How to do the splits! Full stretch routine!

You asked for it! Here it is!

Just try to do this routine everyday and you will be able to do the splits eventually. Once I was doing a dance routine and I ended in the splits, but kinda went too fast into it and heard a loud POP as I bounced on the floor. It didn’t hurt at the moment but for about 1 year, I was not able to even lift my legs beyond a 90 degree angle when lying down. It was horrendous!

I stretched for about 10 min every night for a year and I was able to stretch myself to a full split again and I healed safely.

So yea, it takes time guys! Be patient but work hard!!

Also, workout calendar is coming out Friday August 31st!!!! Make sure to check your email for the newsletter with the password!!! You can sign up for the newsletter at the top right corner of the blog.

Love ya!

<3 Cassey

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  • Woah! I’m really digging the template/theme of this website.
    It’s simple, yet effective. A lot of times it’s hard to
    get that “perfect balance” between usability and visual appeal.
    I must say that you’ve done a very good job with this.
    In addition, the blog loads super quick for me on Opera.

    Superb Blog!

  • missspiaggia

    Hello Cassey, thank you for your beautiful blog! Will ypu be posting a middle splits routine too? That would be great! Thanks!

  • -danceurheartout-

    I used to dance in kindergarten and I was thinking about getting back into dance since I’ve just started doing my own little routines. I’ve lost all my flexibility before this video but not I’ve gotten a little more flexible. I’m not there yet but I’m heading and this will be great for me when I get back into dance. Thank you so much!!!

  • girlspop1

    hi really want to learn my splits i am close i need help i sterech for year and half but i can not do anything now can give tips for beginners thank you a alot

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  • Hi,my name is Tianari Redelinghuys,and I live in south-africa,and next year 2014,I want to join a dancing school,but I really want to be able to split when I join,because everysingle child there can do the splits,I’ll just embaress myself if I can’t,but I’m not very flexible,the highest I am from the ground when I do the splits is about…..2 feet…!!!can you please maybe give me a programme or something that will help me. Maybe to split in 3-4 weeks tops,thanx!*

  • robwarrior

    1 do the harf split so get your left leg an then your rite leg by looking at you led where its pointing and by that shriving the leg to do 30 junbing jacks and revers so do 60 FOLLOW ME ON YOU TUBE MY CHANEL IS CALL ED psyche truth

  • I tried it was fun but it does hurt your legs :I

  • my leg is really sore because I just poped them

  • Tebrine

    Thank u so much. Because of your video i learned how to do a left and right split. I now do it everyday and it’s really easy. Thanks so much.

    • manal

      hi i know you do not know me i am 9 i am close to doing the splits but evertime i keep going sideways i take gymnastic and really need some tips can you help by giving some tips

  • Pretty Girl 22

    I really want to learn to do the splits so I’m going to start doing this exercise twice a day. Do you think doing it that frequently is bad. Like if I do it in the morning when I wake up and then before I go to bed? Just want to know if I could possibly injure myself that way.

    • no you wouldn’t injure yourself just be careful on what stretches you put yourself into and how you time yourself

      PS: don’t push yourself to far on what ever stretches you are doing and don’t stay on a stretch longer than 2mins
      have fun on your splits

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  • Nice, thanks for this. I am almost there with the splits, only need to stretch my hips a little further!
    But the way, the people in the video is very distracting. Perhaps next time find a quiet area.

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  • i can do it but it hurts after a couple of min

  • Elyse

    Hi i am really not flexible an if you guys were like me and could do a split now please give me some tips

    • first you have to sterech i just learned how to do them

  • Sarah

    I got the farthest I have ever gotten in the splits for the 1st time watching this video! Thanks :)

    • Danni

      Me too

  • FiftyisPretty

    i’m 53….i try to stay in shape….used to do half-splits only but i’m on my way to doing full splits….let’s go!

    • Lily

      you go girl!!! =D

  • Emmanuelle

    Do I have to do the splits the way Cassey does it with these stretches or can I sit facing forward (instead of down my leg)

  • Randz

    Omg I don’t even know you but I already love you @[email protected] .. somehow you just really made me happy and inspired seriously what kind of magic are you?
    Thank you so much !

    • Miranda

      I am a child and my dream is to do the splis and today I did it thank u so much it really works!!!!

  • Nancy

    I do this everyday for a week now. I’ve been wanting to do the splits for a long time. I haven’t seen much improvement yet but I will continue doing this until I reach my goal! (: I’m never giving up until I reach my Goal!

  • Abcarterxx

    WEIRD, that exact same thing happened to me, I was in agony doing anything that involved stretching my leg but i rested it for two months as I was not allowed to go to dancing and it healed and I am now working to reach my splits again!!

  • justin

    hey im a little chubby , do you think i can do splits ? :[

    • Reality Check


      • Hailey

        Excuse me, but that is no way to treat a person, you can acheve anything with hard work… go for it!

      • Rude

        That was mean, shut up

      • CatLover994

        Dude, thats so uncool justin, you can do anything you put your mind to. Even if you’re a bit chubby.

    • lauren

      Actually yes you can, I’ve seen MANY heavier set people do splits :)

    • Nancy

      Weight doesn’t matter. Just do this and you’ll eventually do the splits! At least give it a shot! (:

      • FiftyisPretty

        yup…no weight, no age….just work on it, be patient.
        i’m 53…i try to stay fit….i can only do half splits before but i’m on my way to full splits!….let’s go!

    • Nicole

      Definately. I’m also on the larger side and I learnt how to do it. I was motivated by Muzik by 4 minute while doing my stretches =D

    • Miley

      Sure why not? Haha I’m attending a musical school and one of my best friends is a little chubby and she does the splits like a profession. :)

    • probably im chubby to well a little

  • Phoebe

    Welll I’m only a child but I need to do the splits for my dancing classes so THANK YOU :))))

  • Molly Clarke

    This is a great way I started gymnastics about 1 year ago and they have been frustrated that they can never help me get down to the splits,I watched this video once and when you said let’s have a ago at going into the splits I went into them in a breath thank you so much!!!:)

  • Manuela Bremer

    I have a little problem and I was hoping if you could help me.
    If I worked out, than I’m all stiff the next day (and I do get a good warmup)
    So if I want to stretch the next day, I can’t do it optimal because I’m stiff.. Does the stretching work if I’m stiff and can’t get as far as the day before?

    • CatLover994

      yes you can stretching helps stiffness

  • Tishana

    Is this a good stretch to do for the clicking in my hips when I do leg circles?

    • Phoebe

      No no I didn’t mean to post that I’m so sorry

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  • Mackenzie

    This is great! I already have a summer abs conditioning list for cheerleading, so it’s also great to have a set of stretches to get to the splits. Thank you so much! You’re very inspiring and you will make me determined to getting flexible. :)

  • Justin

    I couldn’t pay attention I need a guy doing it or else I get distracted.
    I’m a guy and doing this for my tricking and MMA.:)

  • Ana

    The best part of this was watching the reactions of the people as they walked by! :) I’ve been looking for a good stretch for the splits for a while, so I’m excited to try this out. I’ll be adding it to my beginner’s calendar. You’re really good at making me determined to work hard for this. I’m going to be so toned come band camp ^ ^