#OMGoctober Workout Calendar!

Hey POPsters!

Here’s the gorgeous new #OMGOctober calendar. This one is special. Very special. EVERY. SINGLE. WORKOUT. Is listed. Now there are no questions as to how you should pair the workouts. Yes, yes, you’re welcome. Just click on it, enlarge, and right click save image as. You can search the workouts on YouTube.

In addition, for the first time ever, there is a supplemental fitness journal you can download and use alongside this October calendar! YUP!!!! And it’s matching!!!! You can log food, water intake, measurements etc. Here’s what it looks like:

Each week is dated to go exactly with the #OMGoctober calendar. This is a digital download and you can get all four weeks for $1.99 on shopblogilates.com.

But since this is my first time doing this, let’s have a little fun!!! If you tweet me or facebook me a picture of something that might make me go “OMG!!!” and hashtag it #OMGoctober I will send you a coupon code to get the fitness journal for free! This starts…RIGHT NOW! I’ll pick 5 POPsters and will publicly announce as I choose/laugh/smile. This will last all day October 1st PST! It is currently 7 am so I am gonna allow entries until 11:59pm Oct 1st. Yes this contest is international! Go cray cray now!

And for those of you who don’t wanna wait, I will award you with a $1.00 gift certificate that will make this journal only 99c! Use the code “ohemgee” at checkout and you’ll be all set.


Thanks so much for following the calendar. I know with this guidance, the new videos, these tools, and your passion to succeed – you will look and feel SMOKIN’ in that Halloween Costume on the 31st!

Yay! Lemme know if everything works!

<3 Cassey

PS – I included the #OMGoctober calendar in the digital download too just in case.


  1. Sheterrica says:

    I signed up for the November calendar and never received a password. Is it because I joined too late and I’ll get the password when the December calendar comes along? o_o’

  2. the november calendar password doesn’t work!

  3. Hi Cassie!

    I love you and your best exercise videos! Everytime I do one of your workouts my whole day suddenly changes better! I want to thank you for all that hard work you have done for all these people!

    I’m sure you are busy but I have a little suggestion to you. I do horseback riding a lot and I would like to be even better. So I thought that if my muscles and stretching would better I could make some serious progress in my hobby. Well I tried to look for youtube if there would be some good videos but there really was not. So if you could even consider doing an equestrian pilates video that would make me so happy :) and if it is not possible I do understand :D

    I just simply love you so much!

  4. thank you cassey for being so generous in sharing what u got in terms of fitness and health… just a click away, all girls can have improve self esteem, as the saying goes look good…. feel good…. thank you… keep it up! :)

  5. The numbers are how long the workout is and it makes easier to find:)

  6. Hi Cassey!!

    Your ‘Tuesday’ challenge has made my abs hurt for the first time…..feel gud :) And after doing the thursday’s workout, i was in pains for the next 3 days!!

    Question – Should we continue to exercise, if in pains after any workout?


  7. Question about the calendar: what do the numbers after the workout discription mean? For example, 19:02. Help please!

  8. omg I wish I had found your website and october calendar early there is no point me starting it now so i’ve just been doing a couple of your videos each night and I already feel great! I will DEFINITELY be doing your november workout calendar!!!!


  9. CASSEY, i love you!!!!
    You really do make my life so much better :’)))
    I used to do your workouts everyday during summer, and i used to feel so goddamn happy and good! but after school started i didnt have enough time and worked out maybe once a week then i stopped for a month. I started to feel stressed out lately, then i remembered what made me the happiest (i actually miss feeling sore :p) and that was your workouts!! and now im finally back on track and got the october calendar( although im a bit late but ill try my best )
    Keep it up, you’re an inspiration to everyone.
    God bless!^^

  10. Where is the 100 workout posted?!?!?!?!

  11. i have just started and i am having difficulty in finding the exercises for each day, where do i find them?

  12. Thanks a ton Cassey!! this calendar is so amazing…i don’t have to do any thinking n planning. The calendar is a ‘ready-to-use’ one. I just have to get myself ready for the challenging workouts :-)

    Its the first time I started today and as I began with the first workout, I thot I probably won’t be able to make it till the last video….but I did it!! yaaayyyy :-) though not v well (I was like taking mini breaks whenever my legs gave up!!)…..but i’ll get there:-) Its all about trying and trying n having a positive spirit.

    Thanks again….keep smiling n posting more videos…Luv ur blog :-) byyeee…..

  13. I was going to say the same thing! There’s not a lot of cardio on the non-HIIT days and usually the calendars specify 20 or so minutes of cardio per day

  14. Directions says you can do them all at once or spread throughout the day

  15. if possible, bend your knees, flex your arms, don’t go as ‘deep’, in the plank stand on your underarms instead of hands. Don’t forget to breath, squeeze your belly in and when you think you can’t hold it, YOU CAN! Really, you can do more then you think. Keep on trying and every time you can do a bit more :)

  16. Hey Cassey,

    I was wondering, for the omgoctober, do I need to do everything at one time? or can i split the work outs throughout the day? #unsureofwhattodo :)

  17. Hi everyone!

    I started uni oct, 1.
    I used to go to the gym, but now I do not have time!
    Im not making excuses, uni is 1.5 hours away from my house
    Plus thursday and friday Ill be there 8 hours a day with just
    1 hour for lunch.

    I walk about 30 mins a day and I really want to include
    Cassey’s workouts in my routine
    What can I do?

    Other than going to uni & studying I work as a waitress
    So my amount of time is really small :(

    More or less it’s 30 to 45 mins on mondays, tuesday
    45 mins to 1 hour on wednesdays and weekends
    15 to 30 on thursdays ad fridays

    I eat pretty healthy and clean that is not a problem

    Any suggestions for my workouts? :)

  18. Yeah me too! Honestly without cardio I dont even sweat… and i sweat I gained fat after not doing cardio except for thursday this week. I feel so much more untoned….

  19. Cassey, you’re the BEST!

    Thank you for putting so much work into this month’s calendar. You motivate us in the right way.

    Love from all the way in the Philippines! ^.^

  20. I just want to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!!! for all the hard work & dedication you put to this. & everything else you do just for us :)

    I’m getting close to being an inspirational story! ^_^ all thanks to you (:

  21. i’m new, how do you print this out? :)

  22. I would like to know this too :)

  23. do we have to pair these with 20 min cardio?

  24. thank you!!!

  25. I agree! There are no excuses now ;-)

  26. Just a suggestion: you have lots of videos and it’s a bit tricky to find all required videos for every day… it would be cool to have a playlists as well for each day of the calendar :-)


  27. Asuka Nosaka says:

    Hey all, here is the link to a Youtube playlist for todays workouts (week one, Tuesday).

    For those who want the rest of this weeks playlists you can find them on my page:


    I plan on making them throughout the week. It will keep me motivated :)


  28. Not able to see schedule in full size!!!!

  29. It’s not that people are lazy
    Some of them have school & homework to focus on they don’t have time to look up the right vids to do…
    Other’s have kids & house chores to do & sometimes can’t find the time to sit & look through stuff…
    But it is an amazing calendar!

  30. Cassey!
    Can you do all your work out calendar’s like this!
    Its soo easy to follow & amazing!

  31. sorry just realized you weren’t talking about bikini blaster 2 and 3 but about bikini bootcamp (which is kinda obvious cause that’s actually on the workout list, duh!), haha :)
    but hopefully my advice can help anyway!

  32. hey ludmila
    if you can’t (or better: cannot YET) do bikini 2 and 3 etc, i’d suggest modifying the moves to suit your level, e.g. for the sliding movements (like the first move in bikini 3 or the magazine-sliding in bikini 2), you could try sliding with just one hand/leg after the other until you can do the move as shown. :)
    i personally quite appreciate not being given possible alternatives for workouts that i tend to avoid (hello good-time-abs challenge…) bc i know if i was given the option i would chicken out and go for the easier one, but if there’s no alternative i’ll push through and feel amazesauce afterwards ;) – and so should you!!! yay! :)

  33. This is a great calendar Cassey, for people who are lazy to choose different videos every day by themselves! I love it!
    Oh, and I have some news: after a month of exercising and advancing little by little, I finally did the splits yesterday!!! Yayyy!!! :)

  34. Hey Cassey! First of all, thank you so much for the workout calendar, I must say that I really hate you while I’m doing the workout hahaha, but hey that’s good because after doing the workout I feel awesome!.
    Anyways, I wanted to know if we should do more cardio? Or just stick to the calendar?

  35. Hey Cassie.
    So…. I’m really not good at sports but I want to do something for my health and body. But I can never make it through these workouts. Do you have any tips for beginners? :D

    Lots of love! Elena

  36. LOVE that you’ve specified each workout video! Any chance you could make the calendar a bit bigger though? I can’t read it all properly, even when it’s enlarged.

  37. Cassey, OMG is def the right expression for the new WOC!!!
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this incredible new Version!!!
    (but I already hate u for levergaging my excuses for always avoiding some of ur really tough WO :D)

    thanks so much for all your great work and providing all ur stuff for free!

    with lots of love from Germany, Rosa

  38. Hi Cassey,

    I can’t view the calendar, I have put in the password but I only get 1/8 of the picture
    Please help :/ I would like to start tomorrow!

  39. just follow the calendar exactly

  40. I think it’s WONDERFUL that you already list down which video to watch, cause as a beginner, I always have difficulty choosing which video (plus, as a student, i need to save on internet especially video streaming)

  41. When you put a video down and the video says to do 3 times through, on the calendar mean just do it one time through?

  42. I would like to know this too!

  43. Best Calendar Breakdown ever!!! This is exactly what I want in a calendar, easy to follow with specific videos called out and checkboxes (GENIUS!). You are the best!! I’ve made it my October goal to do Pilates 2-3/week (I’m a pilates baby) and you have made it super easy by pairing your workouts. Day 1 is done and I’m so excited to continue. Who knows? Maybe by Halloween I’ll be doing Pilates 6 days a week.

  44. hi cassie! I second what angie asked. should we be adding more cardio to these workouts or is the cardio specified enough???


  45. don’t feel bad! i felt EXACTLY the same. I had to stop on a lot of the plank exercises. I didn’t realize i was weak especially because i was improving on my insanity workouts. But this is another ballpark all together! Im in pilates elementary school. Im with you!! :) trying to stay in there!

  46. Melanie, USN says:

    I. DIED. REALLY. ESPECIALLY THAT LAST ONE TODAY. I’m not as athletic or toned as everyone else here but I seriously couldn’t keep up. but if it weren’t for you pushing me in the vids, I would have gave up longgg ago. IM WORKIN ON IT. thats why im here!

  47. I love the Calender with the exercises it really gets me motivated and gives me goals to complete everyday, Thank you so much cassey

  48. Hey Cassey!
    so first of all: are you kidding me!? today was the first time I swore at you during a work out! (I generally don’t at all, it takes A LOT to get me there!) but thanks for kicking my butt! I really needed that today! great idea listing the exact workouts but maybe next time give some alternatives, ‘coz I’m only a beginner and couldn’t do 2/3 of the bikini bootcamp which was VERY frustrating :(
    love you!
    p.s. congrats on your 100th video! you go girl!

  49. wow! i really like how you did this month’s calender… heaps better! thanks cassey xx

  50. Thank you SO MUCH for listing each vid to do, you have no idea how much this will help me in my busy days!!! It’s amazing how much one little thing can make such a big diff!! ^^ Lots of Love from Canada!

  51. Yayyyy thank you Cassey! :D I feel like I have a personal trainer/nutritionist :D You are absolutely amazing :D Love you!!!!!

  52. I just did the first one WOO, found it too easy honestly.. I didnt even break a sweat but I worked my hardest.. hopefully tomorrows will give me more of a challenge! THANK YOU SO MUCH CASEY FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US POPSTERS! Honestly because of you I’ve never seen such a quick and effective change in my body before! I feel like you’re my personal trainer guiding and encouraging me everyday! <3 LOVE YOU

  53. Shuhui Wen says:

    Cassey, your monthly calenders are fantastic and you really do make so many people fit and happy. Sending some love right back to you! Have a great week!

  54. Thank you so much for these calendars! You are honestly an inspiration to many people around the world, as well as a role model. You’re quite amazing… JUST KIDDING. YOU’RE SUPER AMAZING. I love these workouts and calendars! You are honestly one of the best Pilates Instructor of ALL time! Love you Cassey and thank you for devoting your time to make Blogilates a wonderful community where we can talk to each other, ask advice, and much, much, more. I love this website and I love when you blog! I love when I come on Blogilates and there’s a new blog posted! Love you so much Cassey, seriously. You have become a role model to me over the past few months! YOU ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  55. Wowww thank you so much!! I was hoping for a calender like this :-)

  56. I have no words… you’re just amazing! you know all what we want and you do it for us, thank you, Cassey, seriously, thank you, you’re the best! I love you <3

  57. Hey Cassey!! Thank you SO much for this month’s workout calendar. It looks like the best/most easy to follow one yet. I was so excited that you paired actual workout video titles so I know exactly what to do everyday. I followed sweaty september (and was very sweaty) but had a harder time figuring out what videos to do to make my workout last an hour each day. This is super helpful and you are my favorite workout instructor EVER!!! I have worked out for about 8 years now and I’ve done workouts with Denise Austin, Tracy Anderson, Lisa Hart, Greg Smithey, but you are the triple G (a Genius Gem Guru)!!

  58. Ahh I am so excited. No excuse now!! Gotta look good for that halloween costume…youu know. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this and especially how detailed it is!!!! <3 <3 <3 you're the best <3 <3 <3

  59. Emmanuelle says:

    Thank you so much for the workout calendar. I haven’t had the time to do all the videos today but I have done 20-25 min of workouts.
    I will add 2 videos of stretching before & after any session.

  60. Already Loooooooooved it!!!!!!!
    So i want to ask something…… except the HIT workouts, do i have to do extra cardio during the week?
    Thanks again…you really saved me!!!

  61. Hi! I was getting ready to workout, listing all the videos to follow but I can’t seem to find this video “plank workout for flat abs & toned arms”. Is it not longer on?

  62. October is gonna be super spooky and magical-why? Coz Cassey’s Calendar has motivated me so much that the flab is just gonna spoookily disappear, and my body is gonna magically transform into a sexy beast! Here’s to eating clean, the workout calendar, drinking pah-lenty of water, and, of course, the once a week indulgence, coz, you know, YOLO kids!! I cannot WAIT to do Cassey’s workouts tonight after class! This new found motivation is the BOMB DIGGITY! Thank you so very much for making it so easy and excuse free Cassey :) much love <3

  63. Yeay!!! Love the new workout calendar! It’s exactly what I did until yesterday, planning my workouts video by video! Now it’s all done for me and I don’t even have to think of what to do!

  64. omg I love this months workout calendar! please please pleaseeeee continue workout calendars in this format!:) makes it so much easier and less chance of slacking off!

  65. So, you pretty well rock my face off!! Thanks for putting in so much effort for us Popsters. This makes it so much easier to do!!! And no more procrastination or laziness! You’re the BEST EVAH!

    Oil riggers and love!

  66. Kirsten Borgmann says:

    How do i print it? this is is confusing.

  67. OMG, I love this month’s calendar! It’s so much easier to have all the workouts listed beforehand. Thank you SO much Cassey for all the hard work you’ve put into it!!! You’re amazing :)

  68. Woah, you really went all out this month :D I usually spend a couple of hours every month making playlists on YT so having everything already planned is awesome! Thanks!!!

  69. I LOVE having all the videos listed per day. The hardest part for me is deciding which to do and how to evenly distribute the load. My schedule is already so busy that I end up finding excuses about not having time to pick out videos and now I’m so glad you went ahead and did the hardest part for me. Thanks!!


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