Glad You Came Calves Challenge!

New video! I know. I know what you are thinking. “BUT YOU ALREADY KILLED OUR CALVES IN BB 2!”

Yes, but who says I can’t do it again!?

Thank you everyone who requested this song and asked for calves! For the next vid, I am hearing lots of requests for inner thighs. But I did not see an overwhelming response for a particular song – tell me below which song you’re DYING to hear!!!

Also, the Vegan Challenge is complete now as of June 10! How did everyone feel? For the ones who did it? CONGRATS to everyone who followed along with me :) I will write up a post about this soon, but my eyes are getting droopy so I better go to bed!

Have a good time with the calf challenge…will catch you later! *yawn*

Love you!


  • Leanna Dean

    I got a really good workout from this, and I’ve been loving the whole calender. I do have to say, even though I used tiny three-pound weights instead of the textbooks, I’ve been limping for almost a week! This was super tough!

  • ali vee

    so i just started doing these workouts (its only been about 2 weeks) and i have to warn you guys that the calf raises are KILLER! if this is your first time doing calf raises in more than a year, i will let you know that you will be limping for a week (get your high heels ready, hopefully you have some). i seriously could not do some of the workouts scheduled for the rest of the week and it really screwed up my whole momentum. ive had pretty bad muscle pains throughout this series, but nothing like the disabling cramping and pain of my calves.

    i dont know if i screwed up and just put too many books in my bag (which i didnt have much at all) but BE WARNED- if you’re anywhere near the fitness level as i am (i am a computer animator, so god knows i am cursed to a chair all day) please know that you will not be able to walk for at least a week. not kidding. if this is your first time, i really dont suggest using any weight at the pace and reps youre doing.

    <3 im better now and ready to do MORE (thank god i can move again!) LOVE the workouts! i seriously do feel every single one i do. its glorious.

  • Elizabeth

    Aaaaahhh!! I’m such a wimp!! Lol!! I kept touching the floor!! Gonna try again right now! Maybe with no weights this time…that might have thrown me for a loop, since I’m still a beginner.

    P.S. That blue looks really good on you :-D

  • Yanelin


    When I did this calf workout- Not only did I feel it in my calves but could also in my glutes! Is that normal!? Either way it buurrned so good! :D Thanks girl!

  • Emine

    A painful hi from Turkey Cassey!! :D This is a really nice work out omg my calves are killing me right now!! Next challenge may be Sexy Back by Justin especially for a nice back work out ha?! :D

    Thank you again!!!

  • Anna

    I would like to hear the song “Scream” by Usher in a challenge video. It was also be really motivating if you had a challenge with Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger”.

    Please&Thank You!

  • holly

    I seriously hope the next vid is for inner thighs! I totally think the song should be These Boots are Made for Walking by Jessica Simpson cuz it’s kinda like a workout to get ready for those Daisy Dukes haha!

  • Ilene Shen

    yes yes yes inner thigh!!!! thank you so much!!!!! also, domino by jessie j or long live by taylor swift is awesome…

  • Jamie

    Loved this workout! It’s such a simple and fun way to get in a quick targeted workout and listen to a fun song!

    Cool future song idea… Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate or Babies of the 80’s also by Something Corporate. :)

  • I love the idea of filling up bags with textbooks instead of regular weights! Thanks for the video!