“How to get an inner thigh gap”

Hey guys!

This is a coooool new workout I just shot a couple days ago with some awesome London POPsters. I am so happy you guys came out to do this and it was fabulous getting to know you and get our sweat on!

This vid was filmed in Hyde Park and man, there were a lot of bugs. I got bit around my ankles and am still so itchy!!

Anyway, I wanted to address something really quick.

I know that this video will probably be passed around the Tumblr thinspo with girls asking “how to get an inner thigh gap”.

So today’s video is all about toning up the inner thighs and helping you target that trouble zone. Thigh gaps may look desirable as many models have them, but may not be achievable by all women. It has something to do with the distance between your hips! So do not get disillusioned and work out just for vanity – do it for the right reasons – to get stronger and to get more skilled at Pilates as a craft. The results will follow if you put your heart and mind in the right place. Eating clean and cardio will also help you slim down all over! Just remember, it is a whole lifestyle change!!!! If you’re not sure where to start (newbie POPsters) – I have a great meal plan with the 90 Day Challenge.

Ok off to film a few more things before I leave London! Ahhhh, can’t believe these few weeks flew by SO FAST!!!! Ridiculous.

Will miss this lovely place and the new friends I made…

photo courtesy of Lomornaotoole.com

<3 Cassey

  • this workout is very nice and simple admin please share some more workout for whole body

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    How to Slim Thighs – The Thigh Gap!

  • i know a lot of girl out there wanna have a inner thigh i did some research and i use to have a thigh gap but then i started working out and you built fat so it turns into muscle and my legs are strong so if you wanna stay fit and strong just wanna say you can have both at the same time

    • Well said Alondra! Fitness is the best way to achieve a thigh gap and no need to starve yourself as many girls -women think. By eating healthy and working smart this result will come and will be awesome! :)