I’m in Chi-Town!

Greetings POPsters!

I am writing from a hotel room in Chicago! This is my first time in Chi-town and I am loving the feel of the city. It seems like a cross between San Francisco and Boston. Great architecture and there is kind of a calming feel to it all. I am here for a pop up fitness event that I will be attending tomorrow, so I made sure to fly in a little early today so I could meet up with some of my ambassadors and POPsters who have been following Blogilates since I had like 1,000 fans on facebook.

Here’s Joe, Cari, me, Becky, and Amber! We all walked to dinner in the humid weather. I actually enjoyed being enveloped in the heat! I get so cold easily nowadays!

Here’s me making handprints the bean. Personally, I thought the structure looked like a helmet.

This is the Crown Fountain. But I am going to call it the Face Fountain. Notice how the mouth spits out water at the kids dying for a way to cool off! Very spiffy.

We then walked to Buckingham Fountain! I reminds me of a layered Birthday cake!

And to end the night, we did some teasin’ in front of the fountain. PERFECT. Perfect form that is :)

Just wanted to quickly say how much I LOVEEEEE you guys. When I met Cari, Becky, Amber, and Joe – I felt like I knew them already and we all had such a good time together laughing and talking. The Blogilates Community has such a strong and positive bond that’s FOR REAL. Meeting you guys in person makes me so happy :) That’s why in the community that I’ll be building for you guys, there will be a map that will help connect POPster 2 POPster so you can make friendships with other Blogilates fans in and around your area! What a great way to find a fresh new workout buddy right!!??

K well gotta get some rest for tomorrow. I apparently have to workout from like 9am to 2pm and try out new formats like Circus Workout, Parkour Workout (scared), Caveman Workout, and Stand Up Paddle Boarding Yoga style! I am very excited to learn new techniques and fun ways to exercise. This will be very helpful when creating new workout videos for you guys!

<3 Cassey


  1. Sarah D. says:

    Ohh! welcome to Chicago! If you have time, try picking up a banh bao or banh mi sandwich in the Albany Park/Viet town neighborhood. All kinds of delicious food there!

  2. yayy now just a few more ambassadors to meet! you must travel the world cassey ! what a wonderful job u have!

  3. Hey Cassey! Let me just say I was introduced to blogilates/pop pilates about a month ago and I am already a huuuuge fan. Just wanted to let you know I did your Bikini Blaster HIIT workout last night combined with your Awesomesauce Arms and hoooooly biceps am I feelin it today! I can’t even straighten my arms all the way without my triceps screaming. Keep up the great work, girl!

  4. It looks like you are having a great time enjoying yourself! Great community idea too!!! Have fun and make some great memories! Judi

  5. I miss Chicago! Hope you’re having a great time! Parkour/Free Running?!!!! Tell us all about it. I am a HUGE fan of Parkour!!!

  6. Bethany says:

    Hey Cassie, I know you did a POP Cardio Dance video a few months ago, but do you think you could to another longer one soon? Maybe a 10 minute video? Or longer ;) I love your encouraging and fun attitude, and your workouts are great! Thanks for all the amazing videos!

  7. Looks like a lotta fun. Come to Houston next!! Please :)

  8. This is awesome! Chicago is such a cool city, I have played a few of the golf courses in the area. Do you think you might ever come to South Florida?? Best of luck to ya!

  9. Yay! Welcome to Chicago! I’m so glad you are enjoying yourself! I hope you have someone showing you around because there are so many places off the tourist-path that are great to see!

  10. Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear about the event.
    By any chance are you coming to FitBloggin?

  11. I don’t feel lonely when I work out alone in my room because of Blogilates Community ! :D <3 u,Cassey !

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