It’s HIIT DAY!!! Sweaty September Wednesday! Woot Today’s gonna get extra sweaty because I have an EXTRAAAAA workout for you :) Check out this Cardio/HIIT (high intensity interval training) vid I filmed in London with John and Leon from The Lean Machines! It’s only about 4 min but it’s super hard!!! I think you’ll like it a lot.

Also, we filmed another video for fun showing you some of our fave moves inspired by our fave Olympic athletes! Check it!

Yay!! I am currently choreographing your Gangnam Style cardio dance video! And look, I finally got the nail polish color I’ve been searching FOREVER for!!!!

K back to the dance flo! I think you’re gonna love this!

<3 Cassey


  1. Great post! Thanks a lot for the workouts

  2. What is the name of the Essie Nail Polish?

  3. Great post! Thanks so much for the workout! I’d like to tell you all about a totally awesome website similar to this one that helps women get fit through in-home crossfit type training: http://www.womensfitway.com

    The site’s goal is to help women start following the paleo diet and begin an awesome FREE daily in-home fitness program. Its not just to help women get “sexy” and able to run a 5k. While those things may also happen while following the program, the end goal is to introduce women to fitness and lifting in a way that is super supportive and motivating. The site focuses on overall, general fitness for women.

    It includes nutrition advice/guidelines, recipes, and most importantly–FREE DAILY workouts that you can do anywhere!!!! Youtube videos are posted of the trainer doing the advanced workouts and videos are also posted of a 53 yr-old MOM doing the beginner/intermediate workouts (she’s never workout out before, but she is doing the workouts, following the nutrition plans, and seeing amazing results! Check it out–I know you’ll love it! :)

  4. Can anyone tell me what a single legged jack knife is? Stuck.com.

    Thanks! X

  5. Sia Bevis

  6. What color are your nails? They’re so pretty.

  7. Hey Cassey ! Too bad I am on my rest day, ahah :) I’m going to do it tomorrow, seems fun ! I wanted to say that I love your videos and how they make me sore, like right now ! And I love the challenges !
    I wanted to ask how we can appear on POPstars ?
    Thank you ! :)<3

  8. How cute is that second lean machine video! haha, loved it :)

  9. the second video is great! not that the first one wasn’t, but that second one is just hilarious! it made me laugh several times :) (bottom half bolts, lol! two body building guys doing dancer’s pose, lol!)

    LOVE the moves, LOVE the guys’ accents and LOVE how they’re even doing (or trying to do) dancer’s pose! :)

    great job!

  10. Thank you soo much for the new cardio/HIIT interval..that was 4 well spent minutes!!! Please keep them coming…this is my weakest area and I need all the motivation I can get!

  11. So excited for the dance video!! Can’t wait! :)

  12. New here. Love ur blog!! Question, how many repeats of the Acadia carnage vid would I have to do to consider it my daily cardio? Thanks

  13. LOVE the modification box – so helpful – thank you!!

  14. Not gonna lie looking at johns face and arm muscles makes me want to never stop doing this workout…DANG JOHN! The workout looks intense too can’t wait to try it tonight :D <3

  15. I just have a quick question how do I figure out how many calories are burned for your videos? I have trouble figuring out how many I burn during the pilates videos. I’m sure the answer is somewhere on this website, but I haven’t found it until now! Thanks :)

  16. Cassey, is that the ‘bikini so teeny’ color? I’ve been looking for that one! Do you like it?

  17. LOVE your nails Cassey! and, i LOVE you top, i got the same one, ITS AMAZING

  18. LOVE the video and the Essie nails girl! I am admittedly a bit too excited for your Gangnam style vid and cannot wait for it to come out!

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