My Obsession with COLORS! Neon Colors.

Umm so today I went shopping and I really went ALL OUT. But you know, whatever! I am ABSOLUTELY in love with the pieces I got from Lululemon. Even though they were expensive, I decided to treat myself  a little in celebration for something.

I believe it is healthy to reward yourself for hard work and accomplished goals. Whether it’s for a couple pounds lost, a job promotion, an A on a test – whatever it is – make every moment and milestone a special occasion. It makes life more juicy and interesting. Plus rewarding yourself is just good for your spirit and soul!!!

I can’t tell you yet but I will in a couple weeks what this surprise is, I promise.

So anyway, watch the vid and share with me the pure giddiness I have for new clothes and bright colors. This summer is all about neons and living it loud!

So tell me – are neons a YAY, NAY, or just plain CRAY!????

<3 Cassey