SWEATY September Blogilates Workout Calendar – get password from newsletter!

It’s gonna be a SWEATY SEPTEMBER!!!!! On Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, you will do 1 POP Pilates/POP Sculpt/Bikini Blaster and 1 POP Cardio/POP HIIT alternating for 1 hr. YUP. You’re gonna be sparkling with sweat.

On wed, you will do all POP HIITs back to back for 1 hr. It’s a hard core day. You could also sub something like Nike Training Club here.

On Saturday, it’s cardio day!!! You could do all POP Cardios or just go for a run, do the elliptical – whatever.

Also, you’ll see that this month we have written workout commands! You are to do these every morning. First thing you do when you wake up. No excuses. Just do it.

If you have no idea what these are, just go onto the facebook community and ask. Or YouTube it! Or go onto the exercise section of weighttraining.com.

Have fun! I think you’ll also like the checkboxes very much!!! If you have any questions, just comment below tweet me @Blogilates (this will be faster).

<3 you! Have a great 3 day weekend for my Americans!



  1. i have dance classes for 2 hours on monday and 1 hour on wednesday, do i still need to do calender plan on those days?

    • No ones forcing you to do it every day… No ones watching over your shoulder to make sure you do it. You don’t *need* to do it, and it sounds like you have it covered. Relax.

  2. hey, so i was just wondering when the october workout calendar comes out? and also i dance for 2 hours on a wednesday, so does that count towards anything or should i do the hiit workouts as well? thanks (-:

  3. Cassey! September is ending!! Should i start the work outs now from the date is today or should i wait for the next month?

    • I want to know too? Or should we do the last week of september and then start October.

      • hey guys!
        i’d suggest that the fact that you’ve missed most of the september calendar shouldn’t make you go “ok so i’ll just skip the rest too”. Instead it should make you go: “aaaahh i already missed so much of that amazingness I definitely don’t wanna miss any more!!” :)

        so i’d suggest you start right now and you’ll be SO ready for the october calendar! :)


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