Pilates Bootcamp! + oGorgeous bag + mat giveaway!

Hey POPsters!

And the day finally came! The first episode of Pilates Bootcamp on Livestrongwoman is out! What do you think of the outfit, the hair, and the location? Pretty glam yes? I loved it!!!! And I really wanted to jump into that pool afterwards!

I hope you get a chance to do this workout – it is a nice full length 15 min one that targets every part of your body. Also…

Livestrongwoman and I wanted to celebrate the first episode by giving away an oGorgeous gym bag and a yoga mat toa  lucky POPster! Wait actually… not just one…2 sets to 2 lucky duckies! TWO!!!

This is the Beverly Bowtie gym bag. Come Fall, it will be available in dusty rose (above) and tan.

This is the super cool chrome dazzle bag. This will come in chrome (above), black, and ballet rose.

All you have to do is comment on the vid with what your fave exercise move is and you’re golden! We pick winners  randomly on Aug 19th Midnight PST.

I hope you really like the new videos guys! Isn’t it cool seeing POP Pilates in crazy super HD!? Me likey. Of course I’ll still be uploading on Blogilates and BlogilatesTV but this is another channel you should sub to so you can get all of my content right when it comes up!

Tell me how you like it below!

<3 Cassey

PS – oh yah, big PS!!!! I am stuck in London for an extra day. Ya. I am at some random hotel by the airport because I totally showed up for the wrong flight this morning. Ya, like 5 hours late. I opened the wrong itinerary apparently and didn’t realize it until the check-in lady said my plane had already left. Imagine the look on my face. Complete shock. But you know what? Life happens. And you deal. That is all. So I’m fine. Well, not fine enough to vlog about it obviously…hahaha. You would have seen a VERY unhappy Cassey.


  1. I love the pink bowtie bag because it is so girly…just like me!! It would be perfect to carry to school, traveling, the gym, anywhere!!

  2. Johnna Pearce says:

    I really love this new video. My favorite pilates move is the number 4 squat. I love how challenging it is. It kicks booty!

  3. I love double leg raises, unfortunately I cant do them without my back arching. My abs arent strong enough. But you make me want to try my hardest. Thanks.

  4. Love this video! I love all your videos! I also love tricep dips!

  5. So, so beautiful! I LOVE these bags. I’m just starting to exercise again and I LOVE your beginner’s videos. I have fibromyalgia, so I can’t do the more advanced stuff…yet. I’m bound and determined that, with a clean diet and daily exercise, I’m going to beat my fibro – it’s NOT going to beat me. It may beat up on me, but, in the long run, I’M going to be the victor!

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you SO much for all your hard work that brings us these wonderful, helpful, amazing (and free) videos!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. My absolute favorite workout ever is the Starfish Plank! Thank you for introducing me to it! You’re the greatest and your videos rock<3

  7. I’m a beginner for sure but your workouts are great for me! Thanks for sharing!!
    You have amazing workouts and I am hooked=] Excersing has never been so fun and easy=]

  8. Desiree Robinson says:

    Froggers! or 3 legged spiderman but I could do the thong video all day : ))

  9. Hi Cassey! I love all of your workouts, you know how to work my body in such a short amount of time! From this video, I loved the double leg lifts, it hurt my lower abs soo good. I also loved the grasshopper, it is so hard for me to target that lower back and butt area, but I really felt that move work! Thank you so much for posting great videos and blogs, you are so a postive motivator!

  10. Love the oil riggers in the video, but one of my most favorite move are burpees!! After accomplishing a challenge to do 100 burpees in 10 minutes, we have both became friends, haha lol :)

  11. I love the earthquakes!

  12. Love this workout so much! Oil rigger is my new fave move, I really need to tone my triceps and this is a good one! Thanks Cassey!

  13. I love Grasshopper…

  14. I love Oil riggers !

  15. the hundred!

  16. The grasshopper is my favourite – or should I say, least favourite? =) – move. It totally tones the butt, which is my trouble area, and leaves me so pleasantly sore the next day.

  17. Joan Hernandez says:

    My favorite exercise was the Grasshopper…really works that BOOT-AY! ;)

  18. Yes, Side Dips are great. Nice burn!

  19. Love Squats of an kind; sumo, four, single leg…

  20. Freja Hede says:

    Great video!! I’m a big fan of squats! They work and it’s a little cardio at the same time! :-)

  21. I love the side plank dippers moving from your forearm to palm makes the stretch and exercise even better!!

  22. My absolute favorite was the double leg stretch!

  23. My favorite exercise move is around the world lunges (forward, right, back, left, etc.) or good old squats!

  24. The Grasshopper is a killer move. Love it!

  25. I liked the oil riggers!

  26. I made sure to comment on the vid. Awesome giveaway! And this series looks amazing/gorgeous!

    My favorite moves are: pilates roll up, rolling like a ball and seals… I suppose I like to roll, haha. But – my absolute favorite video of yours is Awesomesauce Arms. Oh my gosh, I could do that one over and over again (and I have).

  27. Andrea Kirk says:

    Planks are my favorite! Looking forward to being sore :)

  28. Planks. So little movement and yet so hard!

  29. Oil riggers or lumber jacks!

  30. I luuuv the leg extensions!!! They KILLED my butt! It was awesome:) btw.. i love your shirt u were wearing!!! Soooo cute!

  31. I loved doing the oil riggers after all of that core work!

  32. Krebssuppe says:

    I like the grasshopper very much. I’m just at the beginning with my work Out but all of the moves are not too bad for me :-) that makes me happy!!! And I have to say that I like your hair in this video. It Looks so nice!

    …and excuse my english, I know it’s…… Horrible xD

  33. Looove the outfite & the background setting!!! & I love the grasshopper/leg extensions!!! Work that booty!!! Lol

  34. I like good old-fashioned planks and wall sitting!

  35. The grasshopper. I have to say Im getting addicted to your videos. In 3 days I lost 4 pounds. I’ve also been eating healthy too. I never use to love waking up wanting to exercise. Thank you:)!

  36. Side plank dippers are my favorite! Or anything that works the obliques and targets the waist. Muffin tops are for muffins! :)

  37. Double Leg Lift is always a fave!! Classic pilates move!! :)

  38. Correction: inner thigh* insanity!! Lol

  39. I love ALL the moves on the Inner thing Insanity video, but it’s the tiny circles at the end that are killer! Love it!

  40. I like the double leg lift. Abs need help.

  41. Brooke Klein says:

    I have to say that I love the grasshopper as well! You’re workouts are great!!

  42. The hundred!! arms and abs

  43. Grasshoppers rock!

  44. Planks!

  45. Sammy-Girl says:

    My favorite is the oil rigger. Arms, butt, and abs all working at the same time?! SCORE.

  46. Christina P. says:

    Good to see you back in the States, Cassey! Loved the fashion show tidbit hehe The hundred has always been a favorite of mine, but this oil riggers move is amazing too. I definitely need to work on my upper body strength, especially my triceps!!!

  47. Ive tried Grasshoppers, I can barely lift my thighs off the ground “(

  48. My butt is so flat. I love Clam Shells!

  49. The HD looks so good!! My fav was the grasshopper. My glutes always need focus!

  50. I loved them all, but especially the grasshopper. I’m all about the bootayyyy!! :)

  51. Hard to choose, but Eagle Crunches definitely stand out!!! The burn soooo good, are such a challenge and so much fun! I showed them to some friends in my kickboxing class and even my instructor loved them :D
    Thank you so much Cassey!

  52. Pilates roll up…before I started doing Pilates I could never do this…now I can.GO ME!!!

  53. I LOVE side plank dippers!

  54. I would just like to say that I am IN LOVE with the “Oil Rigger”! It’s fun and gets my arms burning like crazy. I’m just loving the Livestrong woman stuff. It’s so great! :)

  55. I love the side plank dippers!!!:) xx

  56. I LOVE doing lunge pulses, even though they were not in this video. They hurt/strengthen soooo good! :)

  57. The grasshopper was awesome. I think I’m going to do it to a song now as my own challenge!

  58. The hundred! What a great way to get your abs warmed up, but they are a killer! A close second… burpees! Its a love/hate relationship. XoXo

  59. Love the advanced clam shell! My bum burns like no other! Gonna be a lean mean toned machine. Thanks Cassey!

  60. I really like the hundreds, because it’s killing my abs ;)

  61. I loved the grasshopper and side plank dippers – Great moves!

  62. Gia Mancini says:

    i like the side oblique dippers :)

  63. Meighan Klippenstein says:

    Hi Cassey! Your videos are so amazing. They actually make working out FUN!! I am in love with the ‘Pilates Roll Up’… I cant believe 6 crunches do the same as one roll up… UNREAL!!! Thank you sooo much for making me love working out again!!

  64. Marissa W. says:

    Hey there,
    I loved the grasshopper pilates move- was looking for a new butt exercise and found it in this video!!! SO excited.

    Thank You!

  65. I’d say…..push up + starfish !

  66. Oil riggers! thanks for everything!!

  67. Hey Cassey! Plank is good and leg extension and ab crunch for the core muscles is the best!

  68. I love the grass hopper! I can feel the burning in my butt! I find the roll up is very hard for me to do but it is a goal of mine to be able to do one! Thanks for the video! Love the outfit, the hair, and the location! :D

  69. Dominica Zdonek says:

    I love burpees! I get so tired doing them but I know that means it’s working!!

  70. I have a love/hate relationship with the hundred, but I think my favorite is the grasshopper! I am so thankful to have found your blog, it gave me that extra motivation I needed to get back in shape.

  71. Definitely burpees … I love and hate this at the same time
    btw. This pink bag is soooo lovely. Great choice :)

  72. Definitely the hundred! My abs die in the best way :)

  73. Britta Ann Edwards says:

    i liked the double leg stretch, cause i felt it everywhere :)

  74. My new favorite exercise is the advanced plank to starfish combination…because I’m so excited that I’m strong enough to do it!

  75. i really loved the hundred. it always gets my blood pumping!!!!

  76. Amanda Lynn says:

    the double leg stretch cause i feel it working everything!

  77. Hey Cassey, you’re Oh-So-Gorgeous! Gotta love the double leg stretch as it makes me feel long and limber all over. Way to work the whole body out!

  78. Hey.
    This is really amazing, you’re a huge inspiration.
    I just started my healty lifestyle and it’s hard to keep it going.
    But I’ll do everything to be healty and fit again.

  79. Definitely the Double Leg Lift! I love that it simultaneously works legs and lower abs! The bags are so cute and I hope I get to win one!

  80. one hundred propably. I am beginner, so that is something I can pretty easily do, but it really does wondes for my abs! Though it is so hard to decide since I love all of them. Ok, I do not, but I love what they do to my body!

  81. I can’t remember the full name, but I think it was similar to starfish plank with a jack-knife or some funny title like that… :)

  82. I <3 the GrassHoppers!!! It's my favorite! Cassey you rock!!

  83. My fav is burpees!!

  84. Omgee! I LOVE LOVE those bags!

    My fave moves is definitely the pushup burpees! It made my heart beats super fast!

  85. Hi,
    You are so inspiring for me. You give me such motivation. I love your roll-up. Thank you so so much.

  86. Oh my gosh the bow bag is sooo gorgeous! My fave move is the side dips. and I absolutely love the video location! the pool look soooo nice! love your videos and ur enthusiasm! so glad i found ur page <3 YvieJ

  87. Cassey!
    Your a Star-uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    Good for you momma, and kudos to livestrong woman!! Thanks for the chance to win YOU ROCK!
    Whittier, CA luv <3

  88. Brynn green says:

    Theose burpees…. Those damn burpees

  89. I gotta say the one hundred was my favorite, my abs are killing me but I’m so looking forward to doing this work out again. And btw I’m like in love with the back ground!

  90. Hey Cassey
    Love the grasshopper and the oil riggers! it all burns so good! haha
    Love your videos:) keep up the great work!

  91. Darlene Carrigan says:

    My favorite is probably the burpee since it works several parts at once!! Hard but worth it!!

  92. LOVE the Burpees!!!

  93. Burpees are my favorite when I want to really challenge myself crazy.

  94. Oil riggers…they are fun and artsy, while being a great exercise!

  95. Hollie-Amber says:

    Hey Idk i this contest is still going but my favorite move has to be the advanced clam shell . :]

  96. Katie B:> says:

    I am all for the froggers!

  97. The pilates roll-up because that way i can work on my posture better. In my last job interview i was complimented on my posture which increased my confidence even more.

  98. I especially love your leg videos. Froggers are frogtastic !

  99. Honesty, I don’t have any favorite exercises since they all hurt and require hard work!! Haha! But I LOVE the results! My favorite in this vid would have to be “the hundred”. I am hoping that 60 times “the hundred” gives me a 6-pack. Oh and I love the Beverly bowtie- reminds me of Valentino…oh so fabulous.

  100. Natalie N. says:

    Grass hopper!

    I love your bags they are so gorgeous;D hoping I win

  101. Hey Cassey!
    I absolutely lalaLOVE your videos :). You totally got me hooked on Pilates. My favorite workout move would have to be the roll up because I love that it equals 6 sit-ups hehe. I also love doing the double leg lifts because they make my lower abs do work!
    Keep them awesome videos coming <3

  102. Caroline S says:

    BURPEES :)

  103. Hi,
    Double leg stretch is my favorite, even though it’s killing me i find it challenging…like that!, thanks for being so positive!

  104. Gotta love those Oil Riggers. I never did pilates before and these movements are insane. Muscles I never knew I had are sore. Oh and the backdrop is GORG!

  105. My fav. workout move is the plank. I love to see how long I can hold it!!! Such a challenge. That rose bag is beautiful!

  106. I love burpees for sure! Just started blogilates to get myself get in shape. I’m an older teen and just had surgery to fix my heart problems that have been preventing me from being able to exercise. Your videos make it so easy to enjoy and stay persistent! Thanks so much.

  107. Amber kotula says:

    My Fav. Move is the hundred. It hurts so good!

  108. Emily Werner says:

    Burpees! So hard and tiring but you can feel the work being done. Basically any move that you do :)

  109. Grasshopper!!! The dusty rose bag is so adorable!

  110. Great video! Quick and effective!! I love your moves that target the glutes… crazy!! Also.. the Oil Rigger, hate to love it!

    You’re amazing!!

  111. casey clackler says:

    I loved the bootcamp workout! i feel amazing!! I love your O’Gorgeous bags and love the details you put into them! my favorite pilates move is the split leg side crunch! that move is GREAT for your obliques!
    have a fantastic day!!

  112. Hi Cassey <3 I love all the moves, but my absolute favorite is the grasshopper, any exercise to make my little but, firmer and plumper :) Loving your outfit and backdrop!

  113. jessica lomness says:

    my favs are the full body workouts! I pretty much do every single video cus they are amazing, but i have a toddelor and right now fullbody works are great!!!

  114. I love the oil rigger and the roll up! Awesome moves! Way to go Cassey!

  115. Allison Meguro says:

    Hi! I love your videos and your upbeat personality. I teach pilates myself and your videos give be so much inspiration! Thank you!! I could definetly use a new mat and bag, so my favorite exercise is the side plank. It gets my obliques every time!

  116. Hey Cassey! Your videos have changed my life. I have lost 70 pounds and I’m going strong on the journey to living a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been wanting the gym bag in dusty rose forEVER now and have been counting down the days that you release it on your website. I love you so much and you keep me motivated! My favorite move is the ‘Pilates Roll-up’ it’s slow but intense and I love every minute of it. Thank you Cassey for your inspiration.

  117. Cassey!

    I love seeing a new total body video, thanks so much, also my favorite move is cobra pushups :)

  118. I’ve been doing your videos for a couple of weeks now, and my favorite from this video is the side plank dipper! Pretty simple but surely doing lots of good things to my obliques. Looking forward to the next video!

  119. The “grasshopper” is my favorite move! So great for your butt and I always enjoy moves that work my butt!!!

  120. My favorite exercise is “The Plank” because it’s a static stretch and works everything. :)

  121. Alexandra says:

    LOVE the new video!! So hard to choose one favorite move but I would probably say the Oil Rigger! Thanks for a killer workout!

  122. So sorry! I meant to type *Cassey

  123. Hi Cassie! I loved this video! Sometimes I feel like I have trouble keeping up with some videos (especially when you plank on feet and up on your hands- I’m much more used to being on my forearms like this video), but this one was really great, and I could definitely keep up! My favorite thing in this video was oil riggers, because my upper body is much weaker than my lower. In general though my FAVORITE exercise is the candlestick dippers. I had never seen them before you’re video and LOVE them.

    My one question though is when you are in Pilates poses with your head off the mat, my neck always REALLY starts to hurt. I tend to have very tense shoulders/neck always, and I feel like it takes away from whatever else I am trying to exercise. Do you have any tips on how to make it hurt less?

  124. Christina Griest says:

    Cassey, I love the Oil Rigger! I have never seen that move before. It felt great. Thank you :)

  125. Hey Cassey Ho! I love the new bootcamp workout. It concentrates every part of the body.The way you show steps slowly in video helps us to follow up with you and learn it correctly.love it the way you keep talking and motivating while doing Pilates which push us…In this bootcamp you made it easy to do exercise to all parts of the body in less time even on our busy schedule…I love the candle dipping side wise for oblique part step a lot.It is the best exercise to tone up oblique coz fat just don’t leave particularly on sides… Thank u a lot for your videos. Love you!

  126. Melissa Burns says:

    Hi Cassey,

    New to Blogilates! Love your Vids!! My fav move in this one is the roll-up!
    Awesome to know one roll-up = 6 crunches! No wonder they’re crazy!

    – Melissa

  127. Oil Riggers! Great challemge :)

  128. I always love anything that has to do with abs! The most challenging one for me in this video is the grasshopper though!! I need to master that lol!

  129. I also love the Arm Ups. I cant decide :)

  130. I love this video as well as all your other ones. My favorite is the Squat!

  131. This was crazy! I loved loved it, can’t wait until new Popilates bootcamp! Aw, love feeling the burn. *.*
    My favourite was definitely the oil rigger. I love feeling gracious and strong while doing it. <3

  132. Natalie Tanner says:

    Grasshopper and grasshoppers with leg extension! When you’ve got a flat bum, you need all the lift you can get!!!

  133. Natasha Peters says:

    Cobra pushups for sure! I’ve lost 48lbs in the last year and my arms are in need of the most work. Mind you having used POP pilates for most of my weightloss journey everything’s more toned than i could ever have imagined. Thanks Cassey – you’ve helped me get to the healthier, happier new me :D x

  134. Side Plank Dippers…for daaays (:

    Loved the workout, cant wait for the next !!

  135. Cobra push ups are my fav! It looks so easy but kills my tris. BuBye arm flab!

  136. love the double leg lifts – i can always feel it working in the lower abs!

  137. Totally would have to say plank is all time fav…. I mean how easy is it to say still right???? But such a killer for the abs! Had fun doing this workout while my 6mo old climbed all over me and tried to eat the mat :)


  138. Gabriella says:

    Wow, I will never stop loving side plank dippers! I love how strong my obliques feel after a good set, like natural corset boning :) thanks Casey, you’re a great way to start the day!

  139. I am new to your blog and am absolutely loving it!!! My favorite move from this video was the oil rigger!

  140. Love it !! My favorite its the oil rigger…wow!

  141. I have to be to work ASAP! But before I go I’m going to cram in this great new vid with my fav oil riggers in them! Thanks Cassey for always making it “easy” to workout! xoxo

  142. I was totally challenged by the grasshopper, though but effective! My fave! Love from Sweden.

  143. “down down up up/elbow push up” – a real favorite!!

  144. I like the double leg lift because the lower belly is my problem area.

  145. Oil Riggers! Totally kills me everytime!

  146. Genevieve says:

    Hello! I just found you on youtube just now and I watched a couple of your vids! I really like them! I’m a plus size girl, who is new to pilates and looking to truly lose the weight for good. So thank you for your amazing videos! As for the position I particularly enjoyed, I would have to say the oil rigger! <3

  147. CORKSCREW, CORKSCREW CORKSCREW..and oh, bridge!

  148. my favorite exercise is the corkscrew!!! congratulations Cassey!

  149. My FAVORITE IS THE GRASSHOPPER !! So effective!

  150. Definitely the candlestickdipper! Hahaha, but then again, I also like the starfish! Both are so effective, if done properly. ^-^

  151. Stephanie says:

    Great workout!
    …my favourite excercise is the classic double leg lift…sooo good for your lower abs!

  152. Wasn’t sure whether to respond here or youtube… My favorite move was the grass hopper :)

  153. My fav is the plank. You’ve made me so strong that I feel like I could hold these all day! I guess when plank has become a “rest” it should feel easy!

  154. Koreana S. says:

    I Love Oil Riggers!!

  155. My favorite is running. I love just zoning out while running. c:

  156. Shannon Switzer says:

    I love oil riggers!

  157. Love the video. My favorite is the grasshopper. Thanks for the motivation:)

  158. Kimberly Staples says:

    Roll ups… I couldn’t do them before… Go up and down controlled so I will be totally different and say that is my fave because it was a slight challenge in the beginning! I love all moves you do though personally! <3 Kim

  159. I love the double leg lift! It’s the most fun challenge for me. :)

  160. Candlestick dippers are my absolute favorite. I love feeling sore in places I don’t usually feel sore.

  161. LOVED IT! my fave is definitely the oil rigger! fun & burned my muscles! loved this workout

  162. LOVED THIS! SOOO CHALLENGING. It gives me something to aim for! Thank you so much for including all the modifications!!

    My favorite is the oil rigger!! It was actually really fun & burned my muscles at the same time! can’t wait for more pilates bootcamp vids!

  163. Thuy-Truc Le says:

    My favorite so far is the first one I came across, the slimmer thigh workout. It’s definitely a different approach to traditional thigh workouts. I’m already hooked on your site! Thanks!

  164. I absolutely LOVEE the grasshopper!! My butt burns sooo bad i’m definitely going to feel it tomorrow! Thanks Cassey!

  165. oil riggers are my fav! <3

  166. Always love the double leg lift!

  167. Aubrie Carpenter says:

    I love, LOve, LOVE the single leg stretch!! it always makes my lower back feel awesome and my core nice and strong!! Congrats on the new Livestrong video…you ROCK!!

  168. So many favorites! So, to choose one, it would have to be the hundreds, classic challenging abdominal work! Thanks for your great instruction & encouragement! Love your videos!

  169. Anna Gagnon says:

    Single straight leg stretch for sure! Nothings ever felt so good on my hamstrings.

  170. i love planks! while doing planks on this vid my kitten crawled in my baggy tee and it made me go even longer!

  171. My favorite was the plank :)

  172. Also laying flat on my back and working inner thighs, like the “Chanel C’s” and the wider criss crosses

  173. My favourites are Single Leg T-Squat and #4 Squat! I like working my legs :)

  174. The Candlestick Dippers are the best! They made me so sore the first time i did them.

  175. Side plank is my fav :)

  176. Oil Rigger kills like none other!! Feels soooooooo good!

  177. Side plank dippers are fantastic! They are definitely slimming up my waist!

  178. nothing feels better than the oil riggers! Love the burn!

  179. Jennifer B. says:

    The grasshopper is definitely my favorite. It burns so GOOD!! Haha, love your videos ;)

  180. The hundred gets me every time! I love the new video!

  181. Oil Riggers!

  182. I love the pull pull switch! With legs straight up (:

  183. My favorite is the Hundred!!!!! :)

  184. Deanna H. says:

    How about the stretches at the beginning?!?! :) Definitely on my favorites list!

  185. I did it today! I was feeling pretty unmotivated after a long day of work, but I started to do your video and reminded myself of the end goal! Looking as great as you do! I tried to comment on the vid but it wouldn’t let me. I loved the grasshopper move as it targets my booty!

  186. Fav move? Fanning of the butt. Oh yeah!

  187. Oil riiiiiigers! (:

  188. This might be boring.. but my fav move is still squats! I always feel a burn and it doesn’t hurt that I get toned thighs and a nice butt!

  189. anything yoga! it feels so good to my bones!

  190. anything yoga! it feels so good in my bones!!

  191. Jamie Lee says:

    Qhat a great short workout and you look so cute as always. My favourite pilates move has to be side kicks and circles! I always feel like jane fonda ;) and from this video definately oil riggers :)

  192. Aki Jones says:

    This workout was FUN :D Not as tough as the other ones you do though ;) I enjoyed it, Cassey!!! My fave move was Double Leg Stretch! When I was doing it with you while watching the vid, I felt so good!!!!

    I hope you’ve landed in the US safe and sound, Cassey ;)

  193. Jayne Warren says:

    I find that mountain climber is my favorite move. It’s so tough, but I feel so good after I complete it. I’m always pushing myself to do more and I love realizing I can keep going even a second longer than before!

  194. This was fun! Thank you Cassey :) My favorite was definitely the side plank dippers!

  195. Sara Harris says:

    Love the video! Side plank dippers was my fav! Thanks for working so hard to keep us inspired and motivated!

  196. Now that I think about it, burpees have to be my most loved/hated move. We have a love-hate relationship! :)

  197. This video was a bit easy for me even doing the more “advanced” moves with proper form, but I still like this video. I really love the pull-pull-switch exercise and candlestick dippers.

  198. You wanted to jump in? So does that mean you didn’t?! Oil Riggers are my fave in this vid, but Candlestick Dippers are my all time fave.

  199. Christine Fore says:

    This was a great vid! I really liked the oil riggers and just 2 mins after finishing I can already feel my triceps, no more jiggle for this mama!

  200. I loved the oil riggers!! I always love a good arm burn!

  201. my favorite is double leg lift! that really kills my ab I can feel it! I love o’Gorgeous gym bag too!
    Thanks Cassey!

  202. Megan Jackson says:

    I love the frogger, kills my inner thighs in a good way!!!! ;p

  203. my favorite is the plank! :)

  204. Cassey- I have been doing your work outs for the past 2 years since you were in Boston! I think I’ve done every work out and this one is awesome! I love doing the full body workouts because everything is sore. I have to say my favorite pilates move is the hundred. My abs are always burning and I love it!! :)

  205. The grasshopper is amazing. Best commercial time workout!

  206. Great workout Csssie. my favorite is the grasshopper. Gonna definitely feel it tomorrow.

  207. Great workout Csssie. my favorite is the grasshopper. Gonna definitely feel it tomorrow.

  208. Gorgeous background!!! My fav is the side plank on the palm. Nice stretch! Adios muffintop!!

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  258. gesell williams says:

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    My favorite move/pose is plank. When I started to workout I HATED it. I couldn’t hold plank pose even for 10 seconds :-(. Now, thanx to you and your videos I’m able to hold plank for more than a minute because: “I train like a beast to look like a beauty :-)” !!!! How cool is that?!
    Love your positive energy and attitude!!! Thank you!!! :-)

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  311. Favorite pilates move has to be the hundred! It gets my tummy so flat so quickly!

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    I loved a bunch of the exercises, but I’d say my favorite was the grasshopper. My tush hurt just watching it. Can’t wait to try it out on my class participants.

    Thanks lady!

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    I actually like the whole video, and feel that it is effective! Although, I feel that way about pretty much every video you make! :)

    Both bags are awesome by the way!

  322. I LOVE the oil riggers for my arms and reverse plank pullbacks absolutely kill my abs!! I love your videos Cassey! Still so jealous about your trip to London! I would love to give my mom that gym bag because she’s been needing one for a few months now. Keep doing the amazing videos.
    Marci xx

  323. I love burpees – with push ups! They´re hard, but that´s why I love them! :)

  324. My FAV is the oilrigger, well actually I hate them because they make my triceps burrrn oh so good, but I LOVE that I don’t have to worry about whacking my head with a heavy weight trying to work on my triceps other ways! LOVE your workouts Cassey–please keep posting vids FOREVER~!<3

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  326. Oh, the oil riggers are so interesting! I’ve never really considered doing them before, but as soon as I saw them I had to get off the computer and onto the floor to try them! Thanks so much for the opportunity and the inspiration to work out :-)

  327. Jessica Edwards says:

    I love the feel of the straight leg single leg stretch.

  328. I LOVE the grasshopper and leg extensions!!! Your workouts are killer! My abs and butt have never hurt so bad in my life than during your workouts! LOVE it!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work, dedication and honesty! I love reading your blog!

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    I love any ab exercise. My legs, butt and arms are pretty toned. I’m still struggling on toning my abs so anything I can do to hopefully start seeing some definition would be awesome. My upper abs are coming along but I still need the help in my lower abs. I’m fairly new to Cassey’s workouts and so far they are a killer but I love them and have been telling everyone I know about her videos. Keep them coming I look forward to them every week. :-)

  330. love the roll ups!

  331. Oil riggers! Love working those triceps!

  332. The roll ups!! Six situps in one that’s amazing :D

  333. My most favorite move was the side plank dippers! love working out my obliques!! thanks so much for being so totes awesome! :D

  334. Giselle Rodriguez says:

    Hey Cassey! Omg I just graduated high school, and I will be following you in college too! My FAVORITE move is side oblique dips!

  335. I love the grasshoppers! Great video :)

  336. LOVE LOVE LOVE the roll up!!!!! Ahhh I seriously enjoy new ab moves! Love you <3

  337. I like the 100s. This video is amazing!! Lots of hard work! Had me really sweating!

  338. I love the oblique move you did in one of your videos… I think it was called the candlestick dipper. Didn’t really take it seriously but hurt for like 3 days afterwards! Best oblique move EVER!

  339. Love your outfit and hair…so gorgeous! My fave move is the double leg stretch. It really works my core and thighs. Great video!

  340. Double leg lifts feel great after they’re done! Thanks for keeping the videos going while across the pond!

  341. i love the roll-ups and double leg stretch! they always make me feel extra strong and graceful.

    love the new vid! can’t wait to try it on total body friday! <3

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  343. I love the oil riggers!

  344. In this video, I love the oil riggers, they’re fun, but overall, if I had to pick one Pilates move that would be my favorite, it would be clamshells. Frig, those elevated ones with the weights from on e of the previous videos are amazing.

  345. I love the Oil Riggers!! I can feel so many parts of my body working in this one!

    Congratulations on the new channel :)

  346. What a great all-around workout! I love the bicycle for my legs. I used to ride on a competitive cycling team, so it’s easy to imagine pedaling in one big, slow circle!

  347. Love the grasshoppers and loved the video!

  348. Anne Katrine says:

    Sorry, I didn’t see that we had to pick our fave exercise from the video, but in that case it is the oil riggers! :)

  349. Marianne Hoffarth says:

    Loved the side oblique dips!!

  350. Love the grasshopper leg extensions. Woohoo!!

  351. Anne Katrine says:

    Love your workout videos, they always get me in such a good mood! :) My favorite exercise move is the plank, it can really feel it in my body after I have done it!

  352. Love love love this video! So excited you’ll be on livestrong as they’re one of my favorite websites for looking up fitness/health articles!! My favorite Pilates exercise is actually the single leg stretches you dO in the beginning of this video. They get me so warmed up and flexible!! Thanks again for the video! Gonna do it Thursday!!

  353. Me and my cousin Sarrah did this work out at 4:45 am before we ate breakfast…so fun! XD

  354. Natalie Doherty says:

    Love the new vid and the bags…would make my day to be lucky enough to win one!

  355. thanks for uploading this full body pilates workout, cassey! i really like the oil rigger move since it’s what targets my arms, chest the most (working on toning them)!

  356. I really like anything that works the thighs- they are my trouble spot. I like the clam shell move you have done in a few of your videos.

    This video was the perfect length for working in a workout before work and between my walk & shower in the morning.

    Thank you for all you do!

  357. First, thanks for this wonderful bootcamp video! I’m gonna right now! I’m excited to see the Oil Rigger! It works my arms, abs and my lower body all at once! Whew this will be a great workout! You’re gonna help me bring sexy back! :D

  358. My favorite pilates move is the grasshopper! Works a part of the butt that is hard to get to with any other exercise!

  359. LOVE the move with the double leg lifts. i love the feeling the burn in my abs :)
    you look so vibrant in your purple top!

  360. I really like the new full body workout. This one was easy to follow and felt good.

  361. Sibel Şan Öget says:

    hi Cassey,

    the plank is always my favorite, but “oil rigger” is a good one too, it really hurts me:) and your hair looks so beautiful, i loved the color

    i love working with you,


  362. oil.riggers.are.the.best. also, that dusty rose bowtie bag is just about the prettiest thing i’ve ever seen…
    congrats on the livestrong channel!!

  363. Loved the oil burners. I like to work my arms. I want to win this for my daughter to use a a dance bag!

  364. Stephanie says:

    Cassie I loved the oil riggers! You can really feel the burn immediately. Thanks for the giveaway! Loved the backdrop/location of this video. Looks like a great vaca and pilates spot. :)

  365. My new favorite move is from the Miley Cyrus abs workout, the single legged knee-in towards the opposite elbow in plank, followed by a kick out. What’d we just work? EEEVERYTHAANG

  366. I happened upon your videos a few weeks ago, and I just love working out with you. It’s nice to work out with someone so happy in the morning. It gets me happy about what I’m doing :) My favorite move is the hundred. They usually are killing me when I’m done, but I know they’re working! Thank you so much for making these very fun workout videos. You rock!

  367. Hey Cassey!!

    Boy have I been dying to see the O so Gorgeous dusty pink gym bag in a give away! (Yes pun was intended!)

    Gotta say I love the Pilates roll up!! I’m personally not a fan of crunches and I love how relaxed this move is. It’s a bit of a challenge to begin with but hey with practice and your amazing videos we can only get better right?!
    It’s so good to know that I can strengthen my abs and core without putting so much pressure on my body like I would do with crunches!

    Hope you had an amazing trip to London! It looked amazeballs! Shame about all your flight mishaps, hope you get back to San Fran in one piece!!

    Really would totally die to win that gorgeous gym bag! It’s amazing!

    Love your stuff!!

    Amanda xx

  368. Oil riggers too! Thx for the giveaway ! Need a new gym bag ASAP’

  369. OIL RIGGERS! I feel like that single move works EVERY major body part… obviously your triceps but your lifted leg and your sucked in core are ALL working. it’s uh-may-zing.

    congrats on the new channel! you are amazing and deserve all the best.



  370. I am a newbie to blogs lattes and I am hooked. These workouts really are a “workout”! I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. Maybe the Hundred or all the planks or the dips… I love anything that tones my upper body.

  371. Oil riggers are becoming a new favorite!

  372. Hi Cassey! great great video!!! I really love the double leg lift and all of the inner thighs sculpting moves like froggers, inner thigh lift … from the other video’s :) Best wishes

  373. katie dyas says:

    My favourite exercise would be the TIU tummy tucks really feel that burn in the abs! :)

  374. My favorite is the plank! :) so hard and challenging at the same time!

  375. My favourite exercise is Single-Legged Squat.

  376. This video is awesome, what a beautiful location. My favorite pilates exercise is The Hundred. I love it because it really works out my tummy and it forces me to take nice deep full breaths!

  377. First time commenting!! I love your workouts, thanks for all your hard work. I’d say I like the Oilriggers best!

  378. My favorite exercise is the jumping jacks =).
    I can not wait to do them again after i have my baby.

  379. My favourite is the candlestick dipper! I love it! Although I think the grass hopper is coming up as a close second ;)

    Your videos have helped me tone up for my wedding which is now less than 3 weeks away! Thankyou for helping me rediscover my body confidence <3m

  380. Side plank all the way :)

  381. My favourite exercise is Burpees, best exercise ever haha.

  382. definitely the single leg stretch! Iam gonna try this workout tonight =) looks like fun

  383. I really love (and hate) split squat jumps! This exercise makes my legs stronger :)

  384. Definitely a toss up between the double leg lift and the oil rigger!
    Love the look (and feel) of the oil rigger. So graceful and strong!
    I think I have to give it up for the double leg lift though. An Oldie/Goodie that ALWAYS makes my abs SORE/SOAR!

    great work Cassie! looks good!

  385. hey cassey
    yet another video to add to my long list of favourites, sigh! :-) I keep having a hard time choosing the vids I want to do because I love all of them and there’s never enough time (let alone energy!) to do them all.. So sometimes – hello boring Sundays! – I end up doing a TON of vids just because I can’t choose one over the other, haha!

    My fave move both in the video and in general is the double leg lift. I really love it because it’s such a graceful move and it makes me feel strong as I lift & lower my legs with control.

  386. One of my personal favorite (because there are a lot more that I like) would be the “candlestick dipper” because last time, I did your “As Long As You Love Me – Love Handles Challenge” and I was sore for the next two days (but that might also be because I’m really not in shape) !
    And so happy there is a new video. I really need to try it later today ! :)

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  392. i love all lower body exercises but i have to say that duck squats are my favourite cuz they really hit my legs hard!

  393. My fave exercise is the double leg stretch. I love how it works your core. I need a new yoga/pilates mat so this would be awesome to win! Thanks for your amzing free workouts, Cassey!

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    I´m also sending you a greeting from Czech Republic where you have a few fans too :D
    We are maybe small country, but we really like sports. :)

  395. As a former competitive athlete that has been a couch potato for way too long, The Hundred creates a muscle burn that I forgot how much I loved!

    Also, just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to you Cassey. Your newsletters and super motivating videos have kicked my butt into gear and I am so happy to have found your blog and YT channel. Keep up the good work!

    P.S. I’m thrilled your videos will be in HD for Livestrong Woman, hooray!

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    What an amazing outfit (and setting) – your outfits are always amazing but I think I’m going to have to get hold of this one it’s so gorgeous. My favourite exercise would be…child’s pose. No, just kidding! Side plank dippers – because you make them seem fun and easy but the muscles in my obliques make it clear that they’re really effective.

  398. My favorite is Oil Riggers. I was watching a show about African American soldiers during World War II. They are were doing Oil Riggers during the drills. It made me think of how Cassey has me doing the same exact exercise that my grandfather did all those year ago to prep for battle.

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    Congrats Cassey with your first episode and your own show at Livestrong Woman. You really deserve this :) Looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

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    greetings from belgium!

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    I almost cry everytime I do it but so powerfuuuul!lol

    PS: Really nice haircut!


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    Hi, Cassey! I love your videos! My favourite exercise is the one where you roll around like a ball! I forgot what they are called. You tuck your knees into your chest with your chin kinda touching your knees and roll back and forth on your mat like a ball! It’s so fun to do it!

  411. Christina B says:

    It’d have to be dogging cobras. Those are my absolute favorite :)
    Love the new video!

  412. Being a personal trainer I love and recommend this site to my clients! My favorite move is the plank, this is my main ab workout whether it be plank or side planks or even a plank on an exercise ball!

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    I love planks! They seem to work my abs better than “traditional” abs moves.

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    My favorite poise would have to be the hundred I feel so silly doing it and my sister and I have a great time doing it and then I feel it later so I’m hooked!

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    But followed by immediate wide-scissoring? Killer. All in the best possible way.

    Train hard to get what you want! Get what you train for in return.

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    My favorite is the Grasshopper!!! :)

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    I love the leg workout you do on the Drive By Inner Thigh Challenge. I’m not sure what they are called… Scissor Kicks? Anyways, I love that video! You are my thinspiration Cassey! Thank you so much for sharing your skinny secrets! <3

  424. my favourite is definitely squats! so hard, but so worth it!

  425. KRISTINA BEAVER says:

    I love the grasshopper! It engages our largest muscle group and sets up the rest of my workout for some major cardio endurance and calorie burning!

  426. Burpees are perfect for a total body workout and heart rate-raiser!

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    Hey Cassey, love this new video as it covers most of the basic pilates moves. my most favourite move was the hundreds…I’ve always loved it from the start as it really helps my upper arms (i m one of those unfortunates who lack upper body strength) and this was the first move that I tried to help. thanks again for all the cool vids:) keep up the good work!

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    I love doing full body workouts and all the moves, but the starfish is my favorite move because it is the most challenging move for me and I like taking on a challenge!

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    Hi there :0)
    Love love love your videos. I use so many of your moves in my pilates classes for my popsters! LOL I tell them about your site and how much you have helped me improve myself as a instructor and new fun exercises to add into my routines. My favorite move is the plank and love the bootcamp. If I win I will be sure to bring it to all my classes I teach and share where I won it!!!! PLEASE! So cute!

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    First I want to start by saying THANK YOU so much for your wonderful blog! I loove working out with you everyday. With your help I have transformed my body and confidence. My favorite move from this video was the single leg stretch ab workout, I definitely felt the burn :)

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    My absolute favourite and can really feel the burn.

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    Love ya Cassey!


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    I now love the roll up! I had no idea it was the equivalent to 6 crunches

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    I just completed the Pilates bootcamp video and can’t wait to try other pilates videos! Of the Pilates moves in the bootcamp video, my favorite has to be the plank position because it looks so easy but boy do i feel the burn!

    I’m so glad a came across your blog. You’re so great at what you do keep up the amazing work!

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  449. I love this video, the HD is awesome! My favorite move would have to be the single leg stretch!!

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    My favorites are candlestick dippers, oil riggers, and pike plank dips! Love them all!

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  454. This was excellent! My fav is the plank:)

    BTW I am 41 years old and I had a baby 3 years ago. I am determined to get back into my size 8 and I just need to lose 25lbs. Pilates and walking helped me lose weight before and I know it will again. Thanks Cassey!!!!

  455. My favorite has to be Plank. It works everything crazy hard!

  456. my fave move is squats!

  457. Squat Jumps!

  458. I’m kind of in love with chatarangas right now… :)

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    It’s hard to pick a favorite but………I always love doing squats!!!!!!! :D I feel soooo accomplished after doing them with weights!

  463. Emily Hart says:

    The Hundred is definitely my favorite! I can feel it in my abs very strong. Love it!!!

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    It’s a tie between plank and side plank. With extended leg lifts. There’s nothing funnier than watching my friends try to hold as long as I can!

    What pretty bags! I seem to recall that you own the one with the bow. It’s really cute.

  465. btw, I’m first to comment, woot woot :)

  466. there are so many favorites but I will pick burpees :) It works your heart and the whole body!

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    I hope I win!! :)

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