Best Foods to Eat When You Travel

Hey POPsters!

Happy Sunday! I am prepping for the last day of shooting with Livestrongwoman and decided to post on the foods I’ve been eating these past couple of months which have been TRAVEL INTENSIVE. I am usually not on my absolute best behavior when traveling as far as working out and eating goes (I’ll get gelato or pinkberry fro-yo for dessert), but I want to show you that IT IS POSSIBLE to eat clean when eating out wherever you are! Also be sure to stay super hydrated. Drink lots lots of water!

Here is your food photo story!

I always travel with my Nikes and my oGorgeous pink bowtie gym bag. This bag will be back towards the end of the summer btw!

Grilled chicken salad with cherries, beets, pistachios, and heirloom tomatoes from Brick & Mortar in Santa Monica. So good!!!

Short ribs salad on set. I forgot where they ordered this. Was a little too salty for my taste – I think I should stick with chicken, fish, or tofu.

Seared tuna salad when I was in Chicago! This was AMAZING. I need to learn how to make this.

Sashimi salad. You can get this at almost any Japanese sushi restaurant. I always put dressing on the side.

Grilled artichoke from Cheesecake Factory. At Happy Hour, they are only $5! At I had them for the first time when I was at Vidcon last week. Not a big fan…

This picture is definitely upside down. But I don’t have time to turn it right side up. Sorry. Actually, I probs could have done it in the time it took to write the preceding sentences. Darn. Corn Cakes from Cheesecake Factory. THESE ARE ONE OF MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FOODS. Not healthy. The best I could do was ask them to omit the sour cream. Gotta feed your soul sometimes, you know!?? I enjoyed every bite.

Mini sweet peppers! Y’all know these are my babies. They make me so happy. I can eat em plain or with hummus. Super delish either way!!!

Tofu and shiitake mushroom lettuce cups from True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica. Had these last night. SOOOOO GOOOD. Also, thank you POPsters for suggesting this restaurant to me a while ago.

As you can see a good majority of the food I eat is lean protein and veggies based. AKA – I eat a lot of salad. It is safe for me and I love it. I don’t feel heavy afterwards and I love trying the new combos everywhere I go. I don’t eat very much grain just because it bloats me, but not gonna lie, when on vacay I am a little more lenient on myself and I get dessert!

Tonight after our last shoot, I am DYING to have this carrot cake cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. I don’t care if it is a bajillion calories. I want to devour it ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No worries POPsters, I haven’t been depriving myself nutritionally at all. Just depriving my obnoxious sweet tooth.

I wish I could meet up with some of you so we could have girl talk over cheesecake. MMMM how fun would that be. That would be fab. Maybe I should vlog as I eat the cake. Then we could pretend? Hahaha.

Anyway, gotta go get my outfits ready. What do you like to eat when you travel? And what is your dessert weakness? Let me know so I can drool over your comments!

<3 Cassey

  • Judith

    When I’m on vacation I eat what the rest of my fam eats. Just in portion controlled. So if they are having pasta, I eat pasta, but like 2 times less then what they do. If they eat cookies for dessert. Trust me I ate those cookies. But I ate 2 or 3, not the whole package :) i really do not want to munch on celery sticks while my family is “living life” you know :)

  • Awesome blog and lovely pictures. Want to taste seared tuna salad and I will be kind if you will share the recipe of seared tuna salad with others also. I took grilled fish in my meals as fish is great for health and we must add fish in our meal plans.

  • I love trying new things since there’s usually more variety in every department when you travel! It’s normally easy for me to choose healthier options, unless it’s like a sandwhich shop- anything pressed and grilled and cheesy is probably going in my mouth, haha. And if there is cheesecake…there won’t be when I leave. lol, it’s my favorite dessert!

  • Sarah D.

    I love…buffets when I travel. :[

    But I think the best “healthy friendly” all-you-can-eat place I’ve found is Flat Top! It’s a great create-your-own stir fry restaurant.

    As for dessert, I love cheesecake also! But I’m going to have to go with the Tiramisu cheesecake from TCF…only because I’ve never had the carrot cake flavor! Yet ;]

  • It looks like you’re keeping things pretty healthy while traveling! Good for you! Traveling can definitely derail your healthy eating plans, but with careful planning, you can do pretty well and still enjoy a few treats along the way.

  • Bianca

    Hi! I just started doing your beginner workout videos and I was wondering what Pilates is. Is it considered strength or cardio? Hope you reply! Thanks! :D

    • Emily

      I believe it is strength training since you are using your own body weight as resistance. I am pretty sure I just watched a video yesterday and Cassey said that. But I know Bikini Blaster 1 is a HIIT workout so that would be cardio. I don’t know about the other bikini blasters. But I do know that if you go to, and make an account, the bikini blasters are all on there so you can see how many calories it burns for you specifically. I hope this helps!

      • Bianca

        Oh, alright. That was very helpful! :) Thanks Emily!

  • CARROT CAKE. I gave in to my carrot cake cravings too yesterday <3 though mon chou pie is a definite weakness of mine too. All the food in the pictures look so delicious!

  • Ruo lin

    I love making pb&banana sandwiches. Some carrots, apples, or a sweet potato are some options too. Definitely a ton of water and maybe a side of coffee!
    My weakness:
    Homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies. I am so helpless against them!

  • Greta

    I just love cookies with pumkin seeds and nuts, but I only eat them on weekends=)

  • Shika

    Dear Cassey,
    I have been following you on your blogs and have been interested into pilates because of you. So thank you so much ! I am doing this project on junk food and Iwas wondering if I could interview you. If that is alright with you !
    Thank you !

  • Sophia

    I love ice cream, tarts and cakes/cupcakes ❤

  • I thought I was the only one who ate salad all the time! My parents totally don’t get me…they think I’m crazy. But I just love lettuce and its crunchiness! And for my sweet tooth, oh don’t get me started….any kind of dessert does well, thank you very much…but I’m working on portion control, so no worries :)
    keep up the awesome work Cassey! You’re the best inspiration I ever had!!!

  • Emily

    Cassey, I just wanted to tell you that I have been doing your workouts for the last five weeks or so, and I cannot believe the change! I have dropped six lbs and over an inch on my waist. Your videos inspire me to work hard, but then you add your blog posts or in the videos you say such positive things that it inspires me to be healthy in other aspects of my life too, and now I am eating clean, staying active, and feeling awesome. So thank you!!! You’re awesome. p.s. I also got my sister and my bff officially hooked. My sister and I are roomies and now we get up every morning and do pilates together following your June workout calendar.

    • Emily

      I am 5′, so five lbs makes a huuuge difference on me. I am halfway to my goal!

  • Kylie

    ok so i have a ?…when we go out to eat (fast food) i no longer get the burgers or nugets i only get side salads :D (gotta say im pretty proud of myself cuz some of those burgers look pre DELISH lol) but i always put dressing on my salads and croutons if they have um. that make my side salad bad or still better than getting the burgers? oh n no pop for this gal so ALWAYS water or sometimes i treat myself to a lemonade or one of those Frappe’s mmmm DEF a weakness! lol
    on the cheesecake note…o..m…g..if i allowed myself to have it..i would DEVOWER it! its pri my biggest weakness! lol i really like the just plain tho :)

    • Emily

      When I was in health class in high school I remember watching a movie about the same situation and you just have to watch what types of dressings you are using and what you are adding to the salad. Just lettuce with a viniagrette dressing isn’t bad, but getting ceasar dressing or ranch dressing, adding cheese, and adding croutons can really add up. In the video, this girl made a very appetizing salad, and they broke down the nutrional content and she actually had more calories and fat in her salad than the rest of her family did in their pizza. If you know what type of dressing you normally get on the salad, and what other add ons, if any, that they have, you can go onto a workout/meal logging website and read up on the nutrional content before you go. I know Cassey has mentioned a few somewhere on this blog. That way you can look up what a burger and fries would be, and then look up whatever type of salad you would be getting would be and compare them. I know of, and myfitnesspal. I hope this helps!

      • Kylie

        thanx i will DEF look it up! i kno i get croutons n french n some of them put the shredded cheese….hmmmm lol

  • MelodyJ

    The food looks great. So do the bag and shoes. I love dessert. Cheesecake is really good.

  • Eileen

    First off…I WANT THAT GYM BAG!! When I travel, I like trying foods that I normally don’t have access to when I’m at home but I remind myself not to go overboard because I will feel worse about it later. My dessert weakness is anything chocolate-y!

  • Erynn

    When I travel, I typically eat what my family and friends are eating, but I want to motivate myself to eat healthy alternatives instead! My weakness would HAVE to be cookies, especially homemade chocolate chip!

  • Jenna

    I have a HUGE sweet tooth! I find it hard to stick to healthy eats while travelling but I’m getting better and it’s all about prepping beforehand and planning and making smart choices (well, most of the time)!!! I eat the same way you do Cassey, lots of lean protein and veg, but I have also learned a lot about what my body likes and needs and that includes whole grains in morning and afternoon, but not in the evening. And my soul definitely needs sweets every now and then (once or twice a week at least)! My sweet tooth is kept happy daily though snacks like homemade protein bars, fruit in the morning or post workout, greek yogurt with stevia, nut butter and protein powder smoothies. Fav indulgent treats are ice cream, cheesecake (LOVE LOVE LOVE), homemade baked goods and anything chocolate and peanut butter. I never let myself feel bad when I indulge in moderation (like having ice cream cake at a friends birthday). Moderation will keep you happy, healhty and SANE!

  • Oh nooooo! I was at True Food kitchen late yesterday afternoon. I just missed ya! I had the sauceless gluten free kale pizza. So so good. :)

  • When I travel, I still try to make healthy food choices as much as possible. Then I don’t feel guilty indulging in something less than healthy occasionally. Like cheesecake! Yum!

  • Aja

    I have the worst sweet tooth! I’m not deprived (well, I hope not!) I just have a huge sweet tooth and it’s really annoying. Thankfully (not really) I can’t eat cheesecake, cake, or anything other than ice cream or fro-yo basically because I get really sick. Ever since I started eating healthier my body can’t handle things that are overflowing with sugars and eggs and butter. But I can always eat some dark chocolate!

  • Sara1210

    If I’m ever out, I try to carry a luna bar with me to avoid snacking and I stick to salads when I am at restaurants, dressing always on the side! Sadly, my sweet tooth is huge and my weakness is definitely chocolate desserts, especially those chocolate cakes that are 10+ layers tall. Yum.

  • Love all the fresh salads! That is my go to meal to order too when I’m traveling! I know it will be pretty healthy and it’s typically pretty hard to make a salad not taste good :) Enjoy that cheesecake tonight! You totally deserve it!

  • All the dishes looks fabulous! Where did you get that seared tuna dish in Chicago? I want to go check it out!

    When my husband and I travel, we like to pack our own items for breakfast and lunch, so we can really enjoy going out for fun dinners. :)

  • Emily

    Trail mix is my travel food. And my weakness is ice cream. Especially Butterfinger ice cream. And sitting around eating cheesecake with gals is totally something the Golden Girls would do. They love being gals and eating cheesecake.

  • When I travel, I like to try food that is local to the area.

  • Bee

    This food looks really great, but I could never do it on my own or it would be too expensive.
    So I try to stick to chicken in all variations and yoghurt with fruits, or only fruits (I absolutely love water melons and pineapples).

    My dessert weakness are cream puffs covered with dark chocolate (you know, those italian ones). I stopped buying them because I just can’t eat only one of them.

    PS: I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s challenge ;-D
    And thank you again for all you do for your POPsters, I lovelovelove your vids and you really encourage me!