1am vlog + Flash Mob Deets + Lolo Jones does POP Pilates

Hey POPsters!

I am having some MAJOR issues with my internet! No idea wat’s up but it took like 2 tries and 4 hours to upload this mini vlog. So frustrating, but whatever, it’s up and done now.

If you ever wonder what I do when I stay up late, it’s  a combo of editing, filming, emailing, blogging, and umm…runway modeling in my room.

Hahaha. Just watch, you’ll understand.

Also, if you’ve been active on my Facebook, you’d know that we are secretly planning a flash mob!!! I am contemplating the location right now as well as the song. I’m gonna choreograph something spectacular. I can’t wait to make this happen in real life and I cannot wait to see u guys. Gonna make such a great video!!! Do you know what song we should do it to?

And in other news…

Lolo Jones does POP Pilates!

photo: courtesy of

Say what!!?????


Look what she tweeted today!!!

It links to this workout:

I’m so shocked! And so happy that a Gold Medal Olympic athlete does POP Pilates! What a crazy conclusion to my London Olympics trip huh!???

I tried tweeting her so you know, we could be friends, but nothing yet. Fingers crossed!!

K well that is all right now. I am currently uploading the Pippa Butt Workout. Oh and speaking of Pippa, one of my Swedish fans tweeted that “pippa” is slang for a shag or “having sex with” in her language. Hmm. Fiesty. Very fiesty.

Well I can tell you it will be a very good workout and will help you develop a Pippa butt and quite possibly some Pippa skillz.

<3 you much!


  • Amy

    Where did you get that dress? SO CUTE

  • Colleen

    OHH M GEE A FLASMOB PILATES INLOVE THIS IDEA & as lng as it’s local like l.a. Or Santa Monica I’m so there ! I’m a huge fan I lve all your videos & your like a huge inspiration to me ;)

    • Colleen

      Lol I meant to say “I love this idea” STUPID IPAD

  • Enid Coleslaw

    Actually here’s the first mention I saw of POP Pilates by Lolo…being an Asian girl, I was pretty amused by her description of you as a cute Asian girl. Here you go:

  • Erynn

    yay Cassey!!!

  • matilda

    hahahha, yes that is true bout what “pippa” means in swedish, i’m from sweden too! found ur workouts thru a blog that I follow and then i tried one and now i am stuck, i can not workout without one of ur videos, cause i feel less lonsly when I have you to shout at me haha :P

  • Nadi

    Lolo’s fav video is one of my favorites too!!! Thats so great!

  • Paula

    I want to be a part too!:( but I live in England,but goosh thats awesom idea!!:D

  • Cassssseeey! I was up until 2 last night because I had a mini fashion show in my room. Hahaha good to know that I’m not the only one :)

  • I do a fashion show almost every morning when I get dressed! Hahaha. Sometimes you just gotta strut your stuff.

    It’s really exciting the Lolo linked to your video! Congrats :) I love it when someone I look up to replies to me on twitter.

  • Love Eye of the Tiger!

    What about “Fame”? just a suggestion :)

  • irene zuddas

    hi Cassey!! oh well, in italian Pippa is the male masturbation!!! i think that if pippa knew these meanings she would like to be called philippa!!

  • Francesca

    Well…”pippa” in italian is slang for handjob :P

  • L

    OMG, youu rock !!
    Loooove that dress =]

  • Sara.

    Hi! You´re gorgeous. (: Anyways, I was just wondering if there’s some way to get rid of the “fat” around your knees? :o (:

    • Sara.

      Oh crap, don’t take that wrong, I meant to write around MY knees, haha. (:

  • mariahled

    Cassey, pippa in greek means blowjob!!:P

  • Lincy L Han

    Union Square!

    • Kelsey

      I second Union Square!

  • I love the flash mobilates/blogilates idea! Too bad I’m on the East coast and may not be able to participate. I think Michael Jackson’s PYT (pretty young thing) would be a great song. Great beat! Up-tempo, and well known.

    I agree with you, every should have their own private fashion show. I do! Loving your vids. I have to catch up on your london editions. Peace and love. M

  • Anjali A

    I’m not kidding when I say I burst out laughing all the time when I watch your videos, Cassey. You’re hilarious! And jet lagged. And doing the normal thing of modeling in your room. And you should sleep more. And…
    I’m not in CA right now, but I will be in October, and would love if that’s when you’ve scheduled this craziness for!!!!!!!!
    Keep pumping!!

  • spice girls!

  • just gonna throw this out there!! I love working out to this song!! I’m recommending Diana Ross – Work That Body!! =).

    Also yes….yes I do do fashion shows in my room hahaha as well as mini photo shoots! =). its soooo fun!!

  • Audrey

    !!!!!!!!!! this ab workout looks so hard!!!!!lol
    I would like to do it tonight but I’m afraid of! ahaha
    I’ll tell you next time if I’ve found courage to do it! (and how much I suffer…)

    Audrey <3

  • I do fashion shows!!!

    Also, I Love Rock And Rock by Joan Jett would be AWESOME!!!

  • Paige

    My fiance was watching this vid with me and he thinks flash mobilates should be to the “thong song” by cisco! I think that’s a great idea….think about it!!!!

  • michelle b

    I hope its in san francisco because I would love to go!

  • Raina

    oooooooooooooooo flash mobilates! wish it was a national thang. how cool would that be?!?! I have a song recommendation. Also Michael Jackson. DONT STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH. Yes? I think yes. :)

    • Raina

      Also, I def have my own fashion shows. Sometimes the only appropriate times to wear gorgeous dresses are when I’m alone in my room.

  • Darny

    That is awesome! I love you and I love her! Keep kicking butt Cassey!

  • Saima

    I just did lunges throughout this vid for the 6+mins. Thats after ive done 3 other ‘london’ legs are dying! buy theyl thank me tomorrow im sure. :)

    As for songs…erm how about Destinys Girls with bootylicious! That would be so good

  • Angela G

    don’t stop believing!

    on a side note..maybe not so classic but it would be really fun if we did it to