Celebrity Series for September!

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Hey POPsters!

The September Workout Calendar will be released tomorrow so make sure you’re all signed up!

A little sneak peek into what may be headed your way…I’d love it if you could fill in the blanks below with the names of your fave celebrities.


  • A Butt like …
  • Abs like …
  • Legs like …
  • Arms like…
  • A body like …

Get ready for new moves, new creative equipment, and awesome hardcore routines!!!

For the unmotivated…

Also, a quick note for those of you who may be feeling a little bloated or sluggish lately. I was feeling this way after I got home from London. And it took me a good week and a half to shake it off. My advice to you?

Just start eating wayyyyy more veggies, drink tons of water, and hit your workouts. Even if you have to go slow, just go. Do it. Don’t skip it or you’ll feel even worse physically and emotionally. You’ll see a difference in your body and mood! Promise.

I know. I know it sucks to get up and workout when you don’t feel good, look your best, and simply feel like you don’t have time. But seriously, get your butt off the computer chair and JUST DO SOMETHING ACTIVE.

I didn’t tell you guys on the blog, but for the past couple weeks I was seriously in a workout rut!!! I even went 2 or 3 days without exercise in a row. (That’s a hugeee rarity for me, esp. since I am a fitness instructor/the gym is my 2nd home.) If you have been following my tweets you may have picked up on it.

Anyway, you know how I battled it? Here are some tips to get motivated to go to the gym and have a SPECTACULAR WORKOUT:

  1. Set a date/time with yourself to hit the gym or hit the mat. Write it on a post it like “6:30pm  WORKOUT” and stick it next to your computer.
  2. Write your workouts out first!!! This works sooooo well!!! It’s like a personal trainer on paper. If you tell yourself to do 4 sets of 12 bicep curls, then you will more likely stick to your plan versus just winging it until it hurts. I do this all the time when I do at-home workouts that consist of a bunch of HIIT movements. (Oh yah, you bet I get mad at myself for writing Burpees – 1 min)
  3. Trick yourself into a hard workout. What? Okay listen. I figured this out last week. It was 7:45pm and the gym was gonna close at 9pm and I said, ehhh, maybe I’ll just skip it. I fought with lazy Cassey in my head for a good few minutes and ended up with a compromise. I told myself, “Okay just go easy, do elliptical for 30 min and weights for 30 min, no biggie.” It made it easier to go to the gym when I didn’t think it’d be some crazy intense routine with tuck jumps and a million duck squats. But you know what happened? Once I got to the gym, first of all, half the battle was won, but then I suddenly felt like I needed to go hardcore. So I replaced the elliptical with 30 of sprints on the treadmill and sweated like crazy! See what happened here? Tell yourself whatever you need to tell yourself to get out of your chair, and once you’re there, you’ll see that your mind is clear and you’re ready to rock it.

Hope that helps you!!!

Hmmm…and to start the motivational process…

For the first time ever, I’m doing a WORKOUT COMMAND on the blog!

15 single legged t-squats each leg! For nice quads and butt! GOOOOOOO!!!!! Demo here.

Good work! Let me know below if you did them :)

Have a fab day!

<3 Cassey

  • Meg

    A butt like: Jessica Biel
    Abs like: Miranda Kerr
    Legs like: Blake Lively
    Arms like: Jennifer Aniston
    A body like: Blake Lively

  • Fatima Estrada

    I have been doing your workouts for a while not very consistant i might add, but you are a very inspirational person. My problem is my thighs and sweets, I wish to develop clean eating habbits everything goes to my thighs and butt. Presently dealing with divorce, 2 kids and work but emotional stress has seem to take over me. Any advice will help am sure because I need to come out of this rutt.

  • Em

    A Butt like …Jessica Biel
    Abs like … Miranda Kerr
    Legs like … Eleanor Calder
    Arms like… Nina Dobrev
    A body like … Nina Dobrev

  • Mary

    A Butt like … Kim Kardashian
    Abs like … Miranda Kerr
    Legs like … Rihanna
    Arms like … Jennifer Lawrence
    A body like … Rihanna

  • Minda

    A butt like…Jessica Biel
    Abs like…Miley Cyrus
    Legs like…Adriana Lima
    Arms like…Jennifer Aniston
    A body like…Scarlett Johansson

  • A butt like…Danielle Peazer
    Abs Like…Perrie Edwards
    Legs Like…Eleanor Calder
    Arms Like…Cher Lloyd
    A body like…Jade Thirlwall

  • Liz

    A Butt like …Hayley Williams
    Abs like …Miley Cyrus
    Legs like … Hayley Williams
    Arms like…Hayley Williams
    A body like …Hayley Williams

  • I want abs and legs mostly!I always get told that I have a nice butt.I need a perfect workout!!

    A butt like…Eleanor Calder
    Abs Like…Miranda Kerr
    Legs Like…Danielle Peazer
    Arms Like…Cher Lloyd
    A body like…Danielle Peazer

    Danielle Peazer is a professional dancer.Eleanor Calder is a girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson.Danielle is famous and so is Eleanor I guess but I really want Danielle’s body!!She is perfection!!!And so is Eleanor!!!

  • Sayaka

    I have too many days I feel sluggish..whoops. But I will keep in mind what you posted here.

    Writing out/ planning ahead the workouts works better in my case. so THAT INDEED I agree.

    “Tricking” the brain is such a big think. Sometimes if I am having negative thoughts in my mind, I talk out loud positive thoughts such as “I can do this.” “I want to do this.” “I know I will feel better after this workout.” “I am beautiful.” etc. etc. so I can convince my negative/ sluggish mind I am capable of doing the workout.

    But I HAVE to say it out loud…

    Anyhoo. Thanks for sharing this Cassey.

    And I did indeed to the single legged T-squats!!
    And it felt good.

  • Noa

    A butt like Candice Swanepoel
    Abs like Candice Swanepoel
    Legs like Candice Swanepoel
    Arms like Candice Swanepoel
    A body like Candice Swanepoel
    She is PERFECTION!!!

  • hend

    A Butt like …Jessica Biel
    Abs like …adriana lima
    Legs like …vanessa hudgens
    Arms like…taylor swift
    A body like …Jennifer lopez

  • MelodyJ

    A Butt like…Jennifer Hudson, Jordin Sparks
    Abs like…Nicole Scherzinger, Kristen Bell
    Legs like… Eva Longoria, Cassey Ho
    Arms like…Michelle Obama, Angela Bassett
    A body like… Meagan Good, Jennifer Lawrence

  • J

    A Butt like … candice swanepoel
    Abs like … miley cyrus/VS models
    Legs like … marisa miller
    Arms like… megan fox
    A body like … megan fox

  • Mirela

    A Butt like … Ashley Tisdale
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus
    Legs like … Eva Longoria
    Arms like… Cassey Ho
    A body like … BROOKLYN DECKER

  • Christina

    A butt like Jessica Biel
    Arms like Cameron Diaz
    Legs like Carrie Underwood or Jennifer Aniston
    Abs like Gwen Stefani or Brooke Burke
    Body like Marissa Miller (Victoria’s Secret model)

  • Anna

    the total body of Miranda Kerr or Erin..:DHOT!!

  • Brianna

    A Butt like Taylor Swift.
    Abs like Miley Cryus.
    Legs like Eleanor Calder (she’s not famous)
    Arms like Ashley Tisdale.
    A body like Danielle Peazer (not famous either)

  • A butt like…Jessica Biel
    Abs like… Miranda Kerr ( near impossible since she is obviously a robot ;)
    Legs like… FERGIE!! That video Hey mama… go look at those things!
    Arms like… Cameron Diaz
    A body like… I like too many! Adriana… Fergie… pippa, jessica biel, but
    A Body like… Molly Sims

  • Katy

    A Butt like … Kate Hudson
    Abs like … Kara Goucher (olympic marathoner)
    Legs like … Annalynne McCord
    Arms like… Jessica Biel
    A body like … Nina Dobrev

  • Jule

    ◦A Butt like … Kim Kardashian
    ◦Abs like … Shakira
    ◦Legs like … Miranda Kerr
    ◦Arms like… Jessica Biel
    ◦A body like … Miley Cyrus

  • Meg

    A butt like… Pippa Middleton
    Abs like… Miranda Kerr
    Legs like… Carrie Underwood
    Arms like… Cameron Diaz
    A body like… Candice Swanepoel

  • Elle

    A Butt like … Leighton Meester
    Abs like … Miley Cyrus (i love that video)
    Legs like … Cassey Ho
    Arms like… Jessica Biel
    A body like … Kelly Brook

  • Val

    A Butt like… Jessica Biel
    Abs like… Mila Kunis
    Legs like… Blake Lively
    Arms like… Rihanna
    A body like… Jennifer Lawrence

  • Ley

    A Butt like … Scarlett Johansson
    Abs like … Megan Fox
    Legs like … SNSD (Girls’ Generation)
    Arms like… Melanie Iglesias
    A body like … ADRIANA LIMA