Treadmill Shredmill Workout!

Hey POPsters!

I did the routine above yesterday as my cardio and butt building routine. My bikini coach is still trying to understand my strength and speeds so we gave this a test. It was cool, different, and I was able to last the whole 45 min! Usually when I am on the treadmill, I do intervals so like at 10mph, I’ll go 30 sec run, 30 sec hop off for like 20 to 30 min. Sometimes I’ll do 9mph 1 min on and 1 min off. I don’t think I could last doing those intervals for 45 min but this was manageable. Next time I do this, I am going to increase the speeds a bit more because I know I can handle it. It will be tough, but by the time week 15 rolls around, I want to see progress in my speed and endurance, not just my body.

I encourage you to print this out and give it a try. I will continue posting workouts and new things that I do so you can stay fresh and inspired. What I love about training for bikini comps is that I get to learn. Yeah, hiring a coach is expensive but I know that I can earn so much from the experience and it means so much more when I can share with all of you POPsters too. So in the long haul, it is definitely worth it!

I am also in the process of developing my bikini meal plan. I decided that instead of writing down what I eat every day and then calculating it up every night, I should just plan a week and stick with it. For me, that is easier. And why don’t I use an app like MyNetDiary or MyFitnessPal? You know, somehow I feel like writing it down is much quicker and easier for me. So now that I’ve kept about a week’s worth of food journaled meals, I can go and make a meal plan for myself.

What I am thinking is that my meals will stay pretty much the same throughout the next few weeks. I will eventually be cutting out protein shakes and fruits towards the end – but I’ll let you know when that happens. Right now, it is okay! Thank goodness. Me likes me fruits. Yesh please.

Yeah and if I ever come up with a new replacement type of meal to the plan, I’ll let you know through the blog and instagram. I plan on eating 5-6x a day about 300-340cals ish per meal and drinking about 1.5 gallons a day. I’m already behind on my water today! Eek! Must get on it!

Okie dokie! Excited to take you guys along with me on this journey as we face new workouts and new food concotions together. And remember…this is a bikini competition diet and workout routine, and more importantly MY diet and routine…do not feel like you’re a failure or you can’t reach your goals if you can’t follow along exactly! My body is different than yours so what works for me may not work for you and vice versa. So tweak as you feel necessary and use these posts and plans as inspiration!

Oh and look what I just got in the mail!

My boots!!! They are amazingly comfortable thanks to the platform. I can’t wait for my costume to arrive. I also need to make my Sriracha hat because my sriracha dress came yesterday. Anyone have any idea how to make a green sriracha cap?

And have you decided who/what you’re gonna be for Halloween yet? Lemme know!!

<3 Cassey

  • emily

    what do you do if you don’t have a treadmill? will 50 minutes running be the same?

    • Whitney ( British Person)

      Jumping Jacks, Skipping, Elliptical, or just Run :)
      I have an Elliptical so i did that

  • Lina

    this makes me kinda discouraged to the fact that i don’t have a treadmill and that i can’t do the workout
    cassey please give us an alternative

    • Sam

      Hi Lina,
      Copied and pasted from the Blogilates FB page:
      Your workout for the day! If you don’t have access to a treadmill do these 3 videos: Fat Burning Cardio Warmup, Bikini Blaster 1 and Fat Melting Routine! Good luck!

  • Africa

    Great treadmill work thanks a lot

  • Maria

    I don’t have a treadmill what can I do to replace it?? Does stationary bike works to replace it??

    • Summy

      I don’t have a treadmill either, so I kinda just did the workout on the stairs, going 2 steps at a time, then 5 etc, and increasing the speed along the way! Hope it helps x

  • Evangel

    I have a treadmill but there are no incline settings on mine….what should I do??I feel like without the inclines this workout won’t be as hard…..

  • Can I switch this with another workout? I don’t have a treadmill :/

  • Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She
    put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit
    crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back!
    LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to
    tell someone!

    • Laurie

      Lol That’s such a funny story! haha. But it must have been very traumatic for your daughter. I would be jumping and screaming too haha

  • kate

    for Wednesdays workouts im going to do a blogilates hiit workout instead of the treadmill workout as i don’t have a treadmill:)

  • Meg

    Is it ok to just walk and not run? I have a knee problem and I am unable to run on a treadmill. I can run on stable ground though. Please advise. Thanks. xx

  • bruna

    i don’t have a treadmill ):

  • Ashley

    I just got the January 2014 calender and i dont have access to a treadmill ;( is there any other workout I could do?

  • Adaeze

    I dint have 15 incline. The highest incline my treadmill can go is 10 incline will it still help me the same way?

    • Sam

      Hi there, it wont be as hard but you can increase the speed instead to try and mimic the same intensity as the incline…granted it wont build your butt muscles as well as an incline can but it will keep the calorie burn high.

  • Nicole

    I need help! I do n’t have neither of the treadmill nor the elliptical. I dont have any gym membership. Are there alternatives? :(

  • Sasha

    I wish I had a treadmill so I could do this.. what can I do instead? I don’t have access to any exercising equipment :(

  • Rebecca

    I really want to do this workout, but I can’t use a treadmill due to the impact on my knees. Is it the same to use with an elliptical, or am I better off to just do the elegant legs elliptical workout?

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  • Luna

    Hey!!! so i don’t have a treadmill but i have an elliptical. Is there a ways to turn this into an elliptical workout? thanks so much!!

  • i don’t have a treadmill :( so ill do another kind instead

  • Laurie

    If you don’t have a treadmill, what should you do today? It’s day 24s set workout on the Calendar you give us. I’m not sure what to do instead I suppose I’ll pick a few cardio videos!

  • zineb laafou

    Hey! I don’t have a treadmill or a gym membership so i’m just going to do last weeks cardio day + food baby…. If i still have the energy at the end.. i could still go running outside but i don’t feel comfortable running with my butt bouncing around behind me! So i guess i’m gonna wait until i lose some weight and then i’ll be able to go running whenever i feel like!

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  • About to try this right now! It looked super easy until I realized there was incline involved! Yikes!…but I’m excited!!!!

  • ashlee

    how many times a week are you suppose to do this workout?

  • Yvon666

    Can I do this even if I’m slightly out of shape? I walk/run for 30 minutes for two weeks now..would like to do this since it is getting too hot (over 100 degrees) outside. Thanks!

  • Aoife

    Can someone tell me what “inc: 2” means???

    • anonymous

      inc = incline; this is where you can raise the treadmill so it feels as though you are walking up a mountain

  • Amanda

    Holy crap cassie!!! Love love love it’s totally kicking my butt I’m 35min in needed a breather and I’m soaked!! Love it. Thank you so much for posting this workout!

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  • Kimberly

    I do this SAME workout on the elliptical since I hate the treadmill, it’s BY FAR the best cardio workout I’ve ever done! I’m always DRENCHED in sweat after I get off the elliptical, but hey, if your not sweatin’ it’s not workin’ ! Last night, I burned a grand total of 918 calories, just from this little workout alone! I of course burned a little more than that because I did some weight training after it, but for 45 minutes, it’s not bad!! Thanks sooo much, I needed something like this! <3

    • miriam

      how do you do this on an elliptical? and good job!

  • Morgan

    Are we supposed to do all the intervals in each of the columns or just choose one in each column?

    • Christine

      Do all. It’s a 50-minute workout at varying speeds and inclines.

  • Ashley

    Will someone please help me, what is the column on the far left? I think its how long to do that interval for but i cant figure out if its in seconds or minutes or what. I would really love to do this workout, i feel it would be great for track training :) Thank you much.

    • Christine

      On the left is the starting time, on the right is the ending time. So from minute 0 to minute 3, put the treadmill on incline 3 at speed 3.5. From minute 3 to minute 5, raise the incline to 4 and increase your speed to 4. From minute 5 to minute 7, etc.

    • Sage Orvis

      You will be running for 45 min. So the column on the left is in minutes ex. 0-3:00 is the first 3 minutes.

  • Lindsy

    Did this today but my treadmill only goes to inc 10 plus I am a begiiner and could only go to speed 5 without almost falling off but wow did it kick my bootay!!!

  • Curious

    Hi cassey, I have a treadmill but it doesn’t have an incline setting :( How should I adjust the work out ? Thanks :)

  • Chynna

    I feel like I actually got a good workout! Love love looooove it!!! <3

  • Kelly

    What’s the calorie burn typically in a workout like this?

    • Kimberly

      I did this workout last night, I burned a total of 918 calories! It could vary from person to person though..ethier way, this is GREAT cardio!

      • Lena

        Hmm I doubt this workout burns 918 calories for everyone. It totally depends on the an individual’s body weight and fitness level.

    • Emilie

      I couldn’t even do the workout to the degrees she gave because I was falling off the treadmill! So, I did the workout on lesser incline the entire time and still burned 400 calories. I can easily see someone burning 900 from this. But Lena is right, it depends on the person’s weight and fitness level.

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  • Beka

    Last time I worked hard on a treadmill consistently with high inclines like this, my thighs got considerably bulkier and I gained weight instead of slimming down. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but how I can avoid that happening again?

    • Lena

      Your legs are getting bulkier because of the incline. If you want to avoid this, I suggest you do HIIT on the treadmill with 0 incline at high speed.

  • Lynn

    I started this treadmill workout last week and lasted 27 min. Then 35. Today I went back to do it and completed the 50 min. Love it!

  • khan

    hi can sum1 help me out im abit confused what dose the inc mean ?

    • Lynn

      It means incline.

  • Lauren

    I just did this and I feel great!!! This was a great workout and I can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks, Cassey!

  • Kate


    I can’t open this one either! Please help.


  • rachel

    hey! i cant seem to open the threadmill shreadmill workout image. ): could you assist? really wanna start on that

  • Isabel

    Tried this today. IT WAS TOTALLY AWESOME! Perf treadmill workout for me. Thanks cassey!

  • sabrina

    hey cassey umm it says to do the treadmill shredmill for today but i dont have a treadmill is there anything else i can do? please help

    • Kimberly

      You could always do this same workout on an elliptical..thats what I do! I hate the treadmill, it hurts my knees and I always feel like I’m gonna fall when I run on it..the elliptical is GREAT! There’s handles you can hold while running that move so your arms aren’t just staying still, it’s easier on your knees, and you may even be able to run faster on it. I’d give that a try, it can’t hurt! :)

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  • Sami

    I have done a lot of treadmill workouts before and this is the best one out there. By time you get to the third set, your thighs are burning! I literally felt like my butt was reshaping with one workout… (lol)… Because this is more of an interval workout, I didn’t get bored on the treadmill… I was constantly talking to myself… And pushing myself to complete the workout… Bc my legs were on fire! This is really a train insane are remain the same workout! I absolute love this and encourage everyone to try it… Remember, you can always adjust the speed and incline to your preference… Thanks Cassey

  • Olivia

    Tried this treadmil routine today and loved it! Was wondering if you could make more like this that are good in public! As much as I’d love to shuffle sideways in front of my college classmates it probably isn’t acceptable :P

  • Molli

    I want to do this on my treadmill at home but it doesn’t have the incline on it. How should I modify it?

  • Delaney

    Hey, Cassey!
    Quick (possibly stupid) question… I’m aiming for very a very long muscles and a lean body. Do you think using this as a daily cario workout will bulk me up?
    Sorry, I’m really new at this… (: Thanks in advance!


  • Allison

    Greetings! I google searched shredmill workouts and came upon this post. You kicked my a%^ tonight! Just what i hoped for. Thank you! Would you consider posting some more?!