SWEATY September Blogilates Workout Calendar – get password from newsletter!

It’s gonna be a SWEATY SEPTEMBER!!!!! On Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, you will do 1 POP Pilates/POP Sculpt/Bikini Blaster and 1 POP Cardio/POP HIIT alternating for 1 hr. YUP. You’re gonna be sparkling with sweat.

On wed, you will do all POP HIITs back to back for 1 hr. It’s a hard core day. You could also sub something like Nike Training Club here.

On Saturday, it’s cardio day!!! You could do all POP Cardios or just go for a run, do the elliptical – whatever.

Also, you’ll see that this month we have written workout commands! You are to do these every morning. First thing you do when you wake up. No excuses. Just do it.

If you have no idea what these are, just go onto the facebook community and ask. Or YouTube it! Or go onto the exercise section of weighttraining.com.

Have fun! I think you’ll also like the checkboxes very much!!! If you have any questions, just comment below tweet me @Blogilates (this will be faster).

<3 you! Have a great 3 day weekend for my Americans!



  1. No ones forcing you to do it every day… No ones watching over your shoulder to make sure you do it. You don’t *need* to do it, and it sounds like you have it covered. Relax.

  2. i have dance classes for 2 hours on monday and 1 hour on wednesday, do i still need to do calender plan on those days?

  3. hey, so i was just wondering when the october workout calendar comes out? and also i dance for 2 hours on a wednesday, so does that count towards anything or should i do the hiit workouts as well? thanks (-:

  4. hey guys!
    i’d suggest that the fact that you’ve missed most of the september calendar shouldn’t make you go “ok so i’ll just skip the rest too”. Instead it should make you go: “aaaahh i already missed so much of that amazingness I definitely don’t wanna miss any more!!” :)

    so i’d suggest you start right now and you’ll be SO ready for the october calendar! :)

  5. I want to know too? Or should we do the last week of september and then start October.

  6. Cassey! September is ending!! Should i start the work outs now from the date is today or should i wait for the next month?

  7. Yup, that is totally alright. Since your pushing more and training your body differently from what you were previously used to by incorporating more HIIT you may be able to do a little less initially due to the exhaustive nature of interval training. As you get stronger and more adapted to it you should be able to work back up to your complete hour if that is your goal. But always listen to your body =) If you feel you’re exhausted and you’ve given it your all then call it day and rest up for the next day. Hope this helps! =)

  8. I love it!! Cassie, you’re trying to kill me and it’s fabulous!

  9. Trying to include you’re workouts in my daily routine. Mixing up your calendar with my workouts and cheer practise (:

  10. Thank you so much! That’s exactly how I feel too! I’ll do my best to push through :-)

    The only problem I’m having just now is because of the alternating calendar, I’m doing more HIIT but I stopped today after 40 minutes instead of an hour because I was so sweaty and my legs were exhausted! I don’t know if that’s just because today was lower day and I was doing the Food Baby HIIT which involves a lot of legwork though…

    Is it alright that as a result I’m doing slightly less pilates as a result of the more HIIT? (I think before I was wimping out at 50 minutes instead of an hour haha)

  11. Don’t worry the calendar isn’t written in stone. It’s a guide. The next time something like this happens just do another core video. An old favorite or a new to you video. Just add the new one in when you can. For example the next day or even Friday( the next core day).

  12. I agree with Uju. You can mix it up any way you like. I’m going to do a core workout plus a total body workout Friday.

  13. I just signed up for the newsletter and calendar… What am I missing? I’m very confused. Like for September 4th, it says “it burns so good…” is that the workout command? What exactly am I supposed to do tomorrow?

  14. Workout commands are just an extra little jolt of exercise that we are going to add to our days this month. So Cassey recommends that we complete the designated exercise right when we wake up each morning. If you don’t find time, I would just complete it before the start of my workout. Hope this helps =)

  15. Yea the same thing was for me. I workout in the morning but the new video wasn’t up yet so I just completed my workout that I planned and I’ll incorporate the new video in an upcoming workout =)

  16. The workout commands are basically just extra little jolts of exercise that we’re going to add this month. So Cassey is recommending to do the designated move for each day right when we wake up. I’m sure you could also choose to do it right before you start your workout if you can’t quite squeeze it in when you wake up but it’s just a nice little extra thing Cassey added so we can push ourselves even more. Hope this helps =)

  17. The way you said it the first time is correct. So example of Monday may be: Bikini Blaster Abs, Abs, Abs then a POP Cardio/HIIT then Bikini Blaster Muffintopless then another POP Cardio/HIIT and so on.

  18. And any of her “Cinch Your Waist” or Muffintop exercise videos should do also =)

  19. Focus on those exercises that target the midsection such as abdominal, obliques, and lower back.

  20. Just remember that everything takes time. It doesn’t matter how many times you have to stop just as long as you get through it and do the absolute best that you can. Cassey is going through everything easily because she’s trained her body and has become stronger and stronger. We’re all on that same path as long as we stay dedicated and work hard. Be patient with yourself and recognize that with each successful completion of a workout (whether you stop or not) you’re doing something amazing for your body and making yourself stronger each day =) Hope that helps =)

  21. I think you can mix and match and just choose any of her videos that target some part of your core.

  22. Just keep on pushing through and killing your workouts while keeping your goals in close sight! Is it a fabulous bikini body, is it better health, is it just to be stronger? Find it and latch on. I was the EXACT same way. I just hated HIIT because of the physical stress I would feel afterward and I only liked long, slow cardio where I would feel worked out but didn’t have to exert as much energy at once; but I’ve been training using HIIT for about 2 years and now I actually look forward to my workouts. It’s still challenging but my mindset has changed and trust me it is sooo exciting to watch yourself get stronger each and every day. In January I couldn’t do a single “regular” push up and was always on my knees. Now I can do 22 straight off of my knees. Change your mindset, stay positive, push through, and stick to it. You can DEFINITELY do it!

  23. I am a recent fan of pop pilates (since the beginning of summer) and I can feel myself getting a lot stronger and I really enjoy the pop pilates workouts.

    However, I *hate* HIITs! Like, really hate them! Every time I do one I want to physically weep afterwards! Is this just because I’m not used to them (I will admit I didn’t do a lot of cardio at the beginning of summer) or am I simply not built for HIIT? Either way, how do I get passed it?

    This workout calendar is already killing me xD

  24. I’m so confused.

    On Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri, I’ll do:
    1 POP Pilates OR POP Sculpt OR Bikini Blaster ?

    and then I’ll do either 1 POP Cardio OR 1 POP HIIT alternating for 1 hr?

    OR Do I do I do 1 POP pilates, 1 POP sculpt, and 1 bikini blaster
    then I do 1 pop cardio and 1 pop HIIT video, and alternate those videos for 60 minutes?

  25. The calendar has Core on Mon and Fri. Does that mean to do Abs on one of those days and obliques on the other?

  26. I think she means If you choose to do a Bikini Blaster on Monday than it should be for the Core and if you choose a BB on Tuesday then it would be for the lower body. Dont mix them up.

  27. I really don’t understand what a Workout Command is. Can anyone exlpain it to me? :(

  28. ‘WO’ = ‘Workout’ :)

  29. The calendar says ‘new video’ on some days, like today, and where I live it’s 3rd september 3pm, and Cassey still hasn’t uploaded one, so I’m worried that I won’t be able to do the workout today, because where she lives the time may be alot different. :(

  30. Hey ! I couldn’t find a video for Pilates criss crosses. Can anyone help?

  31. haha same, i had a two week break from exercise because of a leg injury(so my healthy eating went down the drain as well) and now im back to where i started, so glad this calendar is here, takes out all the guesswork about what i need to do :)

  32. Work out…

  33. I think that if your muscles are rigid and you need to warm up then I think a good jog might help also I think you should also stretch so that way it prevents injury well exercising and also it is good for getting your muscles warmed up but I don’t know that is just my opinion./人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  34. thank you both! I’ll try and keep this in mind during Monday’s workout

  35. Yeah, I totally agree! When I started doing Cassey’s workouts in June, I died and had to keep taking short breaks. But I carried on as soon as I could! Ater about a month, I was doing much better! No idea how Cassey can have calm conversations whilst doing this haha :)

    I stopped for 2 weeks coz I had to move to a whole different State, and now I’m back to square one with the September Calendar! It’s kicking my butt, but we must go on! It’ll be easier by the end of the month!

  36. I’ve found that all yoga mats are pretty much the same as far as quality goes, they just vary in price. If you’re looking for a fancy print or special color, they can get pricey. If you’re looking to get the job done and don’t care much about the color try Marshalls, TJ Max, even target. You can find one for $10 or less.

  37. Can I ask for the meaning of Complete WO!

  38. I’m in love with with your website! Gonna try the workout tomorrow!

  39. I’m in love with with your website! Gonna try the workout tomorrow!

  40. If I get it right, I could do e.g. on Monday, Bikini Blaster 3+5, afterwards 30mins of NTC High Interval Cardio? It’s just that I prefer a video of 30/45mins instead of 3 HIIT videos with interruptions. That just gets me out of concentration and motivation.
    However, great calendar! I wonder if I’ll still be able to get up on day 3 if I stick to it or I’m so sore I have to stay in bed all day :)

  41. Aleksandra says:


  42. Hi!
    I have a question. In the morning I feel my muscles are sort of rigid so I’m worried that I could get some injury if I do those exercises right after waking up (at 6.30 am). Should I do some light warm-up first? What would you recommend?

    You know, during summer vacation I tried to workout mid-afternoon but stopped doing it because I noticed exercises which were easy for me in the evening were really difficult in the morning/afternoon. My muscles will simply not respond the same way. :/

  43. Youtube them, or search blogilates and you’ll find examples.

  44. How did I not see Vanessa’s link?? Lol…oops

  45. Don’t be afraid to pause, take a break, have some water…sit on the floor and weep…lol. But seriously, just take a small break and then get right back into it!! You’ll never get stronger, or better at the exercises unless you do them :) I’ve been doing PopPilates for about 4 months and I still struggle with keeping up sometimes! But it took me about 1 month to finally feel like I wasn’t completely useless. Just keep at it :)

  46. Hi!
    I’m so unfit that i’m struggling so much and keep having to stop through exercises and it’s making me so unmotivated when i’m struggling so much. Can anyone help? :(

  47. Doh! I’m so silly! Thanks for the help :)

  48. Hi Cassey
    I am in search of a yoga mat and would like your help. Any suggestions? I am truly in the dark on choosing one. Thanks much. Also, I LOVE your new calender! <3

  49. Cassey explains what a teaser is here:


  50. Ok for those of you who don’t know what the 10 second teaser is for day one please check out this website http://www.weighttraining.com/exercises/teaser it should help you learn what a teaser is. What she means by 10 seconds I guess is either hold the position for ten seconds or do the teaser for 10 seconds as many times as you can.

    Hope that helps!!!/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

  51. Um actually the calendar does go all the way to the 30th. Maybe it is your download or maybe you didn’t see that the 29th day is also split to the 30th day. So it is two days in one box. Either way the 30th is a rest day and it says to tell yourself that your amazing

  52. For the core that would probably include exercises that target the abs, waist, love handles and/or muffin tops. So the area bellow your chest and above your hips. /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Hope that helps!!

  53. Completed WO means the complete workout so that means doing on Sathurdays for example the one hour cardio and also on weekdays except Wednesday doing the pop cardio/HIIT and targeted area + the pop sculpt+ bikini blasters for 1 hour so the orange box in the top left /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Hope that helps!!

  54. Sorry, also wanted to ask why the calendar stops on the 29th? Or is that just on my download?

  55. I was wondering the same thing…would be great if someone could explain! Sorry for being a newbie!!

    Also, just wanted to shout out a huge thank you to Cassey for all her work! Definitely came across you at the right time – I’ve become a total Blogilates addict in the last couple of weeks :D

  56. for day 1 what do u mean by 10 sec teaser??

  57. This calendar is absolutely wonderful!!! I think I’ll have to stick to more of the August plan though, since I can’t do HIIT in my apartment- I’m on the third floor, so I can’t jump around in my room, unfortunately. So I think I’ll incorporate the commands, and just continue the August calendar!

  58. Dawne Morgan says:

    Big thanks to you Cassey, this calender will help my old bod rejuvenate! I need clarification on the workout commands (great idea), are they the push ups, squats and such listed first, or do I have to search for them? I ask as my mornings are crazy and while I am sooo invested in the command concept, I just don’t have time to search for them, it would be lovely to have them listed on the calender.

  59. I agreee plss cassey!

  60. this is amazing, thank you SO much, Cassey!
    I love the workout commands and I LOVE the checkboxes!!

    also i like how you incorporate hiit this month! i usually did my cardio/hiits on the treadmill, which kinda started to turn into a dreadmill lately as i was getting fed up with my routine. pop-pilates hiits will be a really nice change!

    thanks again a thousand times for this awesome workout plan!
    my pre-blogilates workout plans always sucked (basically bc they were non-existent, lol), and now they are great & they actually yield results.
    and this is all thanks to YOU!

    love ya!

  61. completed Workout i.e. the hour alternating HIIT and targeted Video

  62. can any1 tell me which exercises or which part is included in Core ???

  63. can any1 plz tell me which exercises or which parts are included in Core ?????

  64. what does ‘completed WO!’ mean?xx

  65. Cassey!!!! Thank you SO much I am so excited to get started. LOVE YOU GURU! All the way from India!

  66. I am a bit confused about this too, but I think we chose one video from either POP Sculpt, Bikini Blaster, Pop Pilates AND one video from either POP Cardio and Pop HIITS and alternate those two videos (one from each group) for a total of one hour. The videos from the first group should focus on the body part of the day (i.e. Mondays are core, Tuesdays are lower body, etc). What I’m confused about is POP Sculpt. Where and what are these videos? They sound awesome!

  67. Thank you so much Cassey for another amazing workout calendar!
    Mine’s printing now…. :)

  68. Get the NTC app – it’ll help! Or if you’re lucky enough to live in a place where they have classes – book some – they’re free!

  69. Mountain climbers, frogger jumps, squats, squat jumps, front and back lunges (alternating or not), side lunges (alternating or not), burpees, press ups, russian twists, jogging, high knees, butt kicks, skipping, basketball jumps…. anything and everything!

  70. I LOVE NTC! Their free classes are AMAZING! I am so excited to go to my first Leah Kim class on Thursday! Woooooo!

  71. I’m getting sweaty just looking at these, first time trying your workout calendar!
    oh well, guess who’s getting a hawt body? ;)

  72. AHHHH nike training club is killer! but supper effective! <3

  73. this is the first time i’ll be trying this and hopefully i figure out what some of these moves are >.< but other than that I'm excited! ^____^

  74. Hi, I love the calendar, but there are some moves that I don’t know how to do.Can you PLEASE, do a video where you’re showing us how to do the advanced moves? please, it would be a lot easier for me to follow the calendar workouts if I actually knew how to do the moves. Oh, and what does ‘completed WO!’ mean?xxx

  75. THANKYOU Cassey :D You’re a legend :D

  76. Hey Cassey!! Im new at POP Pilates :) I’ve done some of your workouts and eventhough I’m soared I love the feeling. Thanks for the new calendar.

  77. As usual, I love love LOVE the calendar. I love the daily workout commands in the morning and the check boxes.

  78. Jacki Sanders says:


    You are unbelievable!
    I’m just starting school back up again & I was so worried that I wouldn’t have time to plan out my workout routine for September! You completely took all that worrying away!!!
    How awesome are you!?!
    I’m looking forward to a sweaty September!!!
    Jacki <3

  79. I am totally confused. Do I have to do one POP Pilates, one POP Sculpt, one Bikini Blaster, one POP Cardio, and one POP HIITS alternating? Or do I just choose which one? Can someone give me an example of their Monday workout? Thank you so much! And thank you for making this calendar! I’m honestly really excited :)

  80. I’m excited to do this! However, I’m starting insanity on Monday. So I think I will just do insanity on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but incorporate the toning videos on all of the other days along with insanity. Its gonna be a crazy month, but trying to get beach body ready for the Bahamas!!

  81. I absolutely looove the workout commands before each workout!!

  82. I absolutely love this workout calendar. Thank you so much!!!!! You are one of my favorite fitness gurus! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ But I do have one question… um what do you mean by completed WO, do you mean, for example, on september 3rd when you said do 2 sets of 25 pilates criss-crosses do we do that and that’s our completed workout or do we do a workout we designed where we alternate between pop cardio/HIIT + targeted pilates/sculpt/bikini blasters for 1 hour?


  83. Hey cassey ! love the new calendar… uhm was just wondering can anybody tell me what the workout commands are ?

  84. I am not allowed to do squats because of my bad knee…what can I do in replace of them?


  85. Cassey, thank you so much for the workout calendar! With so many demands on my time this new school year, you are the inspiration and positive moment in my life who keeps me motivated to stay healthy. You rock!

  86. Can someone help me plan Wednesday? Like what kind of HIITS are you guys going to be doing? I need ideas :)

  87. Loving this new calendar! Totally love the workout commands for every morning, this is just the kick i need. I’m going to try and hold myself accountable this month and do the workouts for everyday! And I’ll be 23 this september, i want to stick to this and feel and look better than ever… so excited,thanks cassey!

  88. This looks awesome! Really clever ideas. Loving the workout commands!

  89. So I really want to do this because I want to lose weight, but I have no idea how to do any of the exercises/workouts, help?

  90. Yey! It’s finally here! This looks great, Cassey! Thank you! Looking forward to the HURT haha

  91. Thank you Cassey, you’re amazing and the checkboxes are such a cool idea, not gonna skip a workout from now on <3 It's a promise

  92. Thank you Cassey, you’re amazing and the checkboxes are such a cool idea, not gonna skip a workout from now on <3

  93. BTW I was obsessively checking the website today because I was so excited about the new calendar

  94. Love the new calendar! Pups and squats right after I wake up? I think the 10 steps to bathroom are too much in the morning! :)
    I guess that’s where the training insane comes in :P

  95. Thank you Cassey, you are great, as always!!


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