FOOD HAUL: London Edition

Hey POPsters!!!

You know what the 2 staple things I always do when I visit a new place? A go on a run to scope out the area. And then I go grocery shopping. Why?

Because food is a universal language. You can learn so much about a culture just by seeing how they eat and what they eat.

Lats night, I had a brief moment to go check out the local grocery store here. I went to Tesco. It is probably equivalent to a Safeway or Albertson’s in the US. I can’t wait to find where Londoners shop if they want something with the amazingness of Whole Foods or Trader Joes. I could spend hours there I’m sure! Food shopping is so orgasmic to me. Maybe that’s a little intense, but seriously, it’s amazing. Getting to choose and create what goes into your body? Having the power to nourish yourself properly? Knowing that you can make yourself go “mmmm”?

Oh man. The joys of life.

Anyway, here is my food haul and what I got yesterday at Tesco! I want to find some cool food stores, so if anyone has suggestions, please let me know! I am here for a few weeks so I def need to stock up on the goods.

Enjoy! And for you new POPsters out there – I have 2 channels. My main channel is where I post workouts and challenges. My second channel is where I vlog, cook, take you behind the scenes, and gush about healthy food. Make sure you’re subbed to both!

Kay, gotta go for my run now. I haven’t worked out in over 3 days and I am seriously DYING. DYING I tell you. I feel so nasty and icky. My body wants to move and because it hasn’t, I feel so exhausted. Do you ever feel this way when you go on a fitness hiatus for a while? It’s such a horrible feeling. Must break the rut now.

Also, I had an idea. I was thinking I should start answering highly asked-about questions in vlogs, maybe I will call it “Ask Cassey” or something like that. Could you post your most burning question in the comments below? I will pick one to speak on in my next vid on BlogilatesTV and also mention your name. (Ok fine, if you have more than one, post it too!)

Thanks guys, love you!

<3 Cassey

  • Bronte

    Oh myyyyy, Rachel’s is MY LIFE. Seriously, SO GOOD. You will be buying it in the thousands, I’m sure! Hope you’ve had a great time xx

  • Lieve

    There are several Whole Food stores in London! When I went to London last fall with my dad we were walking trough one of the bigger shopping streets and there was this huge brown and green building and I looked and said to my dad ‘Dad, we’re going in here!’ It was so hugeeee and super nice and it made me want to buy all that nice food! Anyways, that one was in Kensington High Street and it’s really close to Hyde Park (for a run ;)) x

  • Rebecca

    Whole Foods Market Camden



  • Alma

    Hi Cassey!
    Ok, I will just ask my question; can you do a comparison on which protein powder supplement would be good to try? I follow your workouts (like a crazy Popster should), and I log my food intake on MyFitnessPal. I noticed that my protein intake is low and I was wondering which protein powder would you recommend? Thanks so much for your dedication to fitness and to us Popsters :)

  • heather

    I love the sandwiches at BOOTS and Greggs! I don’t think they’re healthy though! : ) I’ll be in Manchester Aug 5th and 6th. Wish I could meet up!!!

  • Carolyn

    Just so you know, there is a Whole Foods here in Kensington! It is right near the High Street Kensington Tube stop, about a 15 minute walk from where I live. =)

  • Shivi

    That tomato puree you bought in the toothpaste tube? It’s just tomato paste(pretty sure that’s what you’d call it in the US), you could use it in spaghetti bolognaise, chilli con carne, basically anything saucy that you’re making from scratch that needs more of a concentrated tomato-y flavour

  • Olivia

    I love how you’re getting excited by every small detail like the milk. It’s so adorable! I guess it never crosses my mind because I live in London and it’s been the norm for me my whole life. Enjoy your time! The olympics are going to be epic! You should see if you can find a waitrose, they stock a little more special stuff. I wouldn’t bother with whole foods because you have them in America so whats the point? haha. and also it’s super pricey!

    Much Love,
    Olivia x

  • Charlotte

    As a life-long Londoner I can recommend the following wonderful places to shop for food (in order of importance depending on time available):

    – Borough Market – you MUST go here! Beware the chocolate sellers…
    – Selfridges Food Hall (this is an experience! Go and take your time – it is the ultimate food shop – look for the cheese counter as you can ask to taste the cheeses before buying anything, which I highly recommend, particularly if you see something you’ve never heard of before).
    – Whole Foods Kensington (massive former Barkers department store building by High St Ken tube) – I wonder if it is any different to the ones in the US.
    – Waitrose or M&S Food Hall (Tesco is quite low down in the market – Tesco, Asda and Morrisons present themselves as the “value” supermarkets – Sainsburys is more mid-range – and Waitrose and M&S are much higher up and generally have more choice of strange and unusual things. Food in the UK though is ridiculously expensive – and seems to have tripled in price in the last 5ish years, so it might be more of a window-shopping trip rather than a real shopping trip)

    I’m about to flee from London (two weeks in France!) as we’ve all been told by Boris that it is going to be horrendously busy and us locals should all make ourselves scarce so that the visitors don’t have a bad time (not sure if that’s a particularly nice thing to say to the people who live and work here, but still…). Hope you have a lovely time in London and that you get to see the best parts of the city.

  • You need to visit Borough Market my lovely, you will die. The produce is amazing.

    Have a fun time in London!

  • Mearle Hodge

    Crunchy nectarines all the way! I have some white ones in my kitchen, I’m going to eat one now. Also, thanks for this food overview. I was going to be lazy tonite and order some takeout but now I’m going to whip up a quick salad and eat clean! I have the stuff in my fridge so why waste money and risk rotting food!

    Thanks <3

  • I would love to hear about your routines (as much as you can have them with how busy you are) which help you stay motivated and on-track with your wellness. Thanks!

  • Estefania

    ASK CASSEY: Cassey, I do cardio, eat clean, and my upper abs have shown im assuming the fat melted there, but my lower stomach the “pooch” is still there, smaller, but its still there! Is more cardio needed? More pilates? Pleasssse helpp

    • Alex

      I’m not an expert on this, but my AP psychology teacher who was a life long ballerina dancer always told us women keep a little extra fat there to cushion babies if you become pregnant. So, it may be that genetics are working against you on that lower belly fat. I’m sorry! But Cassey’s vids always help, so keep trying!

  • Amber

    MUSHYJUICYyumyum! I devour my nectarines Juicy. I love that you are eating clean in London. The word is it’s hard to eat clean with all the fried yums traditionally served. Please tell me you will be having some fish and chips! Those tiny toms are so cute. One thing, what is up with all the packaging? Is that how much of the produce is sold? It seems so wasteful. Anyway, I can’t wait to do some Olympic style workouts, and hear about all the great sights.

  • Denyse

    Hey Cassey!
    I have a question – what warm up do you do before you go for a run? I’ve heard of so many different warm ups that are good, and so I’d like to know what is best, and what you do!
    Thanks =)

  • Megan

    There is a store in London called Marks & Spencer (supposed to be similar to Dean & Deluca in NYC) that the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted in before. Go get some groceries and maybe see some royalty!

  • Angelina

    Hi Cassie!

    Hope you’ve been enjoying your stay in London! I’m about to watch the video, but as soon as I saw in the post that you’re taking fitness-related questions, I had to go straight to comment! I’m dying to know- how do you know which sneakers to workout in? I’ve had a bunch of running injuries in the past, so I’m really curious about which brands and styles are the best for support, comfort, etc. to limit any future problems.

    • Claire

      Coming from someone who works at a running shoe store…. The best thing to do with sneakers is to get them personally fitted to your needs. Create a list of the problems you’ve had in the past and ones that you are currently experiencing and take it to the nearest workout shoe store. I can recommend Fleet Feet sports as they are located in many places around the US, they take you through a fit process and will watch how your foot moves and find a shoe fitted to that. But just pester the employees with questions, its their job is to get you in the correct shoe and maybe inserts. As of now, if you’re looking for a shoe with comfort and support, I would recommend the Brooks Adrenaline. Its a very supportive shoe but with out all the weight and such. But the best thing to do is to go and get fitted somewhere, because you never know you could use a neutral shoe and maybe change your running/ workout form a bit. You wouldn’t believe the amount to people who have had problems before but changed their form and now they are out running marathons with little to no pain.

      I hope I helped. Feel fee to ask any questions :)

  • Ashma

    Hi Cassey!

    Welcome to London, you’ve gotten really lucky with the weather!

    If you love food you simply must visit Borough Market (on a Saturday) if you haven’t already. Apart from the standard supermarkets like Tesco, Waitrose and Marks & Spencers we don’t really have a nice equivalent of Whole Foods. Which is why I got super excited when it did open up here :)

    Ashma X

  • Molly

    It would be really awesome if you could do a video for doing pilates in small places (like a dorm room). I love doing your videos, but the way my dorm is set up I don’t have enough space. Thanks!

  • RachelManton

    Hey cassey like other people have said there is a whole foods in London actually there are a few you should check them out!

  • Sam

    Cassey I have a question for you

    I normally do not count calories (only ingredients) but I noticed that there is a calorie difference for certain foods at certain stores I noticed that at Sprouts supermarket their raw organic walnuts are 183 calories and that at trader joes their organic raw walnuts are 200 calories Why is this so? The portions are the same and raw walnut halves and pieces are the only ingredients

  • Waitrose is the upscale food store in the UK. Hubby is from London and I can say it’s definitely his “Whole Foods”. He’s like a kid in a candy store when we go there. M&S (Marks and Spencer) is also pretty cool. It’s a department store with a high quality food store attached.

  • Tanja

    It’s not so much the question but a request/idea for a blog post. Comparing more types of a diet! You said you’ve tried some of them, so maybe it’s a great idea to tell the benefits, why you didn’t stick to it and how you felt. Etc :) I mean paleo, vegetarian, any other I don’t even know.. I know now it’s quite popular blood type diet. Thank you :)

  • Ailish

    Casey!! There are 5 Whole Foods stores in London so you should definitely check them out. I share your love for Whole Foods after recently visiting the USA! It is my idea of heaven.
    Hope you’re enjoying London, I’m heading down for the Olympics on Friday!

  • Crystal L.

    Cassey, couldn’t agree w/ you more on the nectarines. They’re my fave fruit too and I love ’em best when crunchy. =)

  • Natalie

    holland and barratts do a lot of health food too, and sometime more rare stuff can be found there. You’ll find tomato puree much thicker than that, it’s meant to be diluted down with something else like the natural juices when you’re cooking, or sometimes in things like soups or stocks. Lemon juice is nice to water it down with too :) I dont know if you get them in America, but have a go at some of our Alpro ‘milks’ they’re super nice, my fav is hazelnut :D

    Also, when you get about, try getting to Kew gardens if you can (bit out of London itself) cos it’s so beautiful :)

    And yeah, stock up on some pretty mac’s cos you’ll need em before long :P

    have fun! xx

  • Ha! I so understand that!!

    I have a question : we’re going to be in NYC for 1 week and we rent a flat, so we’re going to eat at the flat and do some grocery shopping, maybe you know a few good places to shop really good food? I must admit I’m a little afraid to find mostly processed food (yuck).

    I know you probably don’t really have the time, but if you do, I’m all ears :)

    Now going to work out a bit ^^

  • Jodi

    How do I most effectively incorporate your quick toning videos (like “Want UBack tris”) into my workout routine? I do cross training with HiiT, yoga, and heavy weights alternating from day to day. I’ve been adding your awesome workouts in at night for the most part, but also throughout the day. Love them! Thank you so much!!!

  • Drew

    Hey Casey :)
    1. My first question is how do you stay motivated to exercise daily 5-6 times times a week when you have such a busy and tiring shedule? Right now since it’s summer I’m perfectly fine with exercising daily infact I enjoy it, but when school starts the last thing I’ll want to do is workout.

    Second question is whats your opinion on people going low carb to lose fat/weight? Is it effective? Can these kind of diets be kept ongoing longterm without it becoming unhealthy? and by low carb I mean mainly proteins/veggies/ a bit of dairy.

    – Drew Catherine :)

  • Patricia

    For “Ask Cassey”: I want to have abs like Doutzen Kroes (from Victoria’s Secret). They are soooooooo amazing. I can’t go to the gym tho :( So, in your opinion, what’s the best combination of exercises that you ever filmed to get reaaally nice abs?

    P.S.: I’m DYING to do the bikini blaster 2 and the “best lower abs” workouts, but the plates don’t work for me at all, so I just go to the middle part of the Best Lower Ab Workout Ever, to get the chance to do at least a couple more exercises.
    Love you!!

  • Michelle

    Is it okay to work abs everyday?

  • Emily Werner

    If you wake up at 6 to workout and don’t have time to eat before you go to the gym will that effect the workout negatively?

  • Allison

    Is there any form of exercise that can get rid of stretch marks? I developed them when I started running more, which made me gain more muscles in my legs, but I was wondering if there is any toning exercise that can lessen them.

  • stina

    I have always wondered why some pople only eat the eggwhite and not the yolk? :)

  • puspa

    hey cassey, i’ve asked u on twitter but there’s no answer. well now im ask u here..

    im muslim and im fasting.. u know, only eat before sunrise and after sunset.
    my questions are, when the right time i hv to do pilates? is it ok 3 – 4 hours before sleep? what time are you usually doing pilates (im curious)? which food is best to eat after you not eat and drink for approximately 13 hours (13 hours in indonesia)?

    and one more, i just wanna share to you. about 5 days ago, i did pilates for upper body and after that i feel so sick. My stomach hurt. i did it about 2 hour before break fasting. huh it sucks event i have to wait 30 minute when im finish. then its back to normal when i finally (break fasting) drink hot tea haha..

    so thats all.. i hope you respons my questions :)

    thankyou so muchooooo cassey

  • For “Ask Cassey”: What’s your opinion (I say opinion, b/c maybe it comes down to personal preference more than anything?)? Is it better (for your metabolism, being healthy, and staying slim) to eat smaller, more frequent meals, or bigger meals, less frequently?

  • Fee

    When Londoners want the amazingness of Whole Foods they go to…Whole foods! There are like 6 of them in London:

  • Liz J

    Could you please please please do something about how to eat healthy on a budget? I want to try so many of your delicious sounding recipes but health food isn’t always cheap!

  • Elena

    Hey Cassey, welcome to London babe! See you had fun shopping at Tesco. You are truly adorable picking up tiny products and packages. Apart from Tesco which is probably the biggest chain in the country I also like food selection at Waitrose and Marks&Spencer. They might be a little bit pricier because of the high standards. Salads in packs are washed and ready to use, it will be written on the pack itself. You will find more peculiar exclusive products there. Have fun and enjoy the California like weather before real British summer comes back. Hugs!

  • Marie

    Hi Cassey.

    There is a Whole Foods in London near Picadilly Circus. Google for a map. Its newly reopened and much bigger then it was :D And check out the supermarkets in Chinatown for cheap mushrooms, cheap tofu, and more interesting green veggies. Oh and if you get a chance (and see this message) check out Borough Market on Friday. A little expensive, but lots of organic goodies and amazing lamb and hallumi bergers.

    The excitement you felt over that milk is exactly how I felt when I went to Walgreens on my first visit to San Fran earlier this year :P

  • Laura

    I’m not sure where you’re staying but there’s a big wholefoods on Kensington High Street and a few smaller ones elsewhere around London. You should also try Marks & Spencer and Waitrose for food – a bit more expensive than Tesco though

  • Anna

    Love the fact you find foods in the UK so cute and small – I remember when I moved to New York and couldn’t understand where to find my baby on-the-vine tomatoes, mini icebergs and mini milk jugs. Things taste better in mini I swear, plus less food waste… Oh and Rachel’s yogurts are seriously yummy.

    Anyway, for shopping you need to find a big Waitrose (soooo good, but super expensive), plus we have a Whole Foods (Kensington) which is pretty much my London Mecca.

    Hope you continue to have fun – fingers crossed the weather holds!

  • Emmy

    Why is it easier to lose fat around your stomach area than around your legs/butt area?

    • Emily

      Actually, fat collects in different places for different people, so the only reason it seems easier to lose it from one spot over another is because of the way your body proportions extra fat. I am the same way, my butt stays the same and my stomach shrinks, but I know other people that are the exact opposite. It is just where the majority of extra fat is collected on you, I believe.

  • I have a question! How would you recommend getting more strength into an old injury? I have horrible upper body strength, and I have broken my right elbow 3 times in my life(twice last year, fractured it, then fell about a week after my final x-ray for it and re-injured it) and have broken both of my wrists at least once. What are the best exercises to do to build muscle?


  • Vanessa

    Great video, I love the baby tomatoes!

    I have two questions I’d like to “Ask Cassey” :)

    1) How can I increase my metabolism?
    2) How do I tighten and tone without bulking up?

    • Emily

      I know that to tighten and tone, you should weight train. You won’t bulk up unless you are eating crazy suppliments and lifting craaaazy heavy weights. It is tough for a woman to gain a lot of muscle. Like, those women in the body building competitions work really really hard getting to that state. Pilates is great because you use your own body weight, but you can also lift weights on your own or at the gym, and that will help you tighten and tone. I remember in some video, (I think standing by the sea video?) Cassey is doing side lunge things and she says that in the gym she does it with a 25 lb dumbell on her back. Don’t quote me on that because I am not positive of the weights, but my point is working out with weights is nothing to be afraid of, it will help you immensly in toning and tightening. Also, the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism, so that kind of answers your first question too, because if you are for example 140 but you have a 25% body fat percentage, you would have a lower metabolism than if you were to weigh 140 with an 18% body fat percentage. I hope that helped and made sense!

  • Nina

    Hey Cassey,
    I really hope you’ll enjoy your time in London and have loads of fun!
    I just did some POP Cardio videos and I’m dying *lol*

    Here is my question :
    In one of your recent blogposts you mentioned that everyone should change the workout routine every few weeks. Should we change the exercise that we do or even the times/ days when we do it ? ( Like if we’re used to doing a Cardio workout every tuesday, thursday and saturday and Pilates the other days, should we change those days as well or only what we do ? )


    • Hi Nina,

      I’m not sure which blog post you’re referencing, but I’m gonna guess that the days of the week don’t really matter, as long as you’re doing different activities. Like, if you currently do a mixture of running and Pilates, maybe try doing a mixture of swimming and Pilates, or biking and weight training.

      This will help prevent injury and boredom, as well as keep your body guessing and strong :)

  • Samira

    Hey…quick tip…you should go to borough market to get some amazing foods (it is not on every day though)…and theres a big whole foods in high st kensington for the healthy standard selection….

  • Victoria

    Hey Cassey,

    Loved the Food Haul , all cute food !!!!!!! , Virgin active gyms , fitness first and LA fitness are pretty decent gyms.

    And you must check out the Whole Foods @ High Street Kensington !!!!

    Enjoy London , Can’t wait for the meet up

  • Charley

    Lol Cassey you are so cute!! Haha tomato purée can be used for stuff like spaghetti bolognese etc. just makes up a sauce. :-) hope you are having a lovely time here, make the most of the sun cause it will probably rain! Lol. Xo