My 1st Beauty Tutorial: How to Get Beachy Hair

Hey POPsters!

This was sorta fun to make.

Okay fine.

It was really fun to make.

You asked how I get my beachy waves and so here’s the vid from BlogilatesTV! Super easy even for a fitness girl like me. You just need 2 rubber bands, a straightener, and hairspray!!! Perfect back to school look that’s quick and easy.

Have fun. And as Michelle Phan would say, “Good Luck.”

Haha <3 you,


  • Jess

    wow that’s a lot of hairspray lol

  • asli

    I adore you cassey! you are the only one I take seriously to follow!

  • mindy cho

    Hi Cassey,
    I just wanted to start by saying how much you have changed the way I think about food. I haven’t always had the best relationship with food. Not that I eat too much, but that I eat too little. According to all the equations and stuff I should be eating 2090 some calories, but I feel like that’s too much. I eat around 1000-1200 which I know is too little. I’m doing the insanity program, but I don’t feel hungrier or feel like I need to eat more. I’ve heard both sides of the story that there is a “starvation” mode, but I’ve also heard that body fat percentage needs to be quite low in order for that to happen.
    Do you have any idea what I should do?

    • Dena

      So, I know this is from forever ago, and I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but in my experience I was eating about 1200 calories and then I did the calculations and my BMR was about 1500 cals and when you add in my exercise it was supposed to be about 2500 cals!! I too was not very hungry after eating 1200 calories, but I had been losing weight really slowly, which was weird for me b/c I usually lose weight pretty quick. So anyway, I forced myself to start eating about 1500 calories (because I am trying to lose weight and not maintain my weight) and I’ve noticed a significant difference in how quickly I lose weight. I know it’s weird, but I actually eat more and lose more now!

      Also, I’ve heard that if you eat too few calories for too long your metabolism actually slows down! But I can’t vouch for how much is too few calories.

  • johanna

    Do a makeup tutorial! Your eyes are so amazing!

  • brandillyn

    That’s how I do my hair! Ahhhh! I feel like we are twinners(: I love how this makes my hair look. You are too, too funny.

  • Vanessa

    Thank you for making a hair tutorial, I really like it and you have very beautiful hair!
    I hope you could do a make up tutorial one day :)

  • This is the fastest and easiest way I have seen to do this… I’m going to try this! Thanks! You are way too cute, by the way! Thanks for all the videos!

  • Isabella

    I loved it! :D
    Your skin is so beautiful! Can you make a video on your daily skin routine?

    • no my skin is horrendous!!! i owe it to the camera lol

  • Ah, Michelle Phan is such a rockstar!

  • Nathalie

    OMG, it’s so easy, I love it!! And it looks great too :-)

  • Cara

    Hey Cassey,

    I love your hair. I am trying to grow mine long (it is about half way down my upper back now). I notice in your videos that over the years you have let yours get super long. Did you do anything to make it grow faster and how do you keep your long hair so healthy? xx

    • i’m not sure what the “right” thing to do is – but I do wash my hair almost everyday. i know that that is not supposed to be a good thing. but i also think a lot of it has to do with eating well. hair comes from the inside afterall!

      • Jodie

        Agreed! After I changed my diet my hair started to come in a lot thicker and surprisingly darker!

        I also switched to using more natural/organic shampoos and conditioners (I’m in love with LiveClean products!) And I found it makes a huge difference! I’m hard on my hair…lots of hair spray and heat, but the basic LiveClean moisturizing products make my hair feel baby hair soft with no split ends :) Extra plus, they’re better for the environment too.

        • Cara

          Thanks Jodie, I will check LiveClean products out!

  • Hazel

    And all this time I’ve spent hours using curling irons… ;_;
    Lol will try this! Thanks Cassey!

  • Hy, I have a question regarding hair too…Everyday I do exercise and my hair is almoust wet, and I need to wash it 3-4 times a week. Is there any solution for that? I mention that my hair is not that dense… Thanks in advance and love your vids :)

    • Jodie

      Try dry shampoos!

  • Kaitlyn O

    This is sooooo cute!!

  • Way easy, thanks!

  • Mia

    Love It !

  • Audrey

    super easy!

    Thanks for this first tutorial!
    Hope you’ll do another soon!

    Audrey <3

  • Brittany

    Can you do a tutorial on face exercise?? I heard it prevents wrinkles!

  • Hi Cassey!
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  • Addie

    This is so adorable! I love watching these kinds of videos! I can’t wait to
    Try this!!!!