GANGNAM STYLE POP Cardio Dance Workout!


I cannot even BEGIN to explain how sweaty I was after choreographing this workout video for you! I thought I had time to go to the gym yesterday but nope, it was spent dancing and dancing and dancing for hours on end!!! It was so much fun though that it didn’t feel like a workout! Well…except that my heart was skyrocketing through the roof!!! No kidding. I had to go retsraighten my hair a few times because it started getting wavy from all of the sweat! RIDIC-SAUCE!

Anyway, I am so excited to present to you…the GANGNAM STYLE POP CARDIO DANCE WORKOUT!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Did u like it!?? Did u? Did u? Did u!!???

Because I do!!!!! I must go turn on the song and do the dance again. Who wants to join?

This POP Cardio dance is perfect for the alternating workouts you need to do everyday for Sweaty September. Looks like your fall is gonna start off with a lot of horse ridin’.

Let me know if you like POP Cardio dance routines and whatever else you want to see me teach you. As you can see, I am obvi up for anything to make y’alls happy :)

Please send me your sweaty horse ridin’ pics on facebook, twitter, and instgram!!!! I wanna see!!!! Or even better…post a video response!!!! I totally wanna see u dance. If you’re nervous, ask a friend to do it with you :)

Kay, off to the gym now. I’ve been editing all day and I can’t wait to get out of this computer chair!!!

Please share this, pin this with anyone you think would like a little extra fun in their lives.

<3 Cassey


My clothes:

1. Board shorts outfit: Boardshorts from Billabong at TJ MAXX, blue criss cross top by Ocean Drive, pink seamless sports bra by NUX at (right now you can get 10% off your order until Sept. 14th, 2012 using the code “BLOGILATES10” at checkout) and hot pink/coral Nike Free Run 3s.

2. Sunglasses outfit: purple seamless cami from NUX, floral booty shorts from Margarita Activewear, and purple Quickfit Nikes

3. Rainbow outfit: Yellow sports bra from Bebe Sport, sunburst pants from Body Language Sportswear, shoes are mint Nike Free Run 3s.

  • My favourite dance cardio made by you so far <3 I'm impatiently looking forward to a new dance workout by Blogilates, maybe you could think of something? I'll be glad if you take that into consideration.

  • Silvia

    omg love this!
    We do a lot of dances in kindergarten! you know the kids love to dance to nearly every kind of music! ;-)
    they asked for the gangnam style too – and they don´t get tired of it – its like an evergreen for them and my coworkers just ask me how I can dance through the whole song so easy!
    Well thx to you Cassey!

  • nana

    it was fun but I am not a dancer, I am way too slow to check out all the moves and after 10 seconds the next. but maybe I will become sort of a dancer too?

  • Laurence

    My favorite! More like this, pleaaaaaase :D And you look soooo good in that rainbow outfit! Thank you so much xo

  • Iwillbestronger

    I’m soo curious about how many calories this burns. Does anyone around my height/weight know? I’m 5’1 & 110 pounds.

  • Hayley

    This is by far my favorite cardio workout! It’s so fun and the time flies by. Keep ’em coming :)

  • OMG!! Just did this workout as part of the June 2013 calendar and it is AWESOME & SUPER FUN!! Of yeah, and a bit challenging because I have no coordination when it comes to dancing but…I still tried to rock it as best I could. Thanks, Cassey!! You’re so inspirational & awesome. Love ya!!

  • mary

    Can you do a dance to country girl shake it for me by Luke Bryan PLEASE

  • immer

    The video is not available in Germany because of GEMA :(

  • Mimiryan84

    This was fun! I really like the dancing videos.

  • Mary

    This song drove me crazy for the longest time… But now thanks to you, I find it rather addictive!!! LOL… Thanks for everything you do! You kill me daily! LUVS IT!!!!!

  • Marie

    Hi, could you make a video without music? because in Germany i can’t watch it (because of the GEMA).

  • Love this! Great job haha :)

  • Hey There Blogilates,
    Interesting Thoughts, I think most of them hate k-pop is that true?

  • Alex

    The video was taken down! I am so sad :(

  • Kailey

    So, when I first saw this video and did the workout, I thought Gangnam Style was some new cardio fitness trend I was out of the loop on…ha! I get it now. :)

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  • OMG! Love the energy! Made me laugh too. :)

  • LMFAO, def doing this with the curtains closed… :P looks like an a**load of fun though!

  • Sarah

    Hahahahahah! this really made my day, never realized how ridiculous his dance was and totally realized I cannot Love you lots Cassey ! :D Keep Dancing ! ^^

  • Hahaha! This made me laugh so much and got me off the couch to join in :) Love these vids Cassey, keep em coming!

  • Sophie

    Amazing!! so much fun doing this cardio dance!!
    More and more cardio dance like this please, it gives me so much energy for the day!!


  • Jessica

    I may have looked like a complete spazz trying to do this, but it was SO MUCH FUN! I laughed and smiled while doing this twice :) Thanks girl!

  • Mercedes

    Oh my gosh!!! I love this! – I hate to sweat, but I have done this like three times now!!!