Livestrongwoman Shoot Day 1!

Yesterday was the first shoot for my upcoming show on Livestrongwoman called “Pilates Bootcamp with Blogilates!” I took a ton of pictures to show you guys because the place we got to film in was AHHHHH-MAZING. Crazy crazy nice. I’ve never been in a house like this before, and the whole experience of getting ready for the workouts and all the people involved in the production…omg, it was like, surreal! I am amazed at what work needs to go into making YouTube videos since I am just used to putting a camera up and filming myself. This was the real deal. So let me take you behind the scenes!!!

Make up time!!!

My view of the crew.

That movie clicker thing. What is it called? It’s totes official now.

Me wearing my super bright highlighter top (remember my fashion haul vid If not, watch here!)

Umm this house had a movie theatre. That’s a bar in front of the theatre btw. Because you know, every house needs a bar in front of their theatre naturally.

Rhino head in the living room. The usual.

The deck, looking into the infinity pool, overlooking LA, on top of a hill.

Ahhhhhh. These pics just don’t do the house justice! But you get the idea. Glam glam glam! I am about to head off to do my 2nd shoot for Pilates Bootcamp in just an hour, so I need to pick out my outfits for today. I brought so many clothes it’s not even funny. I am probably going to do a cool fashion haul on my fave pieces this summer. Will be fun because I got some AWESOME tie-dye capris from Body Language yesterday that I cannot wait to rock. You will see pics later!

Let me know what other behind the scenes videos or pics you wanna see. Do you want a tour? Anything else?

K love you so much…talk to you later POPsters! Tweet me throughout the day if you want me to take a pic of something! Then follow me on Instagram @Blogilates because it’s just freakin’ addicting.

<3 Cassey

  • Allie

    That house is fantastic – can’t wait to try the video – I have a silly question – Is that the house that they filmed the Disney show Jonas in??

  • Kelsey

    Congrats on the super fancy shoot!

    On a completely separate note, I really really hope that Rhino head on the wall is fake, would hate to know a species hunted to the brink of extinction in large part from poaching’s head is being glamorized here….. not that you can really do anything about that but I’d have stern words for the decorator/homeowner if its real.

  • I am so excited for you! Thanks for sharing the experience. I feel like I’m there!

  • Jennifer Quijada

    This so awesome!!!! So beautiful! Hopefully you did a tour :))

  • MelodyJ

    I’m so happy for your success ! I would like to so more outside shots. How about some pics of the food.

  • Melanie

    A tour would be rockin!! Congrats Cassey!

  • Jess

    So, crazy gorgeous house.

    Beautiful location for your shoot!

  • Vanessa

    Thank you for sharing some behind the scenes pictures with us.
    What a beautiful location to workout, imagine waking up every morning with such an amazing view!

    It’d be awesome if you could do another fashion haul on your favorite pieces for summer.

  • Beautiful house! I love the outdoor seating and pool area!

  • Anastasia

    Thanks for marvelous photos Cassey! :-)
    The device is called a clapperboard, btw…:-)

    • Emily

      It’s called a slate in most places in the U.S., some Brits call it a clapper. I have never heard “clapperboard” in the film industry. Also, that would be called a “dumb slate” because it doesn’t have the timecode attachment (used when there is no sound being recorded). Slates with timecode attachments are called “sync slates”.

  • Lieke

    Yesss a tour would be awsome! That house is sooo cool. Omg!
    Did you dive into the pool, after the shoot?

    Love from Holland,


  • Leena

    Congrats Cassey! Can’t wait for your bootcamp :)
    You probably know this, but you are such an inspiration,
    and it’s amazing to see all the work you put in and the
    great results it’s getting. I’m so thrilled for you! :D

  • Kath

    Hey Cassey,
    can you please write a post about sugar? How much can you eat a day, sugar in fruits and explain about blood sugar ? And also i read that if you eat something sweet after your meal it’s not good for your digestion system , is it true? if so, when can you enjoy desserts and sweet treats? before meals?

  • Audrey Adams

    Yes do a tour! Thats a rockin’ house! I would love to go there!
    Take more pics!
    Have fun!