POP Pilates London Meetup Recap + Photostory

Hey POPsters!

It’d been a few days since the POP Pilates London Meetup and I’m still so excited that I got to meet all of you and work out with you in person!!! It was such a surreal experience for me. Let’s begin the photostory!

So as I walked out of the Regent’s Park station tube, I was hoping that maybe some people would show up. It had started to rain and we were supposed to do it in the park so I had a feeling that many of you guys would opt out. But much to my surprise…I saw a ton of girls holding yoga mats and was like….HOLY SHIZZERNICKLES!

You all were so sweet in greeting me!!!

Luckily my fitness blogger friend Ify from secured a space for us at the University of London. I met with Ify a few days prior to the meetup for the first time (courtesy of POPster Justyna) and he did a video interview with me that should be pretty cool! I don’t really have a video kinda just talking about who I am and where I came from – I think it should be very good for the About Me section! I also talk a lot about the Blogilates Community and how much I love you guys so that’s why he had his camera man Luke there to get footage of y’all! So yeah, you’re gonna be a few videos guys!

Look how we FILLED UP the space! I’m loving the colors of the mats. Beautiful!!!

Mini leg circles. UH OHHHH.

A sea of people doing Candle Stick Dippers? My dream came true.

You know, I was so confident and rockin’ it on my Pilates stage – thought I had a perfect day – only to realize when I came home several hours later that my shirt was on inside out. For. Every. Single. Picture. We. Took. Thanks guys for telling me.

Well, I had no idea it was on inside out, so whatevs! We had fun and it was sooooo perfect to end the workout with Call Me Maybe Squats!!!! I did em extra hard this time.

The hour went by soooo fast and you all were so grateful. Your applause at the end made me all nervous and shy and I had to cover my face. Really, I wouldn’t be able to keep making YouTube vids and blogging if you guys didn’t do the workouts or care about what I’m writing about. So THANK YOU for everything.

What a BRILLIANT lot of POPsters!!! You were all fun an vocal.

Afterwards I spent time taking pics (with my shirt on inside out) with everyone and signing yoga mats! Thank goodness I had my sharpie with me! I had never signed a mat before so I think this is something I need to work on…’twas quite difficult!



A lot of you guys said you felt like it was surreal seeing me in real life, but let me tell you, being with all of you was a dream come true.

I’ll try to compile a behind the scenes vlog for you guys. You can see the rest of the pictures on facebook here and you can also watch the entire meetup below. It was a weird beginning. Sorry.

Alrighty, off to film and edit some more! Being in London has been fun and I’ve never felt more like a YouTuber than I do now! On btw, yes I met Luke and Ingrid and we are hoping to collab on something for you guys! Luke says I can use his songs in my workouts (YAYYYYY!!!) and I am all about supporting other ‘tubers all the way. Plus Britney, Gaga, J-Lo, and Bruno Mars love taking my workouts down for copyright infringement. Any other YouTube artists you think would be fab for POP Pilates? Let me know in the comments!

K love you all,

<3 Cassey

  • Dieu-Hien

    I tried your old email but got a return. CCBV would like to invite you to contribute a number on our 2oth Anniversary Dance Festival next Aug 2013. Let me have your new email address. I am so proud of you!!!! C Hien

  • Lorraine Milne

    Cassey, I am soooo bummed. I have been a POPster for a couple of years and absolutely love love love you. I can not believe you were only in London a week ago teaching a class just around the corner from where I work (just off Oxford St) and I missed meeting you. I could cry right now. Thank you for so generously giving of your time and expertise. You must have a great crew working with you too. I ditto all the wonderful things that have been written to you. You look amazing by the way, love the hair!

  • Natalie

    Hi Cassey!

    Shame on my fellow Brits for not letting you know your tank was inside out! If I was there and noticed I would have let you know! I think they were either being too polite or didn’t realise. It looked like everyone had a great time regardless of T’s inside out!

  • YAY you met Luke and Ingrid! So cool. I love it. *tear* The joy of my Harry Potter world colliding with my POP Pilates world. Tell them to get you to Platform 9 & 3/4!

    Love you, Cassey! <3

  • Paige

    I love hearing about your London adventures! I can only dream of getting to a meet up or taking a class in person. I’m in Kentucky…any plans of coming to the Southeast I’ll be there, front row!!!

  • Nicole

    haha omg I love your shirt was on inside out….it sounds like something I would do. I hope you do more of these meet ups (preferably in chicago ;) hahah)

  • Coco

    Amazing! Cassey please come to Mexico :)

  • sammyt


    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time. Meeting new people. In London. At the Olympics. Awesome. So don’t sweat the shirt thing. I worked for a company for years and one day I looked down and said aloud “ah, hmm. Excuse me, I just realized I have my shirt on backwards. And then I have an associate come up to me and say “yea, you do it once in awhile”. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday every morning when I get dressed. Another thing to add to the list of getting prepared. “Sam…check clothes. check.

  • Deanna

    My friend Jervy Hou does lots of really good pop covers. He’s always trying to get his name out there, and what better way than pop pilates?

  • MelodyJ

    Great pictures. I’m so glad you guys had a good time. It looks so much fun. I wish I could be in London. Maybe people thought you wore your shirt like that on purpose.

    Did you rename the video that Bruno Mars had taken down last year? It was gone before I got a chance to try it.

  • Jill

    lol I just realized that when you said “luke and ingrid” you already know half of ALL CAPS, so nm :)

  • Jill

    there is a Youtuber named Alex Day (username nerimon) who has some awesome songs on his channel that he gives his viewers permission to use. One that might fit is “Good Morning Sunshine” (, which is so upbeat and peppy, it reminds me of your videos. Another cool group is ALL CAPS, and one good song might be “Summer of ’09” (

  • So glad the meetup went well! I hope you can do one in San Diego soon!! <3

  • Marie

    It is such a nice story! You are such a nice person Cassey and you inspire others everyday, not only with your workouts but also with your joy! You have the most positive energy there is out there, you truly want to help others, and it shows!
    Thank you, thank you for everything you do :-)
    Stay the same, be yourself, cause you are awesome !!

  • jerome

    Great day!! Yes, there were tons of girls with mats but dont forget there were 3 guys representing your male fanbase too!! Ha. cant wait for London meet up part 2!!!! thank you for all you do for us!!

  • Aw! This is such a nice story. I’m glad the meetup was a success :)