Berrylicious Minute Muffin in a Mug Recipe + some vids to catch up on!

INGREDIENTS (1 muffin):

1 egg, 1/4 cup of dry oats, 1 tsp of stevia, mini handful of blueberries or fruit of your choice .


Mix it up, throw it in the microwave for 1 minute to 2 minutes, watching CAREFULLY! It could overflow. Once it’s done, flip upside down onto a plate and you’ve gotchoself a muffin!

In my original post about this, some people said that it was delish and some said it didn’t turn out. If yours is dry for whatever reason, add about 1/2 TSP of almond/coconut/soy milk to moisten the texture the next time around. Also, mine aren’t dry because I add a lot of blueberries which add to the overall water content. So play with it and you will perfect your own Berrylicious Minute Muffin!

The muffin is 100% clean and about 150 calories.

Onto other random vids that you may want to see!

M100s with Mike Chang from Six Pack Shortcuts! Watch me do burpees. That’s pretty much the whole point of this video. LOL.

My Pilates idol, Ana Caban interviews me!!!

Ok I’m very tired. I have a wedding reception to go to tomorrow so gotta get some rest! I’m at that age where all my high school and college classmates are starting to get married! Crazy!!!

Alrighty, have a super fab start to your weekend!!!

<3 you's, Cassey

  • Ly~LY

    I absolutely love this recipe! I make it after every workout I do on the calendar. (Considering I work out after waking up, it’s still good breakfast as well lol). However I recently started adding a 1/4 piece of banana and it tastes even more nutritious and delicious :) I also love doing all her pre set workouts! Granted I am not losing any weight (yet?) but I do feel a lot healthier and better toned.
    Love you Cassey!!!!! =D

  • jessika

    hi i love your reciepe it,s simple and delicisous ,but i have intolerance to egg what to remplace them

    • Rebekah

      about a 4 tbsp of yogurt replaces 1 egg, it also works with soy yogurt.

  • Sarah

    Is baking with eggs in the microwave safe like baking it in the oven? I don’t want to seem to paranoid, just curious. :)

  • Annie

    Tried it as it said in the blogilates app (a little less than 1/4 c oatmeal) and it came out reaaaally wet and eggy -_-
    Will try again with more oats

  • Ashley

    Is this recipe supposed to be a little wet, that what’s happened tomes I tried four times to make it and I t turnedd out wet each time

    • Ly~LY

      It should be a little wet that way it’s not completely dry and remains a but moist.

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  • Lauren

    This muffin was so tasty!!! I love it! Thanks, Cassey! :)

  • Catherine

    Just made this for a snack with strawberries and I have officially found my new school breakfast!

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  • Melissa Farress

    how many grams in 1/4 oats? :) x

  • Kelli

    Heyy cassey! I have been in this funk lately. i don’t ever feel like working out,i do anyways but am not giving it my all and i have been eating junk food and overeating. i feel so gross. i wanna know if you or anyone else has any advice for me? i have lost around 15 lbs recently and its been mostly with your help. i wanna thank you for being awesome also :)

  • Ush

    That recipe looks really interesting!! I can’t wait to try it.

    it looked like you were the only one doing pushups with your burpees, go you!

  • Kim

    Yum! Can’t wait to try it!

  • That muffin looks ridiculously awesome!

  • love the muffin!! tried the recipe for breakfast today :)
    it’s so delicious!! *_*

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  • Mackenzie Hedge

    Hi Cassey, I just have a question about what to do with working out when your sick. I have been obsessed with working out as much as I can 5 or 6 days a week with your vids but unfortunately I’ve come down with a stubborn cold. I read somewhere that your still are able to drag yourself to the gym when your sick to do at least something. Today I could not do that, and yesterday was my rest day and now I am really worried that I wont feel up to it tomorrow either. I have really been seeing progress because of your workouts but I’m scared I’ll get dragged down and lose it all cause of this damn cold. I was wondering if had any suggestions?

    • Charlotte

      I know I’m not Cassy but when you are ill stay home and get better faster than you would if you were working out.
      hope this helps

  • I love microwave mug cakes. They are so easy, healthy and filling. You can even use your favorite protein pancake recipe to make a delicious mug cake. Just pour the dough into a mug instead of the pan.

  • I just made the muffins! but I added strawberries instead of blueberries. And I may have put in some dark chocolate chips! yummmmmm.
    Thank you for all the quick, easy, and delicious recipes!!!

  • @pluvk

    This muffin looks really good! I’m a little apprehensive of oats + egg + microwave, but this looks too delicious to resist. Fingers crossed!

  • A. Gotta love a good Chamillionaire reference
    B. That muffin look so good!

  • Katja

    Hey Cassey! Does sauna help to lose weight? Or is there any benefit in going to sauna like once a week?

  • Amanda

    Ahhh, my muffin turned out a bit too eggy :( I think because I used old fashioned oats instead of quick oats! Bummer! No matter what, mine will never come out as pretty as your muffin. (That’s what she said??)
    Anyway, I am currently still sweating from doing two of your cardio workouts and one of your ab challenges! Thank you!

  • mimi

    i love this recipe! deff have to try it! the thing about your foods and recipes, that makes me so impressed, is that you come up with the most easiest delicious things eveeeerrr, without me having to get all these weird kind of ingredients that are so “healthy hyped” right now. oh wall of text.. basically i just wanna say THANK YOU CASSEY!
    /mimi from sweden

  • Mia

    Hey Cassey I know this sounds weird but could you do a room tour? I love watching room tours!

  • J

    Cassey, could you do a post on whether pilates is about repetition? Are we supposed to repeat it many times till it hurts, or would we see effects by just doing it a few times? Did a mari winsor DVD and she does each move only a few times and i find your workouts way tougher. Am not sure if she’s “easy” by doing a few repetitions or if you can get results like this from pilates. This is the dvd !

  • YUM. Adding banana in place of the eggs is even better, in my opinion!

  • Lol…you must be tired. Labor day isn’t until next weekend!!

  • jenl

    Thanks for the early holiday wishes but Labor Day isn’t for another week! It’s not this coming Monday but the next. Enjoy the wedding party!