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Hey POPsters!

My friend Ify from London made this cool video that I put in my “About Me” section. Not sure if you got a chance to see it yet, but if you were at the London meetup, you might be in it!! I’ve never really had a chance to talk about where I come from and how much I love y’all so click play if you’d like to learn a little more about me!


You know…

This blog is about healthy living, fitness, eating, well-being…but I never touch on personal subjects. Doesn’t really go with the theme and can get uncomfortable with who may be reading this. I mean really – who is reading this!??

My blog is a place for me to write and motivate healthy habits for you guys and for me too. It keeps me accountable and it also is a wonderful outlet. It’s nice to know that you’re being heard and that someone out there cares. So that is why I kinda feel compelled to tell you guys what’s going on in other aspects of my life. Because maybe you would care to hear. You guys are my friends.

However I don’t feel like this is the appropriate place to do it :(

Sigh. Tug of war.

Let’s just say that I am having some boy troubles and I am in an emotional whirlwind. There’s days when things are good and I am up and days when things get confusing and I am down. You know how I like to give 110% to everything and I tell you guys to do it too? Well there is risk involved. Risk of falling down and getting hurt. But it’s ok. I think it’s worth it. No, I know it’s worth it. There’s no point to living life if you can’t live it to the fullest. It’s all about how fabulously you get back up. RESILIENCE.

Luckily there’s friends, music, and working out to keep my head clear and focused.

FRIENDS. It’s really important to be able to talk to someone when you’re having internal turmoil. It’s a healing technique. Don’t keep things within. You need to talk. Even if the person is just there to listen and not offer any advice, it’s what you need. You just need an ear.

MUSIC. As tacky as this sounds, Britney Spears has been consoling me with her song. Britney circa early 2000s. I know, makes me sound shallow and superficial, but hey, her lyrics (or whoever wrote her lyrics) really hit the spot as far as I’m concerned! Maybe I’ll do Taylor tomorrow.

WORKING OUT. The master of self-healing. This is MY hour to focus on getting stronger, getting more powerful, and getting myself to do things I didn’t think I could do because I believe in myself. Physical strength. Mental strength. Emotional strength. Exercising always boosts my mood.

Tonight was a weird night. I didn’t feel like working out.

That is a rare event for Cassey. Doesn’t happen very often unless I am sick. And even then I drag my butt out and do a lil something.

Anyway, I felt like blah and didn’t wanna workout. But I know myself. I was just letting my emotions take over. So I said no. Off we go. Put on my clothes, my shoes, and left the house and headed to the gym. I tricked myself as I left and said, it’s ok if you don’t wanna do it, just go light today. But when I got there and saw the machines and the people, I was a little more “in the mood” and said you know what, I think I can do sprints on the treadmill today and just kill it.

Cupcake Wars made it really easy to get through my sprints. (Love FOOD NETWORK!) I did 9mph on for 1 min and 45 sec off for 25 minutes total. Sparkled with sweat afterwards. Then engaged in some weight lifting to finish out the hour.

Yup! And that was that. I was done. And tomorrow is another day!

Hope you guys choose to live life passionately! That’s how you can experience all of life’s gifts and adventures to the fullest. Don’t be afraid to truly LIVE.

<3 you!!!


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  • Margo

    You’re such a great person Cassie !!! You’re very inspirational, I’m a french girl of 20, and like you I had boy troubles, I feel a little down because one day I woke up and I realised that the reason I felt that way wass not because a boy let me down, but because I didn’t like the girl I was so I decided to change to be the woman I want to love and respect ! It’s a very long way and i’m quite desperate but I will succeed i’m sure ! Thank you for being so kind and funny, I’m sure you’re as beautiful inside as outside ! Everyone will get better in the end !!
    Love from France !Come visit !!

  • Ro

    What an amazing video! Your story has inspired me. I have always wonder how is it that people get to do what they want, and that’s mainly because people take risks! As you did! Thank you for your energy and love! Finally, I totally agree with you. We can get hurt but that’s ok! I am alive and choose to live life to the fullest!
    Hugs :)

  • adip

    oh, cassey, i could never picture you beeing down. i am so sorry to hear you are going to some hard times. i, myself, go through a hard time, perhaps the hardest in my life, different stage in life-my 40, but what motivates me as you, is working out, especially your workouts, being healthy and trying to stay focused. i love your personality so much, and your workouts, and the fact that you are able to share with us your feelings! be strong and we love you so much!!!

  • Sarah

    Aww Cassey sorry to hear your going through some boy trouble:( I love that you talk to the community about your life,letting us in to get to know you. This is why I love working out with you, I love pilates but I also love you as a person. I get the same way when life gets in the way and I just am overly stressed I workout, I take all my emotions and frustrations out on the mat. Thanks for sharing with us and thanks for being you:)

  • Joey

    Feel better Cassey! Keep working out because it’ll only make him feel worse to see that you got even hotter after you guys broke up ;)

    Motivation is motivation right?!


  • Julie S

    I’m sorry that you’re having boy troubles. I hope things start looking better for you. It sounds weird but you have been “in” my life for one of the biggest years I’ve ever had. Your strength and positive attitude helped me kick my ED, and now I’m healthy. You make a difference in others lives. You make it better, and healthier. So thank you. It’s strange to think that you’re only a few years older than I am and you have made so much of yourself. Ahh you really deserve it. I can’t say thank you enough, so thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Keep making the world more awesome!
    PS. I totally love seeing videos about you, like this one and the video about how you spend your day. I feel like we’re friends and I get to know more about you.

  • Amanda

    I feel you on the boy troubles, Cassey. It is crazy how they can completely control how you feel day to day to such extremes. I’ve found it’s best to put it aside and fill your life with things and people that make you happy. If it’s meant to work out it will and if not it’s because there is something better coming along! Your videos and positive attitude really help me to feel stronger when something else is not going so well! Love you! :)

  • Jodie

    I really enjoyed that video! What a great way for people to get to know you :)

  • What a wonderful post :). We all go through relationship troubles. Relationships play a HUGE part in our health and wellness! Don’t be afraid to share as much as your are comfortable sharing. You have so many followers who totally understand what you’re going through! Thank you for the inspiration and amazing workouts!

  • April

    We all love you :)) you help us all achieve what we
    Wouldn’t of thought possible! Your a wonderful person.
    Do not worry about boy’s just be you and even if your
    in a stump they will love you :). Do not ever sell yourself
    short and do not worry about things that have already
    happened. Not only can you not change what is in the
    past but your past leads you to your destiny.
    Stay happy and healthy
    :) love april

  • Justine

    I’m reading!!
    Thank You, because now I have found the way to get rid of my thoughts about some man. Love You!

  • Totally agree that working out is my master of self-healing! That, and laughter, really are the best medicine.

  • cvea

    You’re an inspiration. It’s so nice that you want to share your life but I totally understand your reluctance. Don’t worry about the britney spears thing ^^ I always admired the way you don’t fear to be totally girly sometimes and talk about the stuff you like without worrying. You are not shallow you are authentic.
    I hope your problems solve themself very soon!

  • I love the new video “about you” it is awesome. You are so motivational and inspirational I always look forward to your new workouts, healthy living tips and just your overall positivity it has helped me keep going so many times when I have just wanted to give up. Thank you so much!

  • Hy again. I love you so much, you have such a great personality , you are such optimistic and positive… I also love all your outfits…to bad that all of them are from USA. Do you know any similar site that comercialise such outfits? I love them, I love you and I am so gratefull that I descover you on youtube. Take care ,

    Liana- Romania

  • Who’s reading this? A 18 year old girl from Norway atm! She adores you, and I don’t think you should be afraid of her :p

    I have acctually been wondering wheter you could have time for a boy or not, and I’m really glad you shared this! I know putting your heart out there can be hard sometimes, but really, at the end – it’s probably worth it. I have the most aaamazing boyfriend that I’ve had for soon a year and mymymymy he has taught me alot! I had to kiss some frogs util I met my prince, but that’s okey. I hope it will stay this way foreeever. And it’s not like a little adventure would kill anyone, right? :)