#OMGoctober Workout Calendar!

Hey POPsters!

Here’s the gorgeous new #OMGOctober calendar. This one is special. Very special. EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT. Is listed. Now there are no questions as to how you should pair the workouts. Yes, yes, you’re welcome. Just click on it, enlarge, and right click save image as. You can search the workouts on YouTube.

In addition, for the first time ever, there is a supplemental fitness journal you can download and use alongside this October calendar! YUP!!!! And it’s matching!!!! You can log food, water intake, measurements etc. Here’s what it looks like:

Each week is dated to go exactly with the #OMGoctober calendar. This is a digital download and you can get all four weeks for $1.99 on shopblogilates.com.

But since this is my first time doing this, let’s have a little fun!!! If you tweet me or facebook me a picture of something that might make me go “OMG!!!” and hashtag it #OMGoctober I will send you a coupon code to get the fitness journal for free! This starts…RIGHT NOW! I’ll pick 5 POPsters and will publicly announce as I choose/laugh/smile. This will last all day October 1st PST! It is currently 7 am so I am gonna allow entries until 11:59pm Oct 1st. Yes this contest is international! Go cray cray now!

And for those of you who don’t wanna wait, I will award you with a $1.00 gift certificate that will make this journal only 99c! Use the code “ohemgee” at checkout and you’ll be all set.


Thanks so much for following the calendar. I know with this guidance, the new videos, these tools, and your passion to succeed – you will look and feel SMOKIN’ in that Halloween Costume on the 31st!

Yay! Lemme know if everything works!

<3 Cassey

PS – I included the #OMGoctober calendar in the digital download too just in case.


  1. Sheterrica says:

    I signed up for the November calendar and never received a password. Is it because I joined too late and I’ll get the password when the December calendar comes along? o_o’

  2. the november calendar password doesn’t work!

  3. Hi Cassie!

    I love you and your best exercise videos! Everytime I do one of your workouts my whole day suddenly changes better! I want to thank you for all that hard work you have done for all these people!

    I’m sure you are busy but I have a little suggestion to you. I do horseback riding a lot and I would like to be even better. So I thought that if my muscles and stretching would better I could make some serious progress in my hobby. Well I tried to look for youtube if there would be some good videos but there really was not. So if you could even consider doing an equestrian pilates video that would make me so happy :) and if it is not possible I do understand :D

    I just simply love you so much!

  4. thank you cassey for being so generous in sharing what u got in terms of fitness and health… just a click away, all girls can have improve self esteem, as the saying goes look good…. feel good…. thank you… keep it up! :)

  5. Hi Cassey!!

    Your ‘Tuesday’ challenge has made my abs hurt for the first time…..feel gud :) And after doing the thursday’s workout, i was in pains for the next 3 days!!

    Question – Should we continue to exercise, if in pains after any workout?



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