Booty Workout & FITNESS Magazine Surprise!

Happy Thursday POPsters! Make that a THIIIRSTY Thursday.

Will you go drink 8 oz of water right before you read this post?


Really go.

Are you done yet?

Good job!!!! Stay hydrated this summer! Yesterday was the first day of summer here and I am so excited to be rockin’ shorts and tanks for the next few months! Wooooo!!!!

I just got back from Chicago a few hours ago and I am allll sticky from being in the sand and the lake. I was out there for a pop up fitness event hosted by Jamba Juice and we ended the day with some SUP-ping. Have you ever been SUP-ping? That’s stand up paddleboarding! But here was the twist…you had to do yoga while on the paddleboard! It was very awkward indeed. I liked it, but also got pushed out into the abyss. Haha.

So immediately after the lesson, I left for the airport without showering and I felt like a super sticky mess. How nasty I was from all of the sand and sweat. And I needed to be on the plane for 4.5 hours like this. Bleh. Anyway, I walked around the airport while checking facebook and saw that someone posted something that caught me completely off guard…


Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! OMG I wasn’t going to tell you guys until I thought it was gonna come out…which I thought was next week! Well there it is everyone. WE (yes we) made it into FITNESS MAGAZINE!!!!!!! Remember when I kept asking you all to vote it up a few months ago? Well, we did it. This is a major accomplishment for our community! Hopefully, more girls and women will join us in our journey of getting fit, healthy, and happy. There is so much positive energy around here – don’t you just wanna infect everyone with your sunshine smiles!!??? Well, I do!!!!

I also mentioned on facebook that I was a little embarrassed by the quote that was chosen under my little blurb. When I read it, my initial thought was “OMG. I sound like a little conceited b.” But you all reassured me that it was just fine and you didn’t think anything was wrong with it. Thank you for that. I think I needed to hear that. I guess the problem stems back to when I was in high school and college and people would roll their eyes every time I raised my hand to answer a question. I wasn’t very well liked in school so I get really timid when it comes to talking about accomplishments and things, so I just don’t. I am just used to people not wanting to hear it.

Yeah, so anyway!!!!! Fun right!!?? How cool!!! Now you can show your friends who smacks your butt in Pilates!! It’s that girl! Hahaha. You can also see who else got a Fitterati award here.

Oh and the new video!

This is Bikini Blaster 6 for Booty Booty Booty! Hm I guess you could call it BB64BBB. It’s a fabulous 20 min butt workout that will leave you feeling it all over your glutes! The workout will tone, lift, tighten, and make your butt rounder! Those all sound good to me. So do it now!!! You’ll need 1 weight. My bra top is from Body Language.

Thursday is Bikini Blaster day, all day, you can see the schedule and workout pairings here on the June 2012 Workout Calendar. Make sure you subscribe to the newsletter (top right hand corner) and you will get sent a password immediately. You will then receive all passwords going forward for the months ahead.

You can also see how many calories the workouts burn on BB6 will be added very soon.

Well POPsters, have a wonderful day and thanks so much for being the best students in the world. I love teaching you so much and I seriously wanna meet all of you one day. You guys make me smile and I am totes in love with you!

<3 Cassey

  • Jade

    I don’t feel a thing in my butt :-(. But my lower back hurts so much now it’s hard to breath, yikes. I don’t know why I never feel anything when I work out its so weird.

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  • kiki


  • Caity

    Bahahaha!! The spider part was HILARIOUS!!! Thank you again for another fantabulous workout, Cassey!!

  • It was wonderful to have you at the Jamba Juice fitness expo! Hope you enjoyed the Bollywood Groove Cardio demo!

  • Jennifer Farmer

    Wow, killed my bootay! I worked up a sweat with this one :)

  • kyla

    You are so awesome!
    Just think of your old student self as an asian Hermoine Granger. She is pretty kick ass and so are you!

  • Elaine Voon

    Hello, Cassey, can I ask you a question?

    I’m on dialysis and don’t have much stamina. I can’t even swim one lap without taking a break to catch my breath. I’ve been doing your videos for a few months now, like 2 to 3 times a week. I normally workout to your videos anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes a day (when I do workout).

    I know you said and hour, but honestly, that would KILL me! So, do you think I should just listen to my body or push through to an hour?

  • Ali

    Honored to be featured next to you in Fitness! I found your blog through the competition and I’ve loved following you ever since. So fun! Keep up the awesome work, fit lady!

  • Candice

    ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! FEEL THE BURN!

    Seriously. MY butt… is dead. Why am I happy about that? Oh yeah, BECAUSE I’m whippin’ inta SHAPE!

  • sarah

    hey Casey. I’m sorry. I was just wondering where can I find your workout calendar? or how?

  • Kinri

    Cassey! Maybe you should start a summer challenge or something (:

  • miranda

    Thank you so much, Cassey!!! It burns, it burns, it burns!! And feels so good.

    I would love an abs challenge :D But whatever you choose would be great!

  • Awww girlie, we love ya!

  • Virginia T.

    Hi Cassey! My co-worker and I started doing some of your exercise videos this week on our lunch break. Last week we were just watching them and making sure we could do them and so we did 3 this week. You crack us up because we’re 40 – 50 y.o. and your enthusiasm keeps us watching and exercising along with you because we just want to hear what you’re going to say and or do next. Keep up the good work because we like working out with you.

  • Ellie

    You’re only 25 Cassie?! JEEZ it’s insane how much you achieved for someone so young! Fitness guru, hugely successful blogger, business owner/designer/manager, – seriously, props to you!

  • Rachel

    My behind is officially dead, thanks :P (No seriously, between all the butt/leg exercises I do from your videos, I can hardly walk now hahaha!)

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with that your cation was. You have accomplished a lot and you worked hard for it…. you should be able to step back every so often and give yourself a hearty “eff yes! I did this!” and not feel bad :) There’s nothing wrong with being proud of what you have done, who you are and having people that look up to you for inspiration.

  • Casey

    i hate you but, I love you! great booty WO!

  • Liz Kuznia

    Cassey you are super cute! I loved how silly you were in the booty video, I’m glad I’m not the only one who acts a little “weird”from time to time! We love you, thanks for keeping our booties nice!

  • Kim

    GO CASSEY! I’m so excited for you! I’ve been LOVING the BB series, kicks my butt(and every other body part) hardcore, and I hate and love you for it all at the same time. xoxo

  • You should never be ashamed of your success and accomplishments. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and you have every right to talk about it and tell people. The ones who roll their eyes or don’t want to hear it and insecure and disappointed in themselves for not doing more with their own lives. Haters gonna hate!

  • Dilek

    Congratulations, Cassey. I wish you many more future successes. I also wanted to write on your fb post that you didn’t sound conceited at all, but everybody else had already written it and I felt I didn’t had the need to repeat their comments. Oh, and also, you are not the only one that got/gets eye-rolls. I’m first year in college and I still get them, only in my case, I’m usually the only one that knows the right answers.

    P.S. The way you smashed the spider with the dumbbell was hilarious! :D

    lots of love,
    Dilek. :)

  • Brittany

    Your so inspiring.

  • Diana

    Hey Cassey, can you please make a abs workout with weights? Im looking forward for this so long!

    Love from germany.

  • Vanessa

    Congrats Cassey, you really deserve it! We are so proud of you!!
    Thanks for everything you do and I’m so glad to be part of this wonderful community :)

    Right, it’s time to get my butt off this chair and get ready for the Booty workout ;)

  • Aja

    I don’t think the quote makes you sound self centered or anything negative at all!
    BTW my booty is dyyingg! Good job killing that spider, too! Weights are lethal for fat and spiders.

  • Britt

    I got down on my mat with my baby boy while he did his tummy time and he was looking at me like why are you so sweaty mama ?? Woooo weeee my booty burns !

  • Jennifer

    That quote is far from conceited!! Plus, when you’re this awesome, it’s not so bad to flaunt your accomplishments ;) Don’t be ashamed of being good at something!!! And keep up the Bikini Blasters! Hurts so good!

  • Tracy

    Congrats on the magazine…that is amazing!! Looking forward (and a little scared LOL) to trying this booty workout tomorrow.

    Thanks for all you do!!

  • Lindsey

    OMG i was not working out till i started doing your videos!!!!!!! keep up the motivation!! thank you. btw im dying i hate you hahahah

  • Nora

    Kill the lower belly pooch!!!!!!!!!

  • Bethany

    Oh it burns! It burns!!

    Loved it, thanks!!

  • Jo Taylor

    OMG!!! I did Bikini Blaster 6 20 minutes ago and I am still shaking and it hurts so bad when I bend over! Thank you so much for your great videos!!!

  • Claire

    Your videos have completely changes how I approach exercise. You absolutely deserve that award. Congratulations!

  • Sanne

    CONGRATS! Your such a great motivation! Honestly I tried sooo much, but nothing worked!
    Your vids really do help me, so I hope my body looks soon as great as your body, and I have a great summer! ;)

  • cotton78

    Congrats Cassey, you deserve it with ur hard work…

  • Susan

    CONGRATS CASSEY!! And this was a fabbbbb workout! When you were saying, “We’re gonna kill it!” I was thinking, “Kill it like that spider!!” =P LOVE YOU!! xx

  • Liz

    MAJOR congratulations, Cassey! And thank you for another great workout video.

    By the way, I’m loving my “Train Insane or Remain The Same” top – everyone is asking me where I got it, and of course I direct them to your site :)

  • Aoife

    Hey Cassey! I am from Ireland and I have to say I absolutely LOVE your blog and tumblr, I’ve only just discovered it in the past few weeks and now I am addicted to all your great tips and workouts! Your videos are amazing…. and yes I can feel the burn!! I was just wondering how do I subscribe to your newsletter, I’m hooked!! “Coinnigh suas an obair mhaith” (Keep up the good work!) xXx

  • Hi! I’m from Sweden, and I just really wanted to tell you that i really love your videos! I do them everyday! My favorites is “Back Attack”, “Call me maybe challange” and “You’ve got abs!”. Thank you so much for beeing such a good trainer on you tube!

    • thank you for being a great student!!!