Pilates Bootcamp: Total Body Toning Printable

It’s the return of the printables!!! Woot woot!!! Above is a 1 page printable for those of you who want to save paper and take it to the gym. Below is the printable split up into 2 so you can see the images better.

This is the original video from Livestrongwoman just in case you don’t understand the moves. BTW, EVERY MONDAY is a new Pilates Bootcamp Workout on Livestrongwoman – so make sure you’re subscribed there as well as my channels Blogilates and BlogilatesTV.

The reason why I haven’t been making printables lately is because I have been soooooo super busy town USA but luckily one of our own POPsters emailed me one day and showed me this printable she made. I was overwhelmed with joy when she said she was actually willing to help me out for future ones :) So BIG BIG HUGS, KISSES, and THANK YOUS to Anna from Poland who is a talented architect (as well as a gifted POP Pilates prinatble-maker)! You saved my life! And a ton of other POPsters’ lives as well I’m sure :)

I love that we can all help each other out to make this community a real, well, COMMUNITY!!! Actions like these really warm my heart and lets me know that it’s more than just workouts…it’s friendships and relationships and humans genuinely caring about one another – helping each other out. It’s beautiful! It’s global.

Could you guys comment below and tell me what other printables you’d like made? Like which are your fave workouts that you wish you could take with you to the gym? Think of your top 3. Anna and I will browse through the comments and begin working on those for ya.

Kay love you’s!

<3 Cassey

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  • Kiki

    How often should a beginner do this workout per week?

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  • Me and my friend do daily these workouts at home and also in gym.We both don’t have any back pain problem.I also like your workouts doing style.

  • Valuable info. Fortunate me I discovered your website unintentionally, and I am shocked why this twist of fate didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  • MelodyJ

    Since so many people have internet problems how about having a long range plan to make all your workouts printable. A few at a time.

  • Larie Gray

    I love your workouts. They are not too long and very effective. This works great for my schedule. I love them all but my favorite workouts are the oil rigger and the plank.

  • Hannah

    I loved this workout! I don’t have a favorite pilates move, because they are all amazing to tone and slim your body! I lost 11 pounds with doing your videos! The print outs come in handy and I will be printing them out right now! I would love to win a yoga mat and bag!: )

  • Amelia

    Hey, ladies!
    Thank you for the printables! I’ve been waiting for a few to be made. It is so much easier for me to follow along to a printable after watching a video once all the way through. I would love to see printables to all of the Bikini Blasters! :D That would be awesome!

  • Stephanie

    I would love printables of any and all of the workouts using free weights and the Bikini Blaster series, but I’m most eager for printables for the BB Arms and Back/Shoulders workouts. Thank you Cassey for soliciting our feedback!

  • Thanks Cassey and Anna from Poland!

    How about Bikini Blaster: Awesomesauce Arms? It’s one of my absolute favorites and I’d really like to take this to the gym, so I could use some of their heavier weights, other than my 6 and 3 lb ones. Thanks again!

  • Olga

    Hi, Cassey!
    I’m your number one fan in Seville, Spain. I definitely vote for the Bikini Blasters, those have saved my life, specially the legs one, because I have skinny shapeless legs and after one month I can tell a huge difference!
    Thanks, Cassey and Anna

  • Amber

    Thanks a bunch for making this printable Anna!!!! I LOVE having these printables to take along with me when I’m on the go!!! As far as what printables I’d like to have, I agree with Vanessa…all the Bikini Blasters would be awesome along with any for the tummy and booty. I can’t really stream any of the videos because our internet has daily limits on it and it takes forever to load them, so printables are the best option for me!!!! Thanks again.

  • Vanessa

    Thank you and Anna for making this printable, they are so useful!!

    I’d love to have a printable of all the Bikini Blasters if possible :)

  • Mana

    YEEESS!! Thank you SO MUCH Anna from Poland! =D I sound way too excited for this early in the morning, but I really love the printables. It’s not very easy to stream the videos for me to workout to, so I use your printables like crazy! (I almost typed “cray-cray”! )

    One large suggestion I have is stretching printables. Like the “Stretching for Flexibility [10 minutes]” video. That would make it much easier to start a great workout session. :)

  • Diana

    Thank you soooo much for this! Since I don’t always have access to the internet I usually download your workouts on my phone. But since has been completely useless I’ve had to search for workouts on Unfortunatly it doesn’t allow downloads over 16 minutes long. I would be ETERNALLY gratefull if you could make the “Booty Booty Booty” and “Booty thong” workouts into printables. Sorry for going on and on like this but I really love your butt workouts and I was just heartbroken that I couldn’t see those two especially. In fact I’ve been pulling my hair out looking for site that downloads mobile videos JUST so to get my hands on those two workouts. O.K thats enough whining now, I swear. Thank you SO much. I will love you forever if you did this for me! xoxo

  • Alynka

    Hey Casey,

    I really like your website and all you do for us!
    one comment though: My sister who (physiotherapy and physical education student) was sitting next to me while I was watching the video and told me that it is not a good idea to perform this “pull, pull” (pumping) move in any exercises. She said that this can cause micro damage in muscle tissue, the pressure applied is too short and muscles have no time to get used to it and it would be just better to keep the stretch. Have you ever heard sth about it?

    thank you for your comment and great website!

  • Sibel Şan Öget

    printables are so useful, thanks

  • Katie

    Thank you! This is perfect for sticking on my wall :) Thanks Anna! What about a printable for a visual of what our dinner plates should look like? Pictures of all the veg, meat, dairy etc we should be eating. Bright and colourful, for easy reference and inspiration!

  • Deepti

    This is god-send! I live in India, and my internet keeps going out every time we have a power-cut! :) Thank you doesn’t even cut it.

  • smalinka

    Hi Cassey,
    I have recently encountered your webpage and I am already so in love with it and the whole pilates workouts! You are so sweet and full of energy! Well my favourite pilates move so far is candle stick dipper because I am always so sore after doing this move /and it feels good:D;)/ but generally I like all the pilates exercises ..
    p.s. gonna print out those sweet printables!
    thanks a lot!

  • Sarah

    I love the printable!!! It is so sweet you’ve got someone to help you with the printables. Thank you Anna from Poland :)

  • Melanie

    I love the print outs, Not able to have good internet to watch the videos :( , so any work outs I can print are great.