Inner Thigh Exercises & Giveaway!

Hey POPsters!

Wow you guys are the best community ever. I read through all of your comments, tweets, and messages regarding the fake “Hannah” weight loss story and felt our relationship bond even tighter. You know what I say? “Everything happens for a reason.” And as weird and hurtful as that story was, it really brought us closer together. It’s in troubling times that you can see who really loves and supports you. You guys rock my world. I am so not even kidding. I love love love you sooooo much!!!! Thank you for being here for me.

So today I have a nice little video from Livestrongwoman that demonstrates some awesome inner thigh moves and then how to roll them out using a foam roller. My friend Ashley Borden works out with me and we seriously had so much fun talking while we exercised and stretched. Oh and it’s a giveaway video – so be sure to click on it, leave a comment on why you love your body and you could be one of two winners. We’ll pick winners for a gift pack of a TRAIN LIKE A BEAST LOOK LIKE A BEAUTY tank and foam roller on October 10th.

So…do you like working out with partners or are you more of a individual-put-my-head-phones-in-don’t-bother-me type of person? I can swing between both but when I wanna go crazy I usually workout on my own to pumped up love songs. Hahahaha.

Oh speaking of my super girly music selection, FITNESS Magazine shared my cardio playlist the other day. Here it is:

I would say it’s a widdle bit outdated now because Gangnam Style, some Skrillex, and the new Carly Rae Jepson Album “Kiss” needs to be on there. What other song suggestions do you have for me or wanna see in the next video? Also, download the app Songza. My friend just told me about it and it’s a great way to find new music and the playlists there are actually good. Like no kidding. And there’s no commercials and it’s totes free.

Ok I have to go back and edit a clear skin for fitness girls video for BlogilatesTV. It will also be a super cray cray giveaway video too to celebrate our 100th workout on the Blogilates YouTube Channel! I can’t believe there’s been that many can you? Whoa. Insane in the membrane AND more to come!!

Okie dokie love you lots!

Oh wait!!! ACTUALLY!!!!!

We’re gonna have super cute sweats, hoodies, and lace top yoga pants for fall. Do you have any motivational sayings or artwork, images that you would LOVE to see on there? Let me know as well!!!

<3 you – have a fab day!


  • Emma Felkin

    I have only just started working out. I am excited to see the developing muscle underneath when the fat goes! I can feel them, they are there! Just the plump outer layer to go now!! I love my muscles

  • Olivia

    My hair

  • Ben

    I don’t belong to a gym, but my aprnamett complex has a small gym with limited equipment. Unfortunately, they don’t have barbells, only dumbbells. Could I do the walking lunges with dumbbells? What would be the best way to hold them?

  • I love my body because I can see tiny changes in it everyday. I’ve been kick boxing nearly every day for a month and I’m down 10 pounds and many many inches. Bring it. My Warm Up is Your Workout! RAWR!