How Many Calories Do Blogilates Workouts Burn?

Hey POPsters!

Wow, I can’t believe I fell asleep blogging 2 nights in a row. That’s why there wasn’t a big post up yesterday! I need to find other places to write other than in my big comfy bed after I brush my teeth and take my contacts out. That’s just a recipe for disaster. (Well, unless you have trouble falling asleep, try it!)

Anyway, so many things to tell you – so let’s get started shall we? First off, you must be lovin’ the title of this post! Yes finally, you can get a specific answer to the ALL TIME question “How many calories does this video burn?” What!!?? Ya, I know! Ridic right!!???

Well, I’ve been working with the peeps over at to make this possible and let me tell you…they have amazed me with the turnaround time of this project and how nicely they have executed! And all for us POPsters!

All you need to do is just sign up for a free account at – you can even login using your facebook. Then you can start logging your workouts to see how many calories you burn! Right now, we only have the Bikini Blasters up and the POP Song Challenges. We are working on getting a bunch of my fave workout videos on there too! Is there a particular vid you REALLY REALLY want to have included? Could you please comment and tell me so we don’t miss it?

Here are the links to the workouts:

The best way to look up the Bikini workouts now is to search “Bikini Blaster” under workout plans. This is what you’ll come up with:

Pretty neat huh?! So yeah, FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY!

And you know, if you choose to do other workouts on other days and not follow any type of plan, you can log how many bicep curls you did at what weight etc. You can log runs! You can log a plank. You can log a pushup. You log a crunch! Everything! Like seriously everything.

I am going to start using this myself so you guys can see what I do when I am at the gym. I think it will be a good way for me to measure my strength training progress.

We are currently working on making a special page with a direct URL so you guys can just come to and see all of my videos right away. Because this is an ongoing project, I’d really like to hear what suggestions or ideas you have for the Blogilates videos on Your comments will literally be taken into consideration – their tech team is so on it, it’s insane. I’d say “Hey let’s have the challenges on here!” and BAM like the next day all the challenges were on there!

Go ahead and sign up RIGHT NOW like this very second – browse around – click on everything – check out the giveaways –  follow me there under Blogilates – and tell me what you like or don’t like and what will make your fitness life easier!!! Plus don’t forget to tell me which videos you MUST have on the site so you can know how many calories it burns!

Hope you guys are just as excited as I am! Oh and other quick updates! I actually started teaching at CRUNCH on Sunday and tonight I will be doing a Pilates Mat class at the Polk St. gym in San Francisco!

I am so excited to be a part of the CRUNCH fam because they pay a lot of attention to their group fitness program and I truly appreciate that because my heart lies in teaching! You can see my updated class sched here. I’m also headed to Chicago early next week for a fitness event, so if you see me running around the city, please say hi! I’d love to meet you! It’ll be my first time there!!!

Okay that’s what I have for you today!!! Working on your Bikini Blaster 5 video. If you’re following the June Workout Calendar, then you know what’s up :)

Have an inspiring day and go ALL OUT – whatever you do.

<3 Cassey

  • Tori Tarantino

    Any idea on a calorie estimate for your Beginner’s Calendar workouts?

  • Hello my friend! I wish to say that this post is amazing,
    nice written and include almost all significant infos.

    I would like to see more posts like this .

  • SooLin

    Hi! I would love it if you put up Legs for Days. I do that everyday and would like to see how much calories you lose a day

  • Brea Mullen

    I’m not sure how this would be done logistically, but I think it would be awesome to have a calorie count for each day of the monthly workout calendars! Maybe you could put the calorie count in parentheses next to each video title on the calendar itself? Thank you so much!

    • Gianna


    • Shiela


    • Asia

      That would be so so perfect.

    • Ashley B

      Yes, please!

  • Illiana

    It would be helpful if added the workouts from the calendar either daily or weekly. Would definitely help me in keeping track of calories burned and may increase membership on the website as well. Just made my account and it’s kind of hard to log my workouts from the calendar

  • tere

    hello does this still work ?? I couldn’t find the pop workouts on the weightraining webpage …

  • Mari Woolf

    Cassey :(((

    I’m having a bit of a low moment – just discovered my actual calorie intake was way above what I thought it was. It’s been going on for ever.
    And now I thought I’d cheer myself up by looking up how much tomorrow’s workout will burn and I caaaan’t, because those workouts still aren’t in
    I know you have A LOT on your plate with Bodypop and everything but… Can you pleaaaase have a PopIntern log these in or something? Heck I’d love to help myself!
    Please please please can we have more details about the calories we burn, I’m sure I’d get a lot of support on this request.
    Loads of love


  • Liz


    I’m not receiving the calories burned through the website. Can we calculate and put that number directly on your videos? It’d help a lot!

  • Rosalia

    I don’t see anywhere were the calories burnt are shown on the weight training website…I have an account on there and all too

  • Logging the workouts and still no calories are shown to be burn.

    • Slavica

      I have the very same issue of calories not showing. Along with not being very userfriendly and annoying this is very disappointing. I really wish the paid app version would show calories burned instead of having to log onto yet another fitnesspage…. =(

  • De’ja

    Umm Cassey, I’m not able to see the calories for the workouts…

  • Kuri

    I’d really like to have the following videos included:
    HIITilates Scream and Shout, HIITilates New Year Slimdown, Arms and Abs for Beginners (Pilates Bootcamp).
    Thank you!

  • MacKenzie

    I want to see the Beginners Workout Calendar on there! I started this and then went onto the and it wasn’t on there! :(