Winners of Valslide & TRAIN INSANE Tank Giveaway!

Thanks so much for showing your enthusiasm for the ab workouts Valerie and I did together! Here are the totally random winners from the giveaway! If it’s you, check your YouTube inbox!

Congrats! Don’t forget to subscribe to Blogilates and Livestrongwoman on YouTube! Working on your Bikini Blaster 5 video now…get ready to say BYE BYE to those muffintops. Who is excited!!?????

  • kristin

    I loved that workout with Valerie! I want some sliders now! Btw, I’ve always thought Val was way taller looking but when I saw your vid with her, you guys were like the same height! Makes me happy because I’m 5’5″ too :)

  • Stephanie

    I am still beyond excited that I won!! Thank you so much Cassey!! And random machine selection ;)

    • Emelda R

      :) congrats!!!! that shirt is freaking awesome

  • J

    Hi! Can you explain the transverse abdominals to us n how to get the nice cut victoria secret lines? do normal abwork helps us get it as well?????

  • Mer

    Even though muffin tops is a good choice I was really looking forward to inner thighs. Can bikini blaster 6 be inner thighs?

  • Cigall Eacott

    I won!! YAY! I’m so excited! BUT!! There’s no email in my inbox on youtube… What do I do?!

    My Youtube is Tikibird and my email (linked to the account) both don’t have anything!

  • Priscilla

    I so want this bad!! After having 3 kids I’m really working on my stomach!! Pick me pick me!!!!

  • Carley

    Me!!! All of my weight is in the muffin top area. I’m so incredibly close to some gorgeous abs! I just need to trim down that last bit of stubborn fat I gained from my freshman year of college.

  • I’m super excited for Bikini Blaster 5! My stomach has always been one of my “trouble areas.” Anyway, getting ready to do some of the Bikini Blaster series right now. :)

  • Jeannie

    I just got a new swimsuit and even though it’s not a bikini my muffin top is showing through the fabric… this is going to be a great helper, thank you so much Cassey for all that you do!

  • marie

    omg i am so sad to have lost this one :( it was soooo suited for me!! i was hoping i’d win it pretty bad, was pumped yesterday waiting for the end of the day to know the winners, waking up this morning and checking everywhere to see if they were announced haha ah well, i’ll hopefully be luckier some other time :) thanks for giving us the oportunty to win in so MANY giveaways, it’s really great :) xx