Mint + Coral Nike Shoe Giveaway!!!

2 ways 2 win:

Facebook: “SHARE” this post (click here) and tell me what color you want.
Twitter: Tweet me @Blogilates and tell me what color you want.

International contest! Winners will be picked August 7th, 2012 – midnight PST.

Good luck!


  1. Rachel ferguson says:

    Where can I buy these Nikes?!

  2. How fun! Love the mint ones – totally tweeted and shared with my own followers! ;) Love ya Cassey!

  3. ahhhh im so excited i love it ! i just tweeted you but im totally not sure if its 12am there or not so im sooo sorry . i hope i would still be able to get it :( LOVE YOU CASEY !! xx come to australia again in summmer:) x

  4. asdfghjkl!! can’t wait the girl who wins these would be the luckest girl in the gym ! i stayed up to midnight then i realised im not in PST time zone hahahha! fingers crossed! shared at tweeted all i can do is wait! xo

  5. OMG!!!!! I waited up until midnight to see if i won the mint shoes! Thats when i realized, Im not in PST time zone!!! UGH!!!! I have to wait 2 more hours!!! NOOOHHHOOOO!!! The suspense is killing me!!!! Come home to mama MINT SHOES!

  6. PrincessAlo0 says:

    Mint <3

  7. Gothicrise says:
  8. Ca ca ca ca CORAL!!!
    Tweeted, and shared! ;)
    Thank you Cassey!

  9. I do not mind the color, but coral will be welcome :D

  10. Just said “mint” via Twitter. :)
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  11. I love the MINT! I created a twitter just so I have a better chance of winning these awesomesauce shoes from you! I love your videos and especially your enthusiasm and drive to do your best! You are such an inspiration!

  12. i would love the mint in size 11

  13. LAURA VALZY says:
  14. antonella togato says:
  15. Francesca Loveredhair says:

    shared on fb alias Francesca Loveredhair

    I like Mint color!

  16. Francesca says:

    Facebook: DONE!
    Francesca Biondina

    Email: redicoppe(at)inwind(dot)it

  17. Marialice says:

    I chose coral :)
    marialice pompilii on fb

  18. stefania says:
  19. Florinda says:

    Shared on FB and Twitted, I’d love coral please! :))

  20. Marianna Erre says:
  21. I shared that I love da mint ones. Thanks Cassey for doing it.

  22. I have to say your workouts are seriously my new favorites! My arms or legs or both are usually burning after one of your workouts! So glad I found your site as I try to get back into shape! Down 9lbs, but still have about 30lbs to go! But I’m so focused this time I know I can do it!! I just tried those Nike’s on today and loved them! LOVE the coral color, SO HAPPY!! I shared your video on my facebook timeline, and I’ve been telling all my friends about your site, even got a few of them hooked! Also the BF does your workouts with me, which is pretty funny! Thanks for all the motivation! Looking forward to all the new workouts you put out!! THANKS!!

  23. Hi cassie ! (: I love watching all of your workouts so much! Your the one workout person that actually has workouts that work and hurt but you make them fun at the same time ! (: Thanks giiirl <3 but um I started running lately but dont have running shoes and my legs and ankles hurt SO BAD ! I cant afford to buy shoes so I really hope i win . I am SO THANKFUL you came up with this contest! <3 Oh and if I did win I honestly dont care witch color I get because they are both ADORABLE ! But I would prefer coral . It really doesnt matter though (; I would just be happy I won Lol :D But either way if I win or lose I will continue watching all of your amazing workout videos ! (: LOVE YOU CASSIE ! (:

  24. whoa I thought I would be one of the few who love the mint color! haha~it’s so refreshing lookin’. :D And I just tweeted Cassey, thank you tons!

  25. coral!!!! but im fine with either:)

  26. LOL me too…gotta do what you gotta do to win some awesome shoes!

  27. MINT is such a lovely color!!!!! <3

  28. Im in love with coral!!!!! Cassey you’re the best!!! I follow all your vids!! Thanks for all that you do :D

  29. Cassey they are both gorgeous i definitively fell in love with mint. I started running, well walking at first, about 1 year now, i never thought in my life of the idea of me running, dont know why but i myself deprived me from trying to or doing it until one day i decided to & i found the happiness and stress-reliving it is to run, its like being free of any problem & having a moment for yourself when nothing else can touch you but your will & the more you do it the stronger that will & happiness gets, i think every person should run, it reminds you somehow how alive you really are. I remember the first time i got to run 5 minutes in a row i think i’ve never been so proud of myself than that moment when i discovered i truly could do it, after that i saved money & bought my nike+ipod kit & it truly encouraged me more to keep running. Bottom line everyone should try to do things they never thought of themselves doing & i really admire you for what you do & how you give so much to us, popsters (: & how now you encourage people to get to do things, like running. ♥

  30. I love the color mint <3 It'll be a great motivator to continue losing weight =) I lost 25 pounds since May by following the workout calendars, eating clean, and pushing my limits with each video! Thank you Cassey for your videos, advice, and enthusiasm. You are an awesome and amazing teacher and I cannot thank you enough. Now, off to train like a beast to look like a beauty! It's cardio day =)

  31. just sign up for them, I signed up for twitter today haha :)

  32. Deanna G. says:
  33. Deanna G. says:

    Shared(Deanna Cali) & I want coral! :)

  34. I just tweeted you. Coral!

  35. Gabi Yokomizo says:

    Facebook: DONE!
    Twitter: DONE!
    Thank’s for giveaway!

    Coral and mint are adorable! But I choose mint! :)

  36. Gabi Yokomizo says:

    Facebook: DONE!
    Twitter: DONE!
    Thank’s for giveway!

    Coral and mint are adorable! But I choose mint! :)

  37. MINT :)

  38. I just shared this on Facebook and would love the mint ones!

  39. Minty mint mint MINT

  40. Danielle says:

    Tweeted you, mint please! =)

  41. This sucks!!!!! I don’t have Facebook or Twitter.

  42. OMGGGG!!!!! I want to win!!! I have been looking everywhere for both of those colors and can’t find them anywhere! Especially the mint! ahhhh going to cry. I think I might go create a twitter just for this!

  43. just found your blog, love it!

  44. The coral pair are just to die for!! I loveeeee them :) xx
    So sad I couldn’t see you in London… stuck up on Scotland working!

  45. I love these shoes! Mint-y freshness please!

  46. mint please!!! xxxx

  47. Just shared of facebook, would love the coral!

  48. Coral please! :)

  49. Mint please : )

  50. Tweeted and shared on Facebook and Pinterest. I love the Coral ones…
    I feel like crying! I just moved out of London last Friday and I’m gona miss meeting you!!!!!!

  51. I shared on facebook and love the mint ones! They don’t sell them here in Germany (nor the UK)!

  52. I just LOVE the mint ones!!!!

  53. I just tweeted you. I love the mint!

  54. Can I dare and wish for mint ones? I could really use a pair of new training shoes right now:)

  55. awesome coral:)

  56. Aleksandra says:

    don’t have facebook nor tweeter account, oh well..

  57. I shared this on my facebookpage! Awesome giveaway, love the coral ones.

  58. Coral! :)

  59. I remember how thrilled you were when your shoe fairy got you these shoes, and it’s so beyond awesome that you are doing a giveaway for us with these same shoes! :) I love doing all your workouts and feeling great afterwards (even though I struggle keeping up :P). I totally appreciate your videos, and I do them in my dorm room during the school year! It’s my birthday tomorrow (August 5th) and it would be so awesome if I won this giveaway. I’ve wanted these shoes for so long! THEY ARE AMAZING! I would gladly pick either color, but I would prefer coral :) I LOVE YOU CASSEY! Thanks for being the biggest motivation for me on youtube, and providing all the videos for me to use whenever I wanna feel the burn :P it hurts so good! <3

  60. love love love the mint color (and tweeted as such!)

  61. Milka Ortiz says:

    Cassey, I really would love those coral ones, I need a good shoes finally and these are not only good but cool looking. Outstanding, I am sure my landing would be softer when doing jump tucks, switch lunges, squat jumps etc. I love explosive movements when doing my cardio and these shoes would make me fly, not just jump. Thank you!

  62. Cassey, I just died (for a second..and I’m back..histerically). You were just talking about a shoe fairy (aka..your sis) awhile back. So I placed a wish in for these shoes. I knew there was shoe fairy after all! LOVE the giveaway:)

  63. I just tweeted you. I love the mint!

  64. Shared n liked :-) coral is perrrty

  65. shared and liked :-) coal is perrty

  66. i want coral :D

  67. I just shared this on fb. I love both colors but I’d love to have MINT!

  68. Love. Size 7.5

  69. I shared the post on facebook! The coral color is adorable!

  70. Tessie Apodaca says:

    i shared! !! And would love the coral .I love for my shoes to pop!:)

  71. I shared! And I would LOVE the mint color!!!

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