KILL THAT MUFFINTOP WORKOUT + Bikini Comp Diet Meal Plan Coming

Hey POPsters!!

First of all, here is the new video for Monday!!! KILL THAT MUFFINTOP!!!

Today, I am feeling great inside and out! I hope you are too. I’ve been eating superdeduper clean for about a week now and I can already see changes in my body. I feel like this time around, the dieting won’t be too bad. I know what to expect and I am giving myself time.

Here’s a snapshot of what some typical meals look like:


  • 1/4 cup dry oats
  • 1/4-1/2 cup egg whites
  • 1 small apple of 1 banana
  • 4-5 sushi salad handrolls
    • wrap some chicken (3-4 oz), lettuce, any veggies you like in a slightly moist piece of nori seaweed
    • roll it up like a burrito or taquito and bam! handroll!
    • I like to dip in a mixture of balsamic vinegar and sriracha


    • 3-4oz of chicken breast
    • 8 oz of green beans
    • 4-5oz of sweet potato
    • I season with soy sauce and or sriracha


  • 1 scoop of MAX PRO mango protein powder with water
Obviously I have to eat 5-6x a day so I repeat some of these meals.
And the answer to your question…Yes! I will be sharing my specific meal plans as they change throughout the next 14 weeks so here’s how you can get it. We’re gonna make it a game. And yes it is free! Durr!

Everyday until next Monday (1 week from today, Oct 22) I will do a BIKINI PASSWORD SHOUTOUT. The letter can appear on any of the following places in no particular order, sometimes once a day, sometimes twice a day.

  • – follow me!
  • my newsletter – sign up! (this will take u to the workout calendar page but disregard that, it is just a place for you to sign up for the newsletter)
  • – follow me!
  • – subscribe to my main workout channel!
  • – subscribe to my 2nd recipe and vlog!
  • – become a fan!
  • instagram – follow me @blogilates
  • this blog (obviously)
  • – follow me!

You must collect all the letters and on Monday the 22nd, the person who tweets me the correct password first (by of course successfully accessing/entering the right pw for the bikini meal plan here on will win a prize! The letters will be mumble-jumbled so those of you who are good at Wheel of Fortune and word games, oh man, you shall prevail!

You will be the winner of the brand new Blogilates Neon Hoodie.

{insert pic that will be coming soon because I didn’t do my photoshoot yet! This is soooo cool. Trust me, you’ll want it!}

Okay so be sure to connect with me on all those places above and if you ever miss a day feel free to tweet or facebook or email another POPster!

Gotta run and do a bajillion things…then get my butt kicked by my coach! I wonder what she has planned today. Will be sure to share :)

<3 you and GO HARD!!!!!


Here’s your first bikini pw letter of the day:


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  5. Thuy Tran says:

    OMG thanks for the video! I am petite but I do have a muffin top….I really need to tone up! It’s only 5 minutes into the video and I am sweating! I will continue to follow you!

  6. I would love to follow this meal plan, but I am Vegan. What coul I supstitute?

  7. Oh and by the way… Hafa adai from Guam Cassey!

  8. How do the handrolls hold up if you make them ahead of time?

  9. All of my favorite recipes I have found on There are a lot of amazing pre and post workout meals. Everything is very healthy and low calorie :)

  10. Sebasthien says:

    Though Im a man, you made me suffer yesterday with this workout, Im desperate to loose the damn muffin top! And I guess it was well done, totally feeling it today!

  11. Amber Dawn says:

    I did your muffintop workout with a butternut squash I had laying around the house b/c I didn’t have any weights on hand. :-) Enjoyed the workout; took it a bit easy just b/c I “tweaked” something in my back yesterday. I’m not somebody trying to loose weight, so I do your little mini workouts just to stay flexible/somewhat in shape. Thanks for what you do, Cassie!

  12. Awesome workout!!! It hurts so good!! haha

  13. Here you have shared very nice ideas on food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Fresh fruits, green vegetables, green beans, dry oats are really good for health.

  14. Love this 10 minute workout! Thank you so much Cassey!

  15. Looking forward to your upcoming work out post. You seem to be a very motivated work out guru. Will definitely stick around your blog.

  16. is there a certain theme for the password? fitness related? or random?
    cant wait to play!

  17. Could you maybe make the next calendar with links to the videos in the calendar? It takes a long time to find each video and if the links were in the calendar, it would make it SO Much easier. Thanks!!

    • hey heather!
      try doing the vids on youtube instead of here :)
      i usually just type in “blogilates” plus a keyword (e.g. blogilates food baby) and bam! there goes the video :)

      hope that helps!

  18. Thank you so much for sharing! I am really interested in the fact that you are preparing for the competition so far ahead of time. I think all of us get so frustrated by how slow results can be from diet and exercise and it’s difficult to know how long it takes to really get in good shape. Here you are, in amazing shape already :), taking three months to eat really clean and workout extra to make sure you are ready to stand on stage in a bikini. I would love to hear more about your planning and timing and how long it takes for you to see the results you want.
    Thanks again!

  19. hi cassy, could you do a post explaining which part of our bodies the ab muscles show up on.. and what exercises target them. (using ur own abs would be great!) A little confused as to where the obliques are as compared to regular abs…

  20. Hey Cassie! I was just wondering if you have any recommendations for amazing blogs, like healthy lifestyle, workout motivation, healthy food, inspiration related blogs?! What blogs do you follow? I really want to know since I’m searching for it but I don’t find anything.

    Also if someone else know about some interesting blogs, email me: [email protected] ; THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Stay awesome Cassie, I really love you, you’re my biggest inspiration and I do pilates everyday, I dreamt to be a pilates or fitness instructor for about 3 years now, and I will! Just need to finish school. Meybe we will someday in the future workout and sweat together haha, that would be perfect!

  21. Cassey! Because of you something SO obvious has suddenly become a realization! Eat when you hungry, just not whenever you aren’t full!! Duhhh but it makes such a difference in the way I think about food!

  22. Great workout ! I did it ;) Thank you Cassey for positive energy in my every workout <3


  24. GREAT! i <3 the side plank obique, KIILER

  25. Love this new video! Brava Cassey! Can’t wait for the meal plan. It is going to be tough to stick to it through the holidays! :)

  26. I loved this video, my favorite move was the hip twists!!

  27. Next video for muffin tops: muffin top madness using the song madness by muse! Love this workout. Love working obliques!

  28. Hey Cassey!
    I love the game! :) and i LOVE that you’re sharing your pre-competition workouts and your meal plan with us!
    this makes me feel like i’m doing the competition with you, which again gets me very motivated bc i feel i can’t give up on my goals bc you’re not giving up on yours either :)

  29. Hi Cassey!! :)

    I don’t really comment, but I always follow up with your blogs and videos and such!! :)

    So i was just wondering… along with your cardio-ish videos, you also lift, correct? How often do you do that?? I love lifting but I would have to do two-a-days to get through your calendar as well. Also, do you have meal plans that don’t require much cooking? I’m a college student with a meal plan so buying food that doesn’t last as much isn’t optimal :( the most I can go grocery shopping is MAYBE every two weeks, but honestly, it’s usually 4 or none :/ (I’ll change that though if you find meals that are easy to make as in lasting not more than 15 minutes to make).

    Sorry for the long questions!!:)


  30. How do you find the time to balance working out, sleeping right and getting work done throughout the day? As a full-time student with a part-time job, I am struggling with finding time to sleep let alone work out, so how do you do it?

    Ps. I love your videos, you’re amazing!

    • Diaphanousqueen says:

      Hi, I’m gonna dare answer for Cassey or at least tell you something about her; she doesn’t really sleep right since she’s kinda addicted to her work and she loves doing it and as far as working out is concerned, it’s basically what she does for living (+ designing clothes and accessories). I know it seems unreal but she’s so bubbly, enthusiatic and energetic she’s not really human :DD she tries to work on her sleeping though… I don’t know if she has any secrets but I guess she doesn’t and she’s just really dedicated to everything she does :)

      • hahaha that is perfect. i need to work on my sleep though. that is all true what diaphanousqueen said. i live off of passion and loving what i do. i am still struggling to find true balance.

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  31. Hey I like your video. I love the candle stick thingys, good one. Thanks for the upbeat videos:)

  32. is there any way we can get your competition menu without having to do all this hoop-jumping?

    i’d actually get more use out of the menu that playing the game and following you around..

    • I believe the password for the meal plan will be made public (probably through the newsletter, not not the blog) on the 22nd.

      The game is for us to have fun finding out the password….. and someone’s going to get a free hoodie. I’m glad we’re doing the game.

  33. Cassey..!

    You are so AWESOME.! this was the video i really wanted..! thank you so much :) you make me want to work hard..!

  34. How long do you wait after your workout to have your post workout shake or is it right away?

  35. Everything but instagram because I have a non-smart phone. Lame. I hope you release it eventually after the game is all done.

    • hey aja, don’t worry, check out (–> web application for instagram). this works w/o a smart phone.
      just click on the search button & type in blogilates :)

  36. Where do you get nori sheets??

  37. I love your top! Would you mind sharing where is it from? :)

  38. Laëtitia says:

    H Cassey!
    How do you prepare egg whites for the breakfast? Raw or cooked?

  39. How do you stay so energized to do everything all day

  40. megan rock says:

    Unfair :( I can’t use twitter, instagram OR tumblr due to personal reasons so I have like absolutely no chance for anything.

  41. alyssa fermin says:

    I hope your do next months calendar like this months calendar i love it!! <3


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