Bikini Blaster 4 for Awesomesauce Arms!

Welcome to the world of weight lifting ladies!!!! (Or ladies and men who have been avoiding the weight room!!!!)

Grab a pair of dumbbells! 2 sets if you can, a light and a heavy. I am using 8 lbs for heavy and 5 lbs for light in this video. I tried this routine again later in the week and was able to go 12.5 lbs for heavy and 8 lbs for light. So switch it up, test yourself, and see how far you can take it! You will get stronger with each rep, just remember that. PUSH THROUGH!

Big thanks to Pro Fitness Edge for letting me use their gym to film! I liked having a different background! Great change.

Today is Thursday and according to the June 2012 Workout Calendar, it is a 100% 1 full hour Bikini Blaster Bonanza!

You can view the entire playlist of Bikini 1-4 on YouTube. Here is my playlist.

If you haven’t seen the beauty that is this calendar yet, just sign up for my newsletter (top right hand corner) and I will send the secret password to you.

Have a fab Thursday of fun fun fun workouts and clean eating. Stay hydrated and radiate positivity!!!

Love you a lot,

<3 Cassey

PS…in case you’re wondering, yes that is me in that thumbnail! 2 days post bikini competition :)

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  • Katie

    I’m following your workout plan, and it seriously makes it SO EASY to get into shape. I can’t wait to start seeing results!! You are the best!

  • Lex

    I think my arms are about to fall off, but seriously this workout was great :-)

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  • Hi Cassey!
    Seriously, this is my favorite bikini blaster so far! It’s awesome. Could you do a challenge that has push-ups in it, because I am reaally, really bad at them :/
    Love your workout videos and love your blog, you inspire me so much!

  • Jeanz

    How to subscribe to her newsletter to get the password for the workout calender? Please and thank you.

  • Camila

    hey cassie,
    I got the password for the calendar and I put it on but it will not let me see the calendar:( help?

  • Vinnie

    Cassey, when you say do Bikini Blaster 1 for cardio, do you mean 4 times? Or just once?

  • Laura

    I still yet to get a password, HELP !!!

  • Laura

    I still yet to get a password. HELP !!!

  • Francine Ciobanu

    I love the calendar Cassey. Im sticking it on my fridge!

  • Reese

    I’ve been hoping for an arm workout so badly. I keep trying the password but its not letting me see the calendar. :( what gives?

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  • Khadija

    Casey, can you please help me here, I used 6 pounds dumbbells for heavier weights and now my biceps are oh so sore :( what do I do to relieve the pain ?

  • Marisa

    OK, I never got a password…did I do something wrong? I kinda want this schedule.

  • cotton78

    Cassey, you are great, love the exercises…

  • Sarah

    This is the one I am most excited for! I love working with weights! You look amazing by the way, I love those colors your wearing!

  • Alessandra Tom

    I hurt sooo bad today! Following the calendar and after yesterdays workout I am super sore! Thanks so much for all your workouts!!

  • Cassey, I love your site!!! You rock :) Thanks for inspiring me to get back on track with my workouts. Loved your cute food video – I LOVE jackfruit. Never seen them in the stores in North America – where do you live? Where can I get it? Thanks!

  • Cassey, great video! Your videos always make me keep my reps going because I don’t want to let you down! haha

    For next week, you should do either chest or butt. Oh, last Saturday I did the Legs Bikini Blaster. OMG girl, my calves hurt so bad for like 5 days! I almost fell down when I got out of bed on Sunday. I’ve really been neglecting my calves, obviously.

    And I know you’re more into pop music, but one song that makes me give 110% when I’m running is Korn’s “Narcissistic Cannibal”. Probably not a good one to feature on the blog though.

    Last thing! Sorry! I started a blog last month with a friend. I still have to get it all organized and add more pictures and stuff, but I featured you on it.

  • Julia

    Casey this is awesome! I love the time period too, 20 min. is perfect. I was wondering, would you be into doing a blast from the past video? I’m not sure how into it people will be but you could do a workout to hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and even 90’s! There are a lot of good upbeat songs in those decades, and they pump you up :) Again, this video was amazing. I’m definitely going to be doing it again! Thanks Casey.

  • Kris

    Hi Cassey! I just wanted to say that your Bikini Blaster Series is amazing! Even though they’re tough, I still come back for more. Hehe. You’ve really outdone yourself with these videos! The quality of the workouts are just superb and I’m constantly being pushed to my limits. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into Blogilates. Please continue making videos like these! :]

  • Hallie

    Omg !! My arms hurt trying to carry my geocerys in ! I loved it :)

  • Sam

    I don’t have any wieghts….. I also am kinda broke at the moment…… So um…. What’s a solution for today? I am following the calender, so i don’t want to screw it up. D:

    • Asprow

      I’ve used soup cans in the past :) not very heavy but better than nothing

    • Use water bottle, soup cans, rice packets, a heavy purse, etc.

  • Sue

    How come I can’t find this workout on Youtube??

  • Carcar

    I liked the arm workout. I think I will do try to do it again after work.

    I would like to see another HIIT from you. <3

    Music: Have you heard of Yelle? She is from France. She's super danceable and fun to listen to. Please listen to it if you haven't.

  • Martina

    Bikini Blaster is the best thing ever!!! I’ve been doing the videos for 10 days only now and the results are amazing!! :) …I’m not looking to lose weight, just to tone up and I can’t believe how different my legs and butt look like in such a short time. Thanks a lot for the great workouts :D <3 you :D …and I just did the BB 4 ;) and love it …

  • YES! I’ve been hoping for an arm workout. Thanks so much Cassey! I’m really excited to try this. :)

  • Alejandra S.

    I just did the video, it was great! I’ve been loving all the bikini blasters. Thanks a lot Cassie!

  • Nelly Rodriguez

    I just subrcribed to your newletter, will you be sending out the password?
    Also, Im starting my 7 day meal plan, I need to start slow and implement this meal plan every two weeks, where in between i will on a high protein diet that i will use from your recepies aswell. I hope that works..Your an Inspiration!!

    • Nelly Rodriguez

      Also, I had a tummy tuck 8 weeks ago, and need to loose weight. When I workout, specially my abs, I feel wierd what exercise can I do in the ABs area that feels moderate, and not feel in discomfort when doing them.
      Thanks and Keep up the good work!!

  • Great Workout!
    Will there be a printable rountine for this one?

    That would be perfect, because i want to do this in the Gym but can’t remember all moves :)

    • Vanessa

      Yes, a printable version of this workout would come in handy :)

    • Allison

      Yes, please! Printables are super helpful when my phone has a slow internet connection in the gym. Thanks for all that you do Cassey!

  • I have to agree with Sara i don’t notice much the burning pain when im hearing you & you always make me laugh some how i love you, great video btw ♥
    And i agree about the music..i need more music!! you should do a post in which we could add hour favorite songs :D

  • Eliza

    Hey Cassie, hate to clog up the comments with this but I’ve signed up for the newsletter 2 times (and confirmed my email address) and have never heard anything and I’d really love to get the password for the workout calender if possible. Thank you so much, this video looks killer!

  • I think what I actually like the best about your videos is the way you chat about whatever during the exercises. It makes me feel like I’m working out with a buddy instead of just watching an instructional video :)

  • sam

    ooooh cassey! my arms are jello right now. This one killed. I loved it! I will be doing this again for sure.