What’s tougher for you? Diet? Or Training?

Hey POPsters!

I’m writing from a lonely hotel room in Frazer, PA which is about 10-15 minutes away from QVC headquarters! Tomorrow will be my first time ever on national television – wait, QVC counts right – and umm, I still don’t know what I will wear yet! I am such a procrastinator. I have a few dresses spread out on my bed and will make a decision tomorrow after I wake up and have some breakfast in me. I’ll be on “Food Fest” some time between 5-7pm EST talking about Miracle Noodle! (BTW, in response to some previous comments regarding this, MN approached me and asked if I could express my enthusiasm for their product after they saw how much I genuinely loved their stuff so of course I said yes!!! For the record, none of those MN recipes or videos were sponsored! Yes I am an affiliate, but seriously, anyone can be an affiliate and I only talk about things I like. I never try to sell you guys! You’re my friends, so I wouldn’t do that!!)

Anyway, can someone please take a picture and tweet it or FB it to me? LOL. I’m such a dork.

Thank you :)

I don’t know if I am allowed to take behind the scenes pics and videos at HQ…I assume not…but will do the best I can to vlog the experience if possible.

Today was all travel travel travel. I hate traveling so much. I mean, I love being in new places and meeting new people, but TSA, cramped planes, people who sit next to you and think that it’s ok to have a conversation with you the whole trip but you’re too nice to tell them that you’re really not interested in listening to their stories as you’re casually flipping through a magazine and trying to put earbuds in but they keep talking at you, luggages, carousels, and nasty tiny airplane toilets kill me.

But what kills me the most is how off track I get with my diet and exercise.

Actually, exercise isn’t too bad because I love it so much. I am always able to do my cardio for an hour. A run outside is always possible or even on the treadmill in the hotel gym if its dark, cold, or scary outside…but oh man…food temptations!!!! GALORE.

Diet is hard for me to control, way more than training, because my taste buds want to be loved. And by loved I mean they want more than just chicken breast, egg whites, tofu, and veggies. The weeks leading up to my Livestrongwoman shoot and the few days after, I had MAJOR sweet food and bready/carby cravings!!! I don’t know why but it’s been really intense (kinda like the cravings you get before or during your period)! I am not restricting calorically, but I think I need to up my seasoning creativity because sriracha and soy sauce is not doing it for the tongue.

I was flipping through Oxygen today and they had some AWESOME low cal, low fat recipes for salad dressings! I can’t wait to try them when I get back home.

Anyway, as I was walking past all of the airport food places, my eyes keep peering at the cakes and cookies! Geez I wanted them so badly but I know it’s only because I am being exposed to them. If I don’t see it, I don’t want it. Plus, if I were at home, I could satisfy that craving with a healthy version. But the waters are dangerous outside my house…I keep telling myself to be strong and not give in to those 800+ calorie muffins that are actually serve 6! They are so high in sugar and fat and their portions are just outta control!!!! I always found that to be so ridiculous. Who buys a muffin and cuts it into 6? Yea right. I’d eat the whole thing and get a cold glass of milk to accompany it, thank you very much!

Now listen up, I don’t want you POPsters to get the wrong message and think I have this horrible relationship with food and that I think sweets are the devil and that if I ever ate a cheesecake I should feel ashamed and then do 2 hours of cardio right after. Nope. That is not what I am saying. You know very well that I think it’s ok to eat “cheat foods” once in a while. Like I said in my last post, it’s healthy for your soul and your metabolism!

What I am trying to express here is that diet is something that I too struggle with daily. I have temptations, urges, and I am working every day to find what my happy balance is. Physically, emotionally, nutritionally.

I work out hard but I also know I can overeat. I love eating. Let’s face it! Who doesn’t? Cooking and eating have turned into a hobby for me – the latter should def not be a hobby though! Ha! I love trying new flavors and textures. Unfortunately some of the more interesting ones are the “bad” ones.

So yeah, I guess what I am trying to say is that if you are struggling with your diet, you’re not the only one! I practice healthy living DAILY as a clean food enthusiast and fitness instructor, and still, those darn ice cream cones and ooey gooey cookies make me weak in the knees. Solution?

  • Try not to expose yourself to such things as much as you can. Out of sight, out of mind, out of mouth!
  • If you really want it, then go head and have a bite – share it with a friend!
  • Find a recipe and have fun making a healthy substitute!

That’s why I like to eat at home, cook my own food and prepare snacks in my bag. Eating out (or trying not to eat out) can be pretty emotionally stressful if you are looking to lose weight or maintain a certain physique.

Uh oh. I can sense that I’ve probably said a few things that are “red flaggy”. Those of you that know me know that this is one of those “feeling” type of posts where I just speak my mind and my emotion as a young woman living life and experiencing new things. What I like about my blog is that I don’t try to be all professional and perfect all the time. I do this because it helps me connect with you better. Being stale and emotionless is no fun and if you’re looking for that, then I think wikipedia or an academic journal will suit the purpose.

So there it is. Cassey has a major sweet tooth she’s struggling to keep it in check! How about you? What’s your challenge? Is it the workout or the diet?

  • Ashley L

    I totally agree with you Cassey. The worst places are my college and for sure the airport or almost anywhere else when you travel. Road trips are almost worse I think, especially at gas stations! Working out for my is no problem, I’m always so excited and motivated because I know how amazing I feel it is like therapy to me, plus I know as soon as I turn on your videos your already bubbly and excited too! It’s like working out with a friend! I was in a hotel last week so I pulled up your hotel room workout and boy was it perfect, I felt awesome and even though I was rooming with my dad (we went to a concert out of town) I was quiet and he was proud of me for keeping up with it even though I was away from home. I LOVE LOVE cooking amazing food at home but you’re right it is so tempting to just “do something quick” when you’re away to make life easier, but I do my best to remember that I won’t feel very good if I don’t. It may take more time and some of my friends have dubbed my extremely “inconvenient” I know I’m doing the right thing and that’s what matters right? Love love love!
    -Ashley in Colorado Springs

  • Hi everyone
    in my case everything starts with diet. I’m telling myself that this week is gonna be a fresh new start of a healthy life. This leads to the thinking that i have to look after what i’m eating. From this it follows that I’m constantly thinking about food. Even though I try to convince myself that the meal I ate was enough, I still want to eat. Doesn’t metter what I try, I’m only satisfied when I ate exactly that sweet which I set my mind on. This leads to guilty consciences and of this I get in a mood where I ask myself why I’m doing all this. Why should I torture myself, I’m trying this for almost two months now and can’t see any difference. (Actually no wonder if I keep this routine I’m not gonna move anywhere :) but how can I break the cycle?
    Does anyone know what I’m talking about? What do you do in such situations?
    Thank you very much ^_^

  • this seriously makes me feel so much better. I struggle with this constantly. You inspire me so much, and it brings me great comfort to know your weaknesses. It inspires me even more, because even with your weaknesses you look amazing and if you can get that awesome body – so can I! Eating right is so much harder for me than working out. Love you Cassey! you’re not alone! and now I know I’m not either.

  • ana

    for me its diet, one because my family is not accustomed to eating right and then my job is a desk job and my neighbor is a pizza place ugh i hate it. temptation right there. but hey gotta work through it right? :D

  • Kathy

    For me, the whole thing is off balance. If my diet is on point, I’m slacking off on my workouts. If I exercise consistently, my nutrition falls apart. I wish I could get them both right… or else find a happy medium somewhere.

    • Reyna

      Exactly! Either I am great on my workouts and I eat horrible or the other way around. It is hard cause my boyfriend has no problems what so ever. He eats anything and I mean anything and he gains no weight. I wish I could control both or like you said Kathy find a happy medium

  • Charlotte

    I’d say both!!
    Like, I can have a difficult time with cravings but I just set a timer for 10mins and the craving’s over. But exercising is just a struggle sometimes! I like to exercise most of the times, it’s starting that exercise session that bothers me haha! And sometimes I just have the energy for it .. but I try my best!!

  • Claire

    For me it’s the workout! I eat EXTREMELY well, and have no food cravings. Ever. I’ve been eating perfectly clean so long things like pasta and cookies and juice only disgust me. But exercise, I always do 5 hrs a week, but the intensity isnt always up to par and I can come out of it dry a lot of the time :/

  • Carla

    It’s hard for me to start working out, I never want to…but once I start I feel great and never want to stop!I always feel so accomplished :) However food…aghhhh!!I have THE biggest sweet tooth!!and so does everyone in my house, so there’s always ice cream, candy, cookies, muffins and the lot in my house :(…right now I challenged myself to not eat chocolate for a month, and it is going much better than I thought!I’m realizing that I DON’T need chocolate everyday:)…however, I do need to control my snacking XD…

  • Kerry

    DIET! I’m abroad right now and have been travelling almost every weekend. I somehow keep finding excuses to eat poorly. Like, if anybody ever asks me the difference between Portuguese and Italian gelato, I can tell em :)

  • ash

    And this is exactly why I love you Cassey!!

  • Sarah

    Definitely diet! My whole family and I love food and it’s so hard to stay on track because it’s all staring me in the face in our pantry! Arg! I just try to keep my goals in mind and tough it out.

  • Amy

    DIET! Especially because I love chocolate and my parents always buy it. If it wasn’t in the house, I would be so much better off.

    • Carla

      It’s the SAME thing with me!!I actually put all the cookies and chocolate in a box one day, taped it up, and set it in their room!
      That only lasted for a week though because they didn’t like having it all in their room, they felt like they were hogging everything haha