How to Get Clear Skin for Fitness Girls? + Giveaway!

Hey POPsters!

It’s so hot here today in the Bay Area. I don’t understand why. I am STEAMING!!!! It makes editing videos in my room very very hard! How’s the weather where you are? Are you donning sweaters and skinny jeans yet? Or are you sweating like me?

So I’ve been getting this question about skin care quite a bit and wanted to share with you a new “Ask Cassey” video. Did you know that fitness enthusiasts like us have THE MOST DEAD SKIN CELLS on our bodies compared to the average person?

Yeah, me neither until I did a little research yesterday when I was filming this video!

It’s nuts!

So do you know what that means? It means we need to EXFOLIATE!!!! Aka scrub-scrubby that nasty debris off yo bodayyy!

But before we get to that, here are some tips on how to cleanse you skin from the inside. I believe that proper nutrition is PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE and the key to obtaining optimal health.

  1. STAY HYDRATED!!!! Drink enough water so that when you pee it’s light yellow or clear.
    1. Strawberries, citruses, red peppers, broccoli = Vitamin C = smooth texture
    2. Sunflower seeds and almonds = Vitamin E = sun protection
    3. Sweet potatoes and spinach = Vitamin A = fresh complexion
    4. Stay away from sugary treats! They age you!
  3. TRY NOT TO WEAR FACE MAKEUP when you work out as it can clog your pores. I wear makeup when I go to the gym, but just eye makeup.

Okay…now onto a really cool way to EXFOLIATE (omg I feel so “beauty guru” saying that!). I discovered this Organic Mineral Peel from ORG Skincare after I taught a Pilates class at a women’s fashion/heath/beauty event in San Francisco months ago. I met the owner who was super crazy excited about the Blogilates Community and what we do here. He asked if I wanted to do a giveaway – and well  after seeing how much it has helped my skin, I was yeah, like TOTES!


See that nasty debris on my hand? You get to see the spray actually WORK after you rub it on your skin. It begins to extract the dirties right away. It’s kinda nuts.

The liquid is made from aloe vera, mugwort, and grapefruit seed extract – I like that it does not contain any harsh chemicals! It’s like eating clean, unprocessed, whole foods…FOR YOUR SKIN!


It’s such a great post-workout beauty product because after you exercise, don’t you feel all nasty, sticky, sweaty, salty, and pretty much anything that you touch on touches you sticks to your skin? Yeah…eew!




After you spray and exfoliate, all you have to do is rinse with warm water and you’re done.

I’m pretty lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin but this makes it kinda fun. When I can actually see dirt coming off, it motivates me to do it more and more! Kinda like when you see changes in your body when you’re sculpting your physique, you know what I mean?

I try to do this 3 times a week and I’ve noticed my skin getting better!! So I wanna share it with you guys! To celebrate the 100th video on Blogilates (woo-hoo!), we’re gonna have a super cray giveaway.

I’m giving away a bottle of Organic Mineral Peel EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 14 days! WHAT!!??

DIRECTIONS (2 ways to win):

  1. Go to YouTube and LIKE the video and comment on it – tell me a beauty tip! Anything! (comment as much as you’d like to increase your chances)
  2.  Tweet me @Blogilates and tell me why you love working out! Use the hashtag #glowfromtheinside (tweet as much as you want!)
That’s it! The giveaway runs from Oct 4th, 2012 to Oct 17th, 2012 and winners will be announced on Twitter everyday. And yes it’s international!!!

Also, the peeps at ORG were kind enough to extend a 20% off code to any POPster who wants to try the peel! Just enter the code “BLOGILATES” at checkout. It’s $29.00 reg. price.

Ok that is all for me today! Off to the gym!

Love you so much! And may the odds me ever in your favor :)

<3 Cassey


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored giveaway thanks to ORG Skincare! All opinions and thoughts are my own and I only share with you guys products and things I truly believe in. Just letting you know!

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  • Jenny

    Dear Cassey,
    I wanna know is there any way which will only remove hip and legs fat but not breast fat? And what if I only just concentrate on my hip and leg workout, will it not possibly affect my breast fat ? (since I really don’t want my boobs to go any smaller than the size I have now.)

    I would be grateful if you could answer my question. Thank~

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    and it has aided me out loads. I hope to give a contribution &
    help different customers like its aided me. Great job.

  • Vanessa

    the discount code isnt working, is it too late to even use??

  • For most girls and many guys the care of their skin is a high priority. There are many products on the market nowadays and it is a must to get a quality product for skin tone and repairs.

  • Mansi

    Hi Cassey, This is just wonderful! I really loved the look of this product and was super excited to order it. I live in Luxembourg in Europe. When I tried ordering, sadly I saw that the delivery charges are as much as the product. Thats way too much for me and I had to cancel ordering. I really want to try the organic mineral peel!! Is there any other way I can get it without paying so much extra in shipping?
    Thanks a ton :) You’re an awesome person and I’ve loved working out to your videos!!

    • Diaphanousqueen

      Hi, that’s exactly the same issue I have! Well, only I live in Czech Republic… Please, Cassey, could you maybe ask about the chance of like cheaper worldwide shipping or something? It’d be amazing!

  • Tiffany

    A beauty tip that I learned is before you tweeze your eyebrows put a hot damp towel on it for a few minutes to help relieve the pain… if not completely. I usually try to do it right when I jump out of a hot shower!! (:

  • TeeBee

    Our weather in Pennsylvania has been ridiculously annoying lately. It’s hot one day, cold for two, hot for another 4 or five days, then gets cold again, then gets hot again. I’ve got my fall and winter clothes ready but can’t put my summer stuff away yet. GRR.

    Anyway, I needed a vid like this right now. Since I’ve been working out more, I’ve been breaking out more. Gross! thanks for the tips :)

  • Lisa

    It looks like you got the body one. Do you think that’s sensitive enough for the face? Because I see they also sell a face one thats super tiny and expensive haha. Thanks Cassey!!!!

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  • Mandy

    Hi Cassey, can you let us know when the discount code is up? Do I key the discount code under ‘Notes’?

  • Becky

    It’s going to be hot here today – 80 and breezy and possibly rainy. Aaaaaaaand tomorrow it’s going to be 55. Welcome to Chicago! LOL

  • Bee

    I absolutely love your purple nail polish! One of my favorite colors.

    BTW, I’m in Germany and it has been raining all day long… I’d really like to swap places with you now!

    Love, B

  • Catt

    I love you so much Cassey!!!!!!

  • Dahlia

    :( The discount code isn’t working but that just means I hope I can enter and win the giveaway ;p

    • oh no really? i will let them know.

      • Merari

        It’s still not working, but like the other POPster said- maybe we’ll win! =) Thanks for being so awesome and inspirational, Cassey!!

  • Natalia

    Cassey, I’m so glad you did a video about skincare because I have been having problems with my skin since age 13 (a decade of my life now). I really want to try this organic peel but the discount code doesn’t seem to be working on the ORG website! Do you think you can contact them and figure it out? Or, I’d be happy with a free bottle too. =) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Saiparn

    Thx for this vid Cassey! My skin is so dry!!! I don’t know what should I do. But I will try to take care it.

  • Giuliana

    Yay!! I have been having acne problems lately :( so thisis perfewct timing! Thanks Cassey, what would I do without you?!? haha

  • Julie Mo

    The best beauty tip given to me by my mama has to do with my hair. As Asian American, our hair tends to be finer and doesn’t retain volume as much. A great way to achieve volume is midway blow drying your hair, grab a brush and brush upwards, poofing as the heat expands the hair. At the end of my blowdry, my hair is all volumized and soft ;)

    • Giuliana

      Good tip! Thanks :) I have really fine hair so I’m definitely gonna try this! :D

  • Chelsea sowers

    Being active has a lot to do with buildup and clogged pores from sweat but as for dead skin cell buildup, that has more to do with skin type. Oily skin sheds a ton more than dry skin. Its important to wash your face well, eapecially afyer workouts but as for exfoliating, oily skin can do a gentle exfoliant every day or so but dry skin should stick to once or twice a week at most. It will wncourage cell turnover which is great to keep your skin healthy and looking flawless but overexfoliating is extremely bad for the skin. It can cause irritation, redness, over drying of the skin which can lead to more breakouts and worst of all: microtears in the skin whixh makes it easier for bacteria and other ickies to get into your body. So yes wash your face but be careful with exfoliants and overwashing, it can cause more damage to your skin than if you disnt do it at all. Im an esthetician in case you were wondering who thos crazy person is govingthe advice ; ) great article though cassey, glad to see you helping in all beauty areas : )

  • Julie

    Thanks for all these giveaways, Cassey! :)

  • Amanda Webster

    My favorite beauty tip I learned of just a little while ago- blend up strawberries and use it as a home made mask, it looks super silly but it feels lovely!! Like Cassey said in this last video Strawberries do great things for your complexion :)

  • Angela l

    Hi I love your videos I watch and work out with you religiously..I am currently trying to other the pell and the code “BLOGILATES” comes up invalid. When was the deadline?

    • hmmm weird ok will email the people!!

  • V

    The discount code isn’t working for me! Is anyone else having the same problems?