for Cassey as she is competing, she will have to watch out for the salt intake as it can create more water weight but for us, we can modify it

  91. Chelsea D. says:

    Is adding no salt seasonings to the chicken okay? I love to add garlic powder, lemon pepper, and cayenne to my baked chicken.

  92. hi cassie, thanks for sharing your meal plan! i was wondering if maybe you could do a post about food prep? it’s something i struggle with, leading me to eat whatever is convenient sometimes :/

    i’m sure you’ve probably already written about the topic, but i guess i’m curious about food prep in regards to this particular meal plan. since you are super busy, how are you able to make sure that you do everything that you need to do to do well?


  93. Thank you!

  94. Thank you so much Cassey!! Wooo that’s a lot of food but I assume you’ll be ‘cutting’ later?
    Just wondering is there a reason for only eating the sweet potatoe after a workout? I workout in the a/m before breakfast – In that case would I switch my meals around?
    Thank you again :)!

  95. Challenge ACCEPTED!

  96. I thought you were vegan?

  97. YAY!!!!!!

  98. I wish you could get nori sheets at Kroger’s or Walmart, because there isn’t any place close to me that sells them. :/
    I really want to try those handrolls, they sound good :)

  99. You eat all of that every day, so every meal every day.

  100. do you make a shake with the protein powder for meal 4? sorry, lol , i know it’s probably an obvious answer. i just want to make sure. thx and good luck!!

  101. I think she mentioned eating all of the meals above every single day except one day for YOLO meal.

  102. Am I the only one who can’t see anything?? Lol

  103. Do you eat each one of the meals every day? Or only one of the meals for the day…

  104. yeeeahhhh im in!!

  105. probably really late but i still wanna win the neon hoodie!

  106. yay! :)


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